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Mysteries of S ̶u̶cammer

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by Animagic, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Animagic

    Sep 22, 2018
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    In my opinion, Mysterious of Summer is the best idea for an event the developers will put into it. Last year I had a lot of fun even though there were a lot of bugs, badly translated hints and a big RNG in the drop (~80 hours of grind). I've been waiting for this event all year with the thought that for such a long period of time programmers will refine the event and take into account the numerous opinions of players. Unfortunately, the programmers failed again.
    At the very beginning I was disappointed at the fact that there is only one task line. Compared to last year, where there were eight stages, this is a terribly poor result. The first tasks were easy so I thought it was a joke and the stages will be more... I made a mistake.
    After completing several tasks I reached the platforms in Calpheon. Another disappointment - a lot of mistakes and hints that didn't give anything. I got the impression that the creators of this event were planning a few days before it started, because such mistakes shouldn't happen.
    After fixing(?) bugs I had a nightmare. Instead of having fun, there were nerves, fluctuation and the loss of a lot of money. This phase has so many drawbacks that I think it's the worst idea you can come up with. RNG in a race is such a stupid idea that it is difficult to comment on it. Another nonsensical idea is to force people to do tasks at the party. Everyone knows that BDO is rather a solo mmo game. Not everyone has friends who take part in the event. Of course you could try with other people, but not everyone uses discordd/ts/.... and there are also language barriers. System 2 seconds - with lags and weak pings it is meaningless. Every attempt costing 10 million?! Who invented it?! Last year's RNG was bad but it was a grind that gave money for wasted time. This year a lot of people lost time and a lot of money without getting anything in return. This stage should be an example of how NOT to make events.
    Finally, I would like to add that I feel cheated and steal from my time and money. I hope that the creators will keep the leftovers of honor and at least give back the lost money to everyone.

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  2. Dalenos

    May 20, 2016
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    What did you expect did you think they where going to make easy for you or something lmao
  3. Grehm

    Grehm 62 NA

    Jul 16, 2016
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    I succeeded in getting the Soul title. Pretty sad with how it looks. You can't even tell it's pink, it's so washed out.
  4. Motoko_Shi

    Motoko_Shi DarkKnight 62 NA

    Jul 28, 2018
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    Co-op elements and RNG elements do not belong in these kinds of high-prize-value contests.
  5. escobarrr

    May 3, 2019
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    I don't think the developers would take this into consideration.

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  6. AngryBvr

    AngryBvr Mujava Maehwa 62 EU

    Apr 13, 2016
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    I liked the first 8 stages too. I expected something similar from the Soul aswell but...

    Riddles at the beginning of Soul was somewhat understandable, about getting stuff from forests and foxes but then it just became weirder.
    Hints from the adventure logs and quests became more cryptic and later on not even related to the solution at all.


    Not a big fan of competition where solution is RNG..
    How would a random player have known they had been doing it right all the time but it was just bad luck?
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  7. t4mpel

    Feb 22, 2016
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    totally agree.
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  8. Phoenixxx75

    Phoenixxx75 Lahn 61 NA

    Feb 24, 2019
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    I agree with your being upset but you could have just ignored the event just as I and many others did. It was apparent quite early that it was a time and money sink which is why many gave up. I gave up at metal because I could not get past the third tower and decided I had better less frustrating things I could do.
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  9. Camouflage

    Feb 23, 2016
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    There was no money sink in 1 - 8. And I agree, the jumping part with the towers killed it for 75% of my guildmates too.

    But some people like quests/competitions like this. The bugged blue lights on the Calpheon tower, the expensive scroll with all the traveling time, the group content in a solo race (and to be honest a solo MMO) and the RNG part is what get us upset.
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