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«Odyllita» SM19 - Shark Meet 2019

Discussion in 'Art & Media' started by Lightfellow, May 23, 2019.

  1. Lightfellow

    Lightfellow SolFalena Ranger 62

    May 14, 2019
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    Hey welcome to our first annual-one-time-only shark meeting!
    We heard the call, Reunion was upon us, the best Sharks stepped up and ventured forth.
    Forth where? Who knows, the Deep calls and we march from all corners of the world… Well not all just 3, the lucky few who survived the Journey.


    Don’t ask… It was hot >.>

    … So! Umm back to our Journey! Yes yes the Journey.

    In search for the sacred place of the ancients we needed to cross a perilous cave… With with… With dangerous poisonous plants. Turned our pure innocent White Shark berserk and bloodthirsty, she attacked us!
    Yeah it was hot in there too >.>

    We’ve found clues for our destination! Ships are ready and we’re setting sail!

    Searching… Searching…

    Sorry Purple Shark is old and gets tired easily pit-stop[​IMG]
    But we’re in! We made it past all the trials and tribulations, the scorching sun and deadly traps :3

    Blue Shark immediately jumped to looting, can’t resist the smell of m$$ney
    So many corals, so little time :3

    Our beautiful White Shark was on guard all the time, keeping us safe, you never know when a frenzied beast will pop-up

    Purple Shark? Well that old ...shark was doing god knows what there are no records of what he was up to ^^
    Resting those old bones eh?

    And the best for last; some stunning work from our lovely White Shark

    ~~Crrrredit roll~~
    White Shark played by: Noctiflore[​IMG]

    Purple Shark played by: SolFalena[​IMG]

    Blue Shark played by: Chrysantium[​IMG]

    Odyllita is recruiting btw gogo cllickclick join us :3
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  2. Noctiflore

    Dec 5, 2018
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    damn that white shark was a nasty little bugger ... :o
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