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10 things to fix the game:

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by Jannanomana, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Kauni

    Kauni Archer 63 EU

    Mar 5, 2016
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    I understand what you mean here but it's super hard to balance for all "brackets" cause at some GS range it still gonna be unbalanced anyway.

    Like here I tried some classes (tamer, kuno, archer, ninja and few more) and I do not see any major issues at this GS range tbh. Here is an example that I recorded few minutes ago on a trial kuno vs ~600 GS striker (http://prntscr.com/qnqi4y). He melts because the way he build his DP at this GS is pretty much worthless.

    And on the other hand me (285//313 2x pen rce) vs another geared player most EU players know anyway.

    I did a lot of misplays here for sure and even had a huge brain lag in the end but fighting baten does that to you :-P
    At no point I find the damage I take too much (and archer is a super squishy class as we know) meanwhile he takes like no damage at all without a CC and when it comes to CC even the archer melee combo (which I can't finish due to pet stiffness) that is broken af, I can't really take him down. Wizard is actually one of the easier matchups for archer and it's played quite simple (this clip is a bad showcase tho). All you do is trying to pressure his FG as much as possible and fish for a CC. At high gear vs a very good player it's easier said than done tho.
    Now imagine we would remove only AP brackets like a lot of people (I know you don't) want it... game literally would not function at high gear anymore.

    Imo the gear balance is still not what it could be but from my experience it's quite fair in most brackets that I experienced and tested myself so far.
  2. AZzalor

    AZzalor EU

    Aug 3, 2016
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    The removal of the brackets for me at least is not about balance, it's always been unbalanced and always will be, but it's about making the gear gap shorter and allowing even lower geared players to play pvp more actively.
    Exponential scaling like that is never a good idea.
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  3. Kynreaa

    Kynreaa DarkKnight 62

    Nov 9, 2017
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    The balance is allways gonna be screwed up till all combatants are at maximum gear choice, and level.

    Seeing as how that wont happen, the worst thing is the ridiculous scaling. Get rid of that first, then balance issues can be adjusted.
  4. Daigurern

    May 30, 2018
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    1. No, cuz no point in havin them in the first place.
    2. No, they were designed to strenghten ur equip. The 100% success upgrade is simply a path for ppl that dont wanna risk upgrading. Also if PENs had no Caphra lvls, it would not be worth trying to go for Pen anyway. Put a few levels in ur TET and u got urself ~Pen.
    3. Wat? So just make 95% of high gear players unkillable? No thank you, please stay on Olvia.
    4. No, no, no, no? In short, make every single class useless that actually needs to combo ppl down and cant one shot them? LMFAO
    5. Would not "fix" the game. Also lots of ppl like to choose what to pay for. So this one is simply based on your personal taste.
    6. Why not introduce a 20 metres safe zone at spawn that either stays safe for as long as u dont attack anyone OR expires after 10-20 secs automatically. This would also give ppl the opportunity to reposition themselve.
    7. Nonsense. Since the pallet is included in Value Pack, nobody would ever buy costumes anymore. This would mean a seperation of Value pack and Mervs which is complete BS.
    8. Game is already spoon feeding too much compared to its original version. Ppl sometimes forget that BDO is meant to be a "harder" game. It was too hard in the very beginning for sure, right after release was hell on earth. But now its already shoving so much free stuff into everyones mouth that we forgot how to chew and simply swallow.
    9. And again... wat?
    10. Yea, since PING does not exist its def. gonna be fun. But who cares about latency in an action oriented pvp game right, prolly the same guy that plays Remastered with a 1060... :D:D:D:D

    None of these "suggestions" are actually a fix for anything.
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  5. Vanadiel

    Apr 10, 2016
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    While I admire the tenacity of posters who come up with suggestions on how to improve some game aspects, I wish to remind you all that this is PA you are dealing with.
    They will never do anything that will lower their revenue or cuts into their current revenue.

    Remember PA is not a company by gamer's, it's a for profit company for gamer's.
  6. Rügenwalder Pommersche

    Mar 28, 2018
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    THIS is exactly the reason why i dont get people bitching about gear difference or wanting to remove ap brackets
    sure there is some classes do will do way less dmg than a kuno at trial ap but overall, as we can see, u easily killed a 331 dp striker with trial ap
    u dont even have 261 ap in that clip (which nowadays is eaaaaasy to achieve since we have bartali/deve/caphras) + succession classes do a shitton of dmg even at lower ap so if anyone REALLY struggles to kill people he can just swap to succ till he reaches higher ap

    but no lets remove the biggest reason to gear up in ap
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  7. Rügenwalder Pommersche

    Mar 28, 2018
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    ye but in that case just add (what they said they will do lets see how long it takes them) an equalized pvp arena/rbf
    - we already have t1 nodewars at low gear levels so sure atm there isnt much but everyone CAN do pvp even at low gear

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