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A little BDO review of returning player.

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by Nieo, May 13, 2018.

  1. Nieo

    Nov 27, 2016
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    Hello guys.

    As the topic, I'm a returning player.
    Here's a little review for my whole BDO experience.
    This review will include some other games I played during my quit.
    If you are willing to try other games, you can read them as well.

    I joined BDO about one and half a year ago with 3 friends.
    Everything was magnificient, just the same feeling as guys when you were just into this game.
    I'm a 45% life/45% PVE/10% PvP player.
    The 10% is for the guild RBF runs or got wipe by the random experienced players in grinding spots.

    At that time, Black Desert was Black Pirate and Black Sausan.
    When I reached Lv 56, after testing all grinding spots.
    The result is same as the common new player guides.
    Sausan and Pirate are the best grinding spots not only for leveling, but also silver farming.
    No matter what I tried, the result remained the same.
    So after around 3 months, I quit BDO. Same as my friends joined with me.

    But there was only 1 friend continue playing.
    After 9 months, he suggested me to return due to the new game contents.
    That's why I'm here.

    First of all, here are my feelings compare to 9 months ago.

    1.About grinding
    Finally we have new grinding spots, and some new mechanics for lower-effeciency spots to have similar leveling speed as hot spots. (ex. Marni's Stone)
    This great change also helps the market changes. When we were Sausan and Pirate only, we actually do not need good buffs for grinding. Just spam your skills with higher movement speed and the mobs are shattered.
    After this change, the high-tier offensive alchmy elixirs becomes really useful.
    This makes me earn near half billion silvers after I sold all the old good stuffs stored 9 months ago.

    2.About game optimization
    This optimization change is the main reason for me to return.
    As a good graphic game, it shouldn't be lower 30 FPS with GTX 1060 while using only medium graphic effect setting.
    The lag problem when BDO client is running to long, you have to restart your client to fix it. This problem is also fixed.

    Although I still need to turn the effects down during node wars, but that's not a big issue since you have no time to admire the scenery while there are tons of red names in front of you.

    3.About class
    There are new classes for sure, but I played only 1 character in most of the MMORPG I've tried.
    One of the best gaming experience will occur when every new class releases.
    Many people will listen to rumors or some articles from social gaming discussion plateform.
    They think the new class will be must more better than the old class they played.
    And this is the time for players like me to snipe or pre-order TET gears on the market.

    This kind of action is really not wise in my opinion.
    The reason is I've played many Korean MMORPG.
    According to my experience, if you are following like this, you will be DOOMED by the game developers someday.

    Almost all of the Korean MMORPGs are hard-core with grinding for leveling.
    Lineage, Ragnarok, .....etc. All of them are the same, grind it till you quit.
    This is also another reason for me not to play another new character in Korean MMORPGs.
    That's painful.

    4.About PvP
    Well, I've played League of Legends and DoTA 2 for years.
    I really like the combact feelings with good opponents.

    But BDO is an MMORPG, MMORPG have no chance in balancing PvP.
    The more you grind, silvers you spend, even pearls you paid will strongly affects the performance in PvP.
    And BDO is not design with "lock-step". It will "desync".
    Desync is the problem that the scenery you see in your PC is actually not the same as the situation in server.
    For example, you see a guy rushing into you and you use a movement skill to escape.
    But actually, the guy already grab you in the server side. So your character will flash back to the guy and you are grabbed.
    If this desync problem is not solved, the PvP will never be "a little bit near" to balanced.
    Since huge AoE skills have better chance to hit other players and single target or small target skills are hard to hit other players unless they are standstill or already being CCed.

    But there will be another problem if BDO really fix the desync problem.
    Since the combact system of BDO is somehow like Street Fighters.
    Your character needs combo, and you have to make the game looks smooth even the players have high ping.
    So they have to design this game like this, you can freely use your skills with your client, but the damage judgement is on the sever side.
    That is the reason why when you are really lag, you spam your skills, a whole combo performed. But the mobs are still 100% life and delayed for a while to start losing their life.
    This desync problem cause higher-ping users have bad experience when they are doing PvP.
    Since everything you do will delay a little bit more than good-ping users.
    Maybe the reason is the developers are in Korea. Korea have really nice internet environments.
    So they didn't think about this problem for internation servers.

    I really rely on what shows in my screen to judge the next step to go.
    And the system is designed in this method, I can not have any good comments in PvP.
    Since the system already killed the PvP.
    All your balance patches for PvP are in vain.

    Comparing with 9 months ago, BDO really advanced a lot.
    But it takes too much time to do.
    This is a big problem for many Korean MMORPG.
    The actual new end-game contents are easy to be mastered by loyal players.
    And you have to wait a long long long time to get new "viable" game contents.
    Actually, we really have many game contents in BDO.
    Same as other Korean MMORPG. They are really full with contents.

    But there are two biggest problem.
    One is the best part is PvP. And the other is that other game contents have "poor-tier" reward after done.

    You beat Aakaman down, you smash Hystria out.
    The mobs will not change, but good enemy guilds give you that great combact feeling.
    To have a harder challenge is the energy you keep playing a game.
    Who will keep playing a game you already mastered?
    That will be boring, no matte how you are good at it.

    You need "opponents".

    You are hard to find a MMORPG have same or better combact system as BDO.
    Maybe it will occur next month, or next year.
    Before that one is released, you can ONLY play BDO.
    Maybe BDO is not good enough, but you have no choice.

    6.Something BDO needs to advance in the future
    This section is only my personal opinion. Feel free to ignore if you disagree.

    a. Most of the Korean MMORPG got great back ground music, but BDO have...not even 1 is good enough to call "great".
    They really need to contact S.F.A or SoundTemp to make some BGM for BDO.

    b. Desync problem, as I mentioned before. But I think the chance is nearly zero. Since it is a hard-core tier challenge for the software enginners. The only online game I've know that the developers fixed the desync problem, only Path of Exile.

    c. Grinding spots with random events, effects or something chaos. Just make grinding a little bit "not that sleepy".
    Although the red names are already a big event for new players, but we need more.

    d. PvP contents with "rank". It's the same idea as the arena system from World of Warcraft. You grab some of your good buddies. Make a party and queue in. Your party have a base rank number. You win more and your rank is higher. Higher rank players will match the higher rank players. Lower rank players will match the lower rank players. Gives daily or weekly different rewards according to your party rank. Although we have AoA and RBF but... that feels not completed.
    This should be an easy-accessible content for every BDO players since we have no better things to do than PvP.

    e. BDO developers do not dare to give players too much good reward except grinding mobs hard. They should think about this.

    f. Save polar bears, make a offline processing/training something what like this.
    Our PC are high-end ones, this really takes too much electricity while AFK.
    Man, you are "the next-gen MMORPG". This should not be really hard for you BDO developers.

    7.Other games
    I've played some games while I quit BDO.
    All of them are RPG.
    You guys can read these below if you are willing to quit for a while.

    Final Fantasy XIV

    This is an MMORPG focused on 8-man party dungeons.
    Every class have their usage, none of them is useless.

    Core design is the classic Tank-DPS-Healer system.

    Hard dungeons bosses takes many hours to practice, but when your party knows how to deal with it well.
    A dungeon will take only like 15~20 minutes to finish.

    The dungeons are really hard, and it feels like you are "dancing" with your keyboard/gamepad.
    Main design of all bosses are you have to know when will the boss do later, and what to react after seeing the bosses' skills.
    One party memeber miss will have a high chance to fail the boss.

    Strongly recommend to play when you have 7+ good buddies to play with.
    That will be a great memory in your life.
    If you are only joining it yourself, listen, do not pick up Japan sever even the ping is low.
    Because English ability is not available in Japan server, believe me.

    PvP in FFXIV is just a fail.
    People only do it for daily to get some rewards.
    Actually the hard bosses are having more fun.

    Every dungeons in FFXIV takes 15~20 mins to finish.
    But the total pracice time to know how to "dance" this dungeon takes many hours.

    Ahh, some of the BGM are great. They even have many OST CDs selling in website.

    In a short-words, this is a Japanese-style WoW with hard dungeons.
    I'm a little bit hard to compare it with BDO since two of them are totally different type.

    Path of Exile

    If you like Diablo 2, you will like it.
    I've played this for years.
    They release a big patch around every 4 months.
    This is the most unique game I've ever played.
    Feels like you are designing your character.
    Yeah, designing.
    But this game will be really hard for new players since the game information amount is too large.
    You will keep re-roll new characters every patches releases.
    A experienced player can rush a character into end-game content within 16 hours.
    You can feel free to re-roll and re-design another character since it only takes you 20 hours, not 2000 hours like BDO.

    Well......Did I said this is a little review of BDO?
    Thank you if you read them all.
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  2. BlackDesertFox

    Apr 21, 2018
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    Let me stop you here. BDO is plumetting down all on its own. without help.

    Find another MMO. Read for yourself im the forums how BDO went full retard with their series of patches that put combat, cc and classes in turmoil.
  3. xLightning

    Jan 3, 2016
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