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Active Trading Rework - Supports Amity

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by O'Dande Freud, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. O'Dande Freud

    Jul 6, 2017
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    Right now we all know that active trading is not as good as it can be. The problem mainly comes from low profits based on time spent and potentially the experience gained. However, there are a number of things that exist within the game that make trading fun for a few people at least. If PA can expand on this and buff the right areas, the entire skill would be amazing and drastically more fun and world-immersive friendly than before.

    I'm going to highlight two factors, followed by solutions that I think would fix everything (so this isn't a thread about just calling out an issue, this is going to have a player-side suggestion(s)).

    1) Inventory and Weight Constraints
    First off, it doesn't make sense when your character can carry 192 things when maxed inventory slots, while your 4 horse power wagon can only carry 18/20/22 slots (depending on the wagon). You could argue about horse inventory slots too, but let's just focus on wagons for now because those moreso revolve around trading, and then in the future come back to horses. This also applies to your character being able to potentially carry 2000+ LT in weight while your wagon only carries like half of that WITH equipment. My suggestion to first help with trading is that while on a wagon, the total amount of trade goods in both slots and weight is based on the total of your character's max slots AND weight.
    EXAMPLE: 2000 LT and 100 slots on your trading character AND 18 slots and 1150 LT on merchant wagon (810 LT default and +10 merchant badge for 340 LT) would be the total max capacity of 3150 LT and 116 slots.
    This would still encourage players to buy inventory slots and max weight capacity etc, while also giving bigger purpose within active trading.


    Items are at a 24 hour timer before their value drops from 100% to 30%. In order to retain the 100% trading value, you have to sell within the first 2.5 hours (2 hours 30 minutes) where it drops to 95% and so on at a -5% or -6% ish at each time interval. Let's be real, even if you were ROLLING ON FOOT from Velia to Trent, it'd take like an hour or so, but definitely under 2.5 hours. Even in the case of AFK fishing, with maxed inventory slots and a +10 Balenos Rod and +5 fishing in an abundant zone, you'd fill up within 8 to 10 ish hours. How about we cut that trading timer in half (50%) so it'd be on a 12 hour timer instead? Doing so, we also increase all fish values by 150%. In a way, this would also buff active fishing while keeping AFK fishing roughly the same. As for TRADING goods, buff their values by 500%. On top of that, the rate at which the value of trade goods drops is cut in half too (so 100% value would only hold for the first 1 hour 15 minutes-ish until it would go to 95%, and so on). I mean 1 hour 15 minutes is still plenty of time to do it, so whether or not the rate is to be adjusted even further is up to people and PA. I'm just starting with cutting the timer in half and adjusting the current values. ALSO, because TRADING goods increase in value by 500%, while the return % margins stay the same, your overall profit is going to be that much greater because you're working with much more silver. This also increases risk when dealing with these trading goods because if you get PK'ed or get stuck on a fence and a group of NPC bandits pop up to kill you, you better be there if you want to save your potentially 10+ mil silver investment!

    Final thoughts:
    The trading system right now is well thought but VERY OUTDATED! It was made pretty well for BDO when first launched back in 2016/2017. The main issue right now is that it does not scale well into 2019/2020. I do not think that buffing trade goods and what not is a bad thing because it encourages players who enjoy life skills a big new route for making money, while still letting PVP factors and whatnot to play a role in the skill when it happens. New players also can't directly go in and make hundreds of millions because trading does require some initial investment and a bit of game knowledge to get into. The more expensive supply of trade goods are also level locked (i.e. you can't really get most trade goods until you get past skilled level trading usually), which comes from a decently thought out system right now. It just needs to be improved in regards to today.

    ALSO I believe that if both factors (#1 and #2) are addressed, the experience factor for leveling trading wouldn't be a big issue or would even need attention/rework because more items and of higher value would be dealt with already. You'd be trading with potentially 3x as much goods, and thus the experience gained from active trading would 3x if not more too, which is going to be pretty nice.

    From the KR Heidel Ball stream on June 7/June 8 (depending on your place in the world), the CEO also said that he was hoping to implement the system where you can interact with NPCs while on your mount. If this becomes a thing, #1 would also be a very good revival option towards trading because then it would make sense that your total weight and inventory (from character and wagon) could be a thing when interacting with a trading manager.

    (edit: Also forgot to mention the Amity part like said in the title. Fun Fact: If you increase the amity on an NPC trade manager, your get more rolls in the bargain minigame for trading. At 600 amity, your rolls double from 3 to 6 per 5 energy. Just something to think about too and one of the somewhat hidden/unknown factors of trading that have been lost to an outdated skill system but very very useful).

    What are your thoughts?
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