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Add a front guard on terra sancta

Discussion in 'Valkyrie' started by BboydD, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. BboydD

    Sep 3, 2018
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    So kuno got a buff on their spin which is great protected damage. A lot of classes have now an protected high burst skill (usefull for large scale). Valk is a shield class very fun to play and I think it's for her time to recieve a decent buff for large scale==> adding a front guard to the terra sancta. OP?No. As we need to use celestial spear to buff us 100% crit before the terra sancta, opponents will have a gap to cc the valk before she can burst.

    Archer, witch can burst from 100-200m
    Musa has shift+f
    Ninja, kuno stealth/iframe
    Sorc iframe spamming and fastest cc in the game

    Valk is slow. Even if you use perfectly all cancels anim, when you burst in large scale/ rbf you get cced/deleted.

    Her 100% is to slow compared to tamer's, when you fight experienced player you will die or be grabbed during the casting time.
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  2. Muhaha

    Muhaha Valkyrie 62 NA

    Feb 19, 2016
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    I've been so split on this, like with how much dmg we can do, its range, bsr on it, CC, putting FG on it could make it feel broken for others, enough they'd probably complain. Especially since we have support capabilities. Hell they already cry about some of our skills even though we're not in the greatest spot.
    But I've talked to a few, and looked at other classes skills, it seems like alot have protections on their hard hitters. Whether its a full protection or part protection, its still has protection on it. I'd rather not have the community complain and Valk gets overly nerfed... again.

    I'd still like to see somethings that add up to fix our issues:
    SA on Flow: Lucem Fluxum
    -1 sec from ult cel spear to match the CD better.
    First part of Enslar Iframe, coming down/landing SA
    Using Enslar after cel spear follows the spear for extra movement
    Having the third hit of glaring slash proc after the first Cel Spear, rather than just the second, but second still takes priority
    SA to Sharplight, add Air smash, remove stamina (only off CD), remove CD resfresh when used on CD. (or just make it unsable during cd and lower the CD to match Cel Spear, Just Counter replaces it during CD)
    Add resist to Shield Chase
    This would not only give us a better escape out of battles, a working iframe, gives us more protected CCs, better protected movement, a more legit teleport (since landing can = death and it'd be telegraphed), skills would flow more smoothly, make the class even more skillful, and give us an extra semi usable preawakening skill.
    Its quite a bit, but It'd solve most the issues. (hopefully) While keeping our dmg, most skills unprotected, and support capabilities.

    After dragging my ass to the 280ap underwater area, they really need to put something on terra. Using our best skill, almost got me killed near everytime. Was only able to actually get it off a very few times without being almost insta killed.

    Devs really need to pull their heads out of their ass and fix the ****ing class, she needs a few things to be brought up to par. But instead they're a bunch of useless **** suckers.
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