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Alexmac Enchancing Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Alexmac, May 10, 2017.

  1. Alexmac

    Mar 1, 2016
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    Well due to the previous sucess on the other forum, had to post the guide here also because it might help some new players.

    The path to PEN is here boys.

    (last update at March 1 2017)

    If you want a proper TET enchant system it requires some preparation. You can yolo but you can expect big rips and griding around in PRI 10 dura gear al lthe time lol. Remember this is my method, there are plenty of ways to do this but i had good results with it.


    - lvl 10 or less char with negative karma to downgrade +15 gear to +14 (kill wild horses for negative karma)

    - as many character slots as you can afford (so you can do failstacks on all)

    - min 3 pieces Reblath +14 gear (Velia Blacksmith)

    - 2 green weapons like steel dagger or whatever you like also +14 (use something that have good quantity at the market so you can repair easily)

    - 2 grunil pieces +14

    - full set grunil PRI + (i use grunil because its good for all alts and if they go TET it actually sells)

    (the extra +14 pieces is so you dont need to downgrade gear all the time)

    Once you get all this, before any TET Enhancement session get:

    - 1000 armor blackstones

    - 500 weapon blackstones

    - 300 or more memory frags (depending if you can use artisans memory or not you might need more) - EDIT: DO NOT BUT Memory frags directly from the market, its easier but youre wasting money. You can do books, ancients or relics in 5 man group or if you dont want to waste time you can solo Books or ancient scrolls (dont solo relics).

    • max prices to buy the scrolls if you dont want to grind them (more than this its almost better to buy memories directly from market):
      • Relics - max 850
      • Books - max 950
      • Ancients - max 1300
    - 100 concentrated armor stones

    - 50 concentrated weapon stones

    Its alot but this will Push TETs and recover from fails easily.

    Fail Stack method (aproximate):

    0 to 10 fs - use a reblath

    0 to 15 fs - use second reblath

    15 to 20 fs - use a green weapon or armor piece

    20 to 26 fs - attempt PRI to DUO grunils (or any other gear) (2 attempt´s)

    26 to 32 fs - attempt PRI to DUO boss gear or boss weapon (2 attempt´s)

    32 fs to 45 fs - attempt DUO to TRI boss or boss weapon gear

    45 fs to 55 fs -attempt TRI to TET Grunil gear ( if you get TET sell it and make another one)

    55 fs to 100 fs - attempt only TRI to TET boss or weapon gear

    100+ fs save for PEN clicks or TET + accessories

    EDIT: i bought a red nose and a cheap Bhegs as extra piece to fail stack to get TRI fs, but you can risk green gear. Problem is it goes TRI and TET easily so at the end you spend a lot of money fail stacking anyway . But you guys can keep the Grunil rotation , if it goes DUO you use it to get more fs the next round, if it goes TRI you use for the TET clicks

    TIP for sucess:

    I believe that when you fail some enchants it increases the odds on the next ones. So when i want to enchant a TRI to TET boss gear or weapon i usually have all boss set at TRI and extra TRI grunils or other pieces.

    I get to the 45 fs and start attempting the grunils, then the boss gear one by one. Usually gets me a TET around 60 fs, its rng.


    Accessories enchanting is completely different from the boss gear and weapons.

    Fails stacks for acc:

    17 fs PRI on blue acc

    20 fs PRI on rare acc

    28 fs DUO on blue acc

    35 fs DUO rare acc

    35 fs TRI on blue acc

    45 fs on TRI rare acc

    45 fs on TET blue acc

    60 fs on TET rare acc

    70 fs on PEN blue acc

    100 fs on PEN rare acc

    Crones stones: i use them when acc price is super low due to events or normal item price. Example, Red coral earrings went down to 1.5 mil, i used Crones for TRI and TET clicks on them.

    Acessories : how to get a TRI / TET?

    Acessories are painfull af as you all know. So heres some tips to minimize the pain:

    • Pay attention to events, events like Laurens and the incoming Lavienta event bring the top accessories to half price. In BDO you will always have this events. Buy the accessories once you have one
    • In cheap accessories, like Corals, Shultz belts, Bares necklaces and some other you can use crone stones to do the TRI and TET enchants. Do 3 or 4 of each then attempt enchants with crones until you get the TET or TRI. Some will downgrade, just go all in, you will get one (using the fs on the presented fs table).
    • Never risk your main gear, do upgrades on a second piece. Corals, witches, Mark of shadows, Bares necks and other cheaper accessories are great to serve as backup for the big enchants without sacrificing to much AP.
    0 to +15 Enchant guide

    Enchanting boss gear to +15 sometimes is more expensive than enchanting from +15 to TRI. This is why you cant just go yolo on the item and destroy its durability. This is my method to take it to +15 with less possible costs:

    Boss gear to +7 (+8 on weapons) - yolo, just click enchant, 0 fail stacks

    to +9 - start at 8 fs

    to +10 - start at 11 fs

    to +11 - start at 15 fs

    to +12 - start at 15 fs

    to +13 - start at 20 fs

    to +14 - start at 20 fs

    to +15 - start at 25 fs (use it to get TRI fs for other gear also, stop at 32 fs)

    It seems to many fs but as you guys already know it fails a lot.

    IMPORTANT: dont go crazy clicking the gear, if you get a +10 gear to 15 fail stacks, STOP and save those for +11. Change character and do again from recommended fs. Check always if you reach the next needed fs, this way you use the fs properly. DO NOT CLICK a +11 on 30 fs [​IMG]

    PEN Enchant

    I had 16 PEN attempts so far, all failed, RNG has not been on my side. I convinced that the odds are not around 20% with maximum fail stacks like some table suggest, i think its way lower, but who knows.

    • I recommend doing PEN attempts with only backup gear, trust me, you dont want to degrade all your gear because it makes you want to quit the game. You might have sucess but you will probably fail.
    • Start at 100 fail stacks, try to get close to 120
    • When trying to get the TET gear, if you reach 100 fail stacks save for PEN. I know you just want the TET item done, that you failed over and over again, but trust me, you want to save those stacks or you regret latter. Start a a new TET fs
    • Ppl when failing alot of TETs or PENS tend to try TET acessories, make sure you have a decent backup.
    • I recommend using Crones only if you have a 140 + fs and still i think backup gear is the better choice because you will create high failstacks for the rest off the gear
    A note about the new "Advise of Valks" and "Valks Cry" items

    • "Advise of Valks" gives you free fail stacks to a character that has zero fail stacks, For instance +40. Usefull and nothing to talk about it really.
    • "Valks Cry" does not exist yet on EU / NA but adds 10 failstacks to the stack you already have. You need to melt costumes for that so its expensive. I m hoping they never bring this item to EU / NA not because 10 extra failstacks are op, but because ppl that fail enchanting over and over again without them will think that they failed because they did not buy the Valks Cry. I can see ppl raging already...
    Before you guys start trash talking, i only did this document because some ppl asked me to, its meant to help and its a method like 100 others. Works for me, gl!

    I play in the EU server, lvl 61 Wizard , Oldskool guild.

    One of my builds has example (evasion build in this case but i also have AP and a Hybrid), i m currently working of fs and backup gear for the new PEN attempts:


    Link to the old Guide:

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  2. Heedun

    Heedun Sorceress 62 EU

    Jan 22, 2016
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    Followed this guide, now I'm full PEN. 5/7 would recommend
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  3. Destromath

    Mar 14, 2016
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  4. excalibxr

    Apr 26, 2016
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    Told the girls i know alexmac, now i get laid every night!!
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  5. Srich

    Jul 13, 2016
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    seeing those 2x tet crescents is amazing considering i did 11 tri attemps with 55+ fs and only one went to trii..well i never had problems making fs over 60+ but from 26 to 32+ i try to make trii grunils if they succed i save for tet attemps in order to make some chars with 50/60 + fs ... in the end the only real problem is the ammount of bs,mem,hard,sharp and silver u have ^^ ofc the rng can be very bastard example i failed 7 duo ogre in a row starting with 44 fs the first so yeah u can do all the strategy u want but all your pens and tets are translated in insane luck or insane ammount of silver spent.

    A good guide for ppl who are new to enchant system
  6. Scala

    Feb 20, 2016
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    Sorry my noob question: Why I need to put one reblath with 10fs and the another one to 15fs?

    Here I need a green weapon/armor piece with +14fs, right? If yes, what's the best way to do that?
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  7. Litepoeticflame

    Jul 11, 2016
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    Excellent guide Alex. Thank you!
  8. Dakara

    Feb 25, 2017
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    Thanks for the beautiful guide, had it for many months on my bookmarks but just recently decided to upgrade my first boss item and got very good results.
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