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Balance the T1 Node Wars

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Shinee, May 25, 2020.

  1. Shinee

    Dec 13, 2015
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    As T1 is designed today it only benefits the large established guilds because their players are so highly geared so they can customize their gear to T1. New and smaller guilds do not have a chance in T1 Node Wars today as it is designed. Also, do not think that it was the intention of the developers that T1 would be as it has become today.

    To that end, the nodes have been reduced by 30%. It leads to a total wreck for the T1 Node War, many siege guilds play T1 just because it's fun that they can easily run over all the less weaker guilds. Therefore, there are a few large guilds that totally dominate all Node Wars, for the other guilds there is nowhere to play Node Wars on equal terms.

    These limits on AP / DP in T1 do not lead to a more balanced Node War for less equipped players. Limits need to be added to other attributes as well: Accuracy, Evasion, DR, etc
    Then remove the "346 DP FOR THE FLAT 20% DAMAGE REDUCTION BONUS" for T1.

  2. ۜSиσω

    Mar 20, 2019
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    Accuracy and evasion are already capped.
    Edit: also what siege guilds do you fight on t1? You can't participate in siege if you're holding t1 nodes.
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  3. Rügenwalder Pommersche

    Mar 28, 2018
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    ok here are the main reasons why some guilds get clapped in 5 mins

    they dont run t1 builds which are vastly superior to normal gear (and waaaay cheaper) and no its not about stacking evasion since that is capped, human dmg is **** aswell if u are not omega geared and even then it hardly matters (from my experience and what ive noticed in nws) big reveal its about stacking hp, special attack evasion and special modifiers like chimera pupil ears (down attack)
    PS: that mainly goes for t1 easy/med for hard to get to the ap cap while sacrificing ears + offhand u need to be quite geared

    they have way less attendance, numbers matter A LOT in capped nws and if they enemy is double your numbers u have to play significantly better to make up for that

    they play way worse, ive had nodewars where we have been outnumbered 3:1 and still were able to hold 1h +, and the other side i also had nws were we were even numbers and crushed them in 5 mins

    it has hardly anything to do with "siege geared players dropping on t1", all the issues guild have can be resolved by themselves
    and also lets think about the reason WHY some really geared ppl drop on t1, maybe because there are no fights anywhere else. i remember back when i did a lot of t1 we usually always had 6-10 forts, it was always great fun - how fun is it for people who want to do pvp if they go t2+ and fight against a snipe

    but thats obv just my take on it and WHY i always ejnoyed t1 more than t2+ since its really easy to compete, great fights, a lot of guilds participating and overall just more fun without pa spams

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