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BDO Short-Story: Lady Apparatus

Discussion in 'Art & Media' started by Kigura, Mar 7, 2018.

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    Nov 29, 2016
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    Hi BDO people. This is BloomingDeath (previously Minktamer). I used to play BDO when it first came out on my main, a kunoichi named Media, but quit after the death of my horse. Haha. I came back in the beginning of 2018 and almost a month later created a new character: LadyApparatus. I have decided to write a short story of the beginning journey for this character. It is based off of in-game events and therefore include real in-game characters either by nickname or full name. Similarly, the images are around the original timeline. I’ll be posting one 'chapter’ a day within the next six days. I hope you all enjoy :3.
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  2. Kigura

    Nov 29, 2016
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    Lost Memories.JPG BDO Short Story: Lady Apparatus

    By: BloomingDeath

    Lost Memories

    There was a boundless flow of energy. The blue haze grew deep and dark as it snaked toward me. I felt water caress my arms, legs, and head. It was as if I hovered in the air, yet I knew I was in something thicker. I took one breath though no air entered my lungs. I coughed. Instead, it was water. In a state of panic, I opened my eyes. A thick, musty, charcoal substance surrounded my face and entered my nose and mouth until my consciousness left me.
    I opened my eyes to darkness. Two deep-red pits that were suspended within the black abyss sent a chill down my spine as if my energy was being sucked out of me into the empty whirlpool. My eyes began to adjust to the darkness, allowing me to see what was appearing in front of me. A chalky whiteness spread into the shape of a rectangle below the two dark red pits, all of which simply floated, suspended, in the darkness. The large rectangle began to split into many small, side-by-side, rectangles—a set of teeth—I realized. The smile widened and the eyes turned bright red.

    “You’re awake,” it said.

    My body flinched due to a sharp pain that pulsed throughout my muscles. Every movement felt as if I had several days of immobility causing my body to become numb. I tried to remember what had happened but only figments of what seemed like a dream came to my mind. Trying to remember, I could only think of an abundance of water, maybe sea water…

    “Get moving,” the Black Spirit interrupted my thoughts. “Let’s see how well you can use your body.”

    I didn’t know what else to do nor seem to have any memory of my life or who I was. I decided to listen to the Black Spirit and attempt to jog. My body felt heavy but moveable. I pushed my legs to move faster. Then, I looked up and noticed the dirt road I was on, surrounded by overgrown grass, fences, and rural housing. A part of my mind tingled, wanting to remember. By now I had picked up momentum. My mind felt the sparks and I wanted to continue running until maybe a bit of my memory returned. Unfortunately, the Black Spirit called for my attention once more.

    “Why don’t you try out your abilities on some weasels over there?”

    Regardless of the annoyance felt at being interrupted, I followed its instructions. With every hit, my movements quickened. I must have phenomenal muscle memory. What did I do before this? What exactly is this that I’m doing anyway? After the last weasel fell, the Black Spirit called to me with an ambiguous shout.

    “I suppose I must call you something. Hmm…Simple! Lady Apparatus. He he he. It really suits you as the means to an end after all,” the spirit chuckled.

    I accepted the name, not knowing what it was speaking of. And having no recollection of what I originally was named or called gave me little option.

    “Follow these tasks,” it instructed.

    A black wispy fog-like substance elongated out of the Black Spirit, appearing as a tentacle. It continued to move until it touched my forehead. At once, I knew what the Black Spirit was talking about.

    “From time to time I will visit you to check your progress,” it told me.

    Then the spirit disappeared.

    I did as the Black Spirit said. During the following weeks, my strength doubled. The Black Spirit visited me frequently. With each visit, it seemed to gain strength and size. The Black Spirit reminded me of a tadpole. New appendages appeared and grew over time. Although, unlike a tadpole, the Black Spirit was creepier with each change. A part of me wanted to find a way to separate myself from the spirit. Even so, despite my growing strength, the Black Spirit had tremendous knowledge that left me wondering of its real power and abilities.
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    Nov 29, 2016
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    A Meeting.JPG

    A Meeting

    After a time, the Black Spirit had begun to leave me to my own ventures more often. During this time, I quickly completed each task in order to explore outside the small towns of Olivia and Velia. During one of my adventures, the Black Spirit suddenly appeared. I froze and awaited instruction. I was slightly nervous. Was I even allowed to exit the towns if I’m not completing a task? The spirit never said so otherwise.

    “Oh, you’re taking a look around,” the Black Spirit said, barely trying to sound intrigued.

    I made a slight nod. There really was nothing to be said. The Black Spirit isn’t one to hold a conversation but rather spoke to hear its own voice.

    The Black Spirit continued, “I need you to head to the city of Heidel. There is something we must do there.”

    The Black spirit showed me the path and left. Normally the spirit would tell me the reason for doing anything. It was a tad odd that I had no description or explanation this time. Although, I have not been with the spirit for more than a month now. I can’t presume to know exactly how the spirit works…and I don’t remember having gone to any city before, including Heidel. Curiosity won me over. So, onward I walked toward Heidel, long after the orange rays of the sun fell below the horizon.


    I knew I reached Heidel before I could see it. Even in the darkest time of night, there was a low buzz of conversation at the storage house, stables, and marketplace. As I drew closer, the moonlight illuminated the city. I have never traveled this far south before—as far as I could remember. I may have traveled this path before but I couldn’t know for sure. The moon rose higher into the sky before long and the buzz of conversation had almost completely died down.

    Soon after, I was edging toward the center of the city. I took a left under the arch of the inner wall by the Trade Manager. The stone path had very wide curves as I made my way eastward against an incline. I veered to the left once more and stopped between a small storage house and the Old Moon Inn. I had reached my destination and waited for the Black Spirit to appear.

    I stood for several minutes in silence, wondering why the spirit had not shown upon my arrival as it usually did. A small glimmer sparked in the corner of my eye. The moonlight had touched a reflective substance a little ways down the path from which I came. A male figure was walking up the road. He wore bright silver metal armor that covered his whole body, including his neck. Most of it seemed to be chain armor, allowing for a wider range of movement than steel-plated armor.

    When the moonlight hit his hair, I could see it burst into a blinding blonde color sticking up in every direction with sunset-orange colored tips. My hair is very similar in color except my deep orange ran up halfway to my roots. The closer he got, the more I analyzed his features. He wore three small grey hooped earrings along each ear and his lips were surprisingly full.

    He walked straight up to me. He wasn’t immensely taller even though I am short myself. Even so, I had to tilt my head slightly up in order to look him in the eyes. The light grey stare they gave was intimidating at such a close distance. I lightly clenched my fists, preparing for any sudden movements that could indicate an attack. This is the moment the Black Spirit decided to appear.

    “My my. It took you long enough,” it said in a sarcastic tone facing nothing in particular, “I was wondering if you would ever show up, he he.”

    The young man didn’t bother acknowledging the spirit. He simply continued to look at me and even furrowed a brow which was slightly unnerving. I felt my pale cheeks flush pink. I quickly looked away from his gaze as casually as possible in an attempt to hide my sudden embarrassment at my unusual blushing. I didn’t want to show any sign of weakness in front of the Black Spirit’s subordinate.

    “Why the introductions of course!” the Black Spirit chorused, “Lady Apparatus, this will be your brother Apparatus. He has been under my instruction long before I had chosen you to also take up action for my cause.”

    At the mention of a brother, I looked back up at Apparatus’ face. We do look similar in appearance by our pale faces and hair color. But everything else didn’t seem to resemble a pair of siblings. I would know if I had a brother wouldn’t I? Maybe the relation was a purely in name for all of the Black Spirit’s subordinates.

    Apparatus finally looked away from me as the Black Spirit addressed him, “Grab a second horse and take your…sister to Helms. Kill the creatures there. I will later send you further instructions on your next task. Train her until then.”

    As the Black Spirit began to disappear into oblivion, as it normally did, it spoke to itself: “How exciting. A sibling pair to toy with. He he.”

    After the spirit left, Apparatus simply turned around and began walking down the path. I silently followed him. Once we passed the stables, I grew confused and wasn’t sure if he remembered the task he was given. As we reached the bridge that signaled the edge of the city, I decided to say something.


    “Unapparatus,” he interrupted.

    I tilted my head in confusion, “What?”

    “My name is Unapparatus,” he stated firmly.

    “But the Black Spirit said—” I began to protest.

    “—I do things my way,” he cut me off, “I’m no apparatus to be used by the Black Spirit. Until I am able to regain my memories from him, I will do his work of my own accord.”

    His tone commanded no protest so I continued to walk behind him, absent of a horse. The silence wasn’t very noticeable as I became lost in thought. The Black Spirit must have my memories too, but why? I suppose “Un”-apparatus is seeking the answer. Though, I fear he may lead me to be at odds with the spirit. He may have been under its instruction longer than me, but I don’t believe either of us knows what it is capable of.
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    Nov 29, 2016
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    A New Family.JPG

    A New Family

    As the Black Spirit instructed, Unapparatus showed me a few skills but only when he willed. It was not very often. When it came to training, he would first show me new locations. Then he showed me how to defeat the creatures in the area. He left me alone after instruction. Unapparatus wasn’t particularly too busy to spend time training me but rather believed it was more beneficial for me to improve by myself.

    So, as usual, I was alone. I had chosen Helms for today’s destination. I enjoyed fighting on the open field. The only problem was the sub-par structures that the creatures created getting in the way. Just after finishing off a group of creatures to continue to the nearest group, three people dashed in to fight the same group of creatures as me. It was rare but some of the people that also hone their abilities by destroying creatures will chase others out of the area regardless of who got there first. The strongest dominated the best locations.

    From previous interactions with such people, seeing this group’s actions was a sign of aggression. I was not strong enough to fight off multiple attackers at once yet and rather being not confrontational, I fled. Even though I gave up the location, the group chased after me. Despite their shouting for me to wait, I kept running, not having registered what they said until I was many paces ahead of them. Once I realized a lower possibility of a threat (and being rather curious at why they were calling after me), I turned around to see if they continued to pursue me. They had stopped. Since their body language didn’t show any further signs of aggression, I moved toward them until I was a safe distance away to see what they wanted.

    The one who spoke was a tall young man who wielded a long, broad sword that currently rested on his right shoulder.

    “How often do you train?” he inquired.

    I raised my right eyebrow. An interesting question for a first meeting, I thought.

    “I train when I can,” I replied.

    “You are wearing Grunil armor, is that right?” he continued.

    The gear one wears tends to give hints at one’s strength and success due to the loot gathered and sold depending on the creatures one was able to slay.

    “Correct…” I answered slowly.

    I grew suspicious at why this stranger wanted to gauge my strength and abilities.

    He changed his straight face into a small smirk, “Would you like to join my guild?”

    A guild! I had joined very few previously. I always left after a short time finding it better to advance alone. It has been a while since the last one.

    “I suppose so,” I said hesitantly.

    “Great!” the young man exclaimed.

    He walked right up to me with a contract in hand that seemed to come out of thin air. The contract displayed the daily pay along with other information about my new position at the guild. He held out a quill—which also appeared out of nowhere—and indicated where I should sign and I did.

    “My name’s Garen the Mighty—”

    The two women with him scoffed. Garen turned to them with a look that was rather a ‘don’t embarrass me in front of the newbie’ and then looked back at me with an open hand. I couldn’t help but smile when he said: ‘Welcome to Black Thorn Empire.”
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    Two Sea Creatures.JPG

    Two Sea Creatures

    It had been a long time since the Black Spirit had told me to do anything or even appeared. Unapparatus said that the spirit was constantly creating more subordinates and making mentors out of the older ones in order to further the process faster. It would most-likely not appear to me again until I was strong enough to take on my own apprentice or until the spirit’s plan had come into motion. Unapparatus did not believe either would happen very soon—rude—but none the less, the freedom was a nice breather.

    The repetition of training, though, had begun to bore me. I decided to take a break at Heidel and check out the market. There was always an abundance of armor and weapons that I could look at and hope one day would be able to buy. Meanwhile examining a beautiful Kzarka Cetus, I overheard some people mention the monster of the sea, Vell. The species appeared occasionally and in the same location far past the north coastline of Olivia and Velia.

    Later on, in the guild house located in Velia, I asked Loli (my small guildmate that traveled with a wolf-sized black and furry cat-like beast) about whether I was strong enough to attend the hunt on Vell. She, along with other guildmates that overheard my question, enthusiastically responded with ‘Come along!’ ‘Yeah, it’ll be fun!’ So I decided, why not? Everyone quickly completed their preparations for the day ahead so that we could take the ships at dawn and sail to Vell’s spawn spot before nightfall.

    The next morning we were up early. The journey seemed short and smooth. The water shone a beautiful navy blue. It turned into a baby blue when the sun was at its full height in the sky. There was no hint or even spec of a cloud above as far as one could see. We reached the spawn point just as the sun’s rays had begun to drop for the moon to take its place. The whole crew turned in early to be ready for the battle ahead.


    No-one woke me the next morning. I assumed this was because they were all too busy doing their part of the final preparations. My task was later on. Therefore, I made my way to the deck after a simple breakfast of baked bread. Many other ships accompanied ours making the whole ensemble look like a fleet. My guildmates greeted me as they passed by doing their assigned tasks. Balmorg, a strangely sweet young man for being a ninja, told me to prepare my cannon. My honored task was to shoot the creature with one of the two cannons we had on deck when the ship drew close enough. Afterward, I was to load up the next set of shots as the rest of them repaired the damage of the rampaging waves and lopsters that would fly through the air. The most important part was to pay attention for the silent shockwave at all times.

    Vell will periodically give off a burst of energy along with its swinging tentacles that physically push through the air and knock down anyone who is not prepared. That was not the worst of it. The knock down would leave anyone stunned long enough for the first of several tidal waves to reach. The best way to avoid this was to listen for the sudden silence before the shock. One must immediately jump into the water and swim as deeply as possible to avoid the underwater current created by the waves.

    Someone among the numerous ships announced the appearance of Vell. I quickly ran over to the cannon on the side facing the immediately noticeable bubbling water below. Vell flung itself from the water. I was not prepared for the size of the monstrous sea-blue whale. It could have been the size of a small island!


    “Don’t worry,” Balmorg said with a small grin, “You’ll be just fine.”

    They’re crazy, I thought.

    “Prepare the cannon Lady!” someone yelled, “We’re going to sail by!”

    I quickly latched onto the cannon, prepared to take a shot. It wouldn’t be my first, which was slightly comforting. I had mistakenly shot off a cannon on the way here which got me yelled at for wasting the limited supply. Good enough practice I suppose!

    We drew closer to Vell and I lit the cannon, aimed, and fired four shots before we went out of range and my guildmates had to begin repairing the damage done to the ship. In the meantime, other ships took their chances and shot at Vell as well. I wasn’t very good at using the cannon so I let a senior guildmate use it for the next round.

    Some lopsters flew out of the water. Others soon continued in waves. Their size doubled mine and their tails made long scars in my gear.

    “Lady!” Loli called out, jumping off her own cannon and grabbing my arm, “Hang on and duck down. They can’t get you there.”

    “What about you?”

    “I’ll be alright! Don’t worry!”

    I quickly grabbed onto the cannon’s handles, grateful to be away from the flying fish that felt like large kitchen knives. My other guildmates were still repairing the ship or using rifles to shoot down the lunatic lopsters. Loli dodged the creatures effortlessly at first. But then more and more burst forth and soon Loli appeared to be having difficulty. Her armor was noticeably slashed in many places. I jumped off the cannon, hoping I could do something to help her. Without a rifle though, I was useless. During the chaos, the waters had calmed and the sea grew silent. I hadn’t noticed at all as I was trying to think of what I could do to help Loli.

    “LADY JUMP!” Loli screeched.

    It was too late. A wall of air, sea, and tentacles flung us off the ship and into the water. Minor after waves pushed me around and shook me so much that I couldn’t tell which way was up. I tried to move in the direction I believed was correct when the sudden current pushed me down until my back collided with a rock, making the remaining air in my lungs escape. My vision blurred but images of my past returned to my head. I knew I had felt this feeling before: calmly suspended in the water by a warm force despite the chaos around me. I was able to barely peer out through my eyelids long enough to see blue shimmering…scales? My memories seemed to be coming back to me as I peered into the present situation. The wispy black substance had not joined me this time as it did before. The water continued to swirl around me and I blacked out.
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    Returning Home.JPG

    Returning Home

    I opened my eyes, turned to my left, and coughed up seawater.


    I laid back down. The sun was moving westward past high noon. It must have been hours since the fight with Vell. Then I noticed the faces of Loli and Slavemancer, a sorcerer that wielded an orb of flames and an orb of water at all times, looking down at me in concern.

    “We thought you were dead,” Slavemancer said in a melancholy tone, “You were in the water for so long…”

    Loli lightly pushed Slavemancer away to put out her hand to help me up, “We’re glad you’re okay.”

    I looked around and noticed the large pile of floating debris we were resting on. Was this what was left of our ship? Loli seemed to notice my worried expression.

    “No worries. This isn’t our boat. Garen will be close enough for us to swim to soon.”

    Slavemancer pointed at the incoming ship that held the rest of our guildmates.

    As I reentered the water with Loli and Slavemancer, I was reminded of my dream…or was it a dream. It seemed much more like a memory. Rather, there was a mixture of long past memories and what happened a little bit ago when I was underwater pushed down by the strong tide created by Vell. The experience gave me a strange feeling that remained in my chest. There was something I needed to find: a creature with blue shimmering scales. A sea snake maybe?

    Hands helped pull me on deck. Whatever it was, something inside me knew where I could find it.
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    It had been a few days since the hunt of Vell. Surprisingly I had been too busy to search for the creature I saw that day. Unapparatus had been giving me continuous tasks to expand my knowledge. Really it felt like a punishment for not telling him I went to hunt Vell, causing him to ask the Black Spirit for my whereabouts.

    After I had finally completed the most recent task, I made my way to my home in Heidel. I had very few furnishings. The first floor is bare except for a kitchen/ dining room containing a stove, chandelier, dining table, and two chairs. The second floor was no better. I had one weapon rack holding a large staff of the first major creature I had defeated as a decoration in the open space. My bed sat with the company of a bookshelf and a large seashell in my bedroom. The highlight of my home was the balcony that overlooked the fountain statue that was the centerpiece of one of the major marketplace locations deeper within the city.

    I wanted to prepare a few meals that assist in enhancing abilities. I didn’t know where I’d go or for how long it would take to find the scaly sea creature. Therefore, it is always best to be prepared. I finished preparing the food and cleaned the stove. I then made my way to my balcony. My pouch was full and my wrist guards were in place on my arms. I really didn’t travel with much.

    Feeling prepared, I took one step onto the open balcony to take a nice look at the city before I left. A sudden movement to my right had me jumping backwards into my house. Unapparatus was sitting on the rail. He stood up to face me and took a step forward so that there was no more than a foot between us.

    “Where are you going?” His intense grey eyes that held a hint of a dull green looked into my emerald green ones.

    A tingle sparked in my stomach. I looked to my left out at the city, unable to return the gaze. The silence stretched between us. He is very patient and will simply wait for my response. Instead of prolonging it anymore, I faced him only to see a raised eyebrow waiting for an answer. I didn’t want him to think I was delusional. Though, I couldn’t say nothing.

    I finally responded: “I will go search for something.”

    The vagueness will have to do for now unless he probes me for more answers.

    “Something…” Unapparatus’ tone seemed almost disappointed, “Why have you not told me?”

    “I have to?” I snapped back at him, becoming defensive.

    “My job is to watch you,” the sadness was gone in an instant, “So I must know.”

    His expression was very serious now.

    “I don’t know where exactly…” I tried to say.

    “Okay, then I will come with you,” he quickly responded.

    “You can’t!” I said, a little worried.

    “Why?” he asked, appearing to be concerned.

    What if I was unable to find the creature? I didn’t want to make a fool of myself.

    “It’s just something that I must do alone,” I stammered.

    “I see,” Unapparatus slowly nodded his head, “Seek me when you return.”

    He jumped from the balcony to the city road. I watched him run off and out of sight. I suppose it’s time for me to leave as well. Rather than dramatically hop off my balcony, I made my way to the door downstairs. I opened the door and the bright sunlight met my eyes. I hope I know what I’m doing.
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    Deal with the Devil.JPG

    Deal with the Devil

    On the road, I found no trouble and no trouble found me. I took the road east of Heidel leading to Altinova. I moved southward once I hit some point along the path until I found what appeared to be a coastline. I knew I had to swim out until I reached what I was looking for. There was a noticeably large rock that felt right. Swimming closer, I noticed a wall of water above it, swirling like a whirlpool. What a strange anomaly. I grabbed hold of the rock’s edge and pulled myself out of the water just to plunge headfirst into the watery swirl. The center of the wall of water was calm and quiet except for the booming voice that accompanied my entrance.

    “Lady Apparatus, you have come.”

    “Who are you?” I replied in shock.

    “I am the dragon water spirit. We have met thrice now, if you include this instance. First was at your binding deal with the Black Spirit. Second, at your first battle with the beast, Vell.”

    “What do you know of my first encounter with the Black Spirit?”

    “Ah. I found you drowning in the ocean. Why? I know not. It was in that moment before the Black Spirit entered you that I was able to shield you from it. All I could save were your memories—the bargaining price—of that instant. You may have had glimpses of that moment in dreams. Even shielding the whole of it from the Black Spirit was impossible.”

    That must have been the recollection I had during my second drowning in the battle of Vell.

    “Was it you that saved me? During the battle of Vell?”

    “Yes,” the water spirit stated.


    There was silence for a moment. Maybe the spirit made a mistake? Or it was old and senile, having no idea what it was doing. An action without a price with a spirit was unheard of. And this spirit had helped me twice!

    “There is something within you that I felt the moment you touched the water. The day you sold your memories to the Black Spirit for whatever period of time must have been the first day you made contact with the ocean. I feel there is something you must do and I will help you achieve it. I can only assume it has to do with the Black Spirit.”

    “Do you know what I traded my memories for?”

    “I do not. You have placed yourself into a very dangerous position little lady. The Black Spirit is very old and well known among the rest for his dark ambition and extremely powerful abilities. It is my belief that it is using you and many like you to regain its former shape before the spirits’ defeat.”

    The past me from almost half a year now has really set the present me and future me into a jar I’m not sure I can break out of.

    Suddenly, the dragon water spirit said: “I will grant you your awakening,” seeming to have made up its mind, “as my final act of kindness for you. Grow strong enough to complete your deal and break free from the Black Spirit’s trickery. Good luck.”

    The water spirit did not speak again. The swirl of water around the rock intensified. Splashes hit my skin, sparking gold, and quickly soaked in. I didn’t feel much different afterward but I did not doubt the water spirit. I bowed to give my thanks for its blessing.

    I have a feeling Unapparatus let me attend this adventure knowing I would gain my awakening from it. When I return, I will be able to finally join him in the boss battles that had given him stronger gear. Maybe, with time, we can discover a way to regain our memories together.

    The End.JPG
    The End
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    More pls.
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