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Best Moment of Black Desert Online in 2017

Discussion in 'Events' started by CM Servantes, Dec 29, 2017.

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  1. TheFifthUnbound

    Jan 1, 2018
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    Sailed away to china, in a little row boat

    My friends and I sailed to Margoria on a fishing boat, without a compass. I had wanted to go to Margoria for the last couple of days prior to this adventure. We didnt know there were ferries traveling round trip to Margoria until we actually reached land. the first leg of the journey was alot of fun. We explored islands off the coast of Velia for nodes and knowledge
    One of my friends took screenshots in max settings, bless his computer's heart.
    Me in the middle, screenshot and videographer to the right, token wizard buddy to the left.
    This game looks beautiful in max settings.
    We generally had an easy trip the first 20 minutes of the voyage. There are tons of screenshots in our discord channel of just fish and the ocean floor.
    towards the end of the easy section we found a cave underwater. We didnt have the lungs to go all the way in.[​IMG]
    But we did realize that some love went into making this map. From time to time I find a hidden nook in the mountains or the fields, someone cared about their work, I appreciate it.
    Life was good, we were immersed in the sights and subtleties of the environment, and Margoria didn't seem that far away.

    And then the mini map went blank. The water became choppy, and black. We were on a fishing boat and the equipment wasnt upgraded.

    We were moving slow.
    This was the first thing we saw. up until now we thought we would hit storms or the big waves in the ocean would hurt the boat somehow. Who woulda thought there were actual sea monsters in the sea. I immediately stated "We're gonna need a bigger boat". Camera/Screenshot man went into surveillance mode. Our wizard has a phobia of seeing only black when you look into the ocean, not knowing what was down there. With lower settings on you only see some grayscale shapes underwater, and they are massive and intimidating. He started freaking out, I was on the edge of losing my shish, and the screenshot guy had to lookout for sea monsters with his max setting render distance on observation mode.
    Luckily he did take some screenshots during the daylight portion of our giant floating mistake.
    These things scared the hell out of me because I couldn't see them and as the screenshot guy navigated for me (telling me to go left or right and heading straight) they would wander into my render distance. the fact that it was a piece of a ship that broke only made me dookie my pants all the more. Also as you can see here the water drowned the back portion of my little fishing boat, it did that alot. What the hell did I get us into.
    Waahat is that thing!?
    Right near the end of our screenshot time we saw this pillar sticking from the ocean floor up. I thought it was GM Island, and I will definitely find that one day when I reclaim my fishing boat back from Port Ratt, but this is apparently the boundry of the map in the ocean. we were about 1 hour away from an unblinded minimap.

    I dont know how to explain this next part. We decided to approach the pillar, its just so foreign in the middle of the ocean, we were curious. A loading screen happened. About 20 to 30 seconds later I was alone on my boat heading towards the pillar.

    Somehow my friends were floating in the middle of the ocean. Time to be the captain. I turned the boat around and sailed back towards them. On my way I ran over one of those sea monsters like a snake under a lawnmower, except the sea monster was the lawnmower. It chunked my ship to a sliver of health, I had a near miss with another sea monster before I reached my friends and scooped them from the water. While there is no footage of these few stressful moments, we do have aftermath footage.

    You wont hear my screenshotting friend because his recording software doesnt capture his voice, but he speaks and I make some random responses.

    I hope that insert works but if not here's the vanilla link ()
    from there it took us another hour or so to reach anything resembling land. But a hop and a skip later and like magic...

    Port Ratt, Margoria
    We had alot of fun. I felt some sorta way, and so did my friends. After 2 and a half hours or so on a tiny fishing boat in a dark, deep, dark ocean, I challenge anyone not to feel some sorta way.
    We took the ferry back home. My boat is still there, its been about 2 months now. The wizard went through the painstaking process of building an Epheria Sailboat and maybe we'll do this again someday to get 'Going Jerelby' back home in Velia. No, I refuse to ride the ferry back to Port Ratt just to remote collect my boat, we'll do it the manly way or not at all. Only this time we'll be higher off the waves, and have cannons. Two cannons.

    3/10 We should have gotten 20 mil a piece from the quests there, for all the hell we went through.
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  2. Deathdimension

    Jul 19, 2017
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    Passing Time; When Time is an Eternity

    My story is a bit more personal, I suppose.

    I bought Black Desert Online sometime last year. I was looking for a new MMO to call my online home. I played for some time, but depression settled in after a while and I quit, and didn't log back in until early this year. I've been playing as often as I can since then.

    I have Bipolar Disorder, and so my moods are never a sure thing. Sometimes I can't be around people, or deal with life in general, and waking up is difficult. To have something that I would actually decide to wake up for was a miracle. I would set alarms to wake up to check crops, anything to get me up. And as a result, I slowly started to participate more in real life as the game renewed my interest in the waking hours. I knew that, even if I was depressed and unable to function at one moment in time, I could find something that could pass that time in Black Desert, whether it be Life Skills, or chatting with random people about random topics in Role-Play or World Chat, or exploring a world so beautiful it reminded me what I was missing by sleeping all hours of the day.

    The game has helped me in a lot of ways, from teaching me to be more patient: Never before would I have been able to sit for 5 hours and do the same thing over and over again, but this game gave me a sense of accomplishment from even the most mundane things. And what was once seen as mindless grinding came to be stepping stones to success, and I began to apply the same thought processes to my own life. And in time, I began to succeed in real life as well, once again. I'd lost my home, my job, my car, and a partner, and with my illness there seemed little left for me.

    But as I developed my character and overcame real life issues concurrently; a difficult break up, the loss of loved ones, myriad mental health crises and addiction, I had this game and the people that played, no matter what. And to say that this game saved me is not a stretch in the slightest.

    I want to thank everyone who I've played with, the friends I've made, the streamers who showed me cool and interesting things, and the developers for creating a game that I've been able to hold onto even when I was feeling at my worst.


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  3. Randodom

    Randodom Kunoichi 49 EU

    Nov 18, 2016
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    Nothing special, but it was nice when I got my first ever TET after a year of playing the game, hadn't tried before on a weapon.
    One day I just decided to try it, I had 36 fs on a character and the weapon went TET on the first ever (weapon) try so I was quite happy :)
  4. FluffyQuack

    Nov 6, 2015
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    Region: EU
    Family name: FluffyQuack
    Story title: Becoming the Most Evil Wizard of All Time, or How I Am the Worst Evil Person Ever

    So I decided to make an evil, negative karma character so I could check out the quests at Muiquun. For the record, I'm probably one of the least aggressive players in the game ever. I've flagged up and attacked people less than 5 times ever. I can remember one of the first times I attacked someone, I immediately apologized afterwards.

    Anyway, I was curious about the negative karma content. Everyone keeps talking about how Wizards are absurdly OP so that made the class choice easy.

    Here's my Wizard: (you can tell he's evil by the evil wolf nose):

    When reaching Muiquun, one of the first quests I find is a repeatable quest to kill 3 positive karma players. Okay, sounds tough, but I decide to give it a go. Pilgrim's Haven isn't too far off and that has people in gathering gear hammering away on rocks, so that's an obvious hunting ground.

    I reach my destination and I find 2 people hitting rocks with their pickaxes. Being an evil but polite person, I decide to politely ask them in an evil way if I can kill them.


    No reply! They don't care whatsoever. I dance around them a little bit, but they still ignore me and just keep hitting those rocks. I manage to muster the courage to hit them once with a basic attack. It's obvious they're in gathering gear as a small attack gets them down to 66% health. I immediately feel bad for attacking a defenseless target, so I cease my attack and run away. The guy seems confused but continues mining a few seconds later. The quest was too hard for me, so I head back to Muiquun.

    I find a quest to kill a bunch of mobs in Pila Ku Jail. My gearscore isn't great, but I have a guildie with me to help. Since I'm a negative karma player with a not-so-great gear score, I decide to enter through the back entrance to avoid any players who'd love to kill me on sight. But within a minute I encounter a white square.


    Here I am worried they'll attack me on sight... but instead they offer to help me by suggesting grind spots!? I feel like I'm attacked left and right when on my main character, so I'm baffled that as a red karma player (which people will lose no karma for killing) I'm actually meeting people who'd rather help than murder me.

    So that quest ends up being pretty easy, and I eventually finish the entire main Muiquun quest line (the only annoying bit was the quest to kill a caravan. Holy bananas, those guards love to stun you). I started thinking it would be proper to finish the adventure by getting my Wizard sent to jail. After all, my Wizard's evil so that's where he belongs.

    I still felt bad for hitting that one guy at Pilgrim's Haven earlier, so I decide to go there to get someone to kill me so I can get sent to jail. I find a big, scary Berserker attacking a bunch of rocks. I take off all my armour and do my best to bait him into killing me.


    I literally have to beg him to kill me. The first time he attacks me, he doesn't even kill me. He gets me down to 10% health and then he continues to hit rocks. I had to continue begging for him to finally send me to jail. I'm baffled the one time I actively seek out PvP I only find friendly, peaceful players.

    But on the bright side, the tale has a happy ending. My Wizard is finally where he belongs:
  5. NK


    Apr 11, 2016
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    • Region (EU)
    • Family name: Wunderlust
    Operation "Black Bush Burning"

    The story is about 3 true friends that after facing the invicible force of Sovereign during the First Militia Wars decided to infiltrate thier impecable castle.

    The plan was in place however the overweight berserker in the Fellowship of the Bush was unable to climb the secret passage, thus his friends had to go inside the castle alone and find a way to open the central gate for him.

    After hours of planing and sneaking Hildulina reached the castle gate only to fail raising it just enough for her friend to go inside the castle. Trying to escape the guards she found her death but this won some time for FlyingSnow the hasty maehwa to find a way to lift the gate.

    In the end Qsk the berserker went inside the castle through the main gate living his child dream.

    P.S. the voice in the video is in Bulgarian but there are captions to help get the idea. In any case it was probably the most hilarious moment in BDO for me this year.
  6. Drachesoul

    Sep 19, 2017
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    Server: NA

    Family: Mikhaelis


    “Finn, Finn wake up!” My ranger growls, trying in vain to bat away the Black Spirit as it twirls around her head. “Get up you stupid ranger the stablemaster says it’s time.”

    With a jolt she leaps from her bed, picking up her gear by the door and all but running outside. The September air is still warm but the wind carries a hint of winter in the mornings. It’s still early, the streets of Calpheon unusually quiet. There are no conversations about politics or sniping boss gear and she finds it refreshing. She has a bit of a walk to the stables, but she completes the journey in record time.

    There are a few people idling by the stablemaster, trying to poke their heads into the stable to take a look at their horses. Most of them are decked out in strong gear, and their weapons hum with power. The stablemaster walks out, leading a gorgeous black warhorse to its owner. The warrior smiles, thanks him and mounts up, galloping away. He’s probably off on another adventure, Finn thinks.

    She takes her place in line, behind a witch who wrings her hands anxiously. If she wasn’t so excited, Finn knows she’d be feeling the same. “You waiting to see your foal too?”

    “Yeah, I spent days trying to find the perfect sire on the market. Wasn’t cheap either. He ended up costing me a good 80 million silver.”

    Finn whistles. “That’s a lot. I’m not that into adventuring, so it took me ages to save up the silver for a decent sire. I ended up sniping a 6th Tier male.”

    She gestures to her clothes, which are nice enough but don’t have the stats to keep her alive for long. “I’ve been breeding for almost a year now, there’s not a whole lot of money in it but I just can’t seem to stop.”

    “I get it. Duchess is my best horse, she was evaluated as an 8th tier courser. Figured it was time to breed her before I try to awaken her,” the witch said. The stablemaster beckons to her and she almost trips in her rush to approach him. “Good luck on your foal!”

    “You as well,” the ranger waves goodbye as the witch as she disappears. A second later Finn hears an excited squeal so she assumes it went well.

    Finally it’s her turn. She takes a deep breath, tuning out the Black Spirit as he drones on and on about her chances of breeding an 8th Tier. Less than 7 percent, the odds are against you. Less than 3 percent if you’re hoping for a female.

    “Finn, your mare is ready.” Steeling her nerves, she peeks inside. Her 8th Tier mare Abbadon nickers softly, reaching her neck out to say hello. At her side, greedily guzzling milk is a pure white foal. My ranger’s jaw drops.

    She hearkens back to a book she read about horse color genetics. Each horse brings certain color values to the table when they breed. If both the sire and dam have the correct number of values, there is a chance that a purebred foal will be born*

    *The most sought after are generally the pure black 5th tier horse and the pure white 6th and 8th tier horses. They’re really purty. But RNG will never grant you one of those. Haha. Sucker.

    My ranger is shaking as she reaches out to touch her new foal. It looks up at her and wobbles forward on unsteady feet. Its velvety soft nose touches her fingers and her guild chat suddenly goes crazy. Behold! Unto Findabhair a fine horse has been born!

    You lucky son of a…T8 pure white female off that breed? Holy hell.

    I hate your RNG.

    How come I can spend 300mil on horses and not get a single t8?

    What’s her name?

    “Cassien,” Finn whispers. The foal’s ears swivel towards her as if recognizing the name. “My gorgeous girl.”

    Her name is Cassien.

    TLDR: That time I got a white t8 female when I wasn’t expecting one. Praise be to RNGsus.
  7. Detective Colonel

    Oct 2, 2017
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    "The Loli Defense Squadron Fishing Trip"
    I was still a wee Warrior at the time, not even level 56. My friend Haartfelt Haartfelt the Maewha (also sub-56) and I were kicking it with Elle Belucci at the northern end of Calpheon, by the stable and the tree we knew as the Holy Tree (You could sit in the branches! It was magical!).

    "I bought a boat," declares Haartfelt.

    "What are you supposed to do with a boat?" I respond.

    "I dunno, travel the waters," replies the Maewha.

    "What, are we supposed to go on vacation? Take a fishing trip?" I sarcastically respond.

    "Yeah, sure. There's fishing rods in this game, we could do that."

    "Huh, cool. We should grab Arthur."

    Arthur was a fellow Warrior who had just joined our little four-man guild. Clad in an silver Acher set that starkly contrasted my jet black Bern set, Arthur was a more refined kind of player: he dabbled in lifeskills and whatnot. Like the rest of the Loli Defense Squadron, he had yet to reach level 56 and claim his greatsword. He gladly agrees to accompany us on our little "vacation."

    So, two Warriors and a Maewha traveled down to the Calpheon waterway. Haartfelt deployed his/her boat: a pathetic little fishing boat that could never have been prepared for the debauchery that lie ahead of it. I pay a visit to Elle Belucci the Marketplace Director one more time, purchasing the cheapest fishing rod I could find. We all board the abysmally named "SS Lolidonger" and set out west.

    At first, all was peaceful. Arthur and I stood on opposite sides of the boat with deployed fishing rods whilst Haartfelt piloted the vessel. Arthur, unlike myself, knew how to AFK fish and did so, likely doing something else to occupy his time. Me, on the other hand, I was playing the little fishing quick-time event diligently. I eagerly awaited the capture of some kind of rare fish that would finally pay for me to upgrade from my +8 Yuria to some kind of legendary, awesome weapon (I was perhaps too optimistic at the time.)

    Fun Fact: Fishing boats are not fast. After what felt like hours of sailing, Haartfelt beaches the boat on a desolate island somewhere northwest of Port Epheria. At this point, my only fishing rod is nearly broken and Haartfelt hadn't even begun fishing. Arthur was still patiently AFK fishing in the boat, but Haartfelt and I were feeling a bit adventurous. I suppose you could say we wanted to stretch our characters' legs. So, we disembark from our humble, seafaring vessel and begin wandering around the island.

    Fun Fact Part Two: That island didn't have anything cool on it.

    Bored out of our minds, we consider returning to the boat. However, a new idea crosses my mind. I leave the party and move to Haartfelt, freeing my mouse and challenging him/her to a duel. Haartfelt unknowingly and accidentally accepts, and I immediately begin attacking! Now, anyone who's played Warrior understands how trustworthy the Spinning Slash ability is, at least when you're still a new Warrior. So, I use Takedown and immediately bodyslam the orange-clad samurai lady and start holding S+RMB to Spinning Slash like a madman. Haartfelt naturally uses Emergency Escape without me noticing, and while I look around for the sneaky samurai, he/she appears behind me and uses some crazy red slashing stuff (I think it's called Blood Moon.) Both of us are chugging pots as fast as we can in a constant DPS race, with me unable to hit the elusive samurai and Haartfelt unable to find a way to circumvent my shield.

    The fight rages on, dancing around the island, until we eventually duel ourselves all the way back to the rink-a-dink little boat with Arthur still on board. I finally see an opportunity to finish Haartfelt as they board the puny ship and activate my trump card: Scars of Dusk, a pre-awakened Warrior's ultimate weapon. Haartfelt responds with Retribution, a block into a counter-attack, but it is blocked as my Scars ability closes out. I go back into Spinning Slash, but it was at this moment I realized...

    If I'm not in the party anymore, all of my damage output is also going into Arthur.

    The innocent, AFK knight in shining armor falls to his knees and then down onto his face, his character model clipping through the edge of the boat.

    "Oh sh**, I killed Arthur!" I exclaim. A laughing fit is exchanged between myself and Haartfelt as he/she mans the boat. I conclude the duel and board at the last possible moment, narrowly escaping a fate of being deserted.

    However, we see Arthur's corpse clip on a rock as the boat comes off of the land. It picks him up. As the boat retreats from the island, we notice that our AFK friend has been left behind, dead on the rocks.

    The Loli Defense Squadron no longer gets vacation days.
  8. Purific

    Purific Purific Tamer EU

    Sep 9, 2016
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    Region: EU
    Family Name: Purific
    Title: Of Trust 'n Spirit

  9. Nickminit

    Jan 2, 2018
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    Region : NA
    Family name : Nickminit
    Title : Snake in the bush

    Despite all the dramas that happened with a guild, time I spent in the guild Slytherin was time I could never forget.
    Just picked up the game during steam sale with three friends and wondering around aimlessly exploring the world not knowing what to do nor what is this game all about till I hit 56.
    Time was early September and me and my friends were talking about what to do now since we are 56 and suddenly shady looking DK approached us in Heidal asking us to join this new guild he was about to start.
    By the time I realized, I was in discord with 7 other guys who kick started guild together as founding members.
    We participated many wars and events had fun together grew to size of 70+ guild.
    I loved the guild and people I met from it.
    I still love them greatly despite unfortunate end we had to suffer.
    Experience like this is what makes BDO such a great game and makes me constantly entangled into the game itself.

    Image #1 First node war and original 7.
    Image #2 playing duck duck goose with guild.
    Image #3 Celebration photo after good guild war.
    Image #4 Fishing in a 'Abundant' pond

    2017-10-13_841473520.JPG 2017-10-13_840868823.JPG
  10. Venderk

    Oct 28, 2016
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    Region: EU
    Family Name: Ishram
    Title: From the sand to the sea

    It was a sunny evening, the brave Giant Conn_an, usually knows because of his reluctanct ways on stop grabbing, stepped out from his usual home, Altinova Inn, to his second one, Cadry Ruins.

    Following his routine, he would grab & kill everyone at sight, being a Cadry Gatekeeper or a Blitzkrieg one, however, the last one wouldn't let the opportinity pass, since the Gatekeeper can provide loot for as much, and would declare a war in order to stop our man.

    Conn_an was bashed and stabbed, and returned to the guild hall, where he would tell his companions what he has been suffering so far.

    The flag arise, our scouts began, this offense would not be left behind.

    Not much time passed through, our early buccaneers spotted their crew, hunting a whale Blitzkrieg was, and so the perfect opportunity began....

  11. Syphelix

    Jan 2, 2018
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    EU/Parzivals/My Hope

    I have played this game for 6 months and with its immersive gameplay I instantly fell in love with this game.
    However Drops,Enhancement and Breeding didnt go well for me.... I was about to quit this game. Fortunately I hesitated.
    With my environment getting more opressive with each moment, I found myself losing myself to the world of Black Desert Online.
    Even though my character wasnt good at anything I kept doing world bosses like Kutum, Kzarka and Karanda.
    I rarely got anything besides Hunter Seals and the goal of getting 100 essences was already beyond my capabilities.

    I lost hope.

    I set myself the last day, where I would play this game and I was sure of it.

    At 11:00 pm Kutum spawned and I began to fight it out of habit. My mind was already drifting away, focusing on other stuff, as I saw the life bar of the Kutum changing red.

    It died.

    I impulsively closed my eyes . I was scared, scared of seeing the Hunter Seals in my inventory, scared of quitting this game, scared of the disappointment I would feel.

    I opened my eyes... Never ever did I experience such a thrilling and beautiful moment like this. The Chillstep Remix playing in the background, my inventory sparkled and my heart skipped a beat. The day I would only get Hunter Seals, the day I would feel disappointment, the day I wanted to quit felt like it was never in my mind.

    I felt silly to be happy about a virtual purple box and while friends congratulated me, I found myself .... crying.
    Destiny? Fate? Those were the first words, which came to my mind after a long break.
    Happiness, Relief, Accomplishment and many other emotions mixed up and I cried even more.

    This may be silly or even pathetic, but for myself: I will always cherish this moment.
    Now I love this game even more and I cant and won't think of a day where I want to quit Black Desert Online ever again.

    Thanks for creating such a beautiful game :)
    Screenshot-_1_.jpg Screenshot-_2_.jpg
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  12. Lucien

    Mar 23, 2016
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    Region EU


    Journey to the unknown

    Well, every story have a beginning, mine is no different, everything started a normal day like one common day, except for a very high head ache, I did not remember who i was or where I was, everything around me feels strange, at first I didn’t notice, but there was a voice, like an echo, drilling my head, then suddenly a little round black and smiley spirit came before my eyes, I thought I was crazy, wanted to run but my legs didn’t move, wanted to scream but my voice didn’t come out, the spirit looked at me like he know me, and them the most terrorific of all things happened, he looked at me, and spoke, I thought that will faint, but for some reasons it was a annoying voice and at the same time a gentle tone, he taught me lots of thing, walk properly, use a weapon, I discovered I had magic powers, was totally awesome, so I decide to take a staff, we travelled a lot, many places we went, many people we meet, sometimes I didn’t listen to the spirit, by the way I name him, blacky, nice name, eh, he didn’t like it but the more he annoys the more I enjoy calling him. XD, our first stop beside the town I awake, was velia, a nice fisher town, full of people, full of work to do, and full of…….fish, obviously, there Learn that there were more land crossing the sea that in the main continent, that was only a bit explored by that time, I use all my resources to buy a boat, although all the people told me that the lands beyond the sea were inaccessible by the gods will, I sailed my boat and set course to kuit island, the land of pirates and treasures, foolishly thinking that I could outwit the gods will, but I was utterly wrong, padix was visible in the far horizon, when a loud voice resounding like a thunder told me, this area is forbidden, turn your boat and return to were you come from, I did like I haven’t listened nothing, but my knees where trembling, I continued sailing like nothing, but suddenly I started to feel uneasy, I got dizzy, and fainted, dead found me that day, but luckily, blacky was with me, and teleported me far away, but only me……, I almost meet death twice a day, almost drown, but I’m a good swimmer, and after a while I reach dry land, the land of giants and dwarfs, ok ok, I’m joking, I arrive to iliya island, from there I could rescue my boat, thanks to god, was not cheap, but better spend money than swimming, hours later I arrive to velia again, there I left the boat, and continued my journey, those were good times, lots of things happened after that, a prince turned a demon, blacky grow arms, and them he tried to eat me, things children do sometimes, the revel stage they call it, but was only a tantrum, we are now closer than ever, he is afraid that I abandon him, thing that never will happen, but he don’t know, ^^, them he grow a stone armour, don’t tell me how, but he did and was awesome, before that I meet dragons, a giant worm, a stone one by the way, a big mama harpy with very bad sense of humour, she don’t like the feathers jokes and almost split me with her claws, a giant demon who likes to eat young women for breakfast, surrounded by lots of fanatics, big bad ogres especially the very big one, stone statues that wanted to kill me, and a stone dinosaur, I hope this journey never end, I’m always amazed of every discovery I do, or what we do, to be exact, this is a journey not only mine, Many people look for adventures, and next to them, the mysteries of the unknown are gradually being discovered.

    This is not the end, is only the beginning in this endless journey what we call, Black Desert
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  13. Pep_Pur

    Jun 17, 2016
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    • Region NA
    • Family Name: BrunikksWoman
    • Story Title 'I Need A Hero
    This is for Brunikk and the Grey_Wolves in case any of you still Play or just check in.
    Spoiler: my donkey was eaten by sharks, and I taught a horse to SIT!
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  14. Fah


    Jan 3, 2018
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    A Wisp Of The Past

    A year full of hope and Ifs. A realization of reality that isn't far away from fiction.
    When you lose someone important that you forget the meaning of irreplaceable.
    A hint of melancholy hits the air every time after dusk arrives.
    Detachment indeed.

    This year was a lot for me to handle, BDO relieved my depression and unrelenting boredom.
    Isolation from society is a gift and a curse for me, So I keep a positive mindset to hide how negative my life can be.
    Some days I long for just a little company. Other days I feel as if the world is an enemy,
    But I keep my chin up and look to the future staying level-headed under all the pressure.
    And for all the times I made an apology I just want to say: "I'm not sorry."
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  15. lightsheir

    Jun 25, 2017
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    North America
    AFK MP Snipe
    Logged in after not really playing for a few weeks to instantly get a Kzarka
  16. DodgyHippy

    Jan 3, 2018
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    This game won't let me leave!

    Rage enhanced all my gear expecting to break it all, got a TET sicil's and sold it, bought all my gear back, carried on with my BDO life

    After getting beaten enough in node wars I decided it was best to give TET roulette a spin, which I'd never once considered because it'a not the sensible thing to do.
    I'd already given up on trying to get a dande so I was trying to get my blue awakening to TET, starting at 50 stacks this thing had failed me up to 75 stacks, so i tried my kzarka, kutum and bheg's expecting one of them to trigger...
    So anyway I had a lovely little 90 stack now and some solid PRI/DUO gear with bare minimum durability :) I kept attending Node wars in my guild although my gear had dropped, I couldn't kill people as effectively and the depression of my gear loss was making me play bad.

    I was also drunk.

    So after winning the node war but still pulling in a horrible K/D I rage quit the guild out of disappointment in myself and my performance then went into an all out frenzy!
    I was getting something to TET!
    I rode in to velia where all my upgrading equipment was waiting for me.
    I took off my gear and wanted to get my DUO cres ring to TRI so I could have something else to fail enhancing.
    That ring never made it to TRI
    Smashed my TRI awakening with a concentrated stone, BOOM DUO!
    95 stacks
    Then I'll get my TRI RCE to TET!
    96 stacks
    I don't have anything left to lose anymore!
    ...So i put in my TRI sicil's which I was lucky enough to even get to TRI

    ...0 stacks...

    Sure enough there was an IV over a picture of a Sicil's necklace, I just held my head in my hands for minutes
    A part of me actually wanted the Sicil's to fail so I could escape this torture, this cruel cruel game.

    After a while I came to some sort of sense and decided to sell the necklace and buy what I had lost/upgrade some gear.
    I now have a TET but it's still a blue weapon since I can't get a dande and have my earring and ring back, upgraded my belt and am waiting on the 100 shakatu seals to pick up a DUO ogre.

    In the end I feel good I sold the 11th TET Sicil's necklace ever on the NA servers, it was a nice 3B
  17. HowlingBlack

    Dec 23, 2016
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    Region: EU
    Family Name: Ryouzanpaku

    Beauty and the Beast

    Once upon a time, there was a handsome and popular gentleman by the name Marre.

    This gentleman used to have a functioning social life and a job to be proud of. Until the very day he
    went to a ball which was said to be flourished with the most beautiful young women from all
    over the town.
    But little did he know about what he was going up against once he made it to the ballroom.
    Though he thought there was a peculiar stench lingering in the hallway, he immediately figured that
    something was wrong.
    But Marre was a true gentleman and a warrior at heart, so he did not hesitate twice of the dangers ahead
    of him.
    His thoughts were telling him to turn back but his heart was set on finding his true love, so one step
    after the other, he kept getting closer to the room which might lead him to his future wife.
    Upon entering the ballroom he was blinded by the spotlights and had trouble to see, but after mere 4
    seconds he regained his sight, just to see what was infront of him.
    He was baffled and kept asking himself if he was at the right place... Because, because, there were
    only old widows and grannies as far as his eyes could see.
    Marre then held his breath and turned back, but before he could make it to the door, one of the older
    widows managed to grab his arm in order to restrain him from leaving.
    So our brave and utterly defeated hero had no choice but to stay and entertain the wrinkly and over-
    perfumed hags.
    The following morning, Marre looked back at what happened the night before and promised himself to
    never go out on parties ever again. And then shut himself inside his room to never be seen...
    5 years have now passed.
    Marre is now living a leisurely life by his own and spending the days infront of his magical box
    that lets you see images and colours of many kinds.
    He now has nothing extraordinary things to do in his life except spending his precious time at home,
    it was also at this time he stumbled upon a video of top 10 mmorpgs in 2017. So he thought to himself
    how wonderful it would be to go back to the once loved game of his called Black Desert Online, one of
    the few mmorpg sandbox games that he truley loved playing. So he goes to installing the game right
    away and preparing himself for what might be a long night of grinding.
    But Marre did not know at that time, that this is where he would find his true love. That is until a
    few minutes later ^^
    " Baaaah, i'd really like to find a fine maiden to fall in love with " he said and pressed the Play button.
    Moments after entering the character customization he now finds his heart racing and throbbing at the
    newly released class called Mystic. It didn't take long before he set his mind on her looks and curves to
    follow her beauty. Marre had finally found his place and his true love. 2017-12-24_705196619.JPG
    There were some troubles and issues ahead of them 2017-12-24_702693856.JPG
    2017-12-19_278975479.JPG But they kept fighting on and grew stronger everytime.
    This is how Marre came to find his true love and sore enjoyment in life after countless years of
    finding his wife, we are now here to bring this to an end and may they live happily ever after.
  18. oR-Bishop

    oR-Bishop Sunspot Valkyrie 62 NA

    Dec 12, 2015
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    • Region: NA
    • Family Name: Sunspot
    • Title: Coral Hygienx

    ship3-rb 25.jpg

    One of my favorite moments was on August 6th, the first round of the Rapscallion Discord Naval Tournament. We went up against Omnium_Domini, a good PvX guild with a solid sea presence. Rapscallion assigns point values to ships: 2-Epheria Sailboat, 3-Epheria Frigate, 5-Guild Galley. The tournaments are in tier by max points allowed. This tournament was Tier 3 or 20 points.

    epic sea fight.jpeg

    This match was just one of many Naval GvGs we've fought this year, but for me, it stood out for a couple reasons. We had a real challenge since their ships were better equipped than ours at the time. We made up the difference by bringing more people to man the cannons. We used our Epheria Sailboats to block theirs from ramming our Guild Galleys. We bought them just enough time to wear them down with our fully-manned cannons. Both teams had to swap cannon sides and repair to stay in the battle. It was a true test of naval combat skill in every respect. The attitude of both guilds was great, which made it all worth while.

    We lost the final round of the tournament to BDO Navy. They are the undisputed king of the sea. We've only beaten them once.

    Thank you note to devs: These Naval GvGs are a testament to this drastically under-rated content. The PvP channel made these even easier. Keep it up. We are diligently preparing for Vell.

    Special thanks to Blisschen for recording and editing the video.
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  19. Embronite

    Oct 29, 2017
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    Region : Eu region
    Family Name : EmbroNite

    It happened two months ago when i first started this game. I was new, fresh and totally green behind my ears.
    I was stumbling in olvia trying to do my first quests. I rocked those quests so hard the black spirit gave me very nice outfits and gifts, but not FOR LONG!

    After a while my black spirit got to wear a cloak and acted like batman. He even laughed at me when, calling me names. Saying my valkery lance was oversized to compensate for my own personal belongings. At that moment i knew i had to challange him to show him WHOS BOSS.

    an epic fight of no tomorrow was feasting infront of our eyes. I lashed out with my mighty overcompensating lance to stab the black spirit. HOWEVER he was prepared and laughed even harder then i knew i had no coice but to DEFEAT HIM! I LASHED OUT. HE DODGED, I PUT UP MY MIGHTY SHIELD, HE FIRED HIS CLAWS INTO MY IRON SHIELD! i jumped back then forth than BACK AGAIN! just to notice i hadent moved an inch. the black spirit was so powerfull it made me look like i was pressing keys but infact he was DAMAGING ME ALL ALONG!

    After a few long days and nights the battle was almost coming towards an end. I had almost finally beaten the black spirit. BUT he knew this and started calling me names. When i was about to give the black spirit his final mortal wound to end his suffering. He looked at me with those nice glowy eyes and after a quick pause he told me ; "traps are gay" and that was a wound i could never even come close to getting patched. No matter the amount of maintenances on the servers.

    When the battle was over i had many questions in olvia, but after a month of the warm bath called olvia servers i was becoming so good the olvia servers rejected me. So i went to balenos. Then i knew. After slaying the black spirit i was actually an elite who needed NO MORE QUESTIONS! Since no QUESTIONS ON BALENOS was in order and it was only an elitist server. Since then i knew since i could join balenos I AM THE BEST VALK in EU.
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  20. Trixstor

    Nov 15, 2017
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    Region: NA
    Family Name: Trixstor
    Title: Rage against the dying of the sea

    In early 2017 I finally finished my Epheria Sailboat from that day I have sailed to port ratt every day for the daily sailing quest. Dodging Ninesharks, tornado's, and even ghost ships. It is always an adventure and a part of the game I have come to love (Even the one time my boat got stuck by a ghost ship and unfortunately was in the area of two other Ninesharks that all attacked my ship at once and left me stranded in the ocean).

    Sailing has become a passion <3

    Do not go gentle into that Margoria Sea,
    Old sailors should burn and rave at Ninesharks;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the Sea.

    Though players at their end know sailing is right,
    Because their words had forked no lightning they
    Do not go gentle into that Margoria Sea.

    Good sailors, the last wave by, crying how bright
    Their frail deeds might have been spent at better places,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the Sea.

    Wild who caught and sang the blood moon in flight,
    And learn, too late, they grieved the time lost and it was on its way,
    Do not go gentle into that Margoria Sea.

    Grave sailors, near death, who see with blinding sight
    Blind eyes could blaze like Port Ratt at night,
    Rage, rage against the dying of the Sea.

    And you, my Epheria Sailboat, there on the horizons height,
    Curse, bless, me now with your fierce wind, I pray.
    Do not go gentle into that Margoria Sea.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the Sea.

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