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Boat Stuck

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by 2Cents, Jul 20, 2019.

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  1. 2Cents

    Jul 26, 2016
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    I got a boat suck next to a small island. So I looked up a solution for this.
    Apparently for YEARS people have complained about this.... was anything ever done about such a serious defect?

    Before you think open a ticket or ask for a fix........... It;s been documented by tons of consumers for at least 4 years...... why would I bother? You think no one ever sent tickets for this?

    Posted byu/JoshContent
    4 years ago
    Boat Stuck...

    So, my boat is stuck. I clicked the boat icon, and it teleported the boat onto a rock. Can't get out of the rock. Is there a way to fix this?

    Posted May 15, 2017

    I agree completely.

    I'd only just built my first ship and managed to beach it almost straight away.

    Only way to get it out would be to dig a huge channel around the coast of my island, which would take way too much time, easier to just make a new ship.

    Lucius Corvus [has Salt] Mar 17, 2015 @ 8:29am
    boat stuck on the beach
    is there trick to getting the boat off the beach iv tryed ramming it pushing it just seems stuck at same time i am starving no banna's no nuts no food other then deer on some the islands. even a fishing pole be nice

    Posted byu/Herbpudding
    1 year ago
    Raft stuck on an island for 12 min

    is there any way to unstuck a boat

    Posted March 22 2019
    The boat mechanics in this game are pretty bad. If you just nudge and island, or edge it on the beach to be able to jump dry, the fishing boat gets stuck on invisible terrain assets.

    Any way to unstuck a boat other than swim back to Wharf and recover?
  2. Kanimae

    Sep 29, 2017
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    I don't have a solution other than: don't drive (your boat) drunk.
  3. Phoenixxx75

    Phoenixxx75 Lahn 61 NA

    Feb 24, 2019
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    Sometimes if you log out to character select and back into the game the boat will be in a different position. You can also try changing servers.
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  4. Smileybones

    Smileybones Ranger 62 NA

    Oct 31, 2016
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    Pearl Abyss released new boats that don't get stuck ... time to stop using a boat from 2016 maybe.

    On a side note, Windows still sucks after decades and almost 10 major releases, despite Microsoft not teaching their employees through Youtube like some wannabe designers around here.
    #4 Smileybones, Jul 20, 2019
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
  5. Alterist

    Senior Volunteer Moderator

    Nov 6, 2015
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    Really now?
    Three issues actually related to the game, one is linked to the XBOX version without any screenshot whatsoever.

    The first one comes from here, somehow got it's raft stuck on top of an island.

    Second one is from this post, also not explaining anything besides that it seemingly fixed itself after 12 minutes or waited for 12 minutes until writing this post.

    Those can be three seperate issues and as you only said to have been stuck next to an island, at the very least one isn't like your issue.
    Not to mention that bugs can reappear, one of those is from before EU/NA even launched, so the changes that Margoria brought with it hadn't happened yet.
    First one is from a game called Ylands. The exact post here, copied the first three sentences 1:1.

    Second one is from a game called Salt. This was posted on Steam, also copied 1:1.

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