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Solved Bots

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by Pepz, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Pepz

    Pepz Elias_Garden Ranger 57 EU

    Jun 15, 2017
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    can BDO pelase do something about these market snipers?
    i only need to google "black desert online bot" and find 5 working bots (i think they work because you can pay for them)
    this sux so hard i cant buy anything because of these market snipers or market laggs.
    why is this so hard to block these cheats? i'm so pissed D:<
    please delete this massage with the registration i don't wanna know Guy "XY" bought my pre-ordered item....

    *i know my english skills are bad and i'm working on it please dont remember me*
  2. Trikki

    Mar 1, 2016
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    It's ok, Kakao's english is horrid too.

    Agreed, its a joke. They have no control over their own game. If it's not bots ruining it for players, it's Kakao themselves with their disgraceful excuse for a network.
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  3. GM Salome

    Game Master

    Mar 8, 2016
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    Ohai! ^^

    I'm afraid you're a little confused here - if the item goes into pre-order phase, there is simply no way to bot it. The person with the highest pre-order, placed at the right time, wins the auction on the item. Naturally, there's always a chance that an item will skip the pre-order phase and go directly onto the marketplace as a normal sale, but strictly talking about pre-orders, they are governed by their own mechanic, which is snipe-immune.

    I hope this provides some clarification.
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  4. Nosimo

    May 6, 2016
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    So your solution to beat the bots is to preorder everything..... Paying over max price and waiting RNG amount of time. What about items that can't be pre-ordered?
  5. Because of the communication issue, the asker may get confused if other matters are discussed, besides the one in question.
    It is nice that the staff can take time to answer and solve the question, maybe it is better to create another question thread for (slightly) different matters.
  6. Hypotermia

    Jan 1, 2017
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    Ill be frank with you. Did you bother to think about situation at all? If no then ill explain you in facts.

    Buy -> player who manages to press purchase fastest (ping effects this and timing of pressing the buttons
    Bid -> pure rng who gets it no matter what ever player is using bot or not
    Preorder -> if item goes to pre order, highest pre order gets it.

    Now you're claiming that your chance of buying items is greatly reduced because of bots or macros.
    Lets take example. Blackstone Weapons (everyone needs them) which means there is thousands of players who want them or buy them (just taking random item as example) So they go fast.

    Skip to end for conclusion if you're too lazy to read

    Just for example lets assume there is 1000 players bidding Blackstone weapons. Now out of those there is less than 5% of botters or macro users.
    So literally 50 ppl less if there was not cheaters. Your or anyone elses chance to get blackstone weapon is "slightly increased"

    So the problem is not big as you think nor its something that we legit players should be concerned about. Continue playing your own game and don't spent wasting your time scumbags

    This example was just to show that MP botters / macro users impact is not as big as many think nor it actually quarantee anything nor make world better place without them etc.

    Then now what you writed gives me clear indication that you've no clue how things work.

    Moderator can say or delete next part if its against forum rules because this needs some detailed explanation to make point why Kakao can't do anything.

    So there is few diffrent types of bots created. Injection based, memory readin based and macro based.

    Injection based tags the software to games memory and edits which means game studios can quite easily detect those with anticheats but there are workaround for each anticheat so till anticheat like xigncode is updated it might not catch injection based bots

    Memory reading based is just bot that reads data from games memory. This has less riskier than injection based because its just reading the memory and not interacting with the games memory etc.

    Macro based and this is hardest to detect. It does not interact with game in anyway so anticheats cannot really detect these softwares or scripts.

    also another note is most efficient and well done bots are done with injection based and most simplest bots are macro based. Also macro based bots cannot do complicated things. For example grinding will be extremely hard or impossible to do with macro based.

    So now that i've explained types of bots. Here is question for you. Think really hard what category bots are in BDO.

    If you quessed macro based then gz thats right answer. This means that Kakao HAS no way of detecting the bot itself. So its literally close to imposible for them to detect them. Also now you might wonder what about player reports and so on? Well those are only way to get Kakaos interest in certain invidual but player made video or screenshot is not evidence so kakao needs their employer to confirm suspicion and caught the player which makes things a lot harder again.

    Well done macro bot is nearly impossible to detect in any game. There are games and like BDO Xigncode is made to shutdown macroprograms like AHK but there are workarounds and its impossible for Kakao to get every loophole and even if they managed to do it then invidual could just use other means to go around it without any effort.

    So in conclusion.

    Because most bots are macro based in BDO its not possible for kakao to track them down and something like MP bot well if player is standing at market open he might just be AFK so there is not reason to suspect anyone.

    I believe they're doing their very best like every game company against cheats and so on but the fact is that companies got xx members fighting against cheats while there is double, triple or even quadruple ppl creating those cheats.

    So just playing your own game and minding your own business is best way to enjoy the game and if you encounter someone cheating then just **** them over. I've taken several fish botters down while they were fishing at sea. Some of them i've even taken to middle of margoria for lols. I find this best way to deal with them and not really waste my time and its fun to be douche. Tho i do this for AFK fishers :))
  7. flukeSG2

    flukeSG2 Tamer 62 NA

    Feb 18, 2016
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    The OP was asking two questions, hence the break between them. First question was regarding the bots and not being able to buy anything in the marketplace because things are bought so quickly, coupled with the lag it's next to impossible.

    Second question was, can you get rid of the X player purchased X Item notification on pre-orders, OP doesn't believe it's necessary to know who obtained the item or not as it's irrelevant.
  8. Strator

    Apr 1, 2016
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    We dont even know what items OP are looking for on the Market Place.
    RNG amount of time? The only thing that' s RNG is the winning "bid" which actually isnt a "bid", it's just a interest in buying the thing.
    Items that cant be pre-ordered (value packs/pets/outfits), for those you have to create notices and when posted move your ass/re-log another char (within an minute) to the MP to be able to show interest for the item, because the registration delay of 10-15mins doesnt apply for pearlshop items (which isn't described in the Bidding Info). And pressing "Show bidding info" as fast as possible doesnt effect your chance of buying the Pearlshop item.

    The only broken thing i.m.o. in the Market Place are design related in "buy" scenarios. When buying items that stacks e.g. Blackstones you dont get priority for pressing the buy button, because you will get an error message "Invalid Quantity" if you take your time and tries to set a specific amount on the numpad, someone else will be snitching the items before you while you're deciding your buy amount. You actually have to be as fast as possible to (buy-"click the number field"-space-space) for the whole stack or just spam (buy-space) next item (buy-space) next item to just buy 1 item in the stack. And dont forget to refresh the page now and then because the only thing that's being auto updated every 3second or so on the item page is the upper status field which shows the amount of items, above all the items of the same kind.

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