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Working as Intended Charity Event: Total count bugged?

Discussion in 'Bugs - Archive' started by Pohjantikka, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. Pohjantikka

    Dec 5, 2015
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    Yeah... as title says, the total number tokens that has been bought seems bit bugged out in event page
    Date = total count of bought charity tokens
    8th Feb = 541,893
    10th Feb = 867,040
    11th Feb = 917,857
    12th Feb = 5,066,936,074


    That is 1000 time more than the PAs goal of 5,000,000 sold token

    Currently TOP 10 ppl in NA and EU has bought total of 156,798 tokens
    So rest 5,066,877,467 tokens would had been bought by rest of the player base
    if every player bought 10 tokens then there should be 506,687,746 players in BDO
    if there are (lets say) about 5 million players = 1000 tokens per player
    and by googling there is about 10million players (eu+na+kr+mobile?) = 500 tokens per player which is still unlikely done
  2. GM Dew

    Game Master

    Mar 11, 2016
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    Hey @Pohjantikka ,

    First of all, I apologise for the long delay in our response. I can see you're worried we might have made a typo on our event page for the charity token count.
    I can definitely understand how confusing this must be, however it's not a typo! The difference is that before February 12th, we had noted the count for EU/NA regions only. On February 12th we received the info from other regions and now the count is displaying the total amount of tokens purchased world-wide on all BDO Regions.

    I hope that clarifies it a bit. =) Thank you to all participants for helping us achieve the goal!

    Best regards,
    GM Dew

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