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Class Balancing Ideas ...(On the K/D Chart and Balancing Classes)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Prochilles, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Prochilles

    Dec 21, 2016
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    So instead of all this fussing about which class is op until game breaking nerfs/buffs are applied (like ESO) I think we should come up with better ways of balancing our classes.

    As this game is getting ready to be released on XB1 (against my wishes) it's important (for everyone) that a lot of these current issues get fixed quickly. Some of these issues can be fixed by allowing the players to help provide data for the devs. What players are able to provide at the moment is unreliable outburst as players have no idea if they were just one shot by some highly geared player or that class itself is simply over powered.


    The above data is helpful for devs and interesting for players, but, even though it looks as expected, it doesn't really provide the players with enough information to base any judgement on. The end result of this data could mean that few balances are needed as the aoe/range/healing classes should naturally have a higher k/d ratio even if they don't get as many kills as another class. Or, if based more on open world pvp situations (not node wars, rbf, arena), this data could show dks/wiz/witch are way over powered as the more single target classes should be able to kill an aoe class more often than not. Unless more information (total Kills, total players per class, gear levels) is provided their is not much use in sharing these charts.


    One method for balancing these classes is to provide players with a ranked arena that requires a min-max Ap/Ap/Dp gear requirement (participants are given rank and a reward for the WINNERS only to ensure accuracy). *All pots (Other than HP/mp-wp), food, & human damage buffs/items are nullified with appropriate notification (POSSIBLY all gear bonuses). These arenas could host 1v1's, 2v2's, 5v5 (GvG), etc. Gear requirements will have to be within 5 Ap/Ap/Dp of the enemy to ensure accurate/just balancing.

    For this to work accurately, data charts, like the one above, will require more detail providing each class a K/D for every other class NOT just the combined K/D of all fights. With that data the devs will then have to decide what the K/D ratio for each is appropriate for their game and adjust skills/etc accordingly.

    This, though not without its faults (gear differences i.e. boss armor vs green of equal dp value), would provide a decent way to manage class balancing while also providing some highly desired content.

    Another, easier method is for the devs to continue their data collection like the chart above (only with separate K/D's per class vs class) and restrict the data only to register for kills and deaths that are within a certain range (level and ap/ap/dp) of the person they've killed or died by.

    This would probably be better than the arena (above) as it would provide open world pvp data for an open world game.

    Any other idea's, better or worse, please share.
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  2. Sizer

    Sizer Kilgannon Maehwa 62 NA

    Nov 6, 2015
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    you paying for the research ?

    I'd do it, 30$ an hour.

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