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Client Authentication System - Updated

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by GM Rhotaaz, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Faytte

    Feb 28, 2016
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    This. If you were not focused on squeezing every dollar out of your player base, there would be no private servers. Private Servers are probably the only way to experience the good aspects of this game without having to deal with PA's desire to monetize everything.
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  2. reconkangas

    Feb 15, 2018
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    Yup and here comes all the special snowflakes that left retail BDO that are completely triggered by anything that retail does..
    #1 left becouse of class balancing went to GamezBD to play bdo the way it was pre balancing (to end up with the same balancing on gamezbd)
    #2 left becouse of the issues with PA/KAKAO P2W that was a bunch of garbage.
    #3 left becouse you are a bunch of whining crybabies throwing a temper tantrum. No one gives a RIP about the streaming content trash you watch with all your little lemmings. The community got what they wanted.. (we got rid of you guys didnt we) but again the louder the snowflakes scream the more they think there winning, NOT.
    #4 left becouse of the endless grinding and how hard it was to enhance or change in node wars becouse your no longer bringing in billions..

    I could go on all day about this.

    Now that all of you complainers are not even playing retail you come in here crying trying to disrupt our game becouse you yet again cant have it your way.

    All I can say is BUB BYE go somewhere else and troll 90% dont give a RIP when you are no longer a part of this community..
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  3. MChrome

    Nov 10, 2015
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    Because doing that would make this forum an echo chamber, and we know how useful they are. There's already loads of posts in here which tell everyone who isn't playing and who has any kind of crticism whatsoever to "**** off".

    The game has major, gigantic problems. People have quit because of them. Those people care enough about the game to at least put in some effort to get it changed to a point where it doesn't have those problems, they simply refuse to play it in its current state.

    We're not talking about "oh, just change some numbers". There are fundamental flaws in the game which neither Kakao nor PA have ever acknowledged.

    Unless you let the people who have valid criticism chime in, you just get an empty space of yes-men and zero opposition to the next money grubbing scheme because "oh those poor developers", with blinders on going "the game is perfect as it is".
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  4. Obey the Posse

    Feb 13, 2018
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    This is good news I think as having third party publishing splits up the existing community. Really hoping there are no hickups for your normal users, those steps look iffy.

  5. JM

    JM Tamer 62 NA

    Jan 31, 2017
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    I really hope gamers start realizing this. No we aren't "entitled gamers".... the games are made for our consumption and developers and publishers seem to now be in the business of telling us what we want from our games instead of listening to the feedback of their audience. Until gamers start pushing back on all the crappy trends that have become pervasive in the industry.. it won't change. it's more than just.... "go find another game" because we are all becoming complicit in allowing these practices to continue.
  6. DireWolfClaw

    Jun 19, 2017
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    Although I agree the I-deserve-everything-for-free mentality of the internet that dates to the Napster days of blatant piracy remains alive and well, I think you're missing why people are so upset.

    It's been literally years of PA making decisions that the majority of the playerbase did not want (based on reasoning we therefore do not understand), being shocked that the community manages to organize some collective outrage (like the server protests), promising to make good, and then not following through. The steam release itself was a complete failure - the game was unplayable for months and probably net lost players. They never even acknowledged a problem.

    As others are referencing, we have received many "commitments" from PA/Kakao to improve responsiveness to concerns and communication with players, only for them to break those promises. The big pvp rework was supposed to be a make good for over a year of completely neglecting pvp, followed by a promise to regularly update class balance like any other competitive game that depends upon class balance to function (eg. dota, LoL, etc). Then not only did they completely **** up the rework, which is honestly a harder thing to accomplish than most people admit, but they broke their promise to iterate upon it and fix what they broke - leaving pvp in a worse state than before the rework (many like myself assumed this was not possible and now regret making a lot of noise about class balance pre-rework, we had no idea they could **** it up as badly as they did).

    Speaking of those companies, dota and valve specifically. They too bleed players for money, but they manage to do it without p2w. They too occasionally butcher class balance in their game, but they usually correct it in less than a month. They actually follow the top tier metagame and are genuinely interested in what top players think about class balance (contrast TI with lifeskillers pvp'ing at twitchcon). They too often do things that completely outrage their community, but they usually acknowledge a misunderstanding on their part and work to resolve the issue in a timely fashion. (Note: changed "make good" to "resolve the issue" because that is a big distinction - Kakao gives us GM blackstone boxes to placate us, valve fixes the ****ing problems they create). Their report system is basically the dota equivalent of the karma system, and people have complained about both systems since day 1 of each, but valve has worked to improve the report system based on feedback and collecting/analyzing data on reports. In contrast, the karma system is objectively even worse than it used to be, and if you told me anyone at PA ever analyzed data on how many players went red and why, I'd literally have a stroke. There are more parallels, but you get the point.
  7. iarilo

    Nov 18, 2015
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    What you say sounds pretty naive. It's almost like - if we all removed our gear and played same class - we'd have balanced pvp.

    I left the game months and months ago and I honestly don't regret it. For every hour that was fun, there were multiple hours of (artificial) inconvenience. I've spent around 1.5k eur on the cash shop and it is by far the most I've spent on a game.

    Rerolls shouldn't be p2w for weight and costumes. New players shouldn't have to pay for MANDATORY pets and weight, this should've been part of the game price. And yes, I bought the game when it was still around 60$, during launch that is. Adding to this, about a year ago I bought the game for a friend.

    Guess why he left
    Ever heard about costumes?
    Ghillie suits?
    Inventory slots?
    Value Pack?
    Maybe even costume crystals?
    Alrighty, say I bought him a costume (silly me). So why'd he leave?

    Well.. First of all, the game punishes you for not paying ****.
    The game punishes you for not leaving your PC on with the game open 24/7.
    The game punishes you for playing without a guild. (That's actually a funny one, the game also punishes you for grouping up)
    The game punishes you for defending your spot.
    The game punishes you for rerolling.
    The game punishes you on and on and on...

    Things that range from a weak pc to having a weak and forever behind character due to not converting $$$ into ingame silver (which is basically what it comes to, pets having the most efficiency at that). Hence I ask you, where's the fun in that?

    Now, the biggest drop in population was actually caused by the PvP rebalance. You may call it balanced, I call it lack of other means to balance the game. Taking fun out of the game isn't a good solution to anything and doesn't warrant any rebalance, because this is a game. or was it a job? hmm

    And the GEAR GAP makes me laugh at "class balance".
    But at least it caused a lot of rerolls, which led to more $$$ spent on new characters.

    New players
    Now, it might appear awkward to you but new players quit the game quite fast. Yes, it wasn't the only friend I had (albeit the only one I bought a costume for).

    They simply can't catch up. Wasting time and money to have no fun in a game for months?

    Well, maybe if you like fishing you could say you had fun eh? Because that's why we bought the game. For fishing. And horses. And also costumes, been waiting for em since 2012. And maybe horse costumes? Damn, too bad we don't have pet costumes yet.

    Community didn't react?
    Oh boi, it sure did. For example, you can find the response to -1% exp on pvp death removal (aka introduction of karmabombing) easily.
    Or you can read some ghillie suits feedback.
    Or simply check some youtubers, some of them actually explain why they left.
    But no, you gotta do a dickmove and say we're the ones wrong. You sure you don't get paid for this?

    As for the company
    Promises didn't hold up, you can simply read the old forums. There's been lots and lots of promises of not going p2w and what do we have here?

    Nothing gets fixed in time.

    See, there was a Heilang bug making it extremely heavy on NVIDIA 900 series GPUs. That bug lasted for around a year after I reported it. It was basically a huge fps drain whenever you looked in heilang direction. The closer to ur cam, the worse it got - almost as if amount of particles was depending on camera distance.

    There was also that bug with the framerate drops when looking in a certain direction. It's probably still there, as you ride from Heidel to Calpheon you can notice heavy framerate drops on LOW when directing your camera towards calpheon. That same bug appeared on orc spots, south from Catfish.
    Since it could only be reproduced on low, I heavily doubt it ever got fixed.

    Not sure if I should even name the 0fps flying berserker bug. The more it lags, the further you fly.

    All in all, I consider the majority of my time spent in this game a waste.
    And watching where this goes, I wouldn't be surprised if this thread gets suddenly cleaned of all the negative answers.

    PA, you know, people might still return. We're still out there, holding hope for either the next big thing (albeit from someone else) or you fixing the game and reverting all the inconvenience you introduced. Turn a deaf ear and the game is forgotten, but the company is not.
  8. Klusou

    Feb 6, 2017
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    I don´t get this Post ?

    First your making a new authenticator - OK - do it.
    Then your talking about Timedifferences and Double - actions ?

    This thing sounds like Got the Text Wrong - Start with Private Servers that are truly Illegal.

    And to fix this Private Servers you -- Implement ant-cheating mechanism ?????

    You can try to shut down Private-Servers with help of the law.
    You can punish players from your playerbase that you found guilty to play on a private Server

    I dont see how a new Authenticator could care any private-server owner ???

    This Post makes no sense.
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  9. arcturus

    Mar 1, 2016
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    well no new content for months and months and months and as soon as some new contentent is coming we get all this bulls##t !!
  10. RoakOriginal

    Jan 5, 2016
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    Am not playing on privates and i am first who complained. Any other point or this BS was your only bullet?
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  11. Extrabone

    Extrabone Ranger 61

    Dec 22, 2017
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    Ya know, if ya'll (Kakao) and PA would stop wasting pearl money on pricey hookers and cup ramen and, ya know, attempt to make the game more enjoyable and less of a casino simulator with credit card swiping pvp/pve action and many bugs left unfixed, then private servers wouldn't really be a thing to begin with.

    P.S: perhaps also listen to customer feedback from people who aren't grind obsessed whales living off NEETBUX.
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  12. Deadly_Poison

    Jan 16, 2017
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    I will teach u something ... Before do this you need to fix fhe journal problem affected tons of ppl ... Affer formatting my pc 100000 times and everytime i get the same jurnal issue; i can tell u this ... The problem is related to the date/time format. In fact if I change my fromat fron Rome(Italy) to English (United States) + manual time will works again.

    If you dont fix this before ull need to restric a tons of ppl hahah.
  13. Jeanina

    Jeanina Sharivar Lahn 61 EU

    Jun 1, 2016
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    I totally agree but if they fought the issues in our game such private servers wouldnt exist, instead they let botters bot, hackers hack, they make exploiters their partners and try to suck us dry money wise and then wonder why players leave to more rewarding privat servers?
    personally i dont like privat servers, i tried one with Lineage 2 and all you got were 6 years old GM's going nuts killing normal players or gifting best gear to their friends... i say okay shut them down and then finally care about us who have been here as loyal customers since the beginning. would be nice! thank you!
    Do we have to suffer again with this strange and fishy way to take those privats down then dont complain if even more players leave simply cause we are sick and tired of it. =(
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  14. Ihmbreil

    Dec 1, 2016
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    For one I never knew BDO private servers existed, you just gave those guys some free advertising I guess. Why would you announce a witch hunt to begin with? Seems more like a knee jerk reaction to a non-problem that just causes more ambiguity for your player base. Why would you not just install these BDO private server clients yourselves and go from there with your crack law team?

    Plus, why would the US goverment or a US state help you? You pay no taxes and you employ very very very few people in the US. Have you not been reading anything about our current president? Good luck with the lawyer money sink on this one.

    I really like BDO, but your practices as of late are killing my entertainment value for your product. I am trying to overlook stuff but you are making it really hard.
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  15. Jeanina

    Jeanina Sharivar Lahn 61 EU

    Jun 1, 2016
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    not entirely right, they didnt program a new version of bdo. the game code got taken/stolen somewhere, it gets modified like changeing xp rates, droprates and so on then make their own launcher or modify the original one then setup a server and start asking for cash.
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  16. clangpicky

    Feb 26, 2016
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    omg there's private BDO servers? wtf am I doing here lol? BYE
  17. Kadmilos

    Jan 16, 2016
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    @GM Rhotaaz
    @GM Horizon
    @CM Yukimura

    Vafthrudnirson has an excellent point here.

    Why do you think Private servers exist in the first place? Do you really think its to exploit and steal from you? How blind do you have to be to see the root cause of their continued existence is because YOU are failing to deliver to your customers.

    Give us better communication - like your team promised. Address the concerns of the community. Protip: IT IS OKAY TO SAY NO - you don't have to do everything your community says, you have the "wider" picture, but you MUST, utterly MUST - and I cannot stress this enough, YOU MUST ADDRESS YOUR COMMUNITIES CONCERNS.

    Open dev Q & A sessions, open GM Q & A sessions, listen to our polls, listen to our voices or we'll stop trying to help you.

    Ignoring your entire customer base is the utterly worst thing you can do to ruin your company and games reputation. There are full ARCHIVES worth of questions and feedback that YOU and your team are ignoring entirely. (Or at least it seems like it, so address this perception!)

    Your job as GM is to respond to these queries; please don't make us have to bypass you and go straight to your CEO's and shareholders to inform them of how poorly the community, your customers, your revenue stream, is receiving your lack of communication. Because you know how communities do that? We stop playing your game, the first symptom of this is community outrage, the second is private servers.

    Think about your future employment here - how will they justify your job when they can't even justify keeping the server lights on. Do a better job at communicating and actually address community concerns!

    Healthy games produce millions upon millions in revenue, cash grabs, which your game is 100% seen as today, last for a year or so. And then you're out of a job - mark your communities words, you have until a better game comes along; and trust me there will be better games. Your only hope to survive future game competition is to actually beat them in quality of service, and loyalty to the game. You have an amazing product here, but you keep treating it as if you don't have any customers but rather cows for milking!

    I'd like you to poll your users, be brave, go on. Ask them how loyal they are to your game. But I'd suggest you wouldn't like the answer though.
  18. Elder

    Feb 9, 2016
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    This is a complete and utter waste of resources.
    Games have tried shutting down private servers for literal decades now, with not one company being successful.
    Work on your stability and game quality instead, and playerbase will be retained.

    Common sense.
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  19. Souldealer

    Souldealer Warrior

    Mar 4, 2016
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    Hello and sorry to knock you of your high horse of righteousness, but you are wrong about this whole thing.
    The private server has different game files then the retail, since they have access to the game files they can implement different events, change codeing, solve lag issues.
    You know how copyright works for Software ? cause i dought you do. I am a developer myself i make web applications from design to back-end to database handling. One day another company copied my design altered the code behind it a little and changed the color.
    Can you do anything about it legaly ? NO. Why cause it is already a different webpage/application. If you change something on it and then it is yours, if you just change the design of the application or even change the code behind it. It is considered BY LAW a different application. So there is no way to do anything about it.
    To be able to do something about it lay wise you have to catch them when the code is beeing stolen, or to implement somekind of encrypted stamp in the source code that only the mother company can decrypt, but for that to be valid you need to get the legal rights to take commission of there code.
    Il give you exemple to so you can understand : 2*2 = 4 Program A, 2+2 =4 Program B, same result different program. Maybe its stolen maybe its not you can't prove it.

    Related to your community comments, all i have to say is, most of the people don't want the game to die, but to be fixed. I don't care about the official server since i moved on my now. But if they make threats about some made up stuff.
    Cause lets face it all of this OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT can be a big made up bullcrap to scare people from going away. Not the first time it happened (class balance, remember ?).
    About this whole COMMUNITY UNITE stuff, are you living on this planet ? Every person has a different perspective, many of the people don't even visit the freaking forums to begin with.

    You are not a white knight, just a simple blind person who thinks has a right to call other people "kids" because he thinks he is so freaking smart. I spent a lot of money on this game that i worked hard for, but when they implement stuff that is clearly a P2W (outfit melting), that people with DEEP pockets can affort then the game can burn. Before this, i was like "this is my gear i worked for it hard to make it", now its like "this is my gear i swiped my credit card to get it". And when a new person can blow 10k $ on it and be ahead of me, who worked for my gear, years there is problem, and i don't want to bring up all of the made promises that never got delivered, the content delay. The unfair treathment of forum shoutouts.

    So please take of your bright pink glasses and see that game is going downhill fast.
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  20. Lystra

    Lystra IaIatina Wizard 62 EU

    May 13, 2016
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    Well for one it sends clear message - If you were thinking about spending money / starting on Private Server, if you are new to Private Server.. Don't bother anymore, that'll be gone soon.

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