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Community Feedback Reports - Devs Replies

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by CM Yukimura, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Ken9875

    Dec 30, 2017
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    @CM Yukimura

    What about the daily loot scroll reward from value pack like KR have?

    And what about the 100% Combat EXP and 20% Skill EXP buff KR got during the 30 day balancing stage?

    When will we have the same CD on HP and MP/SP pos like KR ?

    What about new EU servers, any news?
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  2. Amarenda

    Amarenda Talshani Witch 62 NA

    Aug 7, 2016
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    Breeding rate is fine. Horse market price way too high! Coursers should have had a big price increase but potato horses should be cheaper than they are now. Even us die hard breeders rarely buy them!

    Chat while in marketplace would be amazing! :O

    Still hoping for new horse coats for all tiers! *Whispers* *we wouldn't mind designing them*
    Would be cool if there was a random spot generator where the markings on the horses could be a large number of combos <3

    @CM Yukimura us breeders need some Lovins too!
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  3. Rionat

    Rionat Berserker 63 NA

    Jul 5, 2017
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    1. Get some test servers
    2. Don’t make a global community suffer a month of balancing cause you didn’t get test servers
    3. Don’t release half a balance patch because your Korean overlords failed to make the other half work (cc removal)
    4. Get some ****ing God ****ing damn test servers. Your entire Korean player base said they didn’t want to be a test server and had a huge protest a few months back. So you make the entire global build into a test server? Are you guys actually retarded???
  4. Vafthrudnirson

    Nov 8, 2017
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    Something has most definitely changed with the 13-15 and pri to duo push, it's not some fluke at this point. We're building 40+ stacks off these consistently for months when that was barely possible before. It has changed, what is the point in lying about it?
  5. Fhelalr

    Nov 16, 2015
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    why hasn't there been any new exclusive Striker or Mystic outfit yall?
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  6. Wet Cake

    Mar 22, 2017
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    "Thanks to all your support and feedback, the event It’s Raining Enhancement will become a regular addition to the game."

    But the hundreds of posts regarding the last few patches have gone ignored?

    Help us understand your team's decision making process.
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  7. Roxas13

    May 16, 2018
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    So me an my 50+friends are done with the constant destruction of the pvp system so were all gonna try bless when it's out but way to let us all down bdo you really know how to destroy a fun game
  8. PleasebuffKuno

    Jun 21, 2017
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    last weeks patch (9th May) was the worst patch I ever witnessed in every game I have played so far. It just took all the fun I had fighting and grinding and threw it in the garbage can... really good job on that one.
    Please bring back freaking super armor and block on the skill it feels awkward not only in PVP but for PVE as well... no fun at all killing anything which has even one CC (e.g. Kama scrolls, Feather wolfs)
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  9. Trinipwners

    Aug 25, 2016
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    Ok guy this is the only time i have ever posted in a forum in my entire life, but yet i am here just trying to say that who ever is in control of the game and is killing the place that thousands of us call home and pay bill money on. PLZ stop with the ******** nerfs and class killing with all of the other random ****, please devs please stop the shittin patches because u will no longer have a job when everyone leaves the game, and with Bless coming out u will no longer have a player base that wants to deal with all of the nerfs and changes that you should not be doing unless tested for weeks on a test server. Please!!!!!!! listen to what i have to say because if by next week you guys dont fix what you have ****ed up your game /our home will die,
  10. KemsuPrime

    Sep 21, 2017
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    Revert back to SA meta please, you are killing this game. This game is pvpgame with amazing mechanics and now it is unplayable. Listen your players, listen your PVP-players.
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  11. peanut777

    Apr 12, 2018
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    put bdo back to what it was a month ago and F C K O F F !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forever!!! never change the game again , just leave it and let it be what ever it WAS .... do not adjust one thing ever again for any reason ..... if some skills are op .. SO WHAT ... anyone can pick any class and skills, .... no one cares, no one quits over it ..... just go make dresses and events and relax, maybe make lvl 64, 65, 66, or something .... leave pvp alone, it should never have been touched, it was plenty fine and the game rocked .... now its a pile of crap and who ever did this to it really is full of himself, what a total assssshat
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  12. Rororina

    Rororina Fuwafuwa Valkyrie EU

    May 9, 2016
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    This is my first and propably last message here... sadly.

    I main valk. Nerf was desserved. 2weeks ago patch was harsh, but most of us adapted to being ****ed over.
    You promised CC being fixed 7 days later.
    As a reasonable person i did wait.
    Not only you did not deliver, you **** on me again big time, and valk is now worse than at its worst days.

    **** me once its on you.
    **** me twice its on me.
    Dont you dare try to test me and try **** me over again on 23rd.

    Fix your ****ing game, get your **** together, and revert the god damn changes.
    Until above conditions are met, no more money coming from me.

    When you see some of your biggest streamers do that you should realise **** just hit the fan.

    With no regards or any sign of respect
    Your beloved Whale.
  13. TheBadMan

    TheBadMan TheBadMan Valkyrie EU

    Aug 24, 2016
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    #153 TheBadMan, May 18, 2018
    Last edited: May 18, 2018
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  14. Hashimoto Ai

    May 15, 2018
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    1. Get some test servers
    2. renown Score affects only in pve not pvp
    3.back to super armor path
    4.which class is disadvantage,instead of improve it better but make it weak
    #154 Hashimoto Ai, May 18, 2018
    Last edited: May 18, 2018
  15. Moe1337

    Moe1337 Juggerbrew Witch EU

    Jun 23, 2017
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    Give this man a cookie, a PTR/Testserver could save us before they patch things like this into the real game .. My plan was for the whole Weekend stay drunk and grinding all the time .. yee now my plans are ruined and iam sitting drunk home and watching some streams -_-"
  16. Zeljeznaa

    Zeljeznaa Mystic 61 EU

    Feb 27, 2017
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    Hello there. I don't usually post anything on the forums, but I also have
    several complaints with the recent patches you've applied into the game. I speak for
    myself, but I hope my words can be taken into consideration as a consumer.

    Firstly, with the removal of cc combos in the first patch you've forced
    some low tier pvp classes to play "less skillfully" because now their kits
    don't enable them to extend combos to match the damage of some harder hitting
    classes, therefore making them build higher ap to be able to match the same output,
    which is a grievance due to the expenses. (sorceress will still need more ap to be
    as lethal as a ninja)

    You still haven't adjusted this "burstiness" of individual classes so some can still
    kill players in a single knockdown while others have to engage and disengage multiple

    With that still going on (and the renown score and ap scaling which I'll adress later)
    you've decided to change invincibility skills and forward armor into super armor, or being
    removed, so players could still, despite evading be open for the opponent's burst. Which
    is irrelevant for powerful skills at high ap. High AP melts FA and SA like butter, in these
    circumstances by choosing the path of SA you are making players more naked towards eachother.

    Currently, any class at 260 AP can do a clean oneshot with a single skill against 290 DP, 3000hp
    Currently combos are shorter, and not very relevant since most people will die halfway.
    But it's also easier to catch an opponent, to punish them after they have failed to kill you.

    Currently this system is relatively the same for people at high gearscores as before, but worse for those
    with lower and medium, because it's unlikely that 230 ap won't kill a 290 DP opponent in a few blows on the ground,
    whereas 180 ap will allow the opponent to get up and have a chance to fight back, which could
    result in a victory or loss. If, out of your dislike for 1 catch 1 kill you decided to remove combos
    of some classes, why not scale down the burst of high AP on those that don't need combos? Why not force
    classes that don't rely on combos to get more involved into combat? Maybe you shouldn't scale down the burst,
    and instead reward existing combos more? (though any kind of buffing damage wouldn't help your goal of "less
    1-shotting" as you have called it)

    I am not talking about an overall nerf in AP at a fixed rate for all classes at all gear sizes,it would be redundant
    I am talking about class individual damage percentages. Sorceress and Wizard both have short combos, but
    one performs better because in an enviroment of reduced combos their general playstyle still hasn't changed much.
    Sorceress has given up her safety, but the wizard hasn't given up his distance. If you are intent on keeping combos short,
    I ask you to revise classes based on wether they are short range/long range, and wether they are slow/quick.
    I am also talking about AP efficency at 230 and up. It makes DP almost obsolete, as everything dies per
    single successful engage.
    I am also talking about this high AP efficency being trending in an enviroment where players can
    die while they're dodging, and be unable to renew their guard after it was depleted by two-three blind attacks
    that the other player was throwing into them. I am voting for reduction of AP efficency above 230, but not below.
    "x class is op" lol nope, just their ap scaling in regards to their kit and combo potential.

    There is another issue, you're allowing unprotected engages to exist in an enviroment where a skill can roll a miss.
    What if the engage doesnt proc? and the enemy is still standing. while you're locked doing the animation during which
    period he should have been cc'd? I'm not talking about aiming or timing, I'm talking about the cc not registering.
    If the player times poorly or aims badly he should be taken advantage of.

    Another issue ties in to this one, that is that players don't always get the stunned/stiffened animation when hit by a
    cc. While they are stunned, they look like they are standing in combat. So is it safe to assume that I should keep attacking
    or pull away? Risk of an unprotected cc can be worth it if you're doing what your character looks like he is doing.
    Aditionally, there should be a way to see if the cc has gone through. If their cc didn't go through, they could pull away knowing that their
    skill landed or not. Because of the cc restriction, resistance or accuracy. Because either of those things can fail without
    the players knowledge.

    What about some classes innate cc resistance class skills in regards to the cc limit, and engages that a player has on disposal?
    (witch, musa) If only the first hit of the cc is applied, that could be fair in an enviroment of reduced defensive options, but that still doesn't
    mitigate AP. The cc fails, but the AP still eats the enemy through his super armor anyway.

    Players can still rotate defensive skills, only more limited, they can also to some extent rotate cc as well. But this is
    balanced only in conditions where a fight lasts more than a single knockdown, and where more balancing is made between long
    range and short range classes, quick and slow classes, tanky and squishy classes (classes with more HP and DR)

    It is fun to poke an opponent, then he dodges and you try to catch him, then he dodges behind you and catches you, then
    you evade, or don't - and die. It's fun even if you died in a single good catch, as long as it caused by an outplay
    "Ahhh, he was too quick, Ahh I wasn't watching where I was going, Ahh I forgot I stood still after that skill, Ahh I forgot he can change directions
    with that skill, Ahh I forgot he can't teleport behind me if I move a bit further away, I wish I reacted faster"
    It is not fun to poke an opponent, then he dodges and you kill him while trying to catch him, or he evades and you die
    chasing him because your only choice after failing a cc was to disengage completely because you'd die inside your protected

    you will have to eventually make a choice between enabling players to 1 shot eachother, making
    defending spots easier but pvp less fun, or long battles which will make defending spots tedious but pvp more fun.
    Now if only fair pvp (like equal gearscore) was giving exp as evenly as clearing out mobs for 30 mins for 2%. Maybe invasions wouldn't
    be seen as such a time waste? (when one person pops in more frequently than a satisfying return to grinding exp)
    Of course, in the scenario where a person is having fun with just killing mobs and pvping (without wanting to fill
    an exp quota) this gameplay is completely fine. If you're thinking about pvp equalisation keep in mind that it will
    leak down onto your "pve" content of the game.

    Now, as for "Renown score" or your choice to reward geared players for making their investment into the game by taking
    risks when enchanting, and thinking this will balance the satisfaction between players who have invested more and players
    who have invested less equally, I have to tell you that it is a bad choice from my standpoint. You could have rewarded them
    differently. Instead of X Ap boost at 550 gearscore, you could have given them a pet at that gearscore (instead of everyone
    getting a pet at 5000 hours, with greater chances of afk players getting that than active ones) you could have given them
    increased monster AP, cosmetic rewards such as customizing their effects (fiery or electric dark knight), quality of life rewards,
    special titles, housing items, official ranking, unique costumes that aren't from cash shop. I suppose other than boosting all AP, you couldn't think of any way to reward these players. If they've been playing so intensively to be clad in TETs giving them an outfit cannot be such a loss. They have already purchased more in the cash shop than the average player anyway.

    Also, while you were making those cc and sa adjustments for PVP, you could have at least left the abilities to work against monsters and bosses. I've seen you before make some cc's "PVP only" and some "PVE only", so why not now as well? I really don't see a general nerf to efficency while grinding or just killing artificial intelligence for fun to have been called for. Why purposefully make a game less fun?

    And lastly, if PA really wants to know it's playerbase's wishes, they should do a questionnare, like a marketing test and let it's players take it, and it should reach out of the forums because most players don't usually come here. News feed on launcher maybe, or some other place where the average player will be looking when logging in. That would help you find out what your playerbase is really interested in by the bigger number.

    In the end, I doubt you will really change anything. But I will keep playing for as long as my gearscore allows it XDD after that, toodles I'm back to singleplayer games.
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  17. Platinia

    Nov 9, 2015
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    Noting to say Avatar speeks for here ....
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  18. Prasad

    May 25, 2017
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    I'm having issues with the new menu, the skill desc. of how to activate it doesn't match the controller input desc.. Could make a guid of how to use Quick slot . Seems like the menu has been oversimplified.
  19. Rororina

    Rororina Fuwafuwa Valkyrie EU

    May 9, 2016
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  20. Sweetpea_Jiji

    May 21, 2016
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