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Construct-able Properties

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Judess69er, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. Judess69er

    Dec 15, 2018
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    so iv had this idea for a while trying to think about how it could be implemented and i think iv got it just about figured out

    so there would be Lots that players could purchase and Guild Lots that guilds could purchase outside of the main city's just along the side of the roads, once the lot is purchased it will remain in the Server it was bought in so if it was purchased in the Mediah server you will only be able to access it from the Mediah channels

    the properties could each cost a different amount depending on general location and size and every 2 weeks the owner will have pay a tax on the property in order to keep the location

    the houses could use the already existing Mount/Wagon Equipment UI "modified a tiny bit" so that users can customize their properties with different tools, workshops, npc's and appearances

    this could give BDO a whole new Pearl Shop section that could sell a bunch of special equipment for your houses special house costumes, Tax free Marketplace npc's Jack-of-all-Trades Workbenches and other goodies of that manner

    the amount of available Lots would be reasonably low to begin with maybe 250-500 personal house lots and 50-100 guild house lots per Channel Group, 8 Channel Groups multiplied by 250-500 gives a reasonable 400-800 Total Guild Lots and 2000-4000 Total Personal Lots over each server and because this game has NA and EU servers the total number multiplies by 2 equaling a total of 800-1600 Total Guild Lots and 4000-8000 Total Personal Lots, you wouldn't have to overpopulate the world map with House Lots they could still have a competitive market and it makes use of having a Home Channel when in a guild

    there's some pro's and con's to this idea

    Pro's would be
    it could improve the games income by introducing a whole new set of customizable content.
    it would add unique aesthetic flavor to the world map that is community controlled.
    it would unclump a large number of players sitting around in the city's, reducing the rendering load in specific areas and in the same stone throw would make the entire map seem more populated.
    it would give guilds more group based objectives.
    and if it matters of not it would give the game a more home away from home feeling

    the Cons would be
    Apparently bots may end up mass buying the Lots (community opinion not mine) i personally don't see the benefit of mass buying a bunch of stuff you have to pay a huge tax on every 2 weeks but -.-' this is a community concern...
    i really don't see any bad side to having Personal/Guild Housing outside of the main city's that users can customize uniquely inside and out.
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