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Current situation of SA: Trying to understand.

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by Kalara, May 25, 2018.

  1. Kalara

    Mar 7, 2016
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    Quick question, is Super armor also RNG whether you get CCed or not? or is it suppose to be pure Immunity during said skill/stance.

    I always thought it was pure immunity to any CC.
    Is that not the case anymore? or was it ever?

  2. The SA or some skills either start late, end early, both, or linger.

    With all of PA’s current messing with SA, some skills just have botched armor now.
  3. Eurodrake

    Mar 13, 2016
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    It's kinda like people are playing on a private server now, where half the mechanics don't work because they don't know how to.code it properly.

    Reccomendadtion for everyone is to simply stop playing for a month or two at this point and let PA figure it out. Then return and decide if it's worth playing or not.
    I bought a sub in another game, so I'll be there for a month at least and PA can figure out how to create a competent strategy to repair their game.
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  4. jane7652

    jane7652 Tamer 61 NA

    Nov 13, 2017
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    Some skills have dumb animations and the SA does not match with it particularly at the start and end of the animations. Tamer's LBP and moonlight were previously notorious for this
  5. Gingen

    Gingen Guildmarm Sorceress 59 NA

    Feb 28, 2016
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    that's more or less my plan. I hop in for attendance but I'm giving it a number of weeks before I dive back in.
  6. irrelevant

    irrelevant Pixelstorm Tamer 62 EU

    Jan 19, 2016
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    the thing with bdo is: the way the game is coded and the way our internet structure is (in eu/na) means that we'll always have higher ping than KR and because the game is made in some weird way if you use a skill 0,3 sec before you get hit you'll still get CCed cus your client is unaffected by ping and what you see on your client has no delay but there's a delay between your client and the server and then between your enemy's client

    on your screen you might be channeling a SA but on your enemy's screen you're not, so you get cced, this has always been in bdo and it'll probably always be in bdo because it isn't something that can be fixed easily........

    BUT!!!!!! when you're aware of how this works and if you were good enough before you could just chain permanent protection and the 0,3 sec delay doesn't matter if you go from SA> FG > SA > SA because there's no gap between these so whether your enemy sees you in the FG while you're on your SA on your screen it doesn't matter cause you're still protected. In fact in my video which talked about tamer issues you can see how i get "block" while dashing with my back from an enemy but i used a block just 0,3 sec before that and this phenomenon occurs

    with skill and knowledge you could be in permanent protected state but now they butchered SA so you dont have as much protection to rotate so this issue will be much bigger (like it was in pre-awaken times)

    on top of that some skills are designed badly (tamer legendary beast power and DK's pretty much all superarmors) and they dont have SA for 100% of the animation but say 85-90% of the animation and with this delay that bdo has it becomes completely randomized and uncontrollable and i've been asking for them to fix the skills so we can chain them properly (like other classes can) but instead of doing that they just butchered SA completely and now with the new system we'll be in protected state much less so this will happen way more than before and in a sense the new system is so ridiculously bad that it's gonna emphasize on 1 of bdo's biggest flaws, while the old system could be the counter/cure to it..

    ofcourse none of those narrowminded developers even thought that way (i've posted it in the forum before but not like anyone cares what i have to say) and most of them didn't realize anything and if they did then even more shame on them for butchering the cc system and the protections
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  7. Silowyi

    Silowyi Wizard NA

    Feb 13, 2016
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    What is super armor?
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