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Dev Note: Post Heidel Ball

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by CM Yukimura, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. CM Yukimura

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    Jan 9, 2017
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    Greetings adventurers,

    Can you believe that it is already over a month since the 2019 Heidel Ball, which was held on June 8th? (*Please note 2019 Heidel Ball was an offline event held in Korea and only the keynote was live streamed for NA/EU)

    As a part of the event, attendees of the ball could submit questions and suggestions about Black Desert Online. Since the ball, some of the suggestions have been developed and even implemented in certain regions. There are still many more for us to go through though!

    Meanwhile, we would also like to share our answers to some of the questions and suggestions that were received by all regions, in hopes that you find them interesting. We hope to answer even more of yours through future announcements.



    Please balance out the Kunoichi class.
    PA: After internal testing, we have started rolling out a balance patch for Kunoichi, starting with the July 10th patch for NA/EU. We expect to continue testing and balancing other classes too in the future.

    Please add in more customization options for the irises, face shape, etc.
    PA: We are not yet ready to take on such a big project as adding more customization options for the face shape. However, we are more likely to try to improve and expand upon existing customization options, including those for the irises.

    Please add in more hairstyles for character customization.
    PA: We are aiming to add new hairstyles for both male and female classes, as well as implement previously class-specific hairstyles for other classes.

    Will there be a male Shai class?
    PA: There currently aren't any plans for a male Shai class.


    Please reduce the 15 minute cooldown time between server changes.
    PA: There currently aren't any plans to reduce the cooldown time for server changes. We believe that the 15 minute cooldown is necessary to prevent the monopolization of certain systems in game such as Trade and Imperial Delivery. Instead we are aiming to provide more information about the character or server you can switch into, so you can be more informed before making a server change.

    Can we have the option to save auto-navigation paths?
    PA: This is currently under development, and we hope that we can implement it with the new UI system we announced at the 2019 Heidel Ball.

    Can we have an option to hide sub-weapons?
    PA: Although this may be difficult to implement since any sub-weapon still needs to appear in combat mode, this is under discussion.

    Can the stats for horse skill changes be displayed?
    PA: Those stats are not as straightforward to display as those for enhancement chance or pet exchange, so we think that the better approach is to discuss alternative ways to help with changing horse skills, which we are doing.

    Please fix the issue of characters falling underground at places like the Hystria Ruins!
    PA: We are still working on a solution to solve the issue of characters sometimes falling underground when being hit by a CC status effect by monsters at places like Hystria Ruins. Meanwhile, to alleviate the issue we plan to apply a patch so that if you try to use the Escape function while at the Hystria Ruins, you will be teleported to an NPC within the ruins.

    Can you fix the monsters stuck in the ground or in rocks?
    PA: We are fixing them as fast as we can, as well as any monsters blocking any mount auto-navigation paths and monsters that spawn in bad locations.

    Can we have matchlocks that reload automatically?
    PA: After receiving this suggestion, we actually ran internal tests with the automatic reload system. While it did feel convenient, we noticed it also activated unnecessarily even when we did not want it to reload. Therefore we discarded the idea of reloading automatically, and instead are now considering increasing the amount of ammunition depending on the Hunting or Mastery level. Though this is not finalized, we will update this first through the Global Test lab.

    Why can't the Apprentice ranks become mercenaries?
    PA: The reason why we added the Apprentice ranks in the guild system was to prevent abusing issues such as moving from guild to guild every 24 hours to collect guild bonuses. Therefore we will continue to maintain the Apprentice rank in the guild system. We suggest you use the Apprentice phase to get to know the guild more, and then try out the mercenary system later once you're used to it.

    The penalty for negative karma is too harsh. Five to six crystals are being broken.
    PA: We believe there must be consequences for adventurers who attack or kill other adventurers. Penalties are currently applied based on intervals of different amounts of karma. Those who have very low karma have the highest penalty. This is intentional, and we do not plan on changing this.

    The ocean monster back-attack was nerfed. What will you do next to improve it?
    PA: The ocean monster was originally not designed to have a back-attack. Due to a technical mistake, Hekaru was using back-attacks in all situations, and other ocean monsters were using back-attacks only in certain situations. Therefore we fixed this issue to work as intended, but we lacked the explanation about the fix. We apologize for the confusion this has caused. We are thinking of updating the combat of ocean monsters along with an update to the Ship system after the Great Expedition update.

    What will you do with the whale bug?
    PA: The blue whale travels through a very long route, and takes up a great deal of volume. We faced a few issues related to the blue whale while trying to optimize the overall game. We had various patches which attempted to mitigate the issues, but we were not able to completely resolve the occasional issues of the blue whale moving through islands or their dead bodies sinking into the ocean. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will try our best to make improvements after the Great Expedition update.


    Please add more Dream Horses.
    PA: The Dream Horses are part of the end-game contents of Black Desert Online, and each Dream Horse has its own unique features. Other than the current three Dream Horses (Arduanatt, Diné, and Doom), and we are internally discussing ideas about new dream horses. However we are yet to come up with a new dream horse that fits the Black Desert world, so we are currently not developing any new dream horses. Of course, we are always open to your ideas!

    Please create more variety for titles!
    PA: We wanted titles to represent the play style or taste of the adventurers in the Black Desert world. Therefore we greatly increased the number of titles (there are currently over 1,500 titles), yet did not attach stats to the titles to prevent the situation where only specific titles are used. However we realized through feedback that many adventurers really enjoy the process of obtaining the titles. Therefore we are planning on adding more titles which can be obtained through various different ways. This includes titles such as the "Don Keyxote" title which will be awarded as a reward in following week for the Global Donkey Race event.

    There's nothing much to do with regular Trading.
    PA: Other than Trades for processed goods, we also agree that there is not too much to get out of the regular Trade system. While we tried to implement improvements to it, we are aware that it's far from being satisfactory. Though it's too soon to introduce the specifics of how we are going to revamp it, we can tell you that we are looking into ways on how to make the Trade lifeskill more meaningful and fun. We will continue to enhance the Trade experience.

    Trading for processing goods seems to be losing its appeal the more time goes by. Do you have any improvements being planned for it?
    PA: Trading for processed goods requires time investment in return for silver. Compared to trading other goods, processed goods require a great deal of time investment. Instead of being a direct way to make silver, trading processed goods is more of a way to turn a profit indirectly through trading. Though we are indeed preparing improvements to the trading system, we are currently focused on allowing adventurers to move around processed trading goods more conveniently by improving its transportation, which is what many adventurers find to be inconvenient.

    I would like there to be a buff added depending on the Hunting levels.
    PA: As mentioned during our Heidel Ball announcement, we are currently discussing ideas about adding more convenience and benefits for Life Skill levels. We're currently reducing the deviations between each Life Skill, and later on, plan to enhance the Life Skills such as Hunting which are relatively not as effective. We are currently discussing various ideas to improve Hunting.

    I would like to be able to obtain housing items through Gathering.
    PA: Thank you for the great suggestion. We also agree, and we will continue to add different ways to obtain them not only through Gathering, but also through other various activities, based on a long term perspective.

    I would like to be able to have more cooking recipes available the more my Cooking level increases, and I'd also like there to be my own recipe.
    PA: It's currently difficult to add a feature which allows you to create your own unique recipe given the current system structure. However, if adventurers really would like to create their own unique recipes, we think we could provide a way through different ways such as through events. We will be able to provide a better answer about the benefits based on Cooking level after we revamp the Life Skill system.

    All contents seem to lead towards earning more silver. I think this needs some improvement.
    PA: This is something we are also thinking about. The update we provided last year regarding the amount of Black Stones or Skill EXP obtainable per Monster Zone was a revamp to the Monster Zone in an attempt to mitigate the issue you brought up. The Savage Rift, Shadow Arena, and Altar of Blood updates were also attempts to improve upon this issue. Of course, while it's important for each update to be unique and fun on its own, we are aware that focusing solely on these contents will not satisfy all adventurers in the Black Desert world. We believe the issue you pointed out is something we will have to continue to try to resolve. We are eager to figure out ways and continue to test out different ways to tackle the issue.

    When will the area beneath Mediah and the area left of Port Ratt be opened up?
    PA: We are planning on expanding the area around Port Ratt after the Great Expedition update. We have something in store for the area beneath Mediah, but please understand that it is too early to reveal what it's about.

    The Pearl Inventory is too small.
    PA: We've received many times that there isn't enough Pearl storage. We distributed Patrigio's Apparel Bag to resolve this, but it looks like there still isn't enough space. So we are considering adding expansions such as bag 2, bag 3, etc. However, this is still in discussion, so we cannot give you a solid answer. We will update this to Global Lab once we are confident to share this information.

    Can the Rich Merchant's Ring's specs be changed?
    PA: The Rich Merchant's Ring is incredibly rare, and increases bidding success rate at the Marketplace. With the introduction of the Central Market, we have been getting requests to rework the specs of the Rich Merchant's Ring, and this is under development, and we expect that we will also change the availability of this item as well..


    Please help small guilds grow!
    PA: We fully understand that it is hard to grow a new or small guild. We have so far added guild support funding and to add monster loot as guild funds through various patches. These have helped grow small guilds with active members, but we know you struggle with guild scores and other aspects of guild growth. We are looking into various methods to resolve this.

    We need more variety in Guild Boss summons and something weaker players can do to participate.
    PA: When we first designed Guild Boss spawns using summon scrolls, it was intended for the participation of all members, no matter what level of power they are at. So "participation" was a higher goal than "completion". We would encourage players to participate and not be turned away because they are weaker. We believe these players are mostly new or returning players. For these players to be welcomed, we added Afuaru's Map so that all guild members could enjoy Guild Boss spawns. We want to keep this direction and will make this our priority for future contents as well.

    Can guild contents be made so that they can be done by a single player?
    PA: This is something we are not considering. We want guilds to be cooperative. We could think over some small volume guild contents, but we believe guild content for single players is not the direction we want to take. We would ask you to gather more guild members and challenge yourselves with more exciting contents.

    Can we see how many times someone participated in Node Wars before distributing guild bonuses?
    PA: We are aware that many guilds manage this with screenshots of the platoon menu. We are not yet sure how this will be done, but we will improve this system.

    Could guild quest deposits be displayed?
    PA: We intend to have all guild related items to require a certain level of access authority. We hope guild leaders can make use of this system to manage their guilds. We are also working on guild fund use to be displayed as a system message. This we hope to share with you soon.

    Why can guild quests be accepted by anybody, but only completed by certain ranks?
    PA: We are careful when it comes to guild authority, as it can be abused. We have plans to add more ranks to the current system. We will take your feedback into account when we develop them.

    Can you add more guild group contents?
    PA: The world of Black Desert has a lot of guilds who enjoy the game in their own ways. We are trying to expand the sense of belonging to guilds in various ways. The focus of development is on how guilds can enjoy the world more, rather than just making things for guilds to have.

    Node/Conquest War

    We really need more people in Node War. 30 people for Tier 2 Node Wars is not enough. Why is there a limit to how many can participate?
    PA: We are constantly discussing the best number of participants for each tier of Node War. Our goal is for players to coordinate together each tier as they move along them, but we understand many feel that the limit is more a burden at the moment. We are carefully discussing the best way to allocate the correct number of players in each of the tiers since Node War is enjoyed by so many players. We will take this into consideration when we update the rules of Node War in the future.

    Can we summon and use elephants in Node War?
    PA: We need to redo the structure to do this, so it will take time. We'll try to find a solution, but it will not be implemented in the near future.

    Can we have more strategic variety in Node/Conquest War, such as guild chatting update, ping variety, and ping memo, etc.?
    PA: We are aware that Node War and Conquest War needs more variety in communication and strategy. We will discuss the best methods to implement them.


    Can you adjust EXP of Hunting monsters?
    PA: As Hunting level becomes more and more important, we are aware that some Hunting monsters need their EXP updated. We will do this with the Blue Whale as a start.

    Regarding Garmoth’s Knowledge, I can only get it through a quest or with a kill. Do you have any plans to add other ways of getting it?
    PA: In order to kill the boss, everyone needs to join forces. Indeed, the boss is such a terrifying creature. Accordingly, we designed the game so that you could gain Garmoth’s Knowledge through the words of villager NPCs or special NPCs in the Black Desert World. This is why you can get the knowledge only through the NPCs, and not by defeating the boss. However, the experience you get while defeating the boss could also be considered knowledge. Hence, we will make changes to allow you to get the knowledge by killing the boss too.


    In some monster zones (Abyssal, Hystria, etc.), I get very heavy frame drops. Do you have any solution?
    PA: We have identified the cause of frame drops in several situations, but currently we are experiencing difficulties to improve the situation. We will do our best to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

    Other than specific upgrades in armor and Guild Boss spawns, do you have any plans for something like adding ways to change your character’s appearance in-game appearances?
    PA: We are preparing new in-game appearances, which differ from Pearl Apparels or in-game Crafted Costumes. We are still in development process, so we cannot say anything definite, but we’ve been preparing this resource since a long time ago. We are expecting something great.

    How can I get Sherekhan’s Military Title? I can’t get it even when I’ve defeated the monsters.
    PA: We are providing hints for each Title, but in the case of the Military Title, we’ve not been able to provide a clear hint. So we will add a hint for it.

    The Peridot Wagon gets stuck in its way towards Gahaz and cannot go through. It stops even when it’s automatic.
    PA: We apologize for the inconvenience. We will fix the problem as quickly as possible.

    I want to do a more strategic battle using siege weapons!
    PA: Our goal is to open the possibility to allow even a very weak guild to defeat a very strong one. This is why we have provided siege weapons such as Ballista and Ogre Mounts. However, we also acknowledge that they are not enough. We will approach the Conquest War balance issue with more caution given the players’ existing familiarity.

    Please add a warning message or an alarm for expiration dates.
    PA: We are making improvements so that when you receive or collect goods with period settings, you can get a notification and a warning message.

    Please add some more social action "dance" motions.
    PA: When designing any game content, we consider the unique atmosphere and vibe that Black Desert has. In the case of dancing, we actually had no plans to make it, but due to your continuous request, we began to develop it since a year ago and got the prototypes. We added various movements and designed them so that you could personally customize these movements and have many dance motions. However, after another discussion, we concluded that these dance movements were excessive and harmed the game’s overall harmony. We stopped all related developments and have no plans to resume them for now. Instead, we will add more diverse movements and reinforce the many actions a character can perform.

    Please let us see the game information on mobile too.
    PA: We are currently revising a function that allows you to see some information for Black Desert on mobile. Our first attempt was the mobile Central Market. We are still thinking about whether we could provide more support than this, so please wait for us a bit more.
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  2. JustAWeeb

    JustAWeeb JustAWeeb Tamer 61 EU

    May 20, 2018
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    Oh lord, the Heidel Ball has been an interesting event, that is for sure. Even if it will probably take some time til the content that was talked about actually gets added to the game it's still interesting to see that PA is working on some stuff people requested.
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  3. Darthkiweh

    Jan 7, 2018
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  4. Wodur

    Jul 16, 2016
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    To begin im happy regarding feedback on many subjects. 10/10 for that.

    Dont change the overstacking with horses, ty.
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  5. Flixerine

    Flixerine Ranger 62 EU

    Feb 11, 2016
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    Are the other regions messing up EU again? The small number nodes are the most popular and only really active ones on EU.
  6. Hemuk

    Apr 1, 2016
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    Again with the vague platitudes when it comes to the lifeskill revamp, they couldnt care less, we'll get the ocean update long before we see manos.
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  7. Nyavenger

    Nov 22, 2015
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    How much would you bet that if I were to suggest adding them to the pearl shop, they'd release them instantly?
  8. shidoxen

    Apr 13, 2016
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    Any news on Manos/Mastery system release? XD

    Regarding trade and hunting... Mastery system allows for Hunting goods to be turned into craftable trade items. This should prob be a thing outside of KR. Just saying. xD
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  9. Zhareck

    Jan 14, 2016
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    The penalty for negative karma is too harsh. Five to six crystals are being broken.
    PA: We believe there must be consequences for adventurers who attack or kill other adventurers. Penalties are currently applied based on intervals of different amounts of karma. Those who have very low karma have the highest penalty. This is intentional, and we do not plan on changing this.

    Thank you for this.
    If the devs gave in to the badgering from griefers, that would cause a massive drop in population.
    Pretty much all the casual players would get griefed into quitting this game, like they are on the vast majority of sandbox MMOs.
  10. Nyavenger

    Nov 22, 2015
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    But the "griefers" as you say it are the one abusing the karma system, though
    You literally lose nothing except 30 seconds of your life when you get killed
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  11. crosspath

    Mar 28, 2016
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    Wrong, they care a lot about lifeskills, as you can see there is a new item called Sealed Book of Life at the bargain price of 1500 pearls, aka the second subscription for lifeskill players.

    As I see how these BS Balls are working I communicated to my guild fellows that if by September 30th we get no manos I will close guild and stop playing. This is getting ridiculous already so time to take action.
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  12. RainbowRat

    Dec 13, 2015
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    There´re tons of ideas and ways to introduce them properly >_>
  13. ghoulz666

    Aug 27, 2017
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    What ya expect? @#$%ty pvp, @#$%ty pve. Lifeskills will be next as they'll proly go uber p2w.
  14. 2monthslatenonamesleft

    Jun 2, 2016
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    The translated Russian one last week asked. They said ''This summer'' for what it's worth. (admittedly not much)
  15. TeRRoRibleOne

    Mar 12, 2016
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  16. Akeno

    Akeno Sorceress 62

    Jan 20, 2016
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    im sad to see that the dance emotes got scrapped in favour of other emotes :(
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  17. qaso

    Apr 7, 2016
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    Negative karma balances please consider reworking the system. I can understand the breaking of crystals as a penalty, but being able to respawn so near to grind zones is boring. You kill them, then they respawn at node. Why not have them sent back to town so they have to run back instead of making it easy for karma bombing.
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  18. qaso

    Apr 7, 2016
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    Also, gear score penalties is pretty easy to abuse. High gear can take off gear to penalize the other players vice versa. A different system should be considered.
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  19. Jena

    Apr 14, 2017
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    Not me, I just leave and go to another channel, or go fish. But if I fish whatever buffs I had on go to waste. But either way, that is more than 30 seconds.
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  20. EntityZero

    Apr 23, 2016
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    Correct me if im wrong... but the issue was never the mobs back attacking the player. The issue was players killing the sea mobs with back attacks.

    I am one of the few players with over 1000 titles ingame. Having 1500 titles doesn't mean a damn thing when theres hundreds of titles that you cannot obtain due to either a) the mobs not being present in the game or b) the titles being tied to accomplishing things that don't exist.
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