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Does Chilling Wave need a rework?

Discussion in 'Witch/Wizard' started by Venderk, Aug 21, 2018.

  1. Venderk

    Oct 28, 2016
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    Greetings fellow Wizards.

    Writing this to know your opinions on Chilling Wave, at the moment, the most useless spell in our Awakening set, in my point of view, and if its common though, properly ask for a rework for this.

    Issues that I currently had with chilling wave:
    -Useless FG. It had its sporadic uses as a FG in its time, but now with S Awak block, using chilling for defense is actually kind of suicidal.
    -Useless CC. KB done by it is horrendous at the current meta, probably they didn't think it well in its time. Now with the current CC patch, having them 2xKB caps their CC, and furthermore, its so short that its nearly impossible to chain it in another CC.
    -Inconsistent Damage. Usually it does few damage, however, you once upon a thousand get a lucky shot which nearly deletes, my tinfoil theory on this would be that it has a sweet spot, maybe over the center of the cone, which all the hits + flow does damage, as you get further to the center, few damage is done. Based on the skill + flow numbers, this spell should be our most painful damage.

    Summing this 3, nowadays its kinda wiser to just lock the spell and use the SP elsewhere, so, why would anyone bother on using it when the risks are much punishing than the benefits?

    Possible solutions to make it usefull on our awakening pack:
    -Delete FG and/or KB from it.
    -Add Down smash and/or vacuum CC which moves the target to the sweet spot, where the damage is done.

    We could use an unprotected version on it if it extends the CC of anyone else in the floor without adding to CC limits; at the moment, I think we are the class with only one smash to extend CC and even with "long" CD. This would be useful in 1vs1 situations

    Or we could use a protected version of it which vacuums. It would be usefull on large scale situations.

    Let me hear your thoughs, fellow wizards.
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  2. EvL


    Dec 1, 2017
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    I had wrote a post but once i wrote it i had to rethink it.. and rewrite the post over.

    My recommendations for Chilling Wave:

    Fast 360 Spin like how fast we can spin around while doing Earthquake into Earth's Response.

    Knockback should be removed and replaced with Stun or Stiffness.

    Chilling Wave animation needs to START FASTER and END FAST so we can use follow up attacks to capitalize off of a stun or stiff.

    This would turn Chilling Wave into a strong defensive skill.

    You mentioned deleting FG and KB i totally agree. I disagree with the vacuum though the space for the skill is so small people would prob end up grabbing us soon as they can move.

    It's why i feel Stun or Stiff would be a effect to put on it if we can do a fast follow up.

    It would pretty much make Chilling Wave a CC Turret Defensive Skill with the ability to lead into a combo if someone gets stiffed or stunned immediately.

    If they made it like Cataclysm where we had SA and were able to Stun or Stiff instead of how Cataclysm has SA and Knockdown that would be fine to!!!

    Right now our defensive options suck, if they turned Chilling Wave into a defensive CC skill that could lead into a combo that would give us huge survive ability in 1v1.

    I would happily use the skill if it was like this.
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  3. WhySoSeeryus

    WhySoSeeryus Wizard 63 EU

    Jan 31, 2018
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    chilling wave isnt so bad, but should be a little faster. would be awesome as it is if it floated people instead of kb.

    i think it would be way better for wizards if hellfire had FG back and lost its CC.
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  4. Noixi

    Feb 28, 2016
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    I've never had the knock back ever proc in PvP even once.
    I only use it for a filler spell, should I get to a moment in casting spells where everything else of significance is on cooldown.
    Also, it take takes 1 to 3 seconds to get it cast.
    You have to come to a complete stop, not press any key for at least 1 second, and then press S + LMB + RMB for it to finally cast.
    It is better to use Sage's Rage, and then switch back to AWK with "C" than to use this spell.
  5. Mattys1337

    Aug 27, 2018
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    Yes it needs.

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