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EU Territory and Node War Chronicles

Discussion in 'Server Chat and Guild Alliances' started by Rinel, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Kozuka

    Kozuka Ranger 62 EU

    Feb 8, 2016
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    Castle Ruins - T2 Occupied

    Triggered (59) - Sparda (25) - Headhunters (40-50~)

    So after fighting HeadHunters/BandaVandalica on Hexe Stone Wall last week, and just about coming out on top, we decided to try and target them again on a T2 for a good fight (our numbers and strength are usually pretty similar)
    > Turns out it was just HeadHunters on their own and they didn’t have a great turn out
    > We scouted their base pretty early and knew they were very close to us
    > Sparda also went for HH
    > Unfortunately they couldn’t overcome the number disadvantage
    > HH went down after 30 minutes, we had a quick skirmish with Sparda and then wrapped it up.

    Good Fight to all involved, not really the contest we had hoped for but I am sure the involved parties will meet again in the future.
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  2. Riiip

    Riiip Hydreus Musa 60

    Apr 2, 2016
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    Catfish Camp (T2)
    Paranoia (35) v Destroyers (3) v Remix (15)

    Winner: Take a guess

    Paranoia PoV:
    >We were the only fort on the node till 40 minutes left
    >Yesterday we kept stealing our new canoneers cannons from out the observatory so he was unable to cannon at all against Karma
    >0 enemies so I went and begged for some sort of opponent on the SPI Discord by hinting where we might be
    >Noone wanted to fight but 2 forts popped up so we figured someone had decided to ninja accept the challenge
    >Knew one enemy was <Remix> due to scout
    >Saw them preparing for NodeWar and realized this would be a tough fight. Pic below related


    >War starts
    >Our cannoneer is ready to finally show off his fancy cannoning skills
    >Destroyers on Island, 3 man snipe fort with 0 annexes
    >Remix 15 man snipe tower with 0 annexes
    >Decide to take down Remix slowly so we atleast didn't villa buff for nothing
    >Get bored and ultimately decide to just axe whilst they're hitting us in the backs.
    >8 minutes in we got the Node.
    I guess this is <Karma> rewarding us with a free node after we got cheesed yesterday.... eeeeey bad puns. This NW Report took longer to write than the nodewar itself

    #11262 Riiip, May 2, 2018
    Last edited: May 2, 2018
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  3. Horstmann

    Jun 27, 2017
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    Epheria Ridge (T1)

    Bliss (29) vs Remains (22)

    We teleported in, scouted Remains and went on the offensive. Skirmished a bit with Remains and wrestled for a position on a hill next to their base. Early on they wiped half of our offense but after that we managed to hold the hill until the end of the war. We managed to bait a few engages onto our position and from there we pushed to their base. Nodewar lasted about 25 minutes.​
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  4. Nevie

    Nevie Tadpole

    May 4, 2016
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    ~ Kamasilve (21), Megaman, Suicidal, Blue ~​

    Non-mandatory day, non-sneak day, so we decided to build on Valencia Plantation. The war started with us pushing to Blue, which had their base just south of ours, so it was convenient. A few mins later Dizzy the Defense Dude calls out incoming Megamans, we were like "it's fine you can handle them", but then Suicidal showed up and someone asked me to handle politics. I :blobsweat:ed through guild pages to find the corresponding officers but it soon became evident to me that Suicidal and Megaman were in a pre-arranged alliance. We tried talking to Blue, suggesting we take out either S or M, and let the surviving two guilds 2v1 us in a more coordinated matter. But we had already burned our bridges with Blue, I got "YOU JUST REKT US REE" as a squeamish reply.

    Anyway, all three guilds took turns in attacking us. They tried everything from PA pushes ✓, solo PAs ✓, running in with axes in their hands ✓, bodythrowing ✓ and so on. You know the drill. After 1 hour and 25 minutes we finally fell. We had fun practicing fake engages and kiting the opposing guilds into each other, rendering them completely confused and mad at each other for the friendly fire. GGWP!

    Oh, and Suicidal:
    giphy (1).gif


    grr /nooka​
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  5. Zephyraz

    Jun 1, 2016
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    Witch's Chapel (t1)

    LowKarma(34) vs HighKarma(8 bravant in the skeleton zone) vs Edges(10?) vs TheJunkies(45?)

    Lore: This morning we've receive an S.O.S. from our bravant squad that instead of going Treant to make some crates lost the way and found their self into a scarry forest full of skeleton, so we decided to go to help them to return to their family.

    Last time we fought TheJunkies we won the 1v1 in like 30 min so when we spotted out we though that a 2v1 on them could be unfair... We then splitted up the guild sending one party to fight Edges while the main raid pushed TheJunkies, after like 20 min we lost our primary mission found HK base destroyed and all of the bravants bodies murdered.

    At that point we asked Edges to help us out proposing a 5v5 in the end which they refused since we attacked them instantly at the start (guess it was my fault to try to play fair since we didnt know the number and strength of TheJunkies), so we mostly fought TheJunkies while Edges pressured us w/o doing much with their low numbers.

    We fell after 1.05 hr and TheJunkies left the node to Edges.

    gg wp in the end, at least we didnt take another snipe tower lul
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  6. Dizaster

    Mar 15, 2016
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    Nooka mad
    Nooka smash
  7. Silnaer

    Jul 27, 2017
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    Longleaf tree sentry post 02-05-2018

    Trauma(17) - Ignition (20?) - Les_Merguez(19)

    While looking for a suitable fort location a couple hours before NW would start we encountered Ignition trying to do the same. A small war started while their GM was placing a fort, ended with a couple kills on both sides and us knowing their base location. We started the nodewar already grouped nearby their base and took a flametower down in the first push. We stayed around with our attack group of 14 people and took 2 more recovery centers. Meanwhile Les_Merguez attacked our fort, turns out they placed really close to ours and decided to focus us for obvious reasons. We pulled back our force and decided to take down Les_Merguez first since they were the closest threat. While attacking Les_merguez our base got assaulted by Ignition, fortunately our glorious bastards in defence were able to deal with it. We started pushing hard on Les_Merguez’s base and took down most of their structures after a couple pushes. We had some really good fights there and they managed to wipe us a couple times but overall we had the upper hand (Kudos to their gm though, their strongest wizard but that red border made him an easy focus). We finished of Les_Merguez’s fort after about 55 minutes.

    Meanwhile Ignition was still attacking our base, we rushed back, cleared the base, and started moving on Ignitions base. We wiped their force and got a good amount of damage on their structures. They did a well organized respawn and manage to catch us of guard before our protective areas were ready again. Luckily we placed a stealthy flag near their base and while we respawned there, they moved on our fort. We quickly attacked their fort again, which at this point only had a couple defenders, and took down the flametowers. By now they realized that we respawned at a flag and they decided to choose a baserace over returning to defend. We started axing their fort with about 12 while they attacked ours with somewhere between 15-20 people. They wiped most of our defense squad in their initial engage but thanks to the interruption of our godlike Kuno (he is forcing me to write Kuno propaganda, send help) they weren’t axing fast enough. We caught up to them when both forts were about 60%, after this our defense squad respawned and managed to get a full wipe on them while we happily finished of their fort.

    Overall this was a really fun nodewar for us, great fights with both guilds and an exciting climax! Looking forward to more nodewars and meeting these guilds again, be it as enemy or friend.

    • Trauma
    A newly made pvp guild aiming for the small-scale dream. Looking for more skilled and dedicated people who share our aim. Check our guildpage or join our recruitment discord!

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  8. Nevie

    Nevie Tadpole

    May 4, 2016
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    Update: I got this whisper and I want to apologise if I hurt anyone with this forum post, it's all fun and banter and I love yall even though ♥

    After seeing how long we lasted vs the 3 guilds it was just tactically wise of you to all attack us, and we had fun. Take my post with a grain of salt please, not a bait uwu

    #11268 Nevie, May 2, 2018
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  9. Ciroc

    Mar 23, 2016
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    Kama wtf are you doing a T1 occupied? move to T1 unoccupied or T2.
  10. Fuan

    Fuan Gearlet Valkyrie EU

    Apr 25, 2016
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    Yeah Kama wtf.
  11. Fesquera

    Jan 19, 2016
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    Casta Farm (Tier 1)

    Varshen(36) Vs. MangoSmile(35-45?)

    This fight was very back and forth, with us being on the back foot for a long part of it. The terrmian area is still considered safe zone which we were not aware of. This made it easy for Mango to park a boat and spawn there to get an advantage over us. Our bad, but it did suck. We lost most buildings early on and had trouble getting to their hard base location. We eventually managed to wipe their attack and push hard, keeping the dream alive and winning 2 minutes before the end.

    Sorry guild members, I tilted off the planet today, but you got me to win :D

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  12. Pyrolyse

    Oct 4, 2017
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    Anti-Troll Fortification (T3)

    Pyrolyse (18), WingedAssassins(~35), TOP_Clan (~35)

    Winner: Pyrolyse

    We decided that WingedAssassins leeched enough payouts, so we went out to take their node. TOP_Clan happened to be on the same node and were willing to join us in our holy crusade. It took us like 30 min to take down WingedAssassins fort.

    Right after WA fort went down, both guilds went on offense. Both guilds slowly lost most of their buildings, until we found and destroyed TOP_Clans flag. We went full offense after, slowly chipping down their tower. The nodewar ended around 21:30.

    Good fights, especially against TOP_Clan, we had fun tonight!
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  13. Vanspoon

    Vanspoon Tamer 62 EU

    Oct 30, 2016
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    it didn't had any t1 uno today
    and they wouldn't move to t2 because they wouldn't be able to do t1 uno
    quick mafs

    i'm not stressed, you guys fix nws
    we just play for the pvp
    we're the complete opposites
    my 2 cents and good luck in fixing nws in the future
  14. BANiSH

    May 6, 2016
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    But you do have better friends! :D
  15. Aimer

    May 5, 2016
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    Trauma vs Kama when?
  16. Xclusive

    Mar 28, 2018
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    People i just imagine Vanspoon like that fat kid...
  17. ELI5

    ELI5 ELI5 Ranger 62

    Apr 13, 2017
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    Today was a none mandatory NW, and we didn't have our GM and Shotcaller in Sneak, like Neeika said in her post. so we were unsure of how we would do.

    Plus you say move to T1U and T2 like we haven't been there for the last 9+ months????
    #11277 ELI5, May 2, 2018
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  18. TD2


    Nov 2, 2017
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    Kama wtf are you doing a T1 occupied? move to T1 unoccupied or T2.
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  19. T1 - Epheria Ridge - Remains(22) PoV vs. Bliss (29)
    Winner: Bliss
    Time: 25-30min

    We started of full scout mode managing to scout them after 2 or so minutes.
    Unfortunate for us they found ours a lot quicker but we tried to assemble and make an attack quickly to force pressure them in to their base right off the bat.
    They TPed from what I caught to our base & managed to force us back due to us not wanting to AXE race right off the bat, we wanted to fight.
    Don't think we ever got a full wipe on them only half wipes due to nice usage of the environment from Bliss.
    As for our engages out towards them we couldn't sustain head to head due to our lack of PA's which they had more of and rotated nicely.
    GG's to Bliss they played well no denying that, props.

    Slowly rising in numbers actively & a few more witches we hope to be able to put up a good fight each Node War.
    Overall like I always say to my people happy with the performance for what we're working with & against.

    - Remains -

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  20. omiddo

    Nov 11, 2017
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    Edges here. I would like to fix the attendances:
    LowKarma( ̶~̶5̶0̶ 35), TheJunkies(~40), Edges(11) (edited)

    LowKarma were clearly the biggest guild on the node, also bringing their secondary with a dozen people. Some guys of EXIT were spectating, and could confirm it.
    We placed our base at the chapel, pretty obvious spot known for the position advange. While we were still upgrading the barricades we were attacked by a couple of LK's parties. On one of the following pushes there was also a HK party who went yolo on us, trying to open the way for their mates.

    For the first 20min we stayed at our fort in defense, we didn't receive any message by the guilds partecipating guilds on the node. We were aware that we had no chance against either guilds. At that point LK took off the pressure from us because they were struggling against TJ, and sent the offer explained above, to help them and do a final 5v5. I confirm that we refused basically because they attacked us in the first minute of the war, without saying anything to us.

    We restored the barricade perimeter and moved to LK's base. Some guys of TJ that we met on the way told us that we were lucky, since they were going to give us the node. Then we received a message from TJ' GM, who explained us that the reason of them leaving the node was because they just wanted to beat LK as they brought an ally guild.
    We helped TJ by keeping pressure on LK's base between their incs. Even though we were limited by our small presence we managed to destroy some of the structures, negated them to replace the supply twice and also the gate. We also disturbed LK's regroups behind their fort.

    In the last 10 minutes we stepped aside to not disturb TJ, as LK spawn times raised and they were not able to organize and repulse them.
    After chopping down the fort, they kept their word and gave us the node.

    GG WP to the guilds that partecipated.
    #11280 omiddo, May 2, 2018
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