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EU Territory and Node War Chronicles

Discussion in 'Server Chat and Guild Alliances' started by Rinel, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Pyrolyse

    Oct 4, 2017
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    Watchtower (T1)

    Pyrolyse (18), Mozaik (~20), Spite (~20), Destino (~40), Iscariot (?), ButterflyEffect (~15), Emetsys (<10)

    Winner: Liberated

    Political Situation: We had an ally with Spite and a NAP with Iscariot. Destino had an ally with Emetsys and ButterflyEffect, while Emetsys only had an ally with Destino.

    • Mozaik was next to our base, so we took them out right away
    • Proceeding to Destino
    • Butterfly was on Spite, no idea what the other guilds did
    • We keep the pressure up on Destino, slowly taking down their base
    • Spite fell To ButterflyEffect
    • Hurry up Bois
    • Iscariot fell do Butterfly Effect
    • Faster!!!
    • Incoming on our base
    • **** just go real
    • Destino tower down to 5%
    • We got wiped
    • We had to split our forces, but couldt take them down with 10 people
    • The remaining 3 guilds BE, Destino, Emetsys went full offense
    • We split our forces one again, pretty much baseracing the emetsys base down
    • Emetsys went down and our tower got to 20% before we could ctg back to defend
    • --> Full turtle mode
    • 10 minutes before the nodewar ended, our tower was meanwhile back to 45% both guilds seemingly gave up
    • 5 minutes before the nodewar ended we let our base
    • 3 minutes before the nodewar ended ninja ctg from destino axes out
    • We barely managed to get back in time to defend one last time
    GG WP to all guilds, was a nice fight :)
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  2. Sneakapeak [Murgurgula]

    Mar 28, 2016
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    Gavinya Volcano Zone (T2)
    Kamasilve (21) EXIT, Cryptic
    Winner: Kamasilve

    Primary fighting was a 1v1 between EXIT and us, while Cryptic was skirmishing both. We took down Cryptic once they started going for us.
    After that we pushed on EXIT and kept them on defense for the most part, while dealing with their offense parties. After our flag went down, we played a bit more safe, and won the node about an hour in.

    Good fights,
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  3. SuzyIdle

    May 11, 2017
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  4. Eruyome

    Apr 10, 2016
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    We Cryptic were 4 ppl and had a deal with kamasilve. They started to kill us on sight so we had to break the arrangement and decided to just have fun and pvp.
  5. FateAwaits

    Aug 21, 2017
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    North Abandoned Quarry (T1), winner: FateAwaits
    FateAwaits (26), Resistance, Chillskool, RetirementHome, NineGrounds
    We built near Delphe Castle and found two guild right next to us. NineGrounds on the same mountain ridge and RetirementHome below us. We felt stronk today, but to make sure it all works out right, we asked Chillskool for an ally vs Resistance. They needed some time to answer, but after we already kicked out NineGrounds and RetirementHome, they agreed on a "temporary" alliance. That alliance lasted until Resistance was out. We agreed on a 5 mins break after that for a fair 1vs1, but Chillskool didn't use the time very well. Their tower was still at 40 % when we arrived, so we could finish it in 40 % of the normal time.

    Thanks for the good and different fights. I guess we outnumbered RetirementHome, but they did a good job defending their tower. Way too much red text in the killfeed! ^^ Resistance was strong as usual and Chillskool... well, you never know how much Oldskool you get fighting against them.

    ty all, gg/wp!
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  6. Amnae

    Apr 16, 2018
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    Western Guard Camp (T3)

    Neuro (22) - PancakeRider (50+?) - RFC (11)​

    Neuro POV:

    We spot the other 2 guilds both close to our fort. We ally with RFC to take down PancakeRiders. The first 30 minutes we got overwhelmed with PR numbers but eventually their respawn got higher. PancakeRiders fort was close to a safezone and we started regrouping there. After a while we managed to breach into barricades with the help of our and RFC elephants taking down structures. Pancake at one point CtG to our fort but since we were expecting them to do that we rapidly fell back to our base, wip them and pressure back. After 1 hour and 10 minutes we took down Pancake with the help RFC. In the end RFC asked us to do some pvp for fun, so we did and the nodewar ended 20 minutes later (1 hour and 30 minutes in).

    GG to both guilds there for the fun fights. Shout to RFC for helping us, hope you guys had fun as we did.
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  7. Fesquera

    Jan 19, 2016
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    Elder's Bridge (Tier 1)

    Varshen(40) Vs. TheJunkies Vs. CLINIC Vs. Vampz Vs. Vile Vs. Ajin Vs. Vault snipe fort

    I talked to the GM of the TheJunkies and we agreed to deal with our own corners of the area and perhaps fight eachother at the end. We then saw both Clinic and Ajin near us. Clinic asked for non-agression, and I explained to them that we would 1v1 TheJunkies at the end, but we were fine with leaving them alone until then. We then fought Ajin, who were fairly tough. While this happened, Junkies was fighting Vile, and Vampz was attacking our fort, but not very efficiently. We could do 2 or 3 pushes on Ajin between attacks from Vampz. Once Ajin went down, we went to Vampz, who were also dealing with Clinic. After they went down, and Vile went down, Junkies took out Clinic with a bit of help from us. We then fought Junkies, but since the last time we fougth them, we've grown a lot, and I believe they had an off day, so the fight was over quickly.

    I'm worried we're in a spot where we've outgrown Tier 1 but aren't individually skilled/organized enough for Tier 2 yet. We'll try and see where we belong now in the next few weeks. My guess is Tier 1 Unoccupied, but there's not a ton of those (today there was one, and honestly we expected stronger guilds than us there).

    GG to all participating guilds
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  8. thestilla

    Feb 25, 2017
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    LIES! Butterfly effect did not give up 10min before the end, our shotcaller had to lay down cause he was piss drunk XD We were having a drunk NW night, that was far too fun and will have to be repeated.

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  9. Ljungen

    Feb 17, 2016
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    Added Coldforged correct numbers. We were 50 in total. 40 in main raid so your assumption was good.
    We had a really good evening. Cancer spot aside (tried to place there myself :) ) we got one or two teachings on what to do and not to do from you guys.
    It is not often we face other Balenos siege guilds so we are unsure where we stand so it was a very good evening for us.
    Well played from the Prismatic guys!
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  10. Azu


    Dec 16, 2015
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    Ajin here, we were 19 (counted on TS, didn't check logs but it should be the same).

    Our POV :
    We contacted Vile who refused our request for an alliance and we didn't have response from Vampz nor CLINIC.
    We lost our supply depot quickly, making us unable to refuel our flamethrowers.
    Then Varshen's elephant made our fort's fall to 50% HP and because of Varshen being very close to us, we didn't have opportunity to rebuild/repair.
    At some point we saw many CLINIC at our base but they were just watching for a few minutes before they leave.
    Our base went down ~30 minutes after start.

    GG & WP
    #11370 Azu, May 7, 2018
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  11. Hilligan

    Hilligan Escanor Guardian 62 EU

    Mar 23, 2016
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    Euuuh 93 members in your guild ? and it's not enough for more than T1? LUL. 40 at this node? LUL It was zerg more than 40. Go t1 free. Keep pushing ;p

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  12. Eiwei

    Dec 24, 2016
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    Cron Castle T3:
    Blitzkrieg (25) vs WingedAssasins (45?) + ToNieMy (25?)

    So basicly we builded there for some fun fight against WA later it turned out that ToNieMy was also on the Node.
    From the start on both guilds decided to focuse us.

    Due to the lovely Reknown system and our superior base location we were able to hold off WA with our Main force.
    Meanwhile our 2 cannoneers the elefant rider and a group of 5 ppl had to take out ToNieMy.

    The good combination of Elefants and cannons riped there base pretty quick.
    After that we switched to our Anti-Players-Elefant and had 1 guy constantly under him to chop their base while the rest of the group protected that guy like mad mans untill they drop out which was around 40 mins after the nodewar started.

    Meanwhile our base was fighting 18 vs ~ 45 at the base. WA mainraid was a bit clueless how to invade our base it seems. Thx to Simon our awesome gatekeeper giving them a hard time to enter our base. But their well geared 5 man squad was infiltrating our buid backline very well to managed to rip some rec centers.

    So after we took out ToNieMy we went down we decided to use esc esc with our 8 man squad did some repairs took the velia Hp buffs and the house buffs again and made our way to WA base.

    Then we did more or less the same protected our cannon till flamers where dead sended the elefant in and step by step forced them to bring there mainforce at their own base. When they went into full def mode our main force was free to join us at their base and after like 2 - 3 where we could wipe them they made the mistake to chaise us to far south we wiped like 80% of their raid outside of the NW area so that they had to spwan in Velia and used that time to chop chop their base.

    was a very intense and exhausting fight for us but we had so much fun and nice pvp is something very rare with the current patches so thx to both guilds for the fight and gg to both of u.
    #11372 Eiwei, May 7, 2018
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  13. Rondane

    Sep 21, 2017
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    We decided to take out AN_THEM fast when the other guilds were busy with you guys.
    Should have been arround 22 players with mediocre gear but they kept fighting bravely till the end :)

    Then joined the fight against Chaos_United and tbh i was suprised they really got stronger since the last time i met them (must have been a few months though...).

    Had some fun fights with Bliss but when we pushed their base they managed to sneeky sneek an elephant in our base which wasn't very fortunate ofc.
    The time we got back tower was down to 50% and we had to go turtle with Bliss beeing all arround us.
    You put a really good fight and made some decent choices!

    GG WP to all participating guilds!

    PS: We did what with axes? Oo
    Our leader wasn't even online yday^^
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  14. lorencon

    Mar 2, 2018
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    Yeah we were also kinda questioning how did you guys came that fast to our base, guess horses. Sorry for that.
  15. Arcaeus

    Arcaeus Warrior EU

    Mar 18, 2017
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    North Kaia Mountaintop (T1)

    Unstable(13) vs Hex(?) vs Certified(?) vs Fanatix(Snipe tower)

    Another day where we end up fighting at least double our numbers.

    GG to all.
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  16. TD2


    Nov 2, 2017
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    Phionel's Cabin
    Access Denied(32) vs Eclipsed(70+) vs Yuukan(20)

    Nodewars starts, Eclipsed is pressuring Yuukan. We go to their base and and start pressuring, unfortunately Yuukan were weak and couldnt hold vs 20-30 of Eclipsed. It was basically Hodor vs the 1000 whitewalker apes.
    After approx 1 hour, they won
  17. Gekcore

    Feb 22, 2016
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    North Kaia Mountaintop (T1 Contested)

    Hex (45), Unstable (13), Certified, Snipe Tower

    We wanted to defend North Kaia Mountaintop and decided to place on a contested node today. Unstable and Certified allied against us which was a good call since we had a lot of members attending.
    Once we found all forts we went for a push on Certified while Unstable sent some of their people to our fort. Our cannon assisted push on Certified went well and due to our numbers we were also able to hold against Unstable, once Certifieds fort was low enough our cannoneers went on to bombard Unstables fort.
    As soon as we finished Certified's fort we set our eyes upon Lake Kaia and the fort that was waiting right in the middle. Getting to the fort wasnt easy but once we established a foothold on the main island the Unstable pushes upon our fort stopped and the fight for North Kaia Mountaintop was over.

    Hats off to Certified and Unstable, you fought valiantly.

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  18. GhostMana

    Sep 14, 2016
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    Hexe Stone Wall T1

    Apostles vs MangoSmile vs Remains

    We fought the other two guilds off until about 1 hour in a mangosmile officer glitched inside our fort and axed it down, we offered Remains the node if we killed mango since they were exploiting they agreed but then attacked us anyway.

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  19. Pyrolyse

    Oct 4, 2017
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    Heidel Pass (T1)

    Pyrolyse (17) Vector (20), Aequinoxe (~20), Overkill (~30), Helvete (21)

    Winner: Vector

    We agreed with Vector to do a 1vs1 at the end since we got fairly even numbers.

    We started out attacking Aequinox, since they were fairly close to use, while Vector had to defend vs Overkill and Helvete. Aequinoxe only had a tower with about 20 people defending. After they fell, we went for overkill who had the cancer spot in Cron Castle, while Vector used the time to recover and start pushing Helvete. Helvete fell like 50 min in the nodewar, Overkill 10 minutes later.

    After repairing we proceeded with our 1vs1. We lost our first engange, losing all our elixirs. From there on things went south and we couldnt get a hold and lost to Vector. GG anyway!
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  20. Zephyraz

    Jun 1, 2016
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    Southern Guard Camp (t1)

    LowKarma(34) vs Ajin(15?) vs Prometeus(24)

    So we spotted Prometeus some minute before the nodewar start, and since they are an italian guild was obvious that we were gonna ally up.

    Sadly Ajin could do nothing against both of our guild so in like 30 min we got em down, right after we pushed Prometeus while their main raid pushed our base but since we were more we destroyed their annex pretty fast and with the help of our flank pt our base was cleaned pretty fast. After that we just did 4 or 5 pushes to their base taking 90% of their tower hp, the last push was uncoordinate, so they almost wipe all of us but with the last guy alive we managed to take down their fort and take the node.

    In the end gg to all and gl further :D
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