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EU Territory and Node War Chronicles

Discussion in 'Server Chat and Guild Alliances' started by Rinel, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Kozuka

    Kozuka Ranger 62 EU

    Feb 8, 2016
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    Cron Castle Site - T2
    (winner) | Primastic | Solaire
    Must have been an optional day for Prismatic as they only had about 15 dudes, Solaire had even less. Basically a formality at that point - sorry boys.
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  2. Irini

    Apr 11, 2016
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    Yap, we just wanted to see those changes from the patch. And it seems, that its worse than anyone could ever imagine.
  3. Zephyraz

    Jun 1, 2016
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    Northern Plain of Serendia (t1)

    LowKarma vs HighKarma vs BlueLion(snipe)

    that's the second time we find a snipe tower on a t1, this game is dying.

    P.s. THIS PATCH S***
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  4. Horstmann

    Jun 27, 2017
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    Costa Farm (T1)

    Bliss(39) vs BLAST vs Varshen vs Der_Schattenrat

    All guilds on the node had high attendance today and we agreed with Varshen to fight our own opponent, have a short break and then do a 1v1. We began with BLAST and kept our grip around their base for the entirety of our fight with them.BLAST lasted about 30 minutes. We then went back to our fort, restocked and waited for Varshen. Went towards Varshen, had a flag planted and lots of back and forth wrestling with them while slowly gaining ground.They fought very well and seemed to have a high attendance today compared to other times we've fought them so it was a nice fight, but in the end we won.​
    #11444 Horstmann, May 9, 2018
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  5. Sneakapeak [Murgurgula]

    Mar 28, 2016
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    Casta Farm (T1)
    Xion (14), Ignition, BalenosBallers, Dreamfall
    Winner: Xion

    We started fairly close to Incursion, so we asked them for an alliance, which they took after BalenosBallers came for them. Most of the node war was us pushing out on Dreamfall and BalenosBallers, splitting between the two. Took about an hour before BalenosBallers fell, and shortly after Dreamfall fell.

    The final 1v1 went down relatively fast, in our favor.

    Good fights all round,
    #11445 Sneakapeak [Murgurgula], May 9, 2018
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  6. Psychedelico

    Feb 7, 2018
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    Ignition not Incursion :D and we were 25 in total good nodewar and well played guys :)
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  7. SillySin

    SillySin DarkKnight 51 EU

    Mar 23, 2016
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    *17 (unless i counted duplicates / see sheet below)
    Good fight! though this guild has no TP, Elephant or siege weps resistance, also i heard we got a whisper "what is the geared spicy ppl doing in T1" we had 12 ppl today and only 4 of those 12 are geared and from spicy, gg.

    Attached Files:

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  8. Krazor

    Feb 19, 2016
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    There is two rangerrunie, one of them is a lvl 40 alt just for guild summon and I guess he didn't include the guy that was only there for 1 kill so that's where the 14-15 comes from.
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  9. Valencia Plantation T1 - Remains PoV(25) vs. Karthage(35?+) vs. Megumin(30+) vs. TheLastUnicorns(10-15?)
    Winner: Liberated
    120 Minutes

    Started off in full scout mode quickly finding Megumin & TheLastUnicorns nearby and later on Karthage a bit further away.
    Initial decision after scouting Megumin was to take them out first as I dislike guilds of their behaviour, that would be verbally harassing during NW's & their mentality in general.
    We start 2v1ing Megumin with Karthage and it's going back and forth while dealing with TheLastUnicorns at our base continously attacking, luckily for us they were somewhat new to Node Wars from my understanding and we managed to easily defend our base while pressuring Megumin.
    Back and forth probably for atleast 1+ hour towards Megumin & sometime during this TheLastUnicorns went down? I'm assuming this was Karthage dealing with them and taking them out to have more focus on Megumin.
    During this however Megumin were starting to get pushed up towards our base but we managed to wipe them consecutively and press on them where they did the same to us.

    Karthage gets back in the game and at the 1 hour mark where I get contacted by Megumin saying "this will be liberated" clearly looking to turn the tables.
    I simply responded by saying that I do not support Megumin as a guild and I will never do so, therefore declining whatever offer they had coming for me. I simply said I would rather liberate the node than have them win it.
    Helvetenatica or something the guy from Megumin was called responded simply with "have we fought before?" "you seem to know us".
    Props for atleast being honest that you are not likeable.
    I simply responded yes but in a different guild, I've personally been 3v1ed by them in order to take out the strongest apart from them to yield them a free win.

    Anyway 90+Minutes in Megumin finally go down after a lot of work and rebuilding by them & we can go on to try and not liberate the Node vs Karthage.
    Quickly realising after the first two engages this wasn't going to happen & the node will indeed be liberated as we couldn't place a flag by them and keep enough pressure. As for the fights we had vs them it was very enjoyable and one of the more fair fights we've had, really enjoyed it.
    Due to this we made contact and asking if they wanted to settle it in a 5v5 or some other way but it was decline with the following answer:
    "We're stronger than you," "5 people isn't a representation of the guild" "We can help you next node war" very honorable and I agree it isn't but it was an offer to avoid Liberation.
    They declined and we just consecutively managed to wipe them even though we lost probably most of our people each engage they did.
    BIG GG to Karthage for good moral and fighting & I hope to fight you lot another time too!

    - Remains -


  10. Helveticia

    Nov 14, 2017
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    You seem pretty salty about us, we were 24 attendance in the end btw not 30+.

    Calling us overgeared for t1 is a bit weird, i think plenty of guilds here can confirm that you don't have to take us very seriously. (kamasylve and so on)
    If we would have dropped with 40+members i would say you are right though.
    We were getting 2v1t for 90min by 60 players so i don't see a reason for you to throw any shade.
    You asked for our numbers, here is the screenshot.
    We weren't rude or anything but hey i guess T1 is serious business.
    It was a non mandatory btw.
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  11. The_duchess1991

    Jun 6, 2017
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    #11451 The_duchess1991, May 10, 2018
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  12. Loukaine

    Jul 10, 2017
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    Nice class balance btw
    #11452 Loukaine, May 10, 2018
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  13. Angeal

    Feb 11, 2016
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    It was 5 am when i woke up this morning, a sunny day and i could hear the birds chirping outside. I immediately knew that, today we were destinied for greatness.

    I sent out 35 of my siege scouts, scouting for a nice node to fight on. During this time we somehow managed to get in a small argument with sovereign and Enemy, whom we quickly went 300+ kills in. Obviously in our favor, my scouts are trained.

    I suddenly got word from one of my scouts that he found out where the other siege guilds were going. A nice liberated pleb node. This would be easy i thought as my smile grew bigger and my supply of jew gold started craving for more.

    While i was placing down the tower i suddenly heard it... in the distance i heard mouthbreathing.... it was very soft at first... but after investigating i saw them... Remains...

    They were having a friendly tea party with karthage. Karthage didnt really look comfortable there but remains kept pouring more tea, stuffing his face full with more cookies.

    And then one of my kunoichi scouts appeared. Unphased by recent patch changes and covered in Enemy blood.

    "Great leader, these filthy pheasants are placing on a nearby node tonight." Upon hearing his voice, i had to do my best not to climax immediatly, god did i choose my scouts well, his voice was soothing enough to turn any heterosexual, into a puddle of doubt and regret. But as i was floating im pure bliss, an evil smile grew on my face.

    In fluent german i spoke and ordered my 15 professional simcity developers, to build on that node. Their knowledge of building games and their extensive awareness of placing down forts would be helpfull. However after they were done, i did make them leave the guild since at that point we had about 45 people from Enemy that wanted to join after their crushing defeat.

    Obviously we only took the best. Cant be bothered with these newbies.
    #11453 Angeal, May 10, 2018
    Last edited: May 10, 2018
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  14. Angeal

    Feb 11, 2016
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    The war grew closer, the drums grew louder as i teleported in that night. After 30 minutes of kneeling in my godly presence we decided to get out of our base, scouting for remains and karthage.

    The battle was swift and deciding, remains didnt stand a chance as we pushed them back through their tears and droopy noses.

    It was a slaughter.

    The battle was so easy that i sent out 50 people to scout for nodes to build on the next day. We wouldnt need more people for these plebs.

    While again having these people wiped from our base by our remaining, 50 people, yes, perfect attendance as always, i pmed them.

    "You casual apes, perhaps if you stand down and stop this insolence, i will allow you to lick my boots clean after we are done with you."

    No reply.

    Did a guild really just deny me???


    Within the next 5 minutes they would be wiped from the nodes, their base in shambles and destroyed as i sent 5 tamers for their fort. Watching from down below on our tier 4 elephant as they got wiped by 4 people.

    This will teach these mouthbreathing troglodytes to respect me, i thought as i turned around the elephant.

    My turn was wide, my stride majestic and in that one turn i accidentally wiped karthages fort from the map as well.

    "Tssk, no match for our greatness." I heard a new Enemy player say. He was banned on the spot and hospitalized by my deathsquad. Do. Not. Speak. During. My. Nodewar.

    Soon after we met unicorns. They had 5 people in base and were watching the latest season of my little pony together.

    "Ugh, i can not filthy my glorious, manly hands with these mongrels, please leave them on the node and go scout for Enemies main channel, we need them to disband tonight."

    And with a flick of my fingers, it happened. All at once our members dissapeared and unicorns was left alone.

    Rumor has it they couldnt take down our tower.


    #11454 Angeal, May 10, 2018
    Last edited: May 10, 2018
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  15. pessle

    Feb 12, 2016
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    I'd refrain from jumping on the bandwagon and complaining about this change until we have more data to look at. One of the reasons large scale was unplayable before the patch is because everyone was able to get their damage skills off safely (if we ignore desync) without getting CC'd which resulted in insane damage output and fights being decided in the first 2-3 seconds of the engage. With the new system hopefully the total damage being output in large scale fights will decrease as more people will choose to play defensively to avoid being CC'd, choose to focus on CC rather than damage to maximise their impact, choose to gear in a way which allows them to survive getting caught or are just unable to recklessly dive in with their AP gear and expect consistent results.
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  16. Great to see you could atleast admit being more than 15, guess the screenshot left the part of you claiming to be 15 out.
    As for being super serious it's not but you trash talk continously and as stated I don't support it.
    As for overgeared that was an aim towards some of your individual members.
    I get that some really geared people want to do T1 but it's apparent to me that some cannot accept loss & choose to stay on T1 with it.
    I can only speak for what we stand for & as soon as I feel we're ready to move up a Tier this will be the case.
    I will not deny the lower geared spectrum of players to have the chance of getting in to Node Wars because it effectivly kills the entire scene.
    I'm not all that outraged about your average gear, but indeed how you behave and just if you get 1 wipe on the opponent you decide to continously trash talk & verbally harass other players.

    Thank you.
  17. Jensen

    Feb 26, 2016
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    yeah no

    the only thing that ruins large scale is PA, thats the reason why so many guilds died, split up into small scale
    that plus the never ending buffs to AP

    having wiz/wit only in large scale was a nice meme and all, but after these changes, theyre basically the best and only classes for it

    what use do you have for a war/valk atm ? they bring next to nothing to the group, and theyre literally useless in large scale, as soon as you stop blocking youre instantly ccd, nothing has sa or fb
  18. Damocleez

    May 9, 2016
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    GM of Karthage here. GG for the fight was a really good one, love to see the salt from Megumin we simply did what was the best for both of us.

    We went and dealt with TheLastUnicorns as they put a flag near our base, it wasn’t a threat but was distracting us enough to impact our support vs Megumin. My officer kept in touch with you and it seemed to work in our favour as we could flank round NW easier once we took them out since we were built quite far from the rest. Megumin has some really strong players (several witches), GG to them for the fight but it made complete sense for us since Remains Vs Karthage as predicted was a really good match up, it was a shame we didn’t have longer to resolve the conflict. Did not mean to come across arrogant with the ‘we are stronger’ but I felt as an entire guild we had a slight bit more pressure but it could have gone either way, we both wanted a win in the end and we couldn’t agree on an honorable solution, which is understandable. GG again on the fight and we hope to face you again!

    - Damo
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  19. Angeal

    Feb 11, 2016
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    Love how both of you are crying about megumin. We just went there for a fun small non mandatory to test out the changes.

    Nobody is salty apart from you two who replied several times with how much you hate us, we were just having fun wiping people.

    Grow up and donate your salt to your local mcdonalds. Their fries have been tasting bland lately.
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  20. I agree and we resolved the situation the best way we could and ended it on a good note which is always nice! :)
    Like I said hope to see you guys in the future, GG's!

    I just made my normal chronicles post like after every Node War & we were very happy with the result just like Karthage.
    I'm not crying about you nor being salty, I've simply made a statement saying I resent your cesspool of **** you call a guild. :)

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