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EU Territory and Node War Chronicles

Discussion in 'Server Chat and Guild Alliances' started by Rinel, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. DawnTime

    Jul 5, 2017
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    Rhutum Outstation (T2)
    Prismatic (29) - Remix (10?) - DosRombos (40? - 0 after 30minutes) - Arpeggio (35?) - ApeNation (35?)
    Winner: Liberated

    5 Tower Nodewar, promised to be a good fight. After scouting everyone we figured we probably cant take out ApeNation alone, asked the other guilds wether they would like to 2 or 3v1 us afterwards.
    Sadly communication didnt work so well as most guilds did seem inexperienced. After losing the first few engages to ApeNation, DosRombos just left the node.
    Remix didnt really have the numbers to do alot, so it was us and Arpeggio for most of the Nodewar. Our engages on ApeNation were better than expected, we managed to somewhat evenly trade in most fights, loosing to their respawns in the end.
    After around 1.30h we started winning a couple engages and even made some progress on ApeNations base, probably while they had a group on arpeggio. As we couldnt fully break their defence, we ended trying a tp play as the node was about to liberate, but they were ready for it and managed to overwhelm us after a close fight at their base.

    GGs was fun and good practice for us.
  2. TD2


    Nov 2, 2017
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    Eastern Gateway (UT1 1 week)
    Necrotic vs Konoha (20~) vs Access_Denied(29)
    Decided to 1v1 Kamasilve today.
    We went for Necrotic first and had mixed results in the first engages, we managed to get a foothold on their base due to us winning most of them. After 10 minutes, Kamasilve found their base and we 2v1d them until they fell at 20.19
    Sorry for the zerg guys but we chose to 1v1 Kamasilve today. We'd like to fight you some other time =)

    After initial fights going back and forward, we did a few choke point fights in front of Kamas base which we won 3 out of 4. When they wiped us, they had a cannon and an annoying party so we decided to wait for our flag and then go for their base.

    We had almost 2 hours of good pvp, we learned alot during these 2 hours and we hope that they also did.
    Zeds party is the most annoying party in all of BDO let's just make that clear.
    After 1 hour and 55 minutes we won. If they realy wanted to they could have liberated so thanks for that Kama!

    GG exilium
  3. YuukiAsunaCSGO

    Feb 2, 2018
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    No offense but are you still on that ?
  4. MaZiii

    MaZiii EU

    Dec 26, 2015
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    DosRombos left after 1h20mins.
  5. Nevie

    Nevie Tadpole

    May 4, 2016
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    choo choo all aboard on the SPI train =) hihi xd
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  6. Sneakapeak [Murgurgula]

    Mar 28, 2016
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    Your base location happened to be right between us, unfortunate for Necrotic.
    We got a great fight with A_D afterwards tho, and we did not get the node gifted to us.
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  7. Horstmann

    Jun 27, 2017
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    Beacon Entrance Post (T1)

    Bliss(40) vs Origine vs Heilig vs Karthage + snipefort?
    Big numbers today, went for a populated node and wanted to 1v1 Karthage in the end. Since Origine were close to us we went for them first and had a few back and forths while also having Heilig pay a visit to our base, lost annexes and ~ 50% of our fort health there. We did however recover and went back to Origine, one deathball later and we chopped their fort.

    Heilig put up a fight at their fort and we pushed them both with a separate group and our main group, can't really remember how much time we spent here. Were Heilig perhaps on the offense at Karthage prior to us showing up?

    Karthage had a really nasty fort location by the troglodyte post so we had to climb, some back and forths in the mountains between our attack group and Karthage members while our main group worked towards the base, good fights both on the mountain top and inside their base.

    All in all good fights with all guilds, gg.
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  8. Mathoul

    Mar 1, 2016
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    SPI gone wrong
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  9. Taiten

    Taiten Musa 56

    Sep 20, 2017
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    The irony
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  10. cofused

    Feb 19, 2016
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    we was 28 yday and you forgot to mention that you guys needed 45min 4 vs 1 on thejunkies
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  11. Fesquera

    Jan 19, 2016
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    Alumn Rock Valley (Tier 1)

    Varshen (29) Vs. BlackTemplars (30-35) Vs. Terrible (27) Vs. BaloneyBrothers (?) Vs. DieVierWinde (60-70)

    All things considered this wasn't too bad of a war. We were approached by Terrible for an alliance right at the start. Since we didn't know them, but a quick look at the guild page gave us the idea that they might put up a fair fight, we accepted. We then quickly went for BlackTemplars, who were quite strong, possibly stronger than us, but we never got to a fair enough 1 versus 1 scenario to find out for sure. Baloney, DieVierWinde and BlackTemplars seemed to have all teamed up, so it was a 3 vs 2. Both of our bases came under pressure, but the Terrible GM was great to work with, so we were actually able to also pressure the other guilds. What ended up being the deciding factor was DieVierWinde. They were too damn many. I say 60-70, but I swear to god that was a low estimate. On our own defense they were easy enough to hold because they were actually made out of paper, but on offense we couldn't get enough damage done to their fort due to the sheer number of people they had.

    DieVierwinde ended up taking out Terrible, while 2 of our players (I was one of them :D) held 25 DieVierWinde occupied in their base, they had around 10-15 roaming around the Varshen fort. So they had 40 people busy, and still had enough leftover to take out Terrible, that's how big of a zerg it was.

    In the end the node went liberated. Shout out to BlackTemplars for being friendly good sports and to Terrible for being a pleasure to work with!
  12. Dogolf/ Schausi

    Aug 30, 2017
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    Gavinya Volcano Zone (T2)
    EXIT (30) - BegForYourLife (~20) - Standby (25-30)
    Winner: EXIT

    So Yesterday (Sunday) we went full Roleplay - mode and defended our Node in Valencia.
    Around 19:30 a StandBy - Officer wether we would like to go for a 1v1 or not. We agreed to the offer and then the nodewar started.
    After Scouting ther 3rd Guild (you guys just happened to be on the wrong node sry :/) we quickly cleared their base and destroyed their fort together with StandBy.

    At 20:18 we started with the 1v1 against StandBy.

    They went for a push to our base immediately and got wiped completely on their first push without us losing hardly anyone.
    From this point on the pressure was in our favor, keeping them turtling in their base for almost the entire nodewar, slowly killing their structures.
    We got their entire Base cleared several times and damaged their tower down to 50% 2 or 3 times but we couldnt quite finish the job since they had a really good defense in their base. We pushed them for the last time at 21:35 and used our CTG in their base ( just in case we would die).
    The Nodewar ended at 21:41 with us as the victorious ones.​
  13. Azu


    Dec 16, 2015
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    I didn't forgot, I wrote it. ^^ check below:
    You made me doubt so I checked via our streaming video:
    - You were 34.
    - ~10min after start you attacked us with a 28 people squad for ~15min.
    - You fell 55 min after start, not 45 min.

    Our PoV: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/282293706
    It starts at minute 15.

    You fought well but considering your number and position on the map, we had no other choice than to ask the other guilds to turn against you.
    It happens to us too. ^^
    #12713 Azu, Jul 9, 2018
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2018
  14. Zephyraz

    Jun 1, 2016
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    Wandering Rogue Den (t1)

    LowKarma(37) vs Fiction(33) vs Blue(31)

    Sooo it was fast, really fast... 35 min of turtling vs both guilds, sadly we werent able to fully wipe both guilds.

    After this Fiction closed the node in about 15 minutes.

    GG to both guild i guess... it wasnt even fun.
    #12714 Zephyraz, Jul 9, 2018
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2018
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  15. Aastrid

    Mar 8, 2016
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    We were 31 people 29+2 def :)
  16. NotZuko

    Jan 3, 2018
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    Hexe Stone Wall (T1)
    Xion (8 & no PA's) vs Nightclub (25?) vs Megumin (15~20?) vs Bloodwings (25~30?)

    It was that time again to fill our node war needs, we decided to build on hexe stone wall cause we are very familiar with the area.
    Decided to go for a bit of a meme spot on top of the mountain, hoping others guild wouldn't go on us cause we are a bit harder to reach.

    Turns out our plan worked out(also the fact that we are basically no threat with our numbers helps) so we got contacted by Megumin for an alliance against nightclub and later on bloodwings also joined in.

    Since we have low numbers our goal was to be as annoying as possible to Nightclub, trying to keep poking them, running elephants in their base, engage them from the back while they are fighting, try to split up their forces by having them chase us and stop them from rebuilding and repairing.

    about an hour in Nightclub went down and we just went to the guild that was closest to our base (bloodwings) since we were not gonna be a match for any of the guilds left. We tried to have as much fun as we could while bloodwings had a group on our fort trying to axe us down asap.

    It was a very enjoyable war for me, very different play style cause of numbers than we are used to but we did what we could to help out.

    GG & GF

  17. Mountain Hound

    Apr 28, 2016
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    We won.
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  18. Reliance

    Reliance NotReliance Warrior 61 EU

    Mar 28, 2016
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    T3 WutFace
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  19. Riiip

    Riiip Hydreus Musa 60

    Apr 2, 2016
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    Valencia Castle Site: (T3)
    Paranoia (38) + Locusts (28) Vs Eclipsed (70ish or some ****)
    Winner: Paranoia

    Took down Eclipsed after 1 hour 30 or so. Worked with Locusts because Eclipsed and we had backup shotcaller.
    Eclipsed were able to pressure Locusts hard even though we were at their base pushing it in. After about 45 minutes they swapped to pressure us instead, thankfully we got them down after both sides got their flags up near Eclipsed base.

    Nice to see Matipax my old guildy in the middle of their blob, long time no see. Afterwards we went after Locusts and won the node. GFight

    Paranoia Statement:
    Mathoul is a plebian
    #12719 Riiip, Jul 9, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
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  20. Damocleez

    May 9, 2016
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    > Complains that all nodes LowKarma go to are snipes
    > Complains that they get no pvp
    > Tells us that a 2 v 1 is 'part of the game' and that we should accept it
    > Complains when they get 2 v 1'd or have some pvp

    > LowKarma ladies and gentlemen

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