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EU Territory and Node War Chronicles

Discussion in 'Server Chat and Guild Alliances' started by Rinel, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Mathoul

    Mar 1, 2016
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    1v1 Necrotic when
  2. Oaklay

    Jun 7, 2017
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    Funny thing about this whole thing is that Resi blamed Addicted back in the day for zerging a T2 node, and thus zerged them with Inversion and some other guild on a Calpheon siege it was I believe. Which I respected! Odz was pissed about it and gave that as a reason why they zerged them in that siege................. And now they are zerging T2 nodes........... shame............ shame......... But gratz on the 2 T2 nodes.
  3. Hennyman

    Hennyman Warrior 61 EU

    Mar 7, 2016
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    Western Gateway - T2 Conquest

    Leviathan (27) vs Resilience (35-40) vs Caronte (???)

    It was a good fight against Resi, who had the upper hand for most of the node war. We had some successful wipes on them, but were mostly defending, and they eventually overwhelmed us with really good use of ninjas and kunos in our backline and sieging our base
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  4. Silnaer

    Jul 27, 2017
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    Veteran’s Canyon 25/07/2018

    Trauma (17) - Kujiratori (15-20?) - Remains (Snipe)

    Winner: Trauma

    We placed on this node today because our guild really likes climbing mountains and so out fort was on the biggest ****ing mountain in the area (or so we thought). Our base was in the mountains at Cadry’s while Kujiatori’s base turned out to be on the mountain at Basilisk Den, pretty sure they had a higher spot than us :(. We went on the attack from the start, we found a way up the mountain where we did not have to climb at the start. Later we also found a shortcut on the side of the mountain to settle our urge to climb. Our first engages took out multiple recovery centers and flame towers until we did not have enough people left fight them head on(rip medkits). We took our time to just casually regroup on the road next to the mountain while we placed a flag and got our Traumatizer (elephant) ready for the climb. We won the engage and our Traumatizer got his big chance to shine and threw his big damage on the fort. After this we just kept engaging on their base, they never managed to completely wipe us, seems like they did not even try any regroups or coordinated respawns. We kept the pressure on their base not giving them any opportunity to rebuild and we slowly took down their fort in multiple axe sessions. During our attacks on their base they had a couple people attackings our base as well, since we only left 2 people to defend they managed to destroy some structures but did not get any further than that. Despite our worries about facing bigger guilds since everyone is now soft cap we had fun today, 10/10 would climb again.

    • Trauma
    A newly made pvp guild aiming for the small-scale dream. Looking for more skilled and dedicated people who share our aim. Check our guildpage or join our recruitment discord!

  5. Rondane

    Sep 21, 2017
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    Hexe Stone Wall (T1)

    Final Enemy (34) - War (~35?) - MangoSmile (~40?) - HeadHunters (?)

    Non- mandatory NW for us, so we decided to go T1.

    After scouting each guild on the node, we were a bit astonished to find War on a T1 but due to the recent revamps everything seems to be a bit mixed up I guess.

    We tried to contact MangoSmile for an ally but unfortunately didn't get any answers at the start.
    After a few minutes War gathered up at our base and HeadHunters contacted us, saying they are beeing pressured by MangoSmile.

    As expected, War put up a really decent and exciting fight, with some fine tactics and annyoing canoneers.
    We managed to defend some time against Wars constant pressure, when at about 45 mins MangoSmile brought HHs tower down,
    joining the fight on Wars side.

    Since we already had a hard time defending against War, we went down at about 1h into the NW.
    MangoSmile followed like 10 - 15 minutes after us (without any salt, I really do question that decision from a tactical pov).

    GGWP to all participating guilds!

    - FinalEnemy -
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  6. Riiip

    Riiip Hydreus Musa 60

    Apr 2, 2016
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    Mediah Northern Gateway (T1)
    Paranoia (31) +/Vs ToNieMie (40-50) Vs Desync (34)
    Winner: Paranoia

    After doing T2 yesterday and bumping into VoS we figured we'd chill out on T1 after yesterdays hectic war. Also dropped to T1 to test against an enemy running the 7 day gear box. As it turns out, Desync had the same plan and considering they were 45ish yesterday we wrongly figured their numbers would be similar 24 hours later, Our attendence was thought to be a bit low so we approached ToNieMie to offer a 1v1, mainly to test whether a guild being boosted greatly by the 7 day gear from today's patch made a huge difference in the outcome.

    We were told that ToNieMie would be between "40 and 50" by their diplomacy so we took the fight interested in how big a difference the gearbox would make.
    I decided to give Desync a headsup that they were about to be teamed on so they didn't abandon their base and get caught off guard. In the end Desync were only 34 so they were a lot less than they were the day before, they held well so overall as a strength test on the defensive side they did well.

    Desync fell and then we fought ToNieMie, we got no response on regards to a break and then spotted their guild grouping very close to our base so we decided to be proactive and engaged on them. We then applied pressure and took down ToNieMie.
    We're not too sure how many of them were running with the gearbox equiped from their raid but if they were all running the box it didn't make as much of a difference as we first feared. Although maybe ask me again if we bump into Easystreet running the box gear.

    Good fights guys
  7. pessle

    Feb 12, 2016
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    We were 21 today.

    It was interesting fighting against guilds using their softcap boxes. Node wars seem to play out a little bit more slowly now with the improved defensive structures and the removal of rez kits but once the flags started flowing and the cannon balls started landing it was back to normal. After FE went down the 1v1 with Mangosmile started right away. we had a few fights near their base, slowly making progress until they eventually TP'd on our base. We did a defensive TP, wiped them and after a couple more pushes on their base won the node.

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  8. Sneakapeak [Murgurgula]

    Mar 28, 2016
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    Erdal Farm (Conquest T1)
    Kamasilve (26), Kuraidesu, Marsattacks, Remix
    Winner: Kamasilve

    Took down Kuraidesu, while the other two had their 1v1.
    Remix got taken out around the same time as Kuraidesu, which left us to fight Marsattacks.

    It was all over in 25 minutes.
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  9. GTess

    GTess Tamer 61 EU

    Feb 14, 2016
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    THREE t2 nodes now ;)
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  10. Vanspoon

    Vanspoon Tamer 62 EU

    Oct 30, 2016
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    gfs overall
    essentially toniemy broke our traps and attacked our structures and tower making us unable to try anything different than defending.
    pity because it would have been an interesting 1v1.
  11. Heedun

    Heedun Sorceress 62 EU

    Jan 22, 2016
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    They won THREE t2 nodes?? A challenge only the 3rd strongest siege guild in the server could accomplish!
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  12. Certify

    Dec 15, 2015
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    Damnnn, would like to know more about Heedun's guild rankings/tier list
  13. Flixerine

    Flixerine Ranger 62 EU

    Feb 11, 2016
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    You were 18+ (counted 18!) and you saw our scoreboard with 14 people 15 if you add the crasher, why are you lying like this? You clearly outnumbered us. Guess it feels better to think you won against a more numerous opponent with the gear you have on loan. :)
  14. Anonyzero

    Jan 31, 2018
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    T1 - Northern Guard Camp
    Suicidal (48) / Demetori (40?) / Volans(20?)
    Winner: Suicidal
    We're still trying to figure out as a guild which tier we belong on in the new nodewar system, but seeing most T2 guilds are going T1 conquest now, we'll stick around. Nodewars are a complete shitshow, especially with the free soft-cap gear for a week. But hey, lets have some fun :^)

    “Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos....and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair.”


    We've scouted out all bases in ±5-8 minutes, and noticed Demetori building very close to our fort. Without hesitation the main group started to move out and start the low respawn timer endless fights against Demetori. In the meantime Volans contacted us for an NAP vs Demetori, which we accepted. Not entirely sure if we should have agreed, but we were unaware of the strength of their guild - was 91 members on guild ranking. I didn't see much strategy or tactical play from Demetori, it was pretty much just running in with PA and getting a few kills, dying, ressing, rinse repeat - this was still with low res timers. In the meantime we ran into Volans a few times, but they were fighting us as much as Demetori, while some of our confused members died to them knowing we had a NAP.

    We tried to use the area surrounding Demetori's base as our advantage, it was a refreshing place to fight at with less trees blocking your vision, some interesting high grounds, rocks, bridges to play around. Flank teams were in the wheat fields holding small skirmishes while our main group did some good pushes into the base. Further uncoordinated respawns from Demetori ensured that they fell after 25-30 minutes.

    Immediately after Demetori's base went down Volans started going to our fort on horses, but I think most of them got caught before they even got close. After we killed most of them we started going to Volans, and didn't meet much of a defense. I'm not sure what happened, but seemed like they had given up, or something scared them off? They were respawning 1 by 1 in their fort, us never fighting more than 10 people at a time. Before their fort was even close to falling, GGs were said from their side. Nodewar ended in 45 minutes.

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  15. Zephyraz

    Jun 1, 2016
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    Man you should rename your guild "Valencia" btw. (LuL)
  16. MoZex

    MoZex Musa 62 EU

    Jan 26, 2016
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    I can relate the frustration when others expect your guild to fight tougher opponents when in the end each guild can do whatever they please without being judged for it. Resi has also done their fair share of contribution in the past tipping the balance of top guilds, they have earned their pension.

    However what makes me inclined to agree with you is that as a so often called 'dognari' by resi, many resi members toss around insults and find themselves superior in the present. Many of them believe to be top dogs as siege/nw guild and are delusional as to why their management often picks lower tier nodes/build late.
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  17. MotivatorBaldoww

    Jun 4, 2018
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  18. Ispanici

    Mar 28, 2018
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    After we scout all guild, we know right HH (30/35) doing alleance with Final so we choose to fight from start and make a NAP with War.
    We attack pretty hard the HH for 40/45 minute, their defend good in an optimal position but we destroy enemy tower after 45/50 min. After this we focus on take down Final Enemy for doing last 1vs1. They defend so good, but is hard to defend against 60/70+ player.

    In the last 1vs1 we know is over for us but we try and we do a good fight against War. They make an exeptional defense TP and destroy us, after this they win node.

    Just for say, we are 52, but 5 going to eat, 7/10 are under 60 in defense position. Only 50% choose to take new box, we like pvp and is not important equip or other, we just want fun.

    If we probably maked a Triple Ally with Final Enemy and HH we probably haved more chance to take down War and after this we can try to work for 1vs1 with HH, but as i said we just want pvp.

    GG all and thanks for good pvp.
  19. Lyken

    Nov 23, 2016
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    Having good pvp does not exclude having at least minimal tactical awarness. You jumped with your 52 people on weekest enemy and allied with strongest one which will eat you 1v1. You could have a good pvp anyway and chance to get the node.But it looks like War outplaed you tactically. Neverthless gg to everyone.
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  20. ELMO5K1

    Mar 6, 2016
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    Loool Resi are so commendable on all they have done for the siege scene XD. Remember when Odz blamed Pruim for exploiting (no proof) the same siege he put a sailboat on the wall of the castle (not for the first time). Bunch of delusional kids thinking they are good because they zerg. Congrats guys you really are a top siege guild, scared to even go to 1 tier 3 conquest node after sundays pummeling. Maybe everyone now will realise what a joke they are. Great officer team btw hahaha, you might have a new representative on the podcast who can hold himself abit better than your previous ones but your decision making is top notch XD and the fact you zerged down Sov with 3 other guilds and still lost! Tier 1s next week boys?
    #12940 ELMO5K1, Jul 26, 2018
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2018

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