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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Andaro, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Rahuu

    Rahuu Thornflood Striker 61 EU

    Oct 27, 2016
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    Copy pasta from thread that I opened a few mins ago, join the discussion if interested: https://community.blackdesertonline...-talk-dungeons-more-instanced-content.360003/

    Instanced dungeons (both solo and party based) could and should be a thing in BDO. I think they should be made in a way that no fast travel would take place at all: instead of giving access to instanced content from menu/UI, players will actually have to head to specific destinations throughout the map to reach the entrance to the dungeon. Just like Hystria or Aakman, but in a fixed location. This would allow to make some good use of the otherwise mostly useless areas - like, yesterday I passed by the Deserted City of Runn, or Tungrad Forest, and I thought: I love how the place looks.. but what's its purpose?

    This game begs for reasons to explore such a wonderfully conceived world. A whole set of dungeons accessible only by travelling to remote areas would bring more immersion. The cherry on top would be if the dungeons access locations were not disclosed by devs, so the players would be motivated to explore/free roam the map and share the intel between them (or why not, keep it for theirselves?). I would be happy enough to read patch notes and see the devs just go "Hey guys, we just added new dungeons. Good luck finding them!", and leave the rest to the players.

    These mysterious instances throughout the map wouldn't have to be dungeon runs or raids all the time, but even other sorts of minigames if the devs feel like! Also, it would be an opportunity for the devs to insert more lore and references here and there to make the experience even more immersive.
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  2. Kaalin

    Mar 23, 2016
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    Add titles for fish released with Drieghan.
  3. HamyBrix

    Jan 4, 2018
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    Hello everybody :)

    First off I am not a native speaker, so kindly excuse any writing error.


    Increase value of all grind spots and make all of the spots worse to grind.


    On every spot is a new NPC, this NPC will sell you different coins for the grind spot to start a challenge.
    The challenge is about the total silver amount (all items and raw silver ) you gain at this grind spot in a certain time frame.
    The coin will set up the time to grind for the challenge.

    Once you activated the coin the time is running and is displayed at the top of the screen and the total amount of silver gained within this time is displayed as well.

    After the time is over your total amount of silver will be recorded and displayed in the ranking table per grind spot.
    You will receive a to be defined benefit if you reach the top 100, the top 50, the top 20, top 10 or being the third, second or first in addition to the amount of silver you gained during the grind session.

    Every week the ranking will be reset and the ranking start over again.
    At the end of the week the top players will receive an additional benefit for the position in the ranking.
    Afterwards everything will start over again.

    An additional page could show an all-time ranking beside the weekly reset.

    The system could be applied for life skilling as well.
    Wood gathering in Balenos, same as for the grind spots. Amount of logs during a certain time frame and everything else is described above.


    Every Grind Spot depending of the additional benefit will be worse to grind.
    The ranking will motivate players to push even more for pearl shop items e.g. weight, artisan, item slots and etc.
    Grind spot balance is not needed to be reviewed completely because this system will be on top of the actual one and could balance all grind spots from the scratch.

    Would love to see that in any way in game.

    PS The function of setting up a circle for horse riding could be used to set up your own grinding route.
    After starting to run your circle a time is running and will show you how long it takes to complete one round.
    Those routes could be shared and if you beat a route of another player (time and silver gained at the route) you will receive a certain benefit.

    Hope that makes scene.

    If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to contact at any time.

    Best regards


    lv 61,45 Mystic EU
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  4. Bjalmarr

    Mar 29, 2016
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  5. Rayin

    Jun 6, 2016
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    A small insight on the matter that certainly will be gone in few minutes by the hand of mods. Apparently if you want to join that Discord know the followings things:

    • - You can't use words such as "Hacker" or "Private Server" in Library Discord even tho you're not sharing any sensible information about those but are used in references or as examples, else your message will be instantly deleted. As any message that seems eligible to be deleted or moderated. You won't find a list of censored words, so if you want to type a text of 5000 characters, you're going to lose it, so better save the message before you send it in that DS and rework it later.
    • - You shall not use constructive criticism to contest the excessive use of Censorship that doesn't help in the process of communicating a feedback as every person has its own way to express himself/herself. Your feedback will be dutely noted, aka ignored. Or you'll be muted by the pletora of automatic bots that are there to tell you that some Streamer has been successfully included into the partner-ship or are there to block you because you used too many times the word "Private" as it offend the sensibility of those who hold dear Private stuff and trigger in them a PTSD episode upon reading this word typed.
    • - You shall enjoy all the useless sections such as the in-game trivia that tells you things about BDO plot every day, because in a Discord that is meant to give your feedback those sections are needed.
    • - You can enter your feedback without any filter with the apposite format, so if you don't want to bother with people and their feedback or see your idea discussed, just use it to bypass any reasonable concern. Your idea is worth more than being discussed, we all know it. There's no need to discuss things in a Discord that is meant to discuss stuff, just follow the rules and use formats, do surveys, do anything you find appropriate as long is in the rules. Enjoy your stay, the meme chat, the off-topic chats, whatever you wish in there beside discussing, that Discord is full of sections where you can meme.
    • - All the forum suggestions will be included in that Discord without any feedback, even if aren't elaborated, properly thought or pertinent with the game as long you don't have any beef with its Creator on a power trip and the staff, else feel free to see them scrapped in favor of "Can i have a snail pet?" that is truly important. They won't be never linked in the #forum section, ever.
    • - It's the hugest Circlejerk from the birth of Masonry and Lobbies, you must radiate positive vibes, say how PA & Kakao are doing an awesome job and rejoice with the general positive spirit even tho you're being Neutral, else is for sure a negative feedback and counter-productive.
    • - Ideas will be filtered in a way that each Suggestion doesn't have its own category, so if you want to request a Snail pet like i said above, that's the place for you. If you want to talk about class balance, about how to improve lifeskills suggesting in a detailed way funny and rewarding mini-game or talk about the current state of the game and its main issues, that's not the place for you.
      Those kind of suggestions will be drowned and buried under the tons of QoL suggestions such as "Can you make a third seater for my Awakening horse so i can ride it in the traffic as a guy from Naples does inside the city with Vespa carrying his friends around?" or "I want a yellow wagon" inserted daily basis in Poll & Survey, because the ratio between significant suggestions that makes it through Popularity Poll and Survey is 10:10.000, so of course you'll see more QoL suggestions forwarded to our Developers than significant suggestions addressed to obviate to the pletora of issues that this game has.
    • - Since the Project in its entirety is managed to forward those kind of suggestions that are neither that time consuming nor require a ton of resources and are also welcomed by both PA & Kakao as half of them are Cash Shop centered, of course you'll see them granted in a month or two. As i said, they're not time consuming and can generate money, so it's good that they make us "happy" with small concessions, the Project from that point of view is a success. We're achieving great results asking them the same pets with different skins, to modify certain parts of outfits, to make Cash Shop Fences or introduce more sliders to make ears bigger.
      They listen to us, you can see it from the results of each monthly Survey, because they're giving us what we wanted. If you don't believe my word, ask for a Diagram instantly generated in regard of how many suggestions have been forwarded and succesfully implemented, doesn't matter if of those 500 suggestions, 495 are "Make the Value Pack increase 17 slots instead of 16" and 5 meaningful suggestions are diluted and filtered before they are included in any poll/survey. If you want to speed up the Ancient Relic scrolls boss because they are honestly too slow you can't, get that "Add 5 MF bundle to the NV" instead for reasons. /s.
    I want to thanks everyone for wasting my time, in this Discord there are also plenty people that are unwilling to discuss ideas and will dismiss them saying "I don't like it" even tho they won't argument the reasons behind this reply, but will browse meme sections and such to spend a wonderful, nice day, with a lot of like-minded people, because an "Unofficial" BDO Discord that is being nurtured in an "Official way" is a place where you share your feelings and express you personal identity as Internet persona, not a place where you Suggest, Discuss and analyze critical issues and figure out a way how to solve them to improve the overall quality of this game.
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  6. Guybrush_Threepwood

    Jan 9, 2019
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    I want to suggest for tent/campsite to have the following : Cooking Utensil, Alchemy Tool, Sleeping Bag.

    It already has storage, shop, repair, currency exchange, etc. Why not Cooking, Alchemy and Sleeping Bag too because it can be said a portable residence. After having 5 residences, I won't be able to buy another residence. If i suddenly need to sleep for restoring a bit of energy, or need to cook/do alchemy FOR QUEST, the campsite would also provide that function.

    Since it is a mobile cooking utensil/alchemy tool/sleeping bag, it shouldn't have the full function of the residence version.
    - Cooking Utensil and Alchemy tool
    Can only cook/craft one time for the non cashshop version while the pearl tent max batch is 3, after that has to put ingredients manually again. Need log for fuel.
    - Sleeping bag
    Non cashshop version 2 per 3 minutes, Pearl Tent version 3 per 3 minutes, but can only fill half energy pool, for example if having 300 energy pool then sleeping in sleeping bag will only regen energy until max 150.
    - Weight limit is THE SAME AS CHARACTER'S WEIGHT.
    - Can sell 5 kinds of items with one hour cooldown (pretend like the butler has to go to nearest vendor to sell it), so after click sell, it will open a small inventory window with 5 slots and cooldown will start after we click ok if it has any item in it.
    - Can carry along one family member and choose to give all exp to him/her.
    - Can be used in safezone/anywhere for cooking/sleeping only, not building the full tent, just sleeping bag or the portable cooker/alchemy tool.

    I also would like to suggest Olvia daily quests to be increased from 40 CP exp to maybe 120 cp exp. Because most of the quests require us to go out there in the field hunting animal or gathering, the time to complete each task is actually much longer than say daily quests in Calpheon or even Valencia, but the reward is too little only 40 cp exp.
    Let horse gallop at full speed when auto (can choose speed using hold rmb+scroll up or down or whatever). Because I usually jam my shift with a coin and use a clothes peg to press the rmb down, but WHY torture me like that, just give an option so horse can run at full gallop even when auto, but this trick doesn't work if the horse has Sprint skill, it won't follow the auto trail when sprint skill is activated. Another weird decision by the devs to not let us use the horse at full speed when auto. I really can't think of a reason why instead of just annoy us.
    Add an option to WHISTLE for the character when he/she is done with a given task, for example after arrive at destination, after done doing processing, or gathering or whatever, so I can be notified when I am alt-tabbing and active in other window.
    Crafting station like Alchemy tool/Cooking Utensil should have its own inventory slots, or able to browse city storage and central market warehouse as long as we have at least one maid, it is VERY tedious to move each and every ingredient every god damn time whenever I need to cook/craft something and put them back. This tedious and unnecessary task is the side effect of monetizing storage slots thus produce inconvenience, I guess it's gonna stay like this forever, but can't help it I got to rant about it.

    I also want to suggest adding inventory for alchemy tool/cooking utensil by making use of PEARL FURNITURES. Like cupboard, tables, etc, not only it will promote sales to furnitures but it will also make it has actual use because right now all furnitures are just aesthetics except bed and some others. Residence Storage can only accept ingredients for cooking and alchemy. It's a separate storage from city warehouse and central warehouse. That would make residence feel like home, can cook food/alchemy without having to go to another city, it's weird having to go to another city just to cook something. With this, residence will feel like a real home, a place to come back to after adventuring while also managing nodes and productions, all from one place.

    I really like it in Heidel, whenever I need to go somewhere, distance is not too much of an issue because it's quite centered from anywhere, it would be nice if I can have my residence in Heidel a place where I cook food/alchemy and managing nodes and production, the addition of central warehouse is perfect, can practically have everything in one city as a real home. As of now, I have to go to Velia where I use as cooking base, and Alchemy base in Calpheon, it feels weird everytime I have to cook I have to go to another city.
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  7. CamwynFamilyValues

    Jan 16, 2019
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    Like many others have suggested: please make life-skill costumes (e.g. fish/shark/riding) family bound--not character bound. I would've bought so many more of these if that were the case.
  8. Guybrush_Threepwood

    Jan 9, 2019
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    I am about to suggest the exact same thing and more. I never ever interested in making alt or playing alt , I only have them just for failstack purpose. But since a few ppl suggested using them for cutting distance by parking at places that I visit often, today I'm trying to level one of them for the purpose of doing world boss, since it is mostly what interrupts me from doing quests in faraway places.

    The first thing come to mind is exactly this, why am I not allowed to use the stuffs I have ALREADY PAID in the same account ? Why am I treated like I'm starting anew (not progress wise, but items that I ALREADY INVESTED IN).

    Not only costume but I want to suggest ALL OF PEARL ITEMS can be accessed by any character and convert accordingly to the class. The reason why I upgraded my account to the most expensive package was because of permanent Horse Flute, the irony is now that I am using a new character, I'm not even allowed to use the horse flute.

    Imo everything that has been paid should be accessible to other characters in the same account be it outfit, costume, weight, inventory slots, everything! I bet It will make people love BDO even more and more willing to invest in buying everything they can afford. It is NOT fun at alll playing an alt. With that, whatever alt ppl play will be even more fun and enjoyable.

    The only pearl item my alts can use is Naphart Campsite and pets, maybe there's more but please make all pearl items accessible to all characters.



    The point of unstackable fish is for selling inventory expansion, I want to suggest for characters that already reached 192 inventory slots will be rewarded with Fish Basket that can hold 192 fish, and all fish from fishing will automatically enter that fish basket or add option in the fishing message near the throw useless item when fishing. Or sell Fish Basket as a new Pearl Item that has the same number of slots as char inventory.

    The reason for this is I'm tired of micromanaging my inventory just for fishing before I go to sleep. Not only I have to go to park my character on the fishing spot, I also have to make space for fishing. Even after I have max inventory slots I still treat it as if I have less slots because I always stash items in storage/warehouse to cut the micromanaging time at night before going to sleep.


    Underwater control is so unintuitive, and when the character is tired I have to just wait so long wasting time until the bar refill itself, stop wasting people's time, let the energy bar fills much faster. It's a game , let people spend time to play instead of wasting time.
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  9. PaleSoul

    Oct 26, 2017
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    First I would like to describe the problem that has been created nerfing Sea Monster Hunting. You tax a guild, the drop rate is severely nerfed and all monsters have more health than they used to. This was because of abuse from players jumping from Guild to Guild. Now that the massive nerfs have hit, you forced all players back to grinding. There already is not enough space for grinding as it is. The recent change that wouldn't allow new Guild members to get payed was what should have been done in the first place. The drop rate on Sea Monster items should definitely be reverted to help free up some of the zones. It is overly populated and contested.

    Next up, the swearing that BDO would never become Pay to Win. This last change that allows people to sell so many pearl items have obviously completely made this game become Pay to Win. I understand as a company, you are in for the profit. However, the choice made here was pretty ignorant. Economics tells us, if something is in demand and at a good price, people will buy it and the economy will flourish while they spend more money. Korea pays a LOT less for pearl items than we do. If you guys would change the prices to cheaper prices, people would be willing to spend more money for their wants and needs. Cut back the amount of items that can be sold and quit trying to push players away. So many are just waiting for the next game because of these tacts you guys are employing. It is not smart in the least bit.

    Lastly enhancement materials. With the addition of Shadow arena, the economy is flourishing with armor stones to enhance past 15. We all know that when we gather, you get 4 hards out of 5 mats when getting stones. What has happened is a drought of sharps. Something needs to be done to increase the amount of sharps that players come across. Happy players equal more business, better reviews, and more players. This also equates out to more revenue for you.

    Oh and PS. Make characters taggable in the Ocean. There is not 1 good reason why characters can't be tagged there.
  10. CaptDew

    Jul 5, 2017
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    Hello everyone .

    Suggestion idea: Add more types of loot to
    sea monster hunting.

    Example: sea monster type Meats, Bloods
    New cooking and achemy to go along with the new types of meats and bloods. Make the benafits of these items worth while . As it take alot of materials and time and effort to make the ships to be able to even hunt these. These meals and alchemys should be worth the effort in return

    Reasoning. Sea monster hunting is a fun activity but it could be more. Adding these items would bring a new dynamic to going out hunting. It would still add to guilds funding . As well as the market. Since nerf on the rare drops. the value of going out to hunt has gone way down . Adding these items would bring back some value to the hunt. In a way that helps the overal market instead of just guilds.

    Ill keep it short and sweet. Thank you for your time everyone
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  11. CompZilla

    Nov 14, 2018
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    ● PETS:
    • Pets to loot from further distances.
    As an Archer or any class that utilises range looting is impractical(and arguably at a disadvantage) and takes away from the immersion/fun factor.

    • Changing level reward accessory grade to one level higher, so Tri to Tet etc.(this would help new players and be an all round better reward which could be enjoyed for longer(they're so nicely rendered, be a shame to chuck em)

    Logistics: All existing level reward accessories would be made redundant. With the new higher grade level reward accessories in the challenge reward window waiting to be received on reaching required level. The top players that have upgraded those accessories(and would be at a slight disadvantage) can choose to sell what they had, trade in the new level reward accessory or use either for alternative characters. It could be seen as a catch up mechanic.

    On the plus side for PA/Kakao: more sales from the Pearl Shop in the form of exp boosts etc with people playing more in general as there would be a massive incentive and a once in a life time opportunity for players to reach these really high levels.

    And/or being able to get something when level reward accessories are not needed(sale to vender/crons etc of a worth while nature.
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  12. exileinator

    May 13, 2016
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    Hello everyone
    Suggestion: Better odds on Dark rift RNG Boxes.

    Currently, i have done somewhere between 10 & 15 dark rifts, in varying difficulties.
    Yet most of the time, regardless of what kind of chest, i get forest ronaros rings 75% of the time. (The same goes for my guildies)

    I'd like to suggest that you rework what they can give, or at the very least, even out the droprates, or remove the Forest Ronaros Ring / Cadry ring entirely from the "Hard" Difficulty box.
    The marketplace is being saturated to a point where half your dark rift rewards are unsellable & the other half you never get from the box anyway. This is not sustainable & it brings nothing but disappointment, when they released Dark rifts, i was excited to get one, that barely lasted a week, due to submediocre rewards.
    (Having to run from valencia to kama to get a forest ronaros ring is not a great experience.)

    This is a legit suggestion, because the dark rift loses all the excitement even though it's such a rare occurence, because you feed people with bad droprates on all the needed stuff, and high droprates on all the useless stuff.

    **Please EVEN OUT THE ODDS** Visually, it looks like you're trying to scam people when 80% of the accessories in the rolling wheel is pri/duo & yet you always get a base Forest Ronaros Ring or Cadry Guardian Junk.
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  13. GlitterBear

    GlitterBear GlitterBear

    Feb 19, 2018
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    Is it possible (I dont know if I am posting this in the correct area) to ask the developers to leave the Lifeskill transfer coupons in the pearl shop like they did the weapon transfer coupons? I ask this because it has literally been months since they were up and I changed characters since they were taken down. People switch characters all the time. It would be helpful to players if we could transfer our skills and weapons at the same time. Thanks!
  14. MMoNoob

    Apr 20, 2018
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    how many players in both na and eu are taking the surveys?
  15. Guybrush_Threepwood

    Jan 9, 2019
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    Please make proper gathering nodes.

    In any other games that I have played, gathering nodes are distinguishable objects that are different from the environment and will be destroyed then disappear when they have been gathered so we can actually see where to gather next. So what we see is what we get, for example we see iron node, we mined it, the node got destroyed then disappear and we got the iron, move to the next, rinse and repeat. We LOOK at the surrounding with our EYES, not using a stupid cat that detects every gatherable nodes be it bushes, rocks or plants.

    In BDO, gathering nodes are part of the environment and not distinguishable objects, even though it's still recognizable like bushes and rocks and plants, but it won't get destroyed after being gathered, so after a while we might lose track of which nodes have been gathered and which haven't, we can use pet ability like cats for detecting nodes but in an area with many different nodes nearby if we want gather plants or rocks only the cat doesn't care. If not using cat then we have to approach the objects hoping interaction menu will popup. That is so unintuitive and lazy.

    Look at this, trees get destroyed and leave a stump after being gathered. The tree wiggles a bit exactly like BDO when the axe hit the tree. Drag to minute 17:57 for chopping tree, 17:23 for flowers, 17:33 for rocks. And this game I'm using as an example is only 163megabytes in size and made by ONE person. WHY BDO, a 30 GIGS GAME WITH A TEAM OF DEVELOPERS IS SO LAZY AND USES TEXT FOR GATHERING NODES ??? There is no telling whether a tree has or hasn't been gathered. The game mechanic using pet as gathering node detector doesn't really work here. I don't mind having my cat useless as a gathering node detector, but make proper gathering nodes to make up for that.
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  16. PaPaFlex

    May 16, 2017
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    Trading: Forgotten life skill

    We all know it is not an easy task to get master 10+ on trading life skill, it takes time and effort. It's a shame that this content has been forgotten after many many people took this path and spent quite a bit of their life to get their master 10+ trading.

    So here is few ideas for a bit of an adjustment that are necessary after 3years of BDO existance.

    1. Add more goods in port rat: master 11/master12/master13 etc.

    2. Lower te weight of the items.

    3. Make available goods per channel depend of you trading level:

    • Currently, you have to be minimum master 10 to be able to purchase 4 oriental spice/channel. Make it so every extra level on your trading level adds +1 oriental spice available per channel.

    4. Change the way players sell goods to Imperial trader:

    • Currently there is a limit 11 oriental spice up to 14 oriental spice per channel for everyone that play BDO, with the current numbers of players this system need to be adjusted.
    • Make it so the limit stays the same, but make the limit per family, not per server. Or (see point 5)

    5. Add all goods from port rat to every single imperial trader and change that the distance make differance on the price on the goods you sell, as it is with crates.
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  17. Crimdrac

    Sep 29, 2018
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    Add conqueror pack costume for steam version. Thanks.
  18. Staylay

    Apr 27, 2017
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    please what is needed to black desert online, is to optimize it much more. a game that is not well optimized, will always have fewer players. I have a PC, graphics card: 1050Ti, processor: amd ryzen 1600x, ram 16gb. and even so the game does not have stable fps ... it's uncomfortable to play like that. Sorry to optimize is more important. regards
  19. Iryia

    May 30, 2016
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    Please consider reworking the Maehwa Order of the Apricot outfit in a way where the gloves will be separated out and the icy glow effect (the only real effect on any maehwa outfit) would be tied to the glove so it can be mixed with other outfits which have no special effects.
  20. PaPaFlex

    May 16, 2017
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    Since finally proper solution for gold sellers was introduced (2 weeks apprentice rank after guild change) can we get rid of some fail "solutions" ?
    Especially 70% tax, that should be removed now.

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