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Expanded Trinket Proposal

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Prime Vlilijorn, Mar 13, 2019.


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  1. Prime Vlilijorn

    Oct 26, 2017
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    *The following work is based on a collection of ideas, some my own, others from examples from other stories, shows, concepts, and games. This, by no means, reflects a perfect idea or any sort of finality. While ideas related to this suggestion may have been mentioned before, this aims to be more specific. Expansion upon these ideas is welcomed. I should add that while I occasionally post more complex concepts, groups of concepts, benefits, and solutions - that it in no way means it should/will be more likely to happen. ^_^*


    Trinket Inventory/Quick Slots & Trinkets

    - Possible Additional 3D models
    - Utilization of existing mechanics
    - Creation of new mechanics
    - Utilization of existing animation rigs
    - Creation of new animation rigs
    - Possible creation of animated sprites/graphics
    - Creation of graphics 3D Graphics
    - Creation of graphics 2D Graphics/Icons
    - Update existing code snippets
    - Creation of new code snippets
    - Update UI. HUD/Inventory template
    - Testing and fixes
    - Update logs (patch notes)

    - Create, integrate, and promote activities and engaging content.
    - Eliminate concerns connected to variety of rare magic.
    - Eliminate concerns connected to restrictive play-style in regards to skills and magic.
    - Expand/develop mythologies and BDO game lore.
    - Reduce concerns connected to immersion and active play time.

    This suggestion proposes 2 (Hud/Inventory) trinket slots and and assortment of somewhat rare magical trinkets integrated into the current game, for quick use by player.

    - This would utilize lore, inventory, quest, and buff/cool-down systems.
    - Lore could also be created to fit content based on the black spirit, Kama, witch/wizard, etcetera.
    - These could have and involve deeper magic than that which already exists as buffs.
    - These would exist
    independently from other buffs and items.
    - New animations can be created for specialty item effects.
    - Different appearances/versions/colors can exist.
    - These might only be sold to vendors, not bought from vendors, nor sold on CMP.
    - These trinkets could be gained through high level crafting with some rare materials.
    - Specific crafting/processing levels could be necessary for creation.
    - These trinkets could also be gained from daily or weekly quest-lines.
    - These items could be inventory stack-able.
    - These items might not be buff/timer stacked.
    - These trinkets could be enhanced for longer duration or stronger effect.
    - Quick keys could be assigned to the two trinket slots.
    - While icon is visible in inventory and quick slots, an item doesn't need to be visible on 3D character.
    - For some, during cool-down, there could be side-effects (curses with timers).
    - These could be used and interchangeable between all classes/heroes.
    - These could exist in a varieties of consumable, renewable, and non-consumable/
    permanent object.
    - Some of these (renewable type) could possibly have durability.

    - Many of these could last between 15-40 seconds while having cool-downs lasting 30min-1hr.
    - Right clicking or un-equipping trinket could shut off buff (but cool-down and side effects could remain).

    Possible Trinket types:
    Bracelets, anklets, rings, tattoos/glyphs, amulets, talisman, wand, belt ornament, compass, totems, books, scrolls, dried pouch, beads, animal foot, animal teeth, pendants, metal charms, crystals, sage.

    Possible Trinket Effect types:
    Physical (movement, attack) speed, invisibility, shield, strength, high/double jumping, flight/levitation, healing, curses, disguise, mirroring/cloning, mimicking, stone-skin, additional object fortitude, speed reading, teleportation, creature hypnosis/command, extreme luck, extreme charisma/persuasion, silence, vacuum, breath, confusion, linguistics, truth-seeing, minor telekinetics, nourishment, metal alchemy, shadowmancy, resistances, reveal maps, extreme vision/range, transmutation, magic channeling, conjuring.

    - Creates and promotes activities and engaging content.
    - Broadens future possibilities for game-play, play-style, goals, and quests.
    - Aids in reducing concerns connected to limited/forced play-styles.
    - Adds more functional aesthetics to the game.

    *Again, expansion upon these ideas is welcomed. ^_^*
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