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Fairy System - Rework - A Fairy for Each Profession

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Andaro, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. Andaro


    Feb 8, 2016
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    Throwing this out there as an idea for a "Rework" to the Fairy Laila System.
    This is designed to be more enjoyable for everyone, in all niches of the game, and Kakao.
    I believe this would address several issues that have been discussed, as well as provide a more rewarding and fulfilled feeling of achievement.

    • remove the crevices and honey jars (scrap that part)
    • Petals used to acquire fairy become rare drop, and drop rate of fairy petal is lowered. (keep reading.)
    • remove tiers of fairies, so there is only one tier
    • remove tiers of fairies skills
    • Fairy can level up to 40
    • Fairy gets 1 skill at each level (keeps base gift skill). Skills can level up to level 5.
    • Fairies level up by sharing a portion of the experience gained by the player from performing a certain activity. (see expanded note) The player will receive less experience from the activity , when the "share experience" is enabled.
    • Fairies Skills level up by feeding "Fairy Powder" obtained by gathering, or other rare drop items such as "Relic Shards" from fishing, "Fire Horns" from hunting, "Byproducts" from cooking or Alchemy, etc. (See last note "expanded")
    • Fairies can be sold to Fairies Market. Players can buy, and sell fairies on market. The higher level the fairy, and higher the level of the fairies skills....increases the overall value of the fairy.
    • Pearl shop item "Fairies Gold Dust" will feed fairy and level up fairy skill more effectively than "Fairy Powder" obtained through gathering
    • Pearl shop item "Fairies Blessing Scroll" increases fairies obtained experience by 10% for 1 hour
    • (Expanded Note) Multiple "Types" of fairies could be obtained. A different fairy "type" for each different Life Skill Profession, gives the player different assistants (aides, boost, help) depending on which type of fairy the player has chosen to acquire and level.
      • For example. If you choose a "Garden Fairy", you level up the fairy by Gathering (chopping, collecting herbs/weeds/bush, collecting water, collecting sap, etc). The Garden Fairies skills level by feeding her "Fairy Powder" which is obtained from gathering. A Garden Fairy has skills that are beneficial to a Gatherer, such as "Durability Reduction Resistance 1%" and "Auto Heal Desert Debuff"
      • If you choose a "Hunting Fairy", you level the fairy up by hunting (shoot hunting mob + butcher). A Hunting Fairies skills would level up by feeding her "Fire horns". A hunting fairies skill may be "Increase Matchlock Redload 1%" and "HP Potion use" or "Increase viewing distance +5"
      • If you choose a "Cooking fairy"......your fairy will level up as you cook....her skills level up by feeding her byproducts, and she would have skills to assist her chef such as "Decrease Cook time by 0.3 seconds" and "Bountiful Leftovers +1"(increases chance of obtaining cooking byproducts) and "Fine Cutlery +1" (increases chance to obtain a blue grade cooking item while cooking"
      • If you choose a Combat Fairy, your fairy will level up as you grind monsters.....her skills level up by feeding her Crystals obtained from monster drops, and she assists you with her special combat skills such as "HP Potion Use", "Debuff Removal" (cures burn/bleed/stun/stiff/etc)
      • Fishing Fairy......Training Fairy.....Blacksmith Fairy(processing)....Alchemist Fairy....etc. etc.
      • A different fairy for every profession. Each fairy type would have +1 Luck as a "Gift Skill". Each Fairy would have the Lantern skill for night time. The remaining 3 skills would be tailored to each fairies profession that are designed to assist the player in that profession. Each different fairy would have her own name, and of course, each fairy would get her own snazzy outfit..

    In this manner, although the Petal to obtain a fairy is more rare, it is more of an achievement to acquire a fairy. No RNG is present, and more accomplished positive feelings are present in owning a fairy. Players can level up a fairy through hard work, and, if they choose, sell their fairy to other players for silver; giving the player another active life-profession for obtaining silver.

    The company will also have benefits in Pearl Shop item that decreases the overall time needed to level up a fairy and fairy skills. Although "a p2w factor" is present, it is less of a p2w factor than the current pearl-shop fairy aide items, as there is an RNG presence in obtaining and leveling up fairies.

    This would provide a more stable and enjoyable experience all around, for both players and company.

    @CM Yukimura
    @GM Mercy


    If you like this suggestion, or the general concept and think it is a better direction for our new fairy friends, please pass the word around and encourage others to give a like, or a comment. :)
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  2. MoonDance17

    MoonDance17 Lahn 61 NA

    May 3, 2016
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    I like all of your ideas but if implemented I feel you should be able to have more than one fairy, like pets but only have one active at any given time. I would like a grinding fairy and a gathering fairy and also maybe a cooking one. You could have one of every type, imagine all the pearl shop sales for levelling aid if that were the case.
  3. Netreiam

    Dec 20, 2016
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    I don’t think the elves would appreciate fairy trafficking...

    Otherwise sounds cool.
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