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Staff Response Falling animation on 'Ferocious Assault' absolutely destroying flow of combat

Discussion in 'Bugs - Archive' started by Esix, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Esix

    Feb 25, 2016
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    Don't know why PA touched this, but they did, and made it infinitely worse. Small gaps/cliffs stop strikers like an episode out of classic looney toons. This kills momentum and can be extremely punishing/detrimental to survival in both traversal and combat. I'm sure this was an intentional change with this week's patch but it does not help anyone. It hinders gameplay as opposed to improving it
  2. v.klishev

    v.klishev Striker 62 EU

    Oct 19, 2017
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    According to the patch notes it was indeed intended, but I would like to hear what was the reasoning behind the way it was changed.

    If they want to make us enter the falling animation after the jump is executed that would be fine.
    We jump - animation finishes and if we are not on a surface we fall (just like you would under the laws of gravity). That would be a proper way to add the falling animation.

    In what world do you jump and suddenly in mid-air you lose all momentum and fall straight down like a rock?
    This has to be one of the most idiotic movement changes I have witnessed in a game.

    Please consider having that change, that nobody asked for, or needed, reverted or implemented in a logical fashion.

    And on that note why are we the only ones that get our jumping skill affected in that manner.
    I checked and Zerker leap works just fine - no issues jumping from extreme hights and over gaps.
    Same with tamer pole vault. Yet to check with some of the other classes that have a jumping type skill.

    All in all this change has done nothing but hinder the legitimate use of a mobility skill in and out of combat for our class for no other reason than apparently some dev was feeling like a troll one day.

    I do not think anyone wants or needs that change. Please pass this on to the team responsible to be looked into.
    I doubt we will see any quick fix, but for once we may actually be heard. (although who am i kidding. Unless KR complains we will never see a fix/revert)
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  3. CM Jeste

    Community Manager

    Sep 27, 2017
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    I'm sorry that the changes made on Ferocious Assault could have been an issue for you. I will forward your thoughts and feedback to our team as well as the developers.

    Kind regards,
    GM Jeste

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