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Fansite & Streamer Kit

Discussion in 'Art & Media' started by GM Horizon, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. GM Horizon

    Game Master

    Feb 21, 2017
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    Greetings adventurers,

    If you’re looking to upgrade your fan site, Twitch stream, or create cool fan art, we want to help you out! We've developed two official fan site kits which contain a variety of assets that have been created to give your creations a little extra Black Desert Online flavored goodness.

    Please consider these assets the first draft of what we’d like to offer as building blocks to our fans. For the time being, we would like to gather feedback on these materials and then update them accordingly. So please feel free to download these files, play around with them and let us know what you think. Thanks for your creations and enjoy!

    Download the Fansite kit.
    Download the Streamer kit.

    Last but not least, don't forget to read our Terms of Service regarding user created content. If you have any questions then do not hesitate to ask them in this thread!


    The User is not allowed to create or prepare any derivative work based on the Game unless such derivative work falls under the definition of “User Content” provided in Article 1. (Definitions) of the Agreement.

    The User is not allowed to create or provide any software which would provide an unfair advantage in the Game to its end-users and/or third parties. In order to maintain the balance of the Game, Kakao Games Europe is solely entitled to decide what should be considered as an “unfair advantage”.

    The User is allowed to create User Content to the extent User Content (i) does not violate the terms and conditions of the Agreement, including the services policies provided under Article 12. of the Agreement (ii) is not used for commercial purposes, (iii) does not infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights, trademarks, patents, personality rights (including the right to one’s image), (iv) is not obscene, racist, defamatory, insulting, promoting violence or discrimination based on race, religion, sexual or gender preferences, (v) does not aim at harassing another person, (vi) does not imply any commercial relationship or other connection between User and Kakao Games Europe, (vii) does not damage the reputation or good name of Kakao Games Europe or in any other manner cause harm to Kakao Games Europe.


    The User grants Kakao Games Europe a worldwide, sublicensable, transferable and free license on the User Content, for the duration of protection of User Content by any applicable intellectual property legislation, to:

    - reproduce and display User Content on the official social networks pages of the Game, including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube;

    - reproduce and display User Content on the Website.

    The User also allows Kakao Games Europe to communicate the User Content to third parties, including fan-sites of the Game and other medias for the purpose of promoting the Game and/or the User Content.

    Kakao Games Europe will not attempt to generate any direct revenue from the User Content (i.e. by selling the User Content) without the prior approval of the User, unless such approval was provided by the User prior to taking part to an event organized by Kakao Games Europe for the specific User Content the User provided by the User for this event. The User shall not withhold its approval on unreasonable grounds.

    For our full terms of service please refer to this link.

  2. Concubine

    Mar 15, 2016
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    Is this saying that if we download a toolkit, to promote your game for you, you plan on using the users content at anytime you feel may benefit you financially???
    What is the compensation you plan to provide?

    Also, after another review of your continuously posted Terms of Service, please do consider permabans for individuals that exploit, via fishing or nodes, and realize it is a constant slap in the face to everyone else that plays when these people are not, usually resulting in us ending our financial support of the game.
  3. Soloolo

    Dec 10, 2017
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    Will the Fan kits be updated, once the mystic is release. There are no symbols for the Striker or the Mystic in the present Fan kits
  4. meaghs

    Nov 13, 2015
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    Is there an updated fansite kit that includes the new logo (remastered) and other new graphics?
  5. Xernicus

    Xernicus Xernicus Lahn NA

    Aug 29, 2017
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    I'm not sure if it's 100% complete yet, but here you go (link goes to Kakao Games Korea): http://black.game.daum.net/black/pds/fansitekit/index.daum

    You just need to click on the second tab that reads "팬사이트킷 다운로드" (Download fan site kit), and the download buttons will be below.
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