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Fine I'll make a suggestion then.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by CrestFirill, Aug 13, 2019 at 8:04 AM.

  1. CrestFirill

    Jan 17, 2018
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    So, due to the incredibly well put together Mystery of Summer initial quest, I entered the "fixed" quest with genuine hope that after almost a week we would get a solvable, fun, MYSTERY but I was hit with immense disappointment when it was triple hint-gated and then within the same step is was rng-gated.

    I would maybe be able to be fine with it if at the very least it wasn't accompanied by even more nonsense.

    I've seen several others mention this which made me feel even worse about the support reply I got back (I will get to this in a second). In my (and apparently others') case, the blue flames that were supposed to be killed for the United As One quest, did NOT work properly.
    To elaborate: the flames did not always appear, did not consistently appear and worst of all, the entire object seemed to not render in as well. I had scrolls summoned where I could see all flames, some where I could only see 5 out of the 8, some where I could see only 3 and multiple other combinations of visible/invisible flames. After numerous setting fixed and even attempting on an entirely different device, this issue did not show any sign of fading.

    Luckily I was blessed by having so many friends willing to try it with me, knowing full well that their silver might end up being wasted or that I'd basically be leeching but I'll happily say I have yet to complete this quest, most of these friends luckily have.

    So, with this glitchy behavior, I decided to turn to support. I wrote them a ticket asking 2 things: Is it possible for me to wait a period of time for the flames to appear before attempting to complete the combination (no clue about at this point but at the time there was 0 confirmation on this, I've given up on it for 2 days or so now so there might be clarification now), and being the cheap player that I am, I asked if there was any chance for me to have my gold bars refunded because of this, what to me appeared as a problem on their side, not mine.

    The response I got to my ticket is exactly why I am making this suggestion.

    In theory both of my questions were answered, and normally I'd be able to accept whatever answer, be it in my favor or against mine. But the answers I got were flat out ridiculous.

    To my question about the gold bars I got the following answer:
    I think it should be made clear that I am 100% fine with not being refunded my gold bars, but what flat out pisses me off here is that they did virtually NOTHING to actually investigate the thing being reported here. "Because other people were able to complete it, it seems there is no problem." There is no attempt to guide me to some sort of 'fix' to the problem if it were my side, it feels as though there were 0 attempts made to actually investigating the issue. They did not ask me for specific settings, they didn't ask me if I would be able to gather a video of it to show them more specifically what was going on, heck there was not even a statement saying that it was not their side, they simply said they think it's fine.

    Is this REALLY what people contacting support should expect? Or is this because I put it under the MoS tag, and it is therefore regarded as irrelevant to them for some reason? Why was there virtually no actual action taken when reporting something, this is SUPPORT we are talking about, yet their answer not only left me with more questions, it also made me feel like they just didn't care.

    It wasn't difficult in the sense that I was unable to complete it, it wasn't frustrating in the sense that I wasted my time on it. The problem at hand is that to me it felt/feels like I was being taken a fool by something I could not control and I was looking for possible solutions, not an excuse to get a free reward or compensation.

    And that brings me to the answer to my second question: (the quotes were not taken in order)
    You know, I would be very willing to accept this as an answer if I were to ask for confirmation on where to dig, what order to use for the combination or heck even what territory the next solution would be in. But I most certainly am not able to accept that as an answer to a question of "am I able to wait for the bugged out flames to load into my world before starting the sequence, or do I have to start it instantly?". At this point all of the rewards were claimed or about to be claimed and frankly I gave up on them the previous week anyway. Everyone knew that if you did it instantly you were able to obtain the quest completion, there was no doubt about this, I wasn't asking for a solution, I was asking for a fix to my problem, that was completely unrelated to the actual content of the solution. I simply got thrown an old, chewed up copy-paste reply to anyone asking anything about the MoS event, just to get rid of me. How is this remotely acceptable.

    I'm now about 15 minutes deep into writing a forum post and I'm sure most people that got this far will be wondering when I will make my suggestion and what the whole intention behind this post really is. Allow me to elaborate:

    The reply I got to my ticket included the two answers above, some introduction of the GM supposedly there to assist me but it contained 3 more parts. The closing sentence wishing me luck on completing the quest and that they would be looking forward to my feedback. A ego-stroking sentence about how they endlessly strive to help people like me (ironic right as I feel more harmed by this reply than helped). And a paragraph larger than the actual answers I got about how I should take this problem to the suggestions page on the forum and directing me to the discord dealing with suggestions/idea's. I did not at any point in my ticket mention making a suggestion, I did not say they needed to change the event, the quests, the solutions. I'd like to just say that I still don't clearly have an idea as to why in lords name I got more text guiding me to unrelated places than actual help or clarity on the issue I was dealing with, but it lead me here.

    I'll gladly follow the (rather unrelated) advice I was given in my ticket and I will make a suggestion:

    Please, for the sake of your playerbase, look into creating a support team that will dive into problems such as mine. Stop using automated or copy-paste replies when answering a ticket coming from another human being. Please cut down on the self-loathing encasing in the ticket responses. Please clean up the way you deal with tickets and make sure you are actually trying to help the people contacting you, instead of simply redirecting them somewhere else that they did not look for to begin with.

    Because this is in the end a suggestion, let me give you a few ways to accomplish what I would like to see from a support team:

    • When a problem is unclear or you do not know specifics, whether it be a bug or some other occurrence, try to establish an actual connection with the person reporting it, ask for details by corresponding with them in a clear fashion and aim to find what exactly is wrong. [With a clear fashion I mean the following: clearly state what pieces of information you need, not "do you have specifics" but "what time did this happen, which of your characters, what actions did you take, how many times did it happen, are you able to perhaps gather a video/screenshot of the problem" etc.]
    • Stop using copy-paste replies. I understand you will get a lot of repeat questions, especially during events like these, but most people are quite capable of reading nowadays, so in the hopes of reducing the traffic during these times add a warning to the ticket system, stating that during these events response time is usually slower, that the FAQ might be able to solve minor issues and that you would like as many details as possible (see previous point for specifics). Then actually keep your FAQ up to date too.
    • I understand that representing the company is important and all, but I don't really look forward to ego-stroking messages that do not answer my questions or solve my problems. I know you are there to help me and I very much appreciate it if I actually get helped, please don't fill the e-mail with more text just for the sake of it. We appreciate you regardless of that message, so feel free to just cut it out.
    • Linking in with the suggestion to actually correspond with people on matters that need corresponding rather than empty replies until they finally get a ticket that helps, avoid redirecting people to other places if possible. Obviously if they are asking to be directed or if the direction will be able to give them clear and straight forward help, do so. But there is no real need for redirection to for example FAQ(if you know it is on there, grab it and send them the quote, not only will this help the person instantly solve their mystery but I'm sure they will have a lot more appreciation for you and your efforts as well, bonus points to you for being a nice person on the job!), so make sure to redirect properly.
    Well then, I've now invested even more time in this, since this suggestion stuff was such a big part of my ticket reply, I hope this indeed gets looked at seriously as was claimed in the paragraph about it.

    Thanks for reading if you made it all the way. Have a nice day.

    Just a summary in short: MoS event was nonsense, I asked support for help on something they were definitely able to help me with and I received a far from optimal reply, completely missing my point, misinterpreting my questions, showing low quality and filled with unrelated, useless text seemingly to make me either stop bothering them or appreciate their work even though it did not really help me.
  2. Ozryel

    Jul 12, 2017
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    My group has also had the same strange behavior from the flames. We even had the center flame appear but be apparently indestructible once or twice, preventing us from transferring party lead until the party leader logged off.

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