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First Ultimate Personal Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by LoonyFoon, Nov 23, 2018.


I agree that fixing most of these issues would enormously improve gameplay and player retention.

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  1. LoonyFoon

    Sep 10, 2018
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    Alright, I love this game, but it's got a LOT of basic shortcomings. I've therefore decided to create a list of fairly simple improvements that would make this game better for most people (but not for whales or for arrogant PEN players). I'm hoping that maybe a couple good developers will see it. I will attempt to use very simple words to make translation easier.

    I'm not going to discuss any of these points with anyone in this thread, because I don't have time to teach 50 individuals everything I know, and I don't expect everyone to ever feel the same about any one thing. I'm leaving it to the developers to react appropriately to my genuine effort to make this game better and more popular.

    I will order them from "most forgivable" to "least forgivable" (obviously opinions are subjective, so if you think I'm "wrong", congratulations: you don't understand opinions).

    27. Please give us an in-game timer widget for bosses and bells. Good players already use external apps to help work around this brutal grind, but newbies don't know any better. You could help them a lot by adding this feature. I understand there are alternatives, but an in-game widget could be better than any alternatives because the developers have direct access to all game events.

    26. Please create an opacity slider for the chat & quest window backgrounds. They're very hard to read in many situations. Also, the font is too small on smaller computer screens in good resolution. Why not let us fix an easily fixable feature? If you need help writing UI code, I'm sure *plenty* of your players can handle that.

    25. I know this next recommendation isn't something we expect to see in games, but it would make the game much better: XP gain should be tied directly to number of landed hits (and mediated by the difficulty of getting hits (i.e., enemy strength)). As a bonus, we could get bonus XP for landing longer combinations. This would be a far more "realistic" XP system, because we learn through PRACTICE, not through KILLING. A student should still become more intelligent, faster, stronger, and more skillful just by *trying* to beat up the master - winning has never been a necessary component of progress. In fact, in real life, people arguably learn FAR MORE in a state that is closer to losing than winning (although not totally helpless, hopeless, and "lost"). We could even level up by PvPing our friends at the same rate as leveling anywhere else. This would make the game and especially its grind MUCH more fun and respectable. Also, we should be allowed to active grind scarecrows for free.

    24. Apply all menu options across families. Why would I want to open Inventory with I on one character, and Q on another? The vast majority of people do not use 12 different settings for 12 different characters, so being forced to set them feels like amateur game design. We should at least have the option to apply the current settings across all of our characters.

    23. Make all of the repair options at blacksmiths adjacent, rather than sticking "Recover Max Durability" between them. I wouldn't bother mentioning something so small if it weren't so trivially easy to improve this by cutting and pasting a few lines of code. Simple UI shortcomings like this are disappointing and unnecessary.

    22. Medkits should work by facing the target and pressing the quickslot button just like throwing or anything else that works well in this game. Why is the medkit mechanic trash?

    21. Why can't we dive into the water, or at least fall into water without taking damage? There is no good reason for this and it's stupid and awful. If ninjas can double-jump and teleport and lahns can glide forever, both with 800 pounds in their backpacks, then every damn class in the game should be able to dive into water.

    20. It's trash that Black Spirit rage isn't permanently lockable. Everyone agrees with me. Get on it.

    19. A dark night looks like a bright day in Heidel on many graphics settings, at least in Heidel. Do you even test them? This makes it easy to for many players to miss the Night Vendor while in or near Heidel, because subjectively it will feel like noon.

    18. Nothing about the Journal tab in My Information tells me anything about what it's for or what it does or how to use it.

    17. The Titles search box is case sensitive. What kind of lazy crap is that? Case insensitivity is search engineering 101.

    16. "Introduce Yourself" is a badly named box. It's really introducing your *family*, not "yourself", which would logically imply your character to most native English speakers, especially in the context of a window that contains character-specific information. "Describe Family" would be a better label.

    15. It's annoying that we are routinely notified of quests that we can "do" but *cannot* actually turn in because we haven't met the right NPCs yet. If we are locked out of even saying, "Yo, I found your dog," to NPCs we're not "supposed to" know, then you should flag all of those quests that are turned into those NPCs and prevent us from being able to notice or receive quests that cannot yet be turned into anyone, ESPECIALLY given the tiny number of quests we're allowed to take at the same time relative to the number of quests in the game.

    14. There is not enough fun to be had on the Black Desert map to justify its size while requiring players (especially NEW PLAYERS) to uncomfortably jog across massive distances just to go grind a decent spot with friends. I've heard people ragequit because the game felt like a "walking simulator". That is an awful feeling and not the kind of environment we should create for new players if we want them to STAY (which I do, even if the trolls don't care). This situation could be massively improved by a new-player-affordable public transit system where we pay an NPC at the stable to hire another NPC who takes us between major cities on a T8 two-seater at full speed (with proper timing of skills). Stop wasting new player's time for open world PvP that won't even be fun or interesting to them because they're just getting one-shotted by trolls ANYWAY. (I'm not talking for myself here, by the way. I will happily fight trolls over and over, knowing they have big stats that make them virtually unkillable, just to improve my own skill and waste their time. But not all new players are ME, and not all new players should be FORCED into such negative experiences in a GAME. In other words, we need more fun per square mile, or we need a way to pass through areas that aren't fun much faster. The latter solution seems far easier.)

    13. Please improve the chat box text alignment. The chat box would look better and fit more text in the small space available if you differentiated between the text of different players by using custom colors for our names (selected from a simple RGB picker) and a very thin dividing line at the upper and lower border of a player's messages (matching that player's name color, of course). Then you could bring all text to the far left, rather than aligning it so that all the space beneath a name is wasted. Your current design looks especially horrible when players have long names and window is narrow, because the alignment of text is based on the length of the player's name. This had to have been the bad idea of some novice programmer who needs to realize why nobody else does that. Also, dark gold on 40% transparent black is not easy to read. The font needs more contrast and the background needs to be more opaque.

    12. The left arrow key function is broken in the general chat input box that pops up when you hit enter. Pressing the left arrow key will move backward in your input text correctly, but it incorrectly draws the input-position indicator. Why isn't this higher priority on improvements to the user interface? Heck, how did this even make it past ALPHA? Are we still in alpha? Is this a proper release of Black Desert, or are we in some kind of testing phase that isn't advertised?

    11. Logging thousands of trees is a horrible minigame for building a sailboat. Nobody with a life likes this crap. Let us pay a worker to gather logs and other common resources that we can gather. There is no realistic reason that they shouldn't be able to gather like we do, and the minigame is only fun for people who need lives. You are damaging those people by giving them such a stupid excuse not to socialize. They need to go outside more than they need to log 50000 logs. And if they really, really want to log 50000 logs, let them do it optionally.

    10. Party members should be given the option to follow party leaders who change servers, and they should not need to wait to follow someone with whom they're grinding.

    9. Please just fire the uncoordinated buffoon who decided that we shouldn't be able to whistle for our mounts while we're running and find someone with a sense of imagination.

    8. Cooldowns should reset when we die. Obviously. It's beyond stupid that we are punished by losing thousands of kills of XP when we die, but you can't even do us the common courtesy of refreshing our skills on death. That's asinine.

    7. Please add in-game bug reports. Why isn't this already done? Do you not want to make your game better? This should be extremely high priority, and you've skipped it for years. If bugs are genuinely important to you, what is your excuse for skipping this feature? I doubt it's a good one.

    6. UI scaling is broken on several levels. Even the elitist-detested Comic Sans would do better with scaling than the font chosen for input text in this game. And the windows don't even fit on the screen when you increase the scale by a measly 20% of the total potential adjustment. Did this even get tested? Why wasn't it fixed, if so? Just add a scrollbar. The server list stops fitting on the screen around 120% UI Size. That's silly. Stop increasing the size once it hits the size of the screen, and add a scrollbar when it goes beyond that.

    5. "Auto Arrange" should actually sort your inventory permanently, or a "Permanent" button should be added beside it, because the vast majority of players who want to arrange their inventory don't want it to suddenly unarrange whenever they need to piece together the various combinable crap in our inventory. There's nothing fun about all of your items scattering from their everyday positions as soon as you need to put them together.

    4. Make swimming comfortable and responsive. Let people change directions with nearly the same responsiveness as they do on the ground. Don't waste people's time and insult them by making them mess around with horrible swim mechanics unless they are willing to pay you to dress up like a shark. That's asinine. Only a very weird niche of gamers actually enjoys the need to buy good swim mechanics from you. If we're superhuman - which we are - we should be able to swim with superhuman speed. Boost the speeds of all water transportation, because the swimming speed is unforgivable. And we need to stop getting stuck on steep rocks when we swim nearby. That's stupid. If anything, we should be able to push off of rocks and walls to speed up - we should be the opposite of stuck when we reach a wall while swimming.

    3. Real horses can both swim and race in deserts. There is no intelligent justification for allowing neither of these realities, while supposedly using realism as an excuse for bad swimming mechanics and the speed disadvantage of horses in the desert. On that note, just make horses die slowly wherever you die slowly - either make the horse die at a rate that cooperates with the carrot cooldown, or enable the necessary desert sickness mechanics for horses (including water, tea, and potions).

    2. Allow purchase of specific permanent dyes and a one-time-use permanent "Merv's-Palette-like" item. Most people aren't willing to waste money on the unlikely chance of getting the dye they want. You are probably pissing away millions of dollars a year in dye money, because only Vell would buy dye at the current prices. And let's not pretend people won't get the Value Pack if there's a separate way to get dye. For anyone who plays, the real value of the pack is in the bonus inventory, the bonus marketplace sales, et cetera. Merv's is not an indispensable attraction of the pack.

    1. My experience suggests that the vast majority of players in game, and ESPECIALLY new players (who are likeliest to quit because they have no vested interest in the game), want direct player-to-player trade to be reactivated at least in some MUCH LESS RESTRICTIVE form. The following threads emphasize my point. The first thread illustrates a near 50:50 split in remaining players over totally free trade, and obviously doesn't count the normal players who don't get to the forum or the countless players who have already quit over the trade situation. The second thread illustrates a huge majority of players who want some form of direct trade that is managed in a way that helps discourage direct sales of silver by miners. Let me be clear that I don't believe the sale of silver can be effectively stopped (and it has not been stopped and is showing no signs of actually being stopped), so I don't think trying to do so is worth the burden on the normal majority who won't buy silver with cash outside the game. However, a managed direct trade system is better than NO direct trade system. Either way, this must be addressed urgently, because it is a primary motivator of pearl protests.


    I'm logging this on the Wayback machine, just in case anyone tries to delete this to cover up these issues, and I will report to the general public if that happens. Fair warning. I'm trying to help, so please don't treat this thread like it's harmful or inappropriate. If you disagree, fine, but don't lower yourself to the fascism of censoring honest dissent. These are valid suggestions that would make the game more fun for many of the people who have ragequit, are about to ragequit, or are on indefinite hiatus hoping you fix the game by the time they give it another chance.
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