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Forest of the Ancient Night

Discussion in 'RP' started by Joungf, Apr 27, 2019.

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    Everything went so fast. First a white fog appeared from nowhere and prevented the group from moving further. Alira suddenly looked upset and Bruce asked "Are you OK?" She remained silent.

    Then Illerza appeared and with the support of Daryen's power of Nature and Bruce's power of the Ancients she got destroyed by Alira. But Alira used all her power and got exhausted.

    Bruce was trying hard to collect himself. He still could not believe that they defeated Illerza.

    Daryen was worried about Alira. "She needs some rest but we are running out of time, we can't risk to get to the lake too la..." he was saying but suddenly went silent. From his movements Bruce was guessing that Daryen was receiving a vision. He was going to walk towards Daryen when the Ancients started to speak to him again. Bruce closed his eyes.

    "Lending your power to support a friend who is in distress, working as a team, trusting each other, sticking together, those are the features the Wizards of Darkness fear most. They will try to break your confidence, your friendship. They want to break the bound between you. Never let that happen. Your friendship and trust is the key to be able to destroy the Wizards of Darkness. Never let them destroy your confidence and willpower!"

    The last words were still echoing in his head when he opened his eyes again. Alira was healing herself with the power of Nature that Daryen lent her. "Maybe we should learn to use all the powers of all of us. But would this be possible?" he asked himself.

    Daryen looked at Bruce with a warmly smile and said " We are becoming more and more aware of our powers, the Wizards know it and they fear us. We will discover more about ourselves during our journey and together we will end this madness once and for all. We can help each other and fight as one. Please, take us to the lake as soon as you can Bruce. The Dragon, Ylredam, knows about us and he is waiting for us to awaken him."

    Bruce nodded. He wondered why Daryen was smiling. What did he saw in the vision? Then he remembered the warning he received from the Ancients and told Alira and Daryen what they said and asked both to be cautious.

    The white fog was already gone. Only a thin stream was floating over the ground. It was flowing in one direction, the same direction the smoke that was emitting from the torch was moving. "Well, then, let us go." Bruce said with a smiling face and was about to walk when a voice started to talk insid his head.

    "Hello Bruce, do you remember me? No, of course not! How could you remember your grand-uncle. Do you remember your real name? Your real family name? No, of course not. Your grandmother and your mother are so ashamed to carry this name, the name of one of the most powerful house. Our families were chosen to rule the world. Only the stronges and most powerful wizards and witches have the ultimate privileg to rule the world. What did your mother done to you. She and your grandmother punished you by sealed your natural powers and let you grow as a weakling who got beaten and humiliated by the noble students of the magical academy. Do you think that this is fair? Did they done the right thing to steal your bright future from you?" the voice asked.

    "Yes! It was totally the right thing they did to me! The seal showed your true face during the ceremony at my fifth birthday. I saw how you killed everybody who was not willing to submit to your lordship! You wiped whole cities and villages off the map. I am not proud of that family name either. I do not want to be like you!" Bruce shouted and his eyes started to glow bright in an orange tone.

    He noticed that Alira and Daryens got deeply shocked and were starring at him.

    The voice continued: "Why are you shouting? Didn't you noticed that your friends can not hear me? You are ..."

    Bruce closed his eyes for a second and when he opened them again the voice was now clearly heared by all.

    "... such a fool! ... How did you do that? This is impossible. In such a short time to master such complex magic ..." the voice continued.

    "Ah, come on. You are trying to make me down. Admit it. Do you have other topics you want to discuss with us? By the way uncle, what is your name?" Bruce asked with a big grin.

    "Stop being impudent! ... I am Namon of house Calistra Draco! Oh, and we have Daryen of house Dawnflame, abandoned by his parents and eagerly burning to know the reason, seeking for answers. You know best how to survive in this world. Yes, by killing the weak. You were an assassin. You killed people to live. Oh, was this your secret? But Bruce, or should I say Zack, also killed many assassins as a member of the thief guild. ... And even Alira killed Illerza just a few miute ago. Alira of house Na... oh poor Alira. Your adoptive parents want to make you believe you are a child of house Narhan. But that is a lie! You want to know who your real parents are, right? Are they still alive? You think we are cruel? Parent who abandon their own children, growing without love, those are the real cruel persons. I can feel your anger and hatred growing ... yes, that is the way of seeking justice .... Hihihihihiiii! Yahahahaaaa!" the voice said with an evil laugh.

    Bruce realised the big mistake he made. For his taste his uncle definitively went to far. Again Bruce closed his eyes and started to focus. He was trying to locate his uncle. He want to see his face. An old man, bald head and short white beard appeared in front of his sight. He opened his eyes. "Cut it off, uncle! Stop bothering them!" Bruce shouted.

    "Yes, that is the Bruce I like. The more angrier you get, the more powerful you get. Let your powers awake. We will meet soon. Wahahahaaaaaaa!" the voice faded with a laugh.

    " Do not listen to my uncles nonsense. Our parents had a reason to act this way. They tried to protect us so that one day we all together will defeat the Wizards of Darkness. Now, lets move on. I want to see a real dragon who is waiting for us." Bruce said and started to walk.
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    Daryen looked at Bruce quickly while walking, he couldn't stop himself from thinking about all the people he had killed but that belonged to his past, he was forgiven by the Spirits for what he had done and he didn't have the intention to let his memories and his past cloud his mind. He needed to stay focused on his mission and he needed to reach full self-awareness of his powers.

    He looked at Alira and smiled shyly, she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Suddenly the image of a woman, a female elf, came into his mind. Her hair was light brown with auburn highlights, her eyes were green like a young leaf. She was sitting on the ground in what appeared to be a cave and she seemed sad, she was holding an infant... Suddenly a presence made her turn her head.

    A man with long black hair and light brown eyes approached her slowly. He smiled to her but that smile seemed forced, his eyes looked cold despite their color. He said something and put a hand on her shoulder, she shook her head in tears. The man helped her to stand up, she seemed weak and she was hesitating. She looked at the child in desperation, the man nodded then took the child from her shaking hands.

    Suddenly a noise made Daryen stop walking, the image faded quickly. He squinted his eyes and focused his gaze in the direction of the noise, among the trees. Something was there, he knew it but he couldn't see what it was.

    - Alira, Bruce, there's something...

    Daryen didn't finish his sentence, he pulled an arrow out of his quiver and aimed quickly then the arrow flew with a hiss, a few seconds of nothing then a rain of arrows started falling in the direction of Daryen. He opened his eyes wide in surprise then looked at Bruce and Alira again.

    - I can see them now, they are many and they are coming in this direction, not sure who or what they are... They are walking in a weird way, they seem, almost... Statues.

    Daryen couldn't believe his own words, a noise of trampled branches and grass was filling the air, he started shooting an arrow after another, figures were approaching from all directions now. Alira and Bruce were fighting too but their opponents were too many. Daryen pulled out his daggers and plunged them in one of the creature's back but nothing happened, he turned his head towards Alira and Bruce to say something then noticed that one of the statues was pointing an arrow at Alira.

    He threw one of his daggers in the direction of the arrow and broke it then felt a cold, unbearable pain in his chest. He looked down, there was an arrow made of stone buried in his chest between his shoulder and his heart, a blood stain was impregnating his tunic and becoming larger and larger. He could feel his strength fading away and his blood freezing in his veins. He swallowed, then, with the last of his strength, he pulled the arrow from his chest in a scream of pain and fainted.
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    Alira’s heart was pounding fast in her chest, all around them the stone statues were closing in and nothing seemed to be able to stop them. Soon it would all be over if they did not do anything about it.

    Then she saw the statue, a muscular stone man with an expressionless face, with his bow aimed at her, ready to loose an arrow. It was too late to do anything. As she prepared for the inevitable, Daryen’s dagger came flying through the air and broke the arrow. She sighed with relief but then she saw Daryen. He had an anguished look on his face and an arrow in his chest. He fell to his knees as a dark spot grew larger around the arrow shaft.

    “Nooo!” she screamed and began spinning the orbs around her from low to high, joining them in the middle above her with her hands raised. A large dome formed around the three of them.

    This time it seemed to work, no statues or arrows could come inside, but it would not hold for long. There was a muffled sound from the statues beating at the dome. She was so tired; she hadn’t rested after her last battle and now she had had to fight another.

    She hurried to Daryen who was lying on the ground unconscious, holding a stone arrow in his hand. She knelt beside him and felt for his pulse. He was alive, thankfully.

    “Daryen…” she said sadly, placing her delicate hand on his cheek. She unlaced the tunic with deft fingers, and then ripped it open to expose his chest on his left side. The smooth skin was red with blood and there was a deep wound from which blood was still coming out.

    She put her hand on the wound and closed her eyes. She channeled magic from her fingertips into the wound. She could feel exactly how deep it was, every broken vein and every piece of torn muscle tissue. This was an art that required years of practice and full concentration. The healing of a wound worked by stimulating and aiding the body to repair itself, starting with the deepest part of the wound and moving outwards little by little. It required energy however, either she would have to provide it or Daryen would have to. That would leave him even weaker, but she had no choice, she didn’t have all the energy needed to heal the wound so some would have to come from him.

    As the skin was whole again she sighed, he was even paler than before but he would recover soon. She looked up at the statues and Bruce. What could they do? Daryen was unconscious and needed to be carried, she was too tired to fight, and there seemed to be no way to defeat them anyway.

    She turned to Bruce.

    “We must surrender, I cannot hold the dome any longer and we have no hope to win this, not without rest, unless you have some ancient knowledge that could help us.”

    Bruce did not seem to have any better alternatives, so she stood up and straightened her back.

    “We surrender! Take us to your masters,” she said. The statues stopped hammering at the walls, all in unison, and lowered their weapons.

    Surprised that it had worked she let the dome fade away, and three of the statues stepped closer and picked them up effortlessly. Bruce and Alira protested but it was like talking to a… statue, and they were incredibly strong. Then they marched towards the trees, carrying the three captives.
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    Bruce smiled and was trying to keep the group happy. After all the harsh and demoralising words that his uncle said to them, he felt himself bad and guilty. Alira and Daryen looked lost in thoughts and sad. "Next time when I will meet him again, I need to be more cautious and not underestimate his cleverness. He tricked me that easy. I was such a fool." Bruce thought and continued thinking "All that started here in the Forest of Ancient Night with the exam of the Ancient. Do they still continue? How many other fears do we need to face and overcome? I have read so many books about the history of different lands. Why is that so famous, big and mighty House Calista Draco of my grand uncle nowhere in any book recorded? Even Alira's House Narhan is recorded in so many historical boo..."

    While Bruce was still deeply buried in his thoughts he suddenly got interrupted by Daryen's voice: "Alira, Bruce, there's something..."

    Bruce stopped walking looked at Daryen who was launching an arrow into the forest. Half a second later a rain of arrows came from that direction directly towards them. "I can see them now, they are many and they are coming in this direction, not sure who or what they are... They are walking in a weird way, they seem, almost... Statues." said Daryen. In this moment they saw these strong, heavy and robust looking statues coming from any direction and realised that they were surrounded.

    Bruce tried to cover himself from the arrows by hiding behind a tree when he saw Daryen getting hit by an arrow. At the same time he heard Alira shouting: "Nooo!" She quickly cast a barrier around them, walked towards Daryen and started to heal his wounds. The arrows crashed on the barrier but could not penetrate it. Also the strong stone golems could not enter or destroy it.

    Bruce knows that summoning some golem made of water, stone or fire is possible but need high level of magic skills. But summoning hundreds of them, filling them with life, letting them act independent needs insane magic powers and knowledge. The Ancient build their guardians out of stone. Is this another test of the Ancient? But why would they harm us? Or maybe this attack is lead by the Wizards of Darkness.

    Bruce looked to Alira and wanted to ask her if he can help her but she had already healed Daryen's wound. Tired and exhausted Alira looked up to him and said: "We must surrender, I cannot hold the dome any longer and we have no hope to win this, not without rest, unless you have some ancient knowledge that could help us."

    Alira was right. In their current situation fighting would not be the best option. He remembered a board game with white and black figures. A game that needs good strategy and where you have to be aware of the traps and ambushes your opponent is planning. It was a game for the kings played by the kings and the goal was to kill the king figure of your opponent. "That is the plan: We surrender to get more time. More time to collect information over our enemy, their powers, strategy and purpose." he got the idea.

    Bruce looked at Alira and nodded slightly. "We surrender! Take us to your masters!" she shouted and made the barrier disappear. The statues directly stopped the attack and took the three captives and carried them trough the forest.

    The marsh took about half an hour. Finally they stopped at a strange, empty and bright area. It was warm but no campfire was burning. It was bright but no source of a light was present. The light did not cast any shadows. Bruce remember sawing the same sort of light that do not cast shadows in that altar where the artefact Medallion of Life was and where they met Illerza for the first time.

    "You three weaklings are the descendants of us Wizards of Darkness? What a shame! How dare you even think of defeating us? Hahahahahaha!" a unknown voice asked and laughed. The voice was very distorted. It was hard to distinguish between a male and a female voice. Many words seemed to be overlapped by both female and male voice. The voice was not coming from a specific direction.

    "Who is there? Who are you? Show yourself!" Bruce asked while his eyes were searching.

    "I am not there but I can see you three. You can not escape. You are my captives. I expected a good fight but you three disappointed me. Maybe next time we will have more fun together. There is food and water for you. Regain your strength. Now get some rest and recover well. Do not disappoint me next time! Hohohohoho!" the voice said and laughed again.

    "When is the next time? What do you want from us?" Bruce asked to get more information. But the voice did not replied to him. Bruce was sure that this was another member of the Wizards of Darkness, a very strong and clever one. "Well, thanks for your kindness, the food and the water." he said trying to tease but again the voice did not answered. From what the voice said, Bruce combined that until Alira, Daryen and he did not fully regenerated their health, ate and drank and slept to become fit again, there will be no new attack.

    On a large stone plate there were different sort of cooked, fried meat, soup, vegetables, fruit and bottles filled with water. Bruce sat down on the floor and felt very tired. How many days did he not slept? This was his last thought. His eyes get closed and Bruce fell asleep.
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    Daryen opened his eyes and looked around. He was lying down, the floor was cold. He sat slowly, he was tired and he was feeling very weak. Suddenly he remembered about the battle and the arrow in his chest... He looked down in concern. His tunic was dirty, there was a large stain of dried blood and the tunic was ripped. He touched the spot where he remembered the arrow was buried, it looked healed but he was still feeling some pain. He sighed and looked around in confusion.

    He wasn't in the forest anymore, he was in a cave. He remembered suddenly about the vision he was having before the statues attacked them... He was definitely in the same cave where his mother and his father were. Yes, now he was sure about it, the female elf that was holding an infant was his mother and the man who took the child from her arms was his father... That was a vision about the moment his parents gave him away to hide him from the Wizards of Darkness.

    - I am having another vision... Or maybe...

    - No Daryen, you are not dead.

    Daryen turned his head to the source of the voice, it was the same voice that had revealed him about the Wizards and his mission some time before in the forest.

    - Alira healed you and now you and your fellows are in a safe place but not for too long. The Wizards are playing with you, they are challenging you, testing your powers and they will soon make their move again. Be ready.

    Daryen shook his head and closed his eyes. He was feeling very tired and demotivated. Despite the importance of his mission, he was feeling very empty and almost emotionless. The voice didn't speak for a while but Daryen could feel a soft touch on his shoulder, he knew that the Spirit was right next to him now.

    - I understand what you are feeling, I understand how hard it must be for you to know that you have a crucial role in this battle but this is your destiny Daryen, you can't surrender now. You have a great power inside you and a bond to the Great Dragon, the Dragon needs you to wake up and rise again. Listen to your heart, you know how important your role is in all this. Each of you has a power that must be used to defeat the darkness but you need each other, just like the Wizards need each other. You understand, don't you?

    Daryen nodded. He looked in the spot where he saw his mother holding him in his previous vision. He could feel her sadness and desperation, her broken heart. He was feeling guilty for being who he was and being the reason why his mother had to abandon her own child when he was still a newborn.

    - Your mother knew from the beginning that she was bound to give birth to a child like no other, she knew that one day a powerful sorcerer, a descendant of the Dragon Seekers, an ancient cult, would have came to her and they would have conceived you. Daryen, I understand your sadness and your doubts but this journey was always meant to begin one day, it's written.

    Daryen stood up, he could feel the Spirit standing too. He walked slowly to the spot where his mother was sitting in his vision, he touched the floor and closed his eyes. He could sense her now, a warm and familiar feeling, the scent of her skin, he could see her necklace on her chest, the symbol of the House of Dawnflame, a flame made of gold and silver enclosed in a ring made of rubies. He could hear her crystalline voice singing a lullaby, the touch of her skin on his skin. He smiled and let his tears fall caressing his face. The Spirit remained in silence, Daryen nodded.

    - I do understand and I will do my best to win this battle but before you go I have a question.

    - Tell me Daryen.

    - Why did they leave me in that human village, why in that house, why with my uncle who never loved me? Didn't they know his nature? Didn't my father know that he would have raised me through fear and disregard?

    - Your uncle died a few days later you arrived at the village. He wasn't married and he had no children, he was a good man. An accident during a hunting trip, he fell off his horse, very sad. He had magical powers too, like your father, even though he never dedicate his life to magic, like your father did. No one in the village knew his origins and his skills. He was meant to use his powers to protect you and also to prepare you to this battle, to help you finding your own powers and your bond to the Dragon. Unfortunately, he didn't have the chance to do so. Someone else had to take care of you because your father had already left, he didn't know what had happened.

    Daryen looked in the direction of the voice in shock.

    - So that heartless man wasn't my uncle? Now I understand many things... My parents never came to the village to see if I was doing good or they would have known. Or?

    The spirit didn't answer, Daryen swallowed and didn't speak either, his heart was beating very fast now and he could feel pain in his chest.

    - Your father came in secret to visit you some years later, he found out everything but it was too dangerous to take you away from that village, it was a risk he didn't want to take. Daryen...

    - I understand. Thank you for telling me this. I want to go back to my friends now, it's time.

    Daryen smiled, he was still sad but now he was starting to feel that he belonged somewhere, to his parents, that the events in his life had a deep meaning, something he had been desperately looking for since he was a child.

    The image from his vision started fading, he was back in the forest but there was something unusual. He squinted his eyes and realized that he was in a bright area, an illuminated clearing. He looked around, there was no shadow. He could see Alira and Bruce sleeping and a large stone plate with food and water. He suddenly realized how hungry and thirsty he was. He reached the plate then started eating and drinking.

    He was feeling better now. He looked for a clean tunic in his bag pack and replaced the dirty one then let his hair down again. He thought about what the Spirit had said about his father and the ancient cult he belonged to, he never heard about it. "It must be very ancient and very secret. I will ask Bruce about it when he's awake".

    Daryen took another look around. He knew they were safe for now but he also knew he couldn't trust the Wizards, he was feeling anxious but at the same time he was enjoying that peaceful moment, the food and the fact that he wasn't in the dark anymore. He looked at Alira, he was relieved to see her there, safe, and he was greatful that she had saved his life. He sat on the grass and looked at her for some time then he looked at Bruce. He was happy that Bruce was there too, he was a good man, brave and frank . Suddenly he realized that both of them were starting to wake up. He waited a bit then spoke.

    - I hope you both slept well. I'm glad to see you are safe. I woke up some time before you, I went through our journey with my mind since the moment we met in this forest until the battle we had to fight againts that creatures. When we were fighting, I feared for your lives and my own and I suddenly realized that we don't know much about each other. We are the descendants of the Wizards of Darkness, we have been called here, in this cursed place, to unite our powers against the darkness but we never had the chance to talk and tell our stories. We have a chance now. I would love to know more about you and tell you more about myself, if you agree.

    Daryen looked into Alira's eyes deeply.

    - Alira of the House of Narhan, would you like to start?

    Alira nodded, Daryen smiled warmly and talked again.

    - Thank you, but before you do, could you please tell me what happened after I was knocked unconscious and how you and Bruce managed to save all of us from that statues?
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    Alira thought she saw new resolve in Daryens eyes. His warm smile lifted her mood again, almost making her forget about the complicated situation they were in. She filled him in on what had happened after he had passed out. Then she began telling her story, how she had been raised by the head mistress of the Academy, a very demanding mother. For as long as she could remember her childhood and youth had revolved around practicing and getting as good as possible in the magic arts. But at least she had learned why now.

    She felt an increased confidence for her two friends given the recent perils they had overcome together so she felt she wasn't afraid to open up to them.

    She told about the overheard conversation, from which she had only recently understood that she had been delivered to the head mistress as a baby to be raised safe from the Wizards of Darkness.

    “So in truth, I am probably not originally of House Narhan. I am dying to know who my real parents are… or were, but my childhood is what has made me into who I am, and I feel that just knowing that I originate from somewhere else has helped me understand myself so much better… That is why I could do all those things against Illezra. What I mean is, before there was something blocking me, and I couldn’t use my full potential…” she suddenly blushed and smiled cutely.

    “I am talking too much! You should have stopped me!” she exclaimed and laughed. “Bruce, how about you? What is your story?”
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    Bruce was sleeping deep and peacefully. He was dreaming of the old times he was at the academy studying, he saw his mother, father, his stepbrother Gregor, his love Eleonore and Felix. All were laughing and smiling. That were happy days he had.

    Then he saw himself as a five years old child. His grandmother was casting a spell on him that sealed his awakened powers and turned him into a normal child. He clearly could remember each word she had spoken. It was spoken in the language of the Ancients. And suddenly he remembered what confused him. The family name of his grandmother was not mentioned in any historical book he read. He remembered reading records where House Narhan was mentioned. Even House Echo appeared in the recordings. There must be a difference between the Wizards of Darkness and the descendants. Something is fishy but Bruce could not figure it out what it was right now. Some piece of the puzzle was missing.

    Then he saw Eleonore again. She was smiling to him. But something in her eyes was different. She seems to be afraid or in pain. Suddenly Eleonore tried to say something and the dream abruptly faded. Bruce opened his eyes and heard Daryen's voice.

    Daryen said that they do not know each other well and it is time to introduce ourselves to each other. He asked Alira to start introducing herself. After she finished telling her story she asked Bruce to continue introducing himself.

    Bruce began telling how he grew up as a normal child without any memories of the past and any magic powers after her grandmother cast a spell in the language of the ancient to protect him from being detected by the priest as a real descendant during the ceremony that is performed on every child of that family which turns five.

    He continued with his step brother Gregor who was the child of his aunt. She died after giving birth and his parents adopted him and named him Gregor. They grew up together. Bruce protected him always when he was in trouble or get bullied.

    Then he continued with the time in the academy where he studied science and archaeology and did a lot of research. He become a Doctor in archaeology and wrote two books about the Ancients. During his time at the academy he met Felix of House Narhan, a student who was studying magics. Felix was a good friend but he was also lazy at studying. He loved to gamble and made some suspicious and shady friends.

    Suddenly Bruce noticed Alira starring at him with big eyes and she was smiling happily. He quickly remembered seeing those big eyes and the happy smile when he was at the villa of Felix brother and her uncle Felix gave her her birthday present. Bruce now felt uncomfortable. Some little beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. He blushed slightly. He was sure that Alira recognised him as the man who practised maths with her for her exam. Bruce turned his eyes away and saw Daryen looking to him more serious and a bit curious and with a touch of jealousy. It was not the right time to explain and maybe to create conflicts between Alira, Daryen and him. Bruce went on with his introduction.

    One day Felix lost so badly and had debts. At this time Bruce found a map during an excavation at the excavation side at a forest near Kamasilvie. After deciphering it it turned out that it pointed the location of the legendary ancient underground city of Nehet, a city of unimaginable wealth and full of powerful artefacts. He told Felix about his discovery but Felix betrayed him and tried to steal the map. And after he was unsuccessful he and his shady friends from the assassin guild began to blackmail and threaten his family and his love Eleonore with dead.

    Bruce switched now to Eleonore, who she is and how he met her. Eleonore is a very talented actor who performs different play at the theatre. She also sings at the celebrations and ball of the nobles. And she loves to trick and fool people without getting blushed. Bruce fell in love on the first time he watched her performance. She fooled him many times but she promised him that she loves him and this is true.

    Then Bruce continued with the part where he faked his death and changed his appearance and identity to end the threat his family and his love were exposed by Felix and the assassins. He got help from the son of the leader of the thief guild and become a thief. At the war between the assassin guild and thief guild he met Felix who already was a member of the assassin guild. Even he hated him for betraying him he just wounded him slightly. He could not kill him even Felix did not recognised him.

    "Well, that's it. You know the rest of the story. Now, Daryen, it is your turn." Bruce finished his introduction.
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    Daryen looked one more time at Alira and Bruce, his heart was beating fast, he suddenly realized how much he cared about both, but also, how deep his feelings for Alira were becoming. It was the very first time for him to feel something so intense for a woman, to feel jealous. He smiled shyly then started talking looking at something in the distance, he was lost in his own memories and thoughts.

    - My name is Daryen Dawnflame. Dawnflame is the House my mother belongs to, she is an elf but all my knowledge of her ends here. This is something new for me, I'm getting revelations every day from a Spirit, pieces of the puzzle. My father's name is unknown to me, all I know is that he belongs to an ancient cult called ”Dragon Keepers” and also that he's a sorcerer, from the human kind. The surname of the man who raised me is Benson but I will not use that surname ever again, that chapter of my life is closed for good.

    Daryen took a pause, he was thinking about the kids he thought were his cousins, hoping that they were safe. He sighed then looked into Alira's beautiful eyes.

    - I was raised through fear, I never had the chance to know what being loved by your own family means. I left the human village where I spent the first years of my life when I was fourteen and I have been traveling since then.

    Daryen took another pause, he swallowed then looked into Bruce's eyes.

    - I'm an assassin, I killed people for money. They weren't good people. I forgave myself but what I have done can't be erased and this is something I will have to deal with for the rest of my life.

    Daryen smiled sadly then nodded. Talking about himself, even if his fellows already knew part of the story, made him feel relieved in some way.

    - We need to keep staying united and believe in each other and ourselves if we want to succeed and defeat the Wizards. We have a crucial task, we need to stay focused and help each other, we need to fully understand our powers and master them before the time comes or we will fail and the world will perish. I do believe in you Alira and Bruce, I do trust you and I would put my life in your hands without blinking an eye, if I had to.

    Daryen was about to say something else when he suddenly felt a roar in his head. It was a wild, powerful scream, ancient like the earth, deep like the deepest of the oceans, wild and fierce like nature itself. He covered his ears, it was too loud, piercing like thousand daggers.

    Daryen closed his eyes in pain, a majestic creature was looking at him now, its eyes were red and bright like pure fire, its skin was covered with black scales, shiny and smooth like pearls, its claws were sharp like blades, its body was imposing like a mountain.

    Daryen opened his eyes wide, his blood was boiling, his body was in pain like it was in flames, he screamed then suddenly felt lighter, the pain was gone but it wasn't over yet, the Dragon was talking through him, he knew it, he could hear his voice beating like a drum in his chest. He stood up and let him speak. Daryen's voice was deeper now, he knew his eyes were different in some way too because his sight wasn't the same, he could see Alira and Bruce gasping in surprise.

    - You are running out of time, combine your powers to leave this place and come to me.

    The Dragon's presence disappeared as quickly as it had appeared in Daryen's mind. Daryen looked at his friends in disbelief and fear and fell on his knees. His body and hair were completely wet from sweat, he was freezing and shaking violently. He looked at his hands: there was a mark on his left hand, on the palm, next to his thumb. It had the color and the shape of a little flame, it was dancing and Daryen's skin was hurting like it was burning. He shook his head and tried to calm down.

    - We need to do how Ylredam said to leave this damn place and we need to do it now.

    He stood up with a big effort and looked at Alira and Bruce with conviction, but his expression betrayed the fact that he was in shock and still in pain.
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    Alira looked into Daryen’s eyes and suddenly her eyes widened a bit as her heart skipped a beat. Looking into his striking blue-green eyes she had felt a flash of mixed emotions, Daryen’s emotions; pain, cold, chock, fear, urgency… Alira hugged Daryen tight and stoked his back gently until he seemed to calm down. She had felt something else within him too… something not of Daryen’s body… the dragon.

    Alira let go of Daryen and spoke.

    “’Combine your powers’, the dragon said. Does he mean like we did against Illezra, when you lent me your powers, or is there another way?”

    Alira looked thoughtful.

    “Destructive magic doesn’t seem to affect these statues, so we will need to use something else… like illusion or… teleportation!” she said in a hushed voice as to not reveal her plan to the onlookers, though if they could hear she was not sure.

    “I saw Illezra use teleportation but I have never done it myself, as far as I know only few very strong wizards and witches can… Now that I have learned to access my full power, maybe I can do it. But to teleport all three of us, and a greater distance will not be easy. And the statues are not going to watch idly while we are casting a spell to escape, so I will need both of you to help.” said Alira and turned to Bruce.

    “Bruce, I know you have not had any training for your magical abilities, but I will guide you. You need to create an illusion so that the statues and the wizards can’t see what we are doing and hold it during the teleportation spell.”

    She turned to Daryen.

    “Daryen, you will be needed to direct us to the right location… the dragon. You have a bond to him. I am sure that if you look deep inside you, you can feel where he is and lead us there.”

    “The teleportation spell will take a while. All of us will all need to hold hands and while you, Bruce, hold the illusion spell, I cast the teleportation spell through you, Daryen, who will direct it to the right place,” she swallowed and began to feel some uncertainty. Was this a good plan? She hoped Bruce and Daryen would know how to do their part but it was far from certain, and would she actually be able to cast the teleportation spell? A lot of things could go wrong.

    “What do you think?” she said, uncertainty now showing on her face.
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    Bruce was listening to Daryen's story. He learned that Dawnflame was the House of his mother. She was an elf. Bruce could not remember ever read something about this House in elven records. Maybe it was just a small and random House.

    When Daryen talked about his human father who was a sorcerer of an ancient cult called "Dragon Keepers" and that he does not know his name, Bruce got curious. He never read and heard anything about that cult.

    The part where Daryen talked about the hard circumstances he raised and left the house and that he become an assassin to survive made Bruce not angry. He felt sad for Daryen and understand his decision. Knowing why Daryen act this way increased his trust to him. Bruce was relieved to know each other better.

    After Daryen's words about keeping united and focusing to defeat the Wizards he felt that the bond between them become stronger now. But he still had doubts about if they will have any chance to defeat all three wizards. His happiness turned into sorrow.

    Suddenly Bruce sensed the aura of a very big and strong presence. Then there was this incredible silence. Bruce looked around. Everything and everyone except him was frozen in time. What was going on? Could this be another surprise power demonstration of the wizards? Bruce's hearth was beating very fast. He started to sweat.

    Bruce tried to relax by taking a slow deep breath. Now he could see the aura. It was the shape of a huge dragon. A deep voice talked to him.

    -Hello Bruce. I am Ylredam. Neither you nor me have much time. So I will keep it short. You should stop being worried and frightened. The seal that kept your powers is broken. Nothing except your fear and sorrows hinders you to use them. You must start using the full potential of your powers. There will be no fail, just a lesson to do it better next time. You have the power of the Ancients. Stop lighting up candles and turning rain into snow. Help Alira and Daryen to unlock their full powers. You three need self confidence. But do not underestimate the dark powers of your enemies. Even your friends and me will do things that will appear to be illogical and will not fit the current situation, you should think, understand and trust. Play the game, win the game.

    Time was flowing again. Bruce saw how the aura of the dragon moved into Daryen while Daryen was screaming and appearence of his eyes changed. The dragon spoke trough Daryen.

    - You are running out of time, combine your powers to leave this place and come to me.

    Then the aura came out of Daryen's body and vanished. Daryen said that we need to do how Ylredam said. So, Daryen also know the name of this dragon. Bruce remembered a folk song where Ylredam was mentioned. He read it in a book where folk songs and myths from around the world were recorded.

    Ylredam stopped the time to speak to him so the wizard was not able to hear it. But when he spoke through Daryen the wizard could hear it. What does that mean? While Bruce was trying to find a meaning, Alira came up with a clever plan. But she whispered it and the wizard hear it. Why did she just revealed the escape plan this way?

    It was too late to deny the plan because the wizard already hear it.

    - You are such a fool! I can not let you escape. Not now. Sorry, the meeting of you with Ylredam will be not happen before the red moon has been fallen and we enslaved Ylredam. Hahahahahhaaaa!
    I am bored. Let us continue our game.

    The thin and high voice said and suddenly the statues began to move towards the three friends.

    Bruce now understood. They were kept by the wizards on purpose to prevent meeting and awakening Ylredam and Alira and Ylredam were using diversionary tactics to fool the wizards. Now everything made sense to him. It was time to turn the tables.

    - Well, then. Let's play the game!

    Bruce said with a huge self confidence while hundreds of archer figures were drawing their bows and hundreds of mercenary figures were running with drawn swords and javelin towards them. Bruce eyes started to glow. He raised his right hand, moved it from left to right with open palm and said:

    -What is made of stone shall turn into paper!

    Just in that moment a huge cloud of hissing arrows were coming down on them, they turned into thin paper arrows and whirled around like snow flakes. The heavy statues with their swords and javelin also turned into flat paper figures. Bruce was surprised that it was that easy to cast such kind of spells. He decide to talk to Alira and Daryen via telepathy.

    -Alira, cast a fire tornado stating around us and its diameter getting larger until all those paper minions get burned to ashes. Do not start focusing and channelling. Just grab the power and concentrate it to a small point on your palm and cast the spell. You can do it.
    Casting a teleportation spell is not like casting elemental spells like fire or ice. You need to manipulate matter through time and space. Keep this in mind.

    -Daryen, your eyes you got from your father can seek and see Ylredam. Using your eyes is not like communicating with the spirits the elves do. Your dragon seeker eyes need to get awakened. It will maybe hurt but you will see the exact location of Ylredam and you can communicate with him. Your seeker eyes got open when Ylredam spoke throug you. You can do that again. You have to trust your self and your poweres.
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