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Further Arguments Against Enhancing

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by Belle Atwell, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. Belle Atwell

    Dec 19, 2015
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    Back in November I started working on a TET Blackstar.

    During one early attempted I applied Cron Stones because who really wants to have weapon reset.
    - Unfortunately, applying Cron Stones first (which is the sensible thing to do) is removed by the game when you then apply the weapon to the Enhancement window.
    - Surely, I thought, this is a big. No one would be this disrespectful of our time intentionally.
    - I was wrong, it definitely worked that way and still does.

    • Later, I would use that stack to upgrade my Shai's Sol because why not.
    • I then would go on to acquire three more large failstacks in the range of 90 to 120.
    • I would also acquire about 100 stacks between 20 and 50 in size.
    I destroyed most of these in ONE attempt to get TWO TET Heve Helmets. I received 1.
    • Understandably I become quite disgusted with the Enhancement system and abandoned using it.
    • I did this years ago as well.
    • It is one of the reasons my gear is at 250 AP rather than 300+ like many other 4 year old players.
    • This game does respect you
    • Its developers do not respect your time
    Last evening I thought to myself something foolish:
    "Surely, having a stack of 118 would be sufficient to make a TRI Ogre Ring go to TET."
    • This was a stupid thought.
    I had forgotten that this game does not respect your time.
    • Still, I had some 500+ crons in the bank.
    • I could use these right?
    • A TET Ogre Ring uses 1100 and some Crons.
    • Because that's fair.
    This Asinine.
    • So, of course, the Ogre Ring was deleted.
    • Let's just call it what it is.
    • Enhancement is the deletion of your time and effort... leaving you with nothing.
    • The Abortion of Achievement
    • The Dismissal of Your TIME (Life) as Valued by the Company
    In contemplating what had just occurred I thought about:
    • the time and effort that went into getting...
    • 2,400,000 silver
    • that I make 100 million silver a day if I push myself
    • and that this therefore cost me 24 days of my play time
    Enhancement is a cancer on your life and your time.
    • It eats at it
    • It gives back nothing


    In logging in today I considered my options:
    • Why are Korean companies always like this?
    • When I get my Dream horse that I have been working towards since Fall should I use it?
    • Should I sell it to recover from 7 months of Enhancement failures?
    • If that I choose this does that not still invalidate my time towards getting a horse?
    • Why is my time only valued once despite that I am preforming multiple activities?
    and so...

    You might be thinking to yourself:

    Why didn't she sell the Ogre Rings to the market after realizing she didn't have enough Crons?
    • To which I would answer: Because even if I did I would still have some of that money lost to the % of cash taken away by the Market.
    • Further: Questions like this avoid the fundamental problem that to use Enhancement is the Invalidation of Time-Spent (Life-Lost) in the effort.
    I'm playing a game. Why then does the game bleed me of my life through vampiring my time away?


    Since the Enhancement System involves the DELETION of our Time-Spent for NOTHING it should not be used.
    • The reason Enhancing functions this way appears to be a cost-analysis choice on the developer's part.
    • If players Enhance too quickly then they will likewise "leave the game" because they will reach the end faster than new content can be created.
    • This means that Enhancement is probably soft-capped from permitting people to get to TET.
    • It might be something like Cuisine Packages where only so many people per day can get a TET.
    • It might be it is personal where only so many TETs per some period can be acquired per account
    It might be that the permanent 10% chance to fail means that some people are very unlucky
    • However, if this were true items would fail as often prior to TET as they do trying to get to TET or beyond.
    • That is not the case if our guild and allies experiences are any guide
    Therefore, there appears to be a soft-cap of some kind governing TETs.
    • This has other implications
    I said today that: "... my time is only valued once."
    • What I mean is that I cannot Fail at Enhancing and then get SOME OF MY TIME BACK
    • My time is DESTROYED by interacting with that menu
    • It is inevitable
    • It is permanent
    • I cannot turn around and go grind to "recoup" the lost HOURS... forget money. I lost TIME.
    There is no way to recover lost TIME in this game.
    • I cannot now go work on getting another horse
    • Work on my ship
    • Do anything else EXCEPT recover the lost money
    This forces me to live the game in a RUT.
    • Unable to escape
    • Permanently doing the same thing
    • For years....
    • And years.......
    • And years.............
    To whomever made the Enhancement System... may your time be as respected as ours has been.
  2. farsay

    farsay Mystic 62 NA

    Feb 8, 2018
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    Enchanting will never be made easy, its what brings in the money, if anything it will be mafe harder lol
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  3. Kagedancer

    Oct 16, 2018
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    So last night I got a Duo ogre from a rift boss. I popped a 50 FS and bought an Ogre. TRI OGRE!
    Then I popped my 100 FS after another rift boss dropped an Ogre, tempting me. *POOF* All gone!

    It didn't end there - I decided to keep going. Every one of my Tri accs are now gone. They all failed (now 5 accessories gone - both earrings, belt, and my backup necklace). I know this was dumb, but I figured at least one would have made it as it was supposed to have close to a 40% success rate.

    I then Pen Rouletted. All Fails. Then as I was annoyed I tried to Tet Roulette at 170 FS. All failed.

    I know I did this to myself as a moment of ????????????? (Black Spirit Possession?) overcame me. Now I have all Duo and no accs.

    Uninstalled. I wish I never got that Duo Ogre drop lol. I only really came back for the 4th anniversary bribes anyway. This was a sobering reminder how annoying enhancing was in this game and is now the 3rd time I quit because of it.

    And yes, in case someone wanted to say it - I completely understand I did this to myself.
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  4. Amirite

    Aug 21, 2016
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    I seen so many post about this topic over the years and in every way I do agree that this system is failing and cause some to leave. The coming Season servers should help new players to catch up and enhancing should be easier, but it does not fix the current enhancing problems many face.

    I really wanted to ask, what else could be working instead of the current system, because I am sure they will not change the current one.
    If we could get our idea's to PA or at least the discussion of it.
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  5. Kagedancer

    Oct 16, 2018
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    I wouldn't mind lowering the success rates but not decreasing enchant levels or exploding gear entirely anymore. Maybe overall cost ends up the same but doesn't have that awful "feels bad" aspect to it.

    Spending time, effort, and sometimes RL money to get WEAKER is not a great design.
  6. Ashaara

    Oct 12, 2016
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    Just lower the cost of crons. That can't be so hard to do lol Just delete some Zeros ez pz and people would actually would consider to buy them and not burn their costumes like some total maniacs

  7. Dryed

    Dryed Warrior 62 NA

    Feb 19, 2016
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    Tell us something we don't already know.. It is what it is..

    If you don't like enhancing system you can alway just buy enhanced gear. Some players, including me, enhance for profit, so there is always already enhanced gear on market.
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  8. Belle Atwell

    Dec 19, 2015
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    Enhancing - is the process by which a person loses time and money.

    • We don't care about the money. We care about the LIFE (Time) robbed from us by this process.

    So long as Enhancement is Life Robbery it is a wrongful system to have in a video game.


    @ Amirite
    • I thought about how to replace it a few different ways.
    In this case, given what happened above, I think the focus needs to be on the fact that Enhancement currently VOIDs the time out of your LIFE you used to try getting up to the point you could actually interact with the Menu in the first place.
    • Since Enhancement is designed to delete progress we should probably focus on looking at that because it doesn't ONLY delete progress. It deleted REAL LIFE TIME.
    • This is the problem.
    A possible answer might be to:
    • Freeze the Time, Stack, and Items as one item.
    • This would create an item.
    • The item would indestructible.
    • These created items could then be used to re-attempted for upgrade in cycles of days by the amount of time invested into it.
    • Essentially, this would be freezing the assets invested voluntarily for some period of time
    • Extracting the assets back out of the created thing would then also be at the beginning of the new period.
    The TIME factor would be something like "Income Per Hour Per Day for the Previous Week" becomes how OFTEN you can re-attempt or extract the assets back out of the item.

    • This is fair because there is a permanent 10% chance to fail.
    • Therefore, there is a permanent 10% chance you and I will never see the rest of the game because gear is content-access and permission-to-continue-playing-with-your-friend-pass.

    This way the game isn't just the experience of robbery in a dark alley.

    Right now it is the thorough robbery of our REAL LIFE TIME as well as permission-denial across multiple parts of the game (playing with friends, access to new regions, doing anything else other than grinding by the time lost (which is usually impossible)).
    #8 Belle Atwell, Mar 17, 2020
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2020
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  9. Dryed

    Dryed Warrior 62 NA

    Feb 19, 2016
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    You are missing the point, if they lower the price of Crons from NPC, nobody would ever buy costumes...
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  10. Kynreaa

    Kynreaa DarkKnight 62

    Nov 9, 2017
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    Why not? People still sell them from profit.

    But perhaps not at the level they do now. but then without this garbage enhancement system the population would increase to 20X the current playerbase (which may not be a good thing) and more people would be purchasing first time stuff, or selling other things that players need from the Pearl store.

    So no one knows what would happen aside from it would make the players happy.
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  11. Boink

    Aug 14, 2017
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    If you are going to gamble or enhance do it right... for someone who been "enhancing this way" you still use bad numbered sequence like you want to try pull a miracle out of the odds and come out on top. TET Black Star and/or any PEN is a losing bet base on payout and odds.

    The best strat is moderation and expecting it to blow up. That way you don't go by impulse and decide oh "one more" I'm sure it will hit. There is always a strat go get ahead but well for someone who been really enhancing this way. It's longer than you think unless paying to win which enhancing is build on.
  12. Kynreaa

    Kynreaa DarkKnight 62

    Nov 9, 2017
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    There is no right way to gamble. Aside to avoid it when ever necessary, especially if you need a desired result.
    Something that worked for you may not work for 90% of the population an vice versa, what works for 90% of the population may not work for you.

    Its gambling. And people are tired of it being tied to IRL money and progression with these guys. You can give someone the step by step method on creating fs, building backups etc..only for you to waste their time in the end, cause they may have just one shot a PEN with 10 fs to begin with. Yet could never ever get a back up past duo going.

    I liked the idea of crons just losing a zero in their cost, and retaining the same amount necessary to not lose progress.

    Its not gonna happen though.
    #12 Kynreaa, Mar 18, 2020
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2020
  13. Boink

    Aug 14, 2017
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    Actually there is a right way to gamble. Most create strategies for long term 50/50 transitions are always the key number or relatively close to this number.

    No one in their right mind would think that going for TET Blackstar of PENs (any) are reasonable bets because it takes too much on the base of a TRI Blackstar / TET Boss Weapons and Armor. Most players except the lucky ones are bound to lose on any given sequence

    Look at TRI Blackstar 6-7% 3.1 bil [110 fs to hit against TET Blackstar which cost 13-15b. TET Ogre to hit at 6% 110 FS PEN Ogre is 60 billion. Billion. You are losing so much value of the base TET Ogre and TRI Blackstar against what you going for. You can technically settle and sell TRI blackstar and you make more than risking it for TET blackstar. Same goes with TET Ogre against the playing odds. To build the failstack needed you need to sacrifice a gear which can be costly if you work with just boss gear alone. A player needs at least 320 FS TET Ogre X 6 for a chance of a PEN Ogre to be priced in.

    But yes avoiding it is pretty much a good reasonable strat. You don't lose what you put in the table. But let's be honest there are some rangers that are pretty reasonable bets in my point of view (which is a "casual" poker player).
  14. Khondo

    Mar 12, 2016
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    I really hate reading posts like this. People not understanding how to play BDO.

    Either learn how to enhance in BDO or sell everything and just buy what you need. Simple
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  15. DaveH

    Feb 28, 2018
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    Amazing ... so many people hating the enhancing and my suggestion to make us able to combine 2 valk's advice into one golden Valk's advice got more no then yes -_-. Is mine a perfect solution? No but would make enhancing a lot easier especially for Black Star.
  16. Smileybones

    Smileybones Ranger 62 NA

    Oct 31, 2016
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    People usually cry lots but when it comes to be constructive and offer solutions they all conveniently vanish, no wonder Kakao barely talks to us.
  17. TenFallenOnes

    Mar 2, 2020
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    First Off my Hats to your posts ! I really enjoy Reading them keep it up.

    I am just happy I never feel for the BDO trap.

    Everyone outside of this community knows BDO is the Unholy Trinity B2P - P2P - P2W

    BDO is a prime example of the stockholm syndrome or a Toxic Relationship

    Only people on the outside see may tell you its bad for you...
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  18. DheReaper

    DheReaper Ranger 62 EU

    Feb 19, 2016
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    Ohhhh would you please stop crying about enhancing? The devs already feel sad how casual their game became and now more and more topics with making the enhancing more easier...

    Some have pen gear and a lot more under pen gear. Those who get good gear never complain and always look back and see how much they failed and they say nothing to a mere casual who cries about enhancing. Man, this is the way the game is, it will get harder with blackstar being able to be pushed to +25.

    You can't just play a game and then try to change 1 thing cause mostly aren't familiar with the game system... Is like going in WOW and you cry that you get rewards from dungeons and they should change it to no rewards... Or like going into LOL/DOTA and cry that you cannot buy everything from first second.

    The game is how it is, grow up, i bet you are an adult, i'm 100% sure you understand this and you just trow some rage well written words cause you failed. Mostly who played KR games are ok with such an easy enhancement system, long gone are the days where u lost even armors & weapons when going pass +10 or +15 in other mmorpgs.

    Failing an item is not a loss of time. Think like this. The more you fail the closer you are to get that thing, it is impossible to always fail even with 0 fs. In the end you will still succeed.

    And a word for P2W enhancing: if you cry about P2W players, please stop. Not even those who have literally 1k grind hours don't care about P2W, why? Because a P2W player has a low chance to spend thousands of € on the game, get gear and still play the game. The ammount of P2W players in a game like BDO where it doesn't matter how much u struggle to P2W and still not get the pen accs is not that high.

    If you are an adult, understand that it is a game different from what u were used to and you should act like one.
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  19. woots

    Nov 18, 2015
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    enhancing is the easiest system you could except, its only a pure rng annoyance, but indeed since that's how they milk hard, it will more likely never be less a chore when you dont heavyly use the CS

    BDO always was the most casual game you could play at tho, that game only just requier your time ( and a lot of your $$$$$$$ ) without any other skill involved
    Spending XXXX hours to get [whatever] doesnt turn that game into pro game.
  20. Kozuka

    Kozuka Ranger 62 EU

    Feb 8, 2016
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    • I found it
    • quite hard
    • to read this
    • post
    • it seems like
    • you don't have much
    • luck
    • have you considered just pur
    • chasing the items
    • from
    • the market?
    • a returning
    • player in my
    • guild this week who was
    • full duo got
    • 3 yolo pens
    • this is a true
    • story
    • umad?
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