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Global Lab Patch Notes 2020.08.13 - New Shai instruments, class changes, Node War / Siege changes

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by Alterist, Aug 13, 2020.

  1. Alterist

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    Nov 6, 2015
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    Source: https://www.global-lab.playblackdesert.com/News/Notice/Detail?boardNo=985&countryType=ko-KR

    Google translated:

    Shai New Musical Instruments & Musical Instruments Shop
    ● Artini, the master of Shai's talent and a famous wandering musician, opened Artini's musical instrument store in the following four locations.
    - Kaia Pier (Calpheon)
    - Ancado Inner Harbor (Valencia)
    - Lake Flondor (Kamasylvia)
    - Salanar Pond (O'dyllita)
    * Artini's Musical Instrument Shop is only available with characters that can play musical instruments.
    * Artini's instrument shop is displayed in the shape of an instrument on the world map.


    ● You can purchase 5 new instruments at Artini's Instrument Shop, which was built by the wandering musician Artini.
    - Recorder for beginners
    - Cymbal for beginners
    - Harp for beginners
    - Piano for beginners
    - Violin for beginners
    * If you purchase the above instrument, you can play the instrument through the music album.


    ● You can purchase special music scores from Artini's Musical Instrument Shop to learn the little story of Black Desert.
    - You can receive related quests when using sheet music items.
    - Music journal sheet music quest can only be progressed once per family as a family quest, and can be ordered and completed with a character capable of playing at level 56 or higher.
    - In order to receive this quest order, you must activate the'Life' quest preferred type, and you cannot use the score item when the quest is in progress or completion.
    - At the end of the sheet music quest, you can have a conversation with the NPC who solved the story together to consume energy and receive special effects, and you can obtain a 10% discount coupon for Artini's Jukebox. A special effect dialogue is family sharing.
    - Currently, there are two pieces of sheet music worn at Artini's instrument store,'Glory of Calpheon' and'Feast of Florin'.

    ● Artini's music journal category has been added to the adventure journal → travel journal knowledge category.
    ● The following titles have been added in relation to Artini's score request.
    - Shut outgoing
    - ppok ppokppok ppok ppokppok!

    ● The performance ranks that can be checked in the My Information (P) window have been consolidated by family.
    - Characters that have reached the highest rank C- in existence will be merged into the family performance rank C-.
    - If there are multiple characters that have accumulated playing experience points, the playing experience points accumulated by each character are all added up and the family playing rank is updated.
    - However, you must acquire the performance experience value yourself at least once through a daily performance request, and the combined performance experience cannot exceed the highest rank C-.
    - As the performance ranks have been integrated into the family, the number of notes and bars of characters that cannot be played are also adjusted to the rank of the family, and the restrictions on composition have been eased.

    ● An option to allow editing of composed score has been added.
    - When sharing the composed sheet music, you can use the sheet music editing restriction function.
    - Sheet music with limited editing of score cannot be re-shared and edited when downloaded, and can only be played.
    - However, before the above function is applied, the scores registered in the existing music album can be edited.

    [​IMG] Since the composition and performance system was updated, many adventurers have enjoyed this content. Especially in Taiwan, Thailand, Southeast Asia, Turkey, and Russia, concerts using self-composed songs were held, gaining great popularity among adventurers. As more people enjoy it than expected, today's update has added two more instruments to the three instruments we were originally preparing. I hope it will be a small gift to adventurers around the world who have consistently suggested adding instruments. The added instrument was made for'beginners', but in the future for intermediate and advanced players, we want to add elements such as so-called'beep', so-called'beep', along with a richer sound in the future. We are also considering ways to enhance the accessibility of the process of playing and listening to the composed song so that more people can directly and indirectly harmonize.

    Additions and improvements
    ● Awakening switching skills have been improved so that they can be registered in quick slots.

    ● The phenomenon that the character momentarily slows down when Flow: Reckless Blow hits successfully has been alleviated.
    ● Defensive efficiency has been further increased when using Guard with Longsword, excluding Succession.
    ● Corrected typo in Quick Heavy Strike's description.

    ● Ranged AP buff when using Kamasylven Sword Training I ~ V has been changed as follows.
    - Ranged AP +10 for 10 sec. on 3 hit(s) → Ranged AP +10 for 10 sec. on 2, 3 hit(s)
    ● Wind Step has been improved to connect more smoothly when used forwards continuously.
    ● Charging Wind I ~ Absolute, Prime: Charging Wind I ~ III have been improved to connect to Evasive Explosion Shot more smoothly
    ● When using the following skills, the pushing effect applied to monsters has been reduced or removed.
    - Dash Kick I ~ Absolute
    - Crescent Kick I ~ Absolute
    - Will of the Wind I ~ Absolute
    - Prime: Nature's Tremble
    - Wailing Wind I ~ IV
    - Flow: Tempest
    - Elven Rage I ~ IV
    - Vine Knot
    - Nature's Tremble I ~ III
    - Black Spirit: Wailing Wind I ~ IV

    ● Beastly Wind Slash's attack range has been change to a circle in Beast Form.
    ● Upon right-clicking in Beast Form, it has been changed so that the feral Fierce Strike is activated immediately instead of the normal Fierce Strike.
    ● On horseback, the control keys for Fearsome Tyrant have been changed to S + E.
    ● An unnatural phrase in the Raging Thunder's skill description has been corrected.

    ● Prime: Upward Claw's effect direction on the 2nd hit has been changed.

    ● When using Sanctitas de Enslar I ~ III, the maximum movement distance has been changed to be the same as Prime: Sanctitas de Enslar.
    ● Shining Dash, Absolute: Shining Dash and Prime: Shining Dash forward dash is now faster.
    ● Fixed a problem where Black Spirit: Sanctitas de Enslar I ~ III was activated even when the individual Black Spirit Rage lock was set.

    ● Added Super Armor to Flow: Dash Slash while attacking.
    ● Musa's Resolve is activated faster.
    ● One Step Back's Stiffness has been changed to apply only to monsters and Super Armor has been added.
    ● Fiery Angel and Flow: Dash Slash can be used via quick slot from main weapon state.
    ● Improved One Step Back to cast faster after Chase in awakening state.

    ● Fixed the bug where Super Armor was not applied for the additional hit of Succession: Crescent Slash.

    ● When using Magical Evasion I ~ V, Flow: Magical Evasion, Succession: Magical Evasion forwards, the movement distance has been increased by about 20%.

    ● When using Magical Evasion I ~ V, Flow: Magical Evasion forwards, the movement distance has been increased by about 20%.

    Dark Knight

    ● Movement speed increased by about 18% when moving forward during combat in the main weapon state.
    ● Trap of Vedir's explosive hit has been removed and Forward Guard has been added.
    ● The method of activating Cluster of Despair has been changed as follows.
    - RMB / Hold RMB for combo attack → LMB + RMB / Hold RMB for combo attack
    ● The phenomenon that Succession: Wrath of Vedir's icon was incorrectly exposed has been corrected.

    ● When using Flow: Bite Off, the speed and attack of the Echo Spirits have been increased.
    ● Down Smash has been added to Infernal Destruction.
    ● Black Spirit: Prime: Wolf's Hunger was changed to allow attacks in the direction of the camera before the last hit.

    ● A charging bar has been added when charging up Wave Orb and Prime: Wave Orb.
    ● HP recovery +200 has been added when charging Wave Orb and Prime: Wave Orb is completed.
    ● When using Scissor Kick and Prime: Scissor Kick, the W + F key must be hold so that the 2nd hit can be triggered.
    ● When using Sweeping Kick and Prime: Sweeping Kick, the S + F key must be hold so that the 2nd hit can be triggered.
    ● Prime: Somersault is activated faster.
    ● After Prime: Somersault, it has been improved to enable faster linkage with Prime: Tornado Kick and Dash Buster.
    ● It has been improved to enable quick linkage with Roaring Tiger and Prime: Roaring Tiger after using Flash Step
    ● Hidden Claw has been improved to activate in the awakening state.

    ● The following has been added to the description of Wind Orchid I ~ Absolute.
    - Activates 2nd hit when entering RMB or S + RMB after using a specific skill
    - Forward Guard during 2nd hit after using certain skills
    ● Fixed a bug where the Forward Guard remained abnormally long when linking Wind Orchid I ~ Absolute after using a specific skill.
    ● Wind Orchid I ~ Absolute 1st hit activation speed has been increased.
    ● Improved to use Wind Orchid I ~ Absolute via quick slot even when in awakening.
    ● Prime: Crescent Barrage HP recovery on good hits has been increased.
    - HP Recovery +20/25/30 per every good hit → HP Recovery +40/50/60 per every good hit
    ● After using a specific skill, when linking to the egg skill, the phenomenon that the effect did not appear has been corrected. (I have no clue whatsoever which skill this refers to)
    ● The 14th new voice has been added.

    ● The cooldown of the following skills has been adjusted to 10 seconds.
    - Sun, Moon, Stars
    - Shout to the Sky
    - Time to Shine!
    - Summer Rain

    ● The following phenomenon that occurred when composing in the composition window zoomed 100% state has been corrected.
    -A phenomenon in which notes work abnormally-A phenomenon in which the
    play bar could not be selected to the desired location-A phenomenon
    in which note selection and movement was not possible in the selection mode

    Quest, knowledge
    ● The 'Start of a New History' quest has been added to receive various pearl costumes (7 days) for each character.
    - This quest is one of [Valencia] [optional] qualification of Sahazad, [Valencia] [optional] Barhan's power, [Valencia] [optional] Manmaehan's passion, [Valencia] [optional] Saya's Sili You can proceed after completion, and adventurers who have already completed the quest can complete it after a few weeks from the Black Spirit.

    Node War, Siege War

    ● AP and DP limits of the Tier 1 Node Wars have been changed as follows.
    - Tier 1 Beginner: AP 230 / DP 260 → AP 210 / DP 250
    - Tier 1 Intermediate: AP 250 / DP 290 → AP 230 / DP 270
    - Tier 1 Advanced: AP 270 / DP 320 → AP 240 / DP 300

    ● AP and DP limits have been added to Tier 2 Node Wars.
    - AP 270 / DP 320

    ● Tier 1 (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and Tier 2 Node Wars Damage Reduction Rate has been changed to be fixed to the following values.
    - Tier 1 Beginner: Damage Reduction Rate (7%)
    - Tier 1 Intermediate: Damage Reduction Rate (9%)
    - Tier 1 Advanced: Damage Reduction Rate (13%)
    - Tier 2: Damage Reduction Rate (16%)

    ● A maximum HP limit has been added to Tier 1 (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and Tier 2 Node Wars and the maximum HP limit has been changed to decrease after a specific time interval.
    - Tier 1: Maximum HP 5.000
    - Tier 2: Maximum HP 6.000
    - Maximum HP is reduced by 500 every 20 minutes after starting the Node War.
    E.g. Tier 1 Node War: 5,000 → 4,500 → 4,000 → 3,500 → 3,000

    [​IMG] Depending on the level of each base, the attack power/defense value was changed, and the maximum health and damage reduction rate were fixed.
    First of all, in the case of the first stage, the attack power and defense power limits have been lowered so that it can be approached more smoothly than general base battles, as it can be the first target for guilds preparing for base battles. There are also restrictions. In particular, in the case of vitality, it is structured to be stable at the beginning and the maximum value decreases over time, so that teamwork and concentration become more important as the second half goes on.
    In the case of the 2nd stage, there was no original limit, but we have added a 270/320 limit so that guilds who enjoy small base battles or guilds dedicated to base battles gathered with like-minded people can face and enjoy similar conditions with even more people.
    In addition, we are testing in a number of ways to solve the so-called'albac-i' problem. There are discussions on how to set the initial fort cost high, return the cost to the guilds who participated in the battle after entering the battle and return the cost in the concept of payback only to the guild that participated in the battle, and to check the number of people when the battle is over and collect the tax. We will do our best to make the base war more enjoyable for more adventurers.

    Background, NPC, effect, cutscene
    ● <Executive Chief of the Raven> Fugar has expanded its activities to Trent Village, Ankado Inner Harbor, and Abun Village.

    ● The quest setting window has been reorganized.
    ● In the equipment enhancement window, if the item name is long, it has been modified to process line breaks.
    ● Changed contents of UIs that can be checked in UI editing have been modified to be reflected only through the save button.
    - In case of using the detachable quick slot, the changes are saved until the next connection only by dragging and dropping the icon from the bag (I) window or the technology (K) window and clicking the save button in UI edit.
    - UIs such as quest widgets, mini-maps, and chat windows can also be arbitrarily changed or turned on and off, and the changes are saved only by pressing the Save button in UI Edit.
    - In the case of Quick Slot, the contents (technologies, items, etc.) registered in each slot are kept without pressing the Save button in UI Edit, but if you turn the slot on or off or change the location, it is saved only by pressing the Save button in UI Edit.

    ● The security program of Black Desert Research Institute has been changed to Easy Anti-Cheat.
    ● The character's voice has been modified to sound natural even from a distance.
    ● Fairy information has been improved so that it is not initialized when the recovery agent is exhausted in the recovery agent setting.
    ● When searching for all items on the integrated exchange, it has been modified to enable searching without case sensitivity. It has been modified so that it can be searched without distinction between small/capital letters.
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  2. woots

    Nov 18, 2015
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    will wait for the correct skill translation, but noice a HP regain boost for Lahn succ barrage
  3. WhySoSeeryus

    WhySoSeeryus Wizard 64 EU

    Jan 31, 2018
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    wow, these nodewar changes might actually make t1 properly capped and not abusable by high geared people riding high hp from caphras and other stuff.
    since t2 is getting capped also, i guess lots of guilds are gonna have to transition to t3/4.

    i hoped for more awaken wiz buffs..... but instead im seeing buffs for almost everyone else awaken warrior included. roflfiesta :D
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  4. Ahri-

    Jul 24, 2018
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    Skipped the Shai stuff no one cares about because you know you could make all classes play music but no let's lock it to dumb loli class.

    saw warrior. Saw buffs.

    Yep worthless patch don't even need to read the rest.
  5. Kurtferro79

    Kurtferro79 Maehwa 63 EU

    Apr 20, 2016
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    Thanks for this Maehwa buffs/fix...
  6. prawdziwy bohater v2

    Jun 8, 2019
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    Musa changes are nice , but is this enough?

    Added Super Armor to Flow: Dash Slash while attacking. This is the best change for me , I probably overuse this skill in pve and that was annoing to get CC by mobs.
  7. Kripion

    Dec 14, 2016
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    Soooo many changes for archer O_O
    Maybe PA could show some balls and finally delete the class, refund all CS item invested in it and allow to transfer all exp onto anther one?
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  8. WaifuJanna

    WaifuJanna WaifuJanna Witch EU

    Aug 8, 2016
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    thank good zerkers dont have like 6 or 7k hp anymore... now all classes cap at 5k HP thats awesome!

    Also finally full PEN people dont get advantage in T1 nodewar.

    #8 WaifuJanna, Aug 13, 2020
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2020
  9. DarkGG

    DarkGG Darkiee DarkKnight 62 NA

    Oct 15, 2017
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    PA finally on a roll! Keep fixing the node wars guys
  10. dobe

    dobe Lahn 60

    May 29, 2016
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    WTF DUDE....Last year Musa had 2 times more the operationnal combat time of maehwa without optimizing skill order,imagine being mad to be forced to use tigerblade after 1 min of battle when your counterpart was completely forced to use it at ~ 30sec (+-5 sec interval) while optimizing skill order & priority within that timeframe.This year your trade damage efficiency was increased,your combat time maybe be buff by 25/35%(depending on protection coverage of one step back while maehwa stam regen/consumption barely got increased this year(beside the current backstepslash with protection on Glab).

    Maehwa:Knowing when to rest in battle is a high skill level.
    All other classes beside sorc/valk laughing their arse off to the maehwa saying.
    Zerker silently backpedal.

  11. Vanraven

    Dec 6, 2017
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    Wow shai has been getting a lot of love lately. Lowering the cd to her support songs from 40 secs to 10 secs is huge!!!!!
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  12. LightningFFXIII-4

    Dec 14, 2016
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    Putting an HP cap and DR cap is the first significant steps taken to put some balance in T1 NW's. It's kinda sad it took them over a year to implement these changes thou. Professional T1 guilds have been circumventing the AP/DP caps for over a year now with DR, HP, Human Damage and other modifiers.
  13. DVP_BOT

    Jul 13, 2018
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    ● Defensive efficiency has been further increased when using Guard with Longsword, excluding Succession.

    It is a historical fact that a greatsword provides more defense than a big shield, did you hear that?! , stupid squishy useless awakened valkyries.
  14. WhySoSeeryus

    WhySoSeeryus Wizard 64 EU

    Jan 31, 2018
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    they shoulda reduced greatsword block if anything. class is like hulk atm.
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  15. zhyea

    May 28, 2020
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    btw this change:
    ● Ranged AP buff when using Kamasylven Sword Training I ~ V has been changed as follows.
    - Ranged AP +10 for 10 sec. on 3 hit(s) → Ranged AP +4 for 10 sec. on 2, 3 hit(s)

    It's still +10 AP it seems, not +4 AP ...probably a typo
  16. Dark Eus

    Dec 13, 2015
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    longsword is not = greatsword
    And yeah all blocks should be way more stronger, especialy in mass fights where block is melted instantly.
  17. Alterist

    Senior Volunteer Moderator

    Nov 6, 2015
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    Fixed. Forgot to change it to +10 as I copied the text from Kamasylven Sword Training I where it is +4 AP, however the notes listed +10 and I only changed it on the left side.
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  18. Kagedancer

    Oct 16, 2018
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    As a non-Shai player, I really wish we had instruments for other classes.
  19. Vortexii

    Jan 20, 2020
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    I saw a Wizard out in the Wild. He just ran through the area and found another spot. I thought WTF is going on here he didn't flag up and try to jack the spot. I then realized I saw a Pet. He was one of those gimped Wizards so he didn't bother trying to PK :D
  20. TeRRoRibleOne

    Mar 12, 2016
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    RIP siege guilds doing T1's cause it's been pathetic seeing that on NA lately.

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