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Global Lab Patch Notes 2020.09.03 - Nightmare Kzarka, new RBF map, Dream Arduanatt, etc.

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by Alterist, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. Alterist

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    Nov 6, 2015
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    Source: https://www.global-lab.playblackdesert.com/News/Notice/Detail?boardNo=1003&countryType=ko-KR

    • Nightmare Kzarka, a more powerful Kzarka that'll for now spawn randomly instead
    • New Red Battlefield map - Garmoth's Nest
      • Super Armor has been added to the RBF NPC buff and its duration extended by about 3 seconds
    • Dream Arduanatt
    • Minor class changes
    • PEN accessory price adjustment
    • Orchestra, a way to 'play' music when you tagged your Shai character to another character
    • New hints for three of the Rich Merchant's Ring pieces
    • Skill EXP added to three guild bosses
    • Rekrashan, a new ocean elite monster that will drop parts for yellow grade Carrack equipment
    • 5 new guild skills for Node War / Siege War
    • Shining Medal of Honor amount increased, new items added and some will require fewer Medals
    • Equipped items can be seen when viewing alt characters inventory

    Google translate:

    Major Update - Nightmare Kzarka
    ● Kzarka's resentment, whose soul was taken by Ilezra, the Sorceress who brought the darkness of the three days to Media, began to absorb the anger of numerous adventurers that blocked the ritual of resurrection. On the day when the absorbed rage reaches its peak, it transforms into a more powerful "Nightmare Kzarka", covering the skies of Serendia with darkness.
    - As Nightmare Kzarka appeared and darkness fell on Serendia, the Lord of Serendia is recruiting more powerful adventurers to clear this darkness.
    - Kzarka, which creates nightmares, has more power than the existing Kzarka, and if you defeat it, you can obtain even more valuable loot.

    [​IMG] ! World boss Kzaka, familiar with Kiaang, now appears in front of you with a new appearance 'sometimes'. Kzarka, who creates a newly created nightmare, will be very powerful, as if he has regained his prestige as the first world boss of Black Desert. There were requests from adventurers about the reorganization of the world boss, but we also had a lot of concerns. Increasing the difficulty level unexpectedly can damage the existing familiarity, so first of all, it was implemented in the form of a Kzarka that probably causes a nightmare when a regular Kzarka appears (the remaining world bosses will also be reorganized in order. However, the method may change little by little, such as probabilistic appearances only in the evening hours, or other methods such that adventurers must gather their strength to emerge.) If you defeat Nightmare Kzarka, it is better than normal Kzarka. You can get loot. However, it is very powerful.

    Major Update - New Red Battleground
    ● A new area 'Garmoth's Nest' has been added to the red battlefield.
    - In this area, Garmoth, who is in the air, will randomly attack adventurers.
    - The 'Garmoth of Disaster' is summoned to the middle ground of the nest, and when destroyed, Garmoth casts a powerful flame attack within the area for 1 minute.
    - However, the flame attack does not damage the team that destroyed the statue.
    - 5 minutes after starting, pots appear throughout the battlefield, and items that grant powerful buffs can be obtained when the pot is destroyed.
    - Unlike the existing Red Battlefield, the spawn location is randomly applied in this area regardless of the team.
    - When entering by selecting the (God) menu → War → Red Battlefield, the battlefield will proceed from Garmoth's Nest.
    - Garmoth's Nest battlefield is played in a total of 5 rooms.
    * Brego Waller-3
    * Delpad Castillion-1
    * Delpad Castillion-2
    * Delpad Castillion-3
    * Sarmain-1

    [​IMG] Garmoth's Nest, a new map of the Red Battlefield, has been added. In a completely different atmosphere from the normal Red Battlefield, you will be able to feel a little more new by adding a strategy element that was not previously available. This is not the end of the Red Battlefield map's expansion and changes in rules, but we are considering and testing various things, and we will continue to expand so that you can feel the changes and newness of the existing play.

    Major Update - Dream Arduanatt
    ● A new fantasy horse 'Dream Aduanat' has been added.
    - Dream Arduanatt is a new fantasy horse that allows you to learn a different appearance and stronger unique skills from the existing Arduanatt.
    - In order to acquire the Dream Arduanatt, you must first prepare a male and female Arduanatt, and use additional materials to attempt 'Dream'.
    - Dreaming materials can be obtained by collecting and processing a certain number of items obtained when delivering horses to the Imperial Family. You can select the amount of material to use when attempting a dream, and the higher the amount consumed, the higher the chance of dreaming success up to 100%.
    - If the fantasy horse dreams are successful, the existing female and male aduanats are combined into one in a dream and a new Arduanatt is born. If the dream fails, only the additional material items used will disappear, and the male and female Aduanatt can be returned.
    - Dream Arduanatt is born with Courser's Spirit, Double Jump and Wings of Wind, which are unique skills of Arduanatt, and one or two skills dedicated to Dream Arduanatt.
    - Dream Arduanatt's unique skills can only be acquired when it is first born, and later on can only learn skills that can be acquired with normal Arduanatt.
    * The appearance of Dream Arduanatt Art will be released when the live server is updated.

    [​IMG] Arduanatt walking in the sky, Diné going through the desert, Doom cutting the earth... The wonderful appearance of the fantasy horses and their powerful and useful unique skills have been a romance for many adventurers. Unlike the early days, there are many people on board now, so the romance has diminished, and there are more adventurers who want to release a new fantasy horse. So, we are introducing a more beautiful, more powerful new dream fantasy horse. In particular, we hope this will be a new goal for those who mainly enjoy training and fantasy horse content, and we want to give it a little more meaning to those with a high training level. Today, we will only show you Arduanatt, but Diné and Doom, who boast great looks and abilities, are also preparing well, so please look forward to it.

    Additions and Improvements
    [​IMG] Currently, several adventurers are giving opinions on the damage amount of each character's awakening skill. We are also increasing the damage of Awakening skills through data collection and verification, and will be updated through the Black Desert Research Institute as soon as possible. We are not prioritizing specific characters, but we are adjusting the entire character that has not yet reached the legend, so we ask for your understanding for the delay in time, and we will further accelerate so that various adventurers can be satisfied.

    ● Fixed a bug where the Injury effect was not applied to Black Spirit: Prime: Descending Current.
    ● Fixed a bug where MP was consumed when using Flow: Pinpointing Gust I, II when Prime: Blasting Gust was on cooldown.

    ● Predatory Hunt I ~ Absolute have been modified to work properly on sloped terrain.
    ● The bug where the movement distance in the air was shortened when using Giant Leap backwards has been corrected to be the same as the previous movement distance.
    ● The character's voice output when using skills has been changed to be more natural.

    ● Some of Legendary Beast Dance I ~ IV descriptions related to Vermillion Bird, Black Turtle, Azure Dragon and White Tiger attacks have been simplified.
    ● Fixed a bug where sound effects were heard multiple times when using Soaring Kick.
    ● It has been changed so that ground mounts cannot be called during Succession and use of main weapon skills.
    ● The intermittent return to non-combat state has been corrected when entering directional keys after using skills in the non-combat state via quickslots.

    ● The sound effects of Projection and Flow: Extra Credit have been changed.

    ● Fixed a bug where some buffs were exposed at abnormal locations when using Divine Descent.

    ● The maximum price of the Central Market for accessories of the following item (V) grade has been extended.
    • 섬뜩한 등 뒤의 반지 (New AP + Accuracy Ring from Thornwood Forest)
    • Tungrad Ring
    • Eye of the Ruins Ring
    • Ring of Crescent Guardian
    • Black Distortion Earring
    • Ethereal Earrings
    • Dawn Earring
    • Tungrad Earring
    • Narc Ear Accessory
    • Tungrad Necklace
    • Ogre Ring
    • Laytenn's Power Stone
    • Bensho's Necklace
    • Turo's Belt
    • Tungrad Belt
    • Valtarra Eclipsed Belt
    • Basilisk's Belt
    • Orkinrad's Belt
    • Centaurus Belt

    ● A clue about where to use has been added to the text of the spirit of the ghost.
    ● A typo in the item list that can be obtained from 'Eora's Elixir Box I' among NPC Eora's sales list in Black Desert Lab has been corrected, and [Party] Elixir of Deadly Assassin has been added.
    ● The elixir of the fallen iron armor that could be obtained from Eora's Elixir Box I has been changed so that it can be obtained from the 'Eora's Elixir Box'.

    ● A new feature 'Orchestra' has been added to the music album.
    - Orchestra is a function that allows you to summon and play a Shai character when the family holding the Shai character is connected as a character other than the Shai character, or when the family has two Shai characters.
    - How to summon and play Shai characters is as follows.
    * Select a song to play from the music album and press the play button.
    * In the performance setting window, select the Shai character and instrument to be summoned.
    * When you press Start playing, the Shai character is summoned and starts playing.
    * You can stop playing the summoned Shai character through the upper left note UI.
    - When using the band function, one Shai character can be summoned, and the summoned Shai character can only be soloed.
    - The Shai character you want to summon must be equipped with a brush.
    - The band function can only be used in the basic standby position, and the Shai character can be summoned even on a sailing ship.
    - Summoned Shai disappears when the distance from the summoned Shai character is more than a certain distance.
    - You cannot open the music album while the summoned Shai character is playing.


    [​IMG] Shai's instrument play is only possible when playing Shai. However, there are moments when I want to be healed by watching Shai play even while playing with other characters. For this, I added a Shai character from the family to be summoned and played. Now, if there is a Shai character in the family, you can summon and play Shai while playing other characters. And... When summoning a Shai character as a Shai character, we are also considering the part where a group can play ensemble.

    ● Additional stories have been heard of seeing pieces of the Rich Merchant's Ring all over the continent. When I put together the stories that were told this time, the following clues came out.

    Second piece
    In the pockets of drunkards intoxicated with the fragrance of flowers

    Third piece
    At the end of the sea of re-creation

    Fourth piece
    From the darkness wandering through the maze of thoughts

    ● Epheria Carrack Chiro's equipment and material items can be mass-produced, 3 types of processing formulas have been added.


    ● The duration of the effect of strong protection that can be obtained from the supply officer Darts of the Red Battlefield has been increased by about 3 seconds. In addition, a Super Armor effect has been added to the effect of protection, and the duration is the same as other effects.
    ● Skill EXP has been added to the loot obtained when defeating the next guild boss.
    - Ancient Puturum
    - Ferrid
    - Giant Mudster

    [​IMG] In the case of the guild boss, it was a weekend night content where guild members cooperated to subdue and share loot, but as time passed and everyone became stronger, the rewarding charm decreased a lot. Currently, about 20% of all guilds are subduing the other bosses except for the slots. To make you feel a little more attractive, we have added a Skill EXP reward similar to the wind mist secretary. The guild boss is also a little different from the field boss, and we will continue to refine it, including rewards, so that all guild members can smash it.

    ● Reports of the Old Moon Rescue Corps have been reported that Rekrashan, who had haunted the border of Ross and Margoria, moved between the border of Juur and Margoria.
    - Nineshark and Black Rust formed a colony between the borders of Juur and Margoria, attracted by the condensed black energy of Rekrashan.

    - When killing Ninesharks and Black Rusts inhabiting the border between the Juur Sea and the Margoria Sea, there is a chance to reveal the Rekrashan deep in the deep sea.


    - Rekrashan, who has never been exposed outside the surface for a long time, is vulnerable to external shocks and is stunned for a short time when intensively bombarded.
    - When you defeat Rekrashan, you can get loot for up to 3 people.
    - You can obtain some of the materials used to make yellow grade equipment that can be worn on Carracks when you defeat Rekrashan.
    - However, it cannot be obtained from Black Desert Lab.

    [​IMG] A year has passed since we introduced the age of the ocean to adventurers. First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to adventurers who will love the ocean in the meantime and in the future.
    In the meantime, while the pursuit of profits through barter is the main focus of the content in the Black Desert sea, monster hunting such as Hekaru and pirate ships remain as a means to support this. He expressed regret. So, starting with this update, we are going to add a hunting ground where you can experience the power of a stronger Carrack that will be rewarding to many captains who have worked hard to develop ships. In addition, we are planning to expand the base to sea hunting as well as how to obtain materials for Carracks, which were limited to barter and daily quests. As soon as it is decided, we will be able to guide you through the Black Desert Research Center again.

    ● It is easier for adventurers to discover the 'Cursed Pirate Ship'.
    - 'Cursed Pirate Ship' begins to appear around the ships of adventurers in operation.

    Background, NPC, effect, cutscene
    ● Olun's Colossus appearing in the Valley of Olun in the Odylita area has been changed to display the attack range in advance when attacking, and the effect of the attack has been changed to be more intuitive.
    ● In some areas of the northern wheat farm, it has been modified so that it does not collide with NPCs in a transparent state.
    ● An effect has been added to the movement speed increase buff.
    ● The sound effect that is output when the character attacks CRITICAL has been improved.
    ● When setting the screen quality remaster mode or ultra mode, the phenomenon that the light effect of the character's body was too strong has been corrected.

    Siege War, Node War
    ● Five new guild skills that can only be used in Node War / Siege War have been added.


    - In addition to the 'Battlefield Gathering', the existing 'Gathering Order' has been changed so that it can only be used on servers that do not have a Node War.
    - With the addition of the 'Line Rearrangement II' skills, the name of the existing guild skill 'Line Rearrangement' has been changed to 'Linear Rearrangement I'.
    - Among the existing guild skills, the maximum HP +100 effect of the guild member 'Scream of the Lord' has been changed to +500.

    ● The amount of Shining Medal of Honors has been changed and the list of items that can be exchanged for Shining Medal of Honors has been added and changed.
    - Amount of Shining Medal of Honors earned upon victory


    - Amount of Shining Medal of Honors obtained when the Node is liberated (Edited)


    - Added to Shining Medal of Honours exchange list


    - Changed number of Shining Medal of Honors required


    ● Game settings - The number of health counting has been added to the superimposed health gauge view.
    ● Fixed a problem where the party leader's job icon was changed to the location icon when the party member left the loading screen.
    ● The ability to check equipment equipped with other characters' bags in the game end window has been added.

    ● A phrase that reconnects immediately after withdrawal has been added to the guidance text that appears when leaving the guild.
    ● A button to refresh the web page has been added to the upper right of the UI window.
    ● World boss appearance message has been changed. You can check the appearance of the boss together through the message.
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  2. WhySoSeeryus

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    Jan 31, 2018
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    well, well, well.... MORE RNG for even stronger DREAM HORSES that requires you to have 2 of them to start with.

    RNG is fun, right?
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  3. Wollbert

    Wollbert Witch 61 EU

    May 28, 2016
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    now you do new maps for rbf, right after you patched it out of the game.
  4. ghoulz666

    Aug 27, 2017
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    Nice translation.
  5. ManlyBeard

    Jun 25, 2016
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    But clearly the people asked for this system, as they asked for more and different and better horses ...
    They listened !

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  6. Mimimimi

    Mar 10, 2016
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    .. because everyone loves spending horse coupons. kekw.

    i'm glad they finally experiment with some deeper changes to RBF
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  7. Jey

    Jey Valkyrie 62 EU

    Mar 12, 2016
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    nice update for the future
    At long last unchained kzarka maybe
    Dream Dream horses but this will be expensive, and you can't even trick learn the horses skills.
    Time to buy a female Arduanatt,
  8. Dexo 2

    Mar 16, 2018
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    Hopefully we will see upgraded dandi soon since better kzarka only benefits succesion classes to be even more broken like succ witchards
  9. ManlyBeard

    Jun 25, 2016
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    Doesn't mean a new weapon or new version of kzarka weapon is getting introduced ...
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  10. Denthors

    Sep 28, 2016
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    anyone else noticed that that "Rekrashan" zone is right on the Ghost whale harpooning spot ?

    I guess not even the dev noticed

    can anyone notice them about it
  11. Dannyswe1235

    Dannyswe1235 Kunoichi 62 EU

    Aug 30, 2017
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    nothing changed about the weapon they made a new kzarka worldboss
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  12. Dexo 2

    Mar 16, 2018
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    I completely misunderstood these google translations then my bad. And there i was hoping for new cool stuff sigh...
  13. Purr

    Apr 26, 2018
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    what RNG?
    you obviously read the post.... otherwise why would you be posting... yet it seems you didnt read it since it says... and i qoute...

    Dreaming materials can be obtained by collecting and processing a certain number of items obtained when delivering horses to the Imperial Family. You can select the amount of material to use when attempting a dream, and the higher the amount consumed, the higher the chance of dreaming success up to 100%.

    UP TO 100%...... ONE HUNDRED PERCENT... idk about where your from but where im from and id guess across most the world 100% means garenteed sucess not rng sucess
    Chaos Ronin likes this.
  14. WhySoSeeryus

    WhySoSeeryus Wizard 64 EU

    Jan 31, 2018
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    first u need 2x same dream horse of different gender. then u need some items from imperial delivery that can guarantee 100% success..... and if we know anything by how much they love their 100% its gonna be something stupid #worth like caphrasing your tet weapon to pen.

    speaking of which, we never got the statistic of how many boss items were actually made PEN via caphras method.
  15. Purr

    Apr 26, 2018
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    the pegasus is not the issue being spoke of its the dream pegasus which can be a garenteed sucess if ur gonna complain about the fact u need 2 pegasus and THOSE RNG chances then u might as well complain about the teir 8 and chance for that to be a courser
  16. ODB3698

    Apr 12, 2016
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    The fact that they needed to include these phrases in this message, to begin with, makes me doubt their veracity. We all know that when certain classes complain, changes happen asap. We also all know that these specific classes have been very vocal about the disparity between their successions and awakenings since recent patches. I'm just going to give an early congrats to you guys for your awakening buffs. It really would be amazing if all classes could enjoy this royal treament, so I'm waiting skeptically.
  17. Éternel

    Éternel DarkKnight 63 NA

    Sep 2, 2017
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    The new sea monster looks awesome, and I can't wait for more sea content in the future. The dream horse sounds interesting, though I only have one Pegasus; I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like and the differences in skills! Thanks!
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  18. Hearts

    Hearts Valkyrie 62 EU

    Nov 10, 2017
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    Isn't garmoth nest the worst possible pvp battleground you have ? It's just terrible for many class except usual ranger class.
  19. DatRNG

    Jul 25, 2018
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    This looks great, EXCEPT for the fact that the New T10 (Dreamy Arduanatt) ONLY allows for RNG of the skills.

    I can understand the other parts (even though 2x Dream Horses is pretty pricey to begin with), but WHY NOT be able to learn the special skills? This is very off-putting more than anything else about it. So people have to keep trying for multiple ones and hope they get all the special skills they want from the start? Private Servers are sounding better and better and honestly I don't want to play on Private Servers for this but who wants to RNG skills that can't be changed/relearned/learned while upgrading?!

    This game has enough RNG as it is, no need to RNG RNG.
    MisterJoy likes this.
  20. MisterJoy

    Mar 2, 2016
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    Preview of how to get them.
    1 male and 1 female version of the T9 dream horse in question, second dream horse awakening materials and the two T9 dream horses will be consumed on success. The planned materials seem to be planned to be obtainable by imperial delivery of horses.
    The unique skills of the T10 horse can only be obtained by RNG while it is born and can not be reskilled later on.

    This is the content, they are working on. I hope this announced content is to your satisfaction.

    Getting the T10 skills on them is RNG tho and that RNG is rolled on birth and they are not reskillable.
    #20 MisterJoy, Sep 3, 2020
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