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Global Lab Patch Notes 2020.11.20 - Node War changes, Family inventory, "loot scroll Fever", etc.

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by Alterist, Nov 20, 2020.

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    Nov 6, 2015
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    Source: https://www.global-lab.playblackdesert.com/News/Notice/Detail?boardNo=1075&countryType=ko-KR

    • Node War reorganization
      • (As Global Siege War has priority for them, it'll take a while for this to come to live servers, as they also want to make it available on GLab)
      • All Nodes of a territory will be available on their respective days instead of specific Nodes for each day of the week.
      • A guild can occupy up to 10 nodes, of which others can attack any of them during a Node War
      • Kamasylvia will be opened up for Node Wars
      • Total number of War Heroes will be limited by a maximum score that will depend on their equipment. They will also become available for territory holding guilds
      • Limit on the number of participants removed for all Nodes except tier 1
      • One guild can hold multiple territories again (does not mention Kamasylvia, so it's probably excluded from Siege Wars)
      • New NPCs with better rewards for holding Nodes / territories
        • Territory Crown and Armor updated
        • PEN Tunrgad Ring / Belt, PEN Tungrad Earring, PEN Ogre Ring, PEN Blackstar main and awakening weapon (expires after 7 days) for guild leaders.
        • Elixirs will be available for a lower than usual price
    • Future skill changes
      • 100% and 200% BSR skills will be adjusted. Weaker ones will be strengthened and a rather long cooldown will be added for 200% BSR skills as they greatly influence large scale battles
      • Protected Area and Elion's Blessing will also see a change, either way by adjusting their performance or by not allowing a character to be affected again by it for a period of time.
    • Hadum's Encroachment - Castle Ruins (260 AP, 3-players recommended)
    • Class changes
      • 2 fixes only
    • Item changes
      • Two new recipes that require Karanda's Heart
      • Crystals can be slotted into La Orzeca Armor
    • Family inventory added
      • Allows you to share several types of items with all characters in your family
    • Item Collection Increase Points added
      • Item Collection Increase Scrolls can be turned into points and used in the same way as Agris Fever
    • New racetrack for Old Moon Grand Prix added
    • Mass of Pure Magic
      • Available from Mountain of Division
      • Chance double for the Crypt of Resting Thoughts excavation node, puts it at the same chance as the Star's End node
    • Guild boss Ferrid has become stronger

    Google translate:

    Node War reorganization
    ● The Node War has been reorganized into a territorial dispute.
    - The Node Wars, which used to be centered on the special base selected on a day-by-day basis, will now be held in <Territory Units>. For example, every Node in Balenos on Mondays and every Node in Serendia on Tuesdays is a Node War.
    - <Starting Node> is now set up in each territory. If you participate in the first Node War, you must participate in this starting Node War. Once the occupation is successful, it can gradually expand its power to other Nodes connected to the occupied territory.
    - For example, if Guild A occupies the starting Node <Balenos Forest>, in the next Node War, it is a kind of 'ground-picking' rule that allows you to challenge the Node War of <Batali Farm> connected to it.
    - If the Guild A has occupied <Balenos Forest> and is challenging <Batali Farm>, other B guilds can challenge any Node that A guild is occupying or attacking. As a result, strategies regarding offense and defense become very important.
    - Now that the entire territory has been changed to a Node War area, the Node War participants can fight anywhere in the Black Desert World. However, safe zones are still excluded from this rule.
    - The maximum number of Nodes a guild can occupy in a single territory is 10.
    ※ We will produce and provide a separate video guide to help you understand the changes.
    - You can enjoy Node Wars in Kamasylvia, a land that preserves nature. You can experience new battles with guild members in a terrain that you have never experienced before, such as vast grasslands, dense forests, and ancient ruins.
    - The existing concept of 'level' is maintained, and the entire area of Balenos is changed to level 1 beginner.
    - The number of Nodes, levels, and taxes for each province have been readjusted.
    - The Node War sites are as follows.


    ● The method of obtaining tax before Node / Siege War has been changed.


    ● As a War Hero, the way to participate in Node / Siege War has changed.
    - Each territory and Node now has a 'maximum score' to receive the War Heroes.
    - This score is based on the adventurer's equipment that wants to participate as a War Hero, and is set to not exceed the maximum.
    - Guilds that are holding their territory have been changed so that they can receive War Heroes.
    ● Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia have been changed so that one guild can control multiple territories.
    ● As a reward for the occupation of the Node War, a merchant NPC that deals exclusively with glorious warriors has been added.
    - If you participate in each Node and successfully occupy, you can go to the exclusive merchant NPC and purchase several items (individual funds).
    - The shop changes depending on the base level, but much better items will be provided from level 2 or higher.
    ● When you win the Node War and the Siege War, the benefits that the "Seongju" (Guild Captain) can get has been greatly increased.
    - The stats of the crown and armor of the exclusive equipment, which are the privileges of the guild's captains (lords and castle lords) who have won the Siege War by winning each dominant or direct territory, have been changed.




    - Exclusive equipment and accessories that can be purchased (guild funds) for the guild leader of the guild that won the Siege and Node Wars have been added.
    - This exclusive equipment and accessories are for a 7-day period, and only the guild leader who has succeeded in the Node level 2 or higher can acquire (choose 1).

    [​IMG]The Node War will be reorganized into a new shape.

    The reorganization focused on two main topics. One is to add strategic options to your participation in the Node War so that various aspects of battle can unfold, and the other is the uplift of trophies that can comfort your desire for victory.

    As the way of Node occupation has been changed to a kind of 'ground-picking' rule, guilds with large numbers of personnel can benefit greatly through gradual expansion. On the other hand, we tried to make up for the imbalance between guild size as much as possible by allowing guilds to gain a foothold through strategic choices. In particular, the limit on the number of participants will be lifted for all Nodes except for the first stage, as all land in the territory will now become Node areas. However, this part will also be adjusted in response to the opinions of global adventurers. At the same time, the total number of Nodes where the Node War takes place will be expanded and reduced flexibly and frequently, depending on the size of each country's participation in the Node War.

    On the other hand, in addition to the basic tax that can be obtained when the Node is successfully captured, the privilege to use the merchant NPC that sells rare munitions has been added, and the victory reward is even more powerful. This merchant sells elixirs and elixirs needed for combat at a slightly lower price. Items that help with growth are also under consideration. In addition, the benefits have been greatly enhanced for the guild leader of the guild who won the Node War and Siege War. Today, we will provide you with a strong military supply to help you fit in with your hard work and to achieve the dignity of a guild leader who has won the battle in the fierce arena.

    For the reorganized Node War, we plan to actively collect opinions by providing a test environment to global adventurers through the Black Desert Lab. Based on the feedback, we will increase the level of completeness and introduce it to the live server. However, as the Black Desert Lab is currently preparing for the Global Siege War, we will provide a test environment after that or through other methods. We ask for your generous understanding, adventurers.

    Meanwhile, the benefits of guild captains will be updated to live servers as soon as possible, regardless of whether or not a Node change is introduced.

    ※ In addition, we are reviewing the 100% and 200% Black Spirit Rage skills of all characters. Only characters with a large difference in performance will be adjusted upward. In addition, the 200% Black Spirit Rage skills will have a rather long cooldown, as it has great influence in large-scale battles. In addition, for some of the most influential skills, such as 'Protected Area' of Wizard and Wizard, and 'Elion's Blessing' of Valkyrie, we are considering not allowing a character to be affected again for a certain period of time or adjusting the performance itself. Please give us your opinion on this as well.

    Hadum's Castle Ruins
    ● Serendia's Castle Ruins were encroached by Hadum.
    - It is effective to fight in a three-person party in order to face more powerful soldiers in the ruins.
    - If you kill the soldiers in the ruins, you can obtain the item 'Al Rhundi's Order' with a certain probability.
    - When using Al Rhundi's Order in a designated place, 15 'elite Al Rhundi Rebels' appear in the ruins.
    - Out of 15 soldiers, if you defeat all 5 soldiers who secretly received secret orders from Al Rhundi within a certain period of time, an angry 'Al Rhundi' appears.
    - The loot obtained from the Castle Ruins of Hadum is not confirmed and may be changed later.
    - Changes will be continuously updated through the Black Desert Lab.

    Additions and Improvements
    ● Fixed the problem that when using Headbutt at a certain Attack Speed or higher, it was activated abnormally quickly.

    ● Fixed the problem that hitting and blood effects were not output in some skills when hitting.

    ● Two types of Simple Alchemy using Karanda's Heart have been added.


    ● When using other Golden Pig's Blessing items while under the Golden Pig's Blessing use effect, the existing effect disappears and only the last used Golden Pig's Blessing effect is applied.
    ● La Orzeca Armor has been changed to allow crystals to be slotted in.
    - However, if the crystal is worn, processing is not possible, and the crystal must be extracted and processed.

    ● Valencia's wealthiest Shakatu has sent invitations to Shakatu's realm to adventurers from all over the region who have discovered a special ancient artifact in the Cantusa Desert and have had a close relationship with him. The adventurers who had been invited to identify the ancient relics called the 'family inventory'.
    - The family inventory is an inventory that is shared throughout the family, and the items in the family inventory are convenient inventories that can be used by any character in the family.
    - Not all items can be stored in the family inventory, only the consumable items below can be moved.

    1) Scrolls
    2) Food
    3) Elixirs
    4) Pet food
    5) Worker Stamina recovery food

    - Family inventories are available for use by purchasing the maximum slot extension for family inventories from quests, Loyalty or Pearl store, creating a 'family inventory' category within the inventory.
    - The family inventory can be extended up to 28 slots.
    - 100LT are provided for the family inventory, and the weight cannot be increased any more.
    - However, the items below cannot be moved to the family inventory.

    1) Items set as character binding
    2) PC room exclusive items
    3) Items purchased from the guild shop
    4) Specific content related items (guild, Red Battlefield, Savage Rift, etc.)
    5) Some event items
    6) Recovery potions (HP, MP, WP, SP, Energy, Ornette's Spirit Essence, Odore's Spirit Essence, etc.)
    - Items that do not specify the family inventory function in the item description cannot be moved.

    ● One quest per family to obtain a family inventory has been added.
    - Lv.60+ Black Spirits Recommendation Request [Gift of Shakato], after completing a series of quests starting with invitations, you can get 1 expansion ticket for the maximum 2 slots of the Family inventory.
    - Quests in question are listed in the request list - recommended request tabs and new request tabs Lv.60 [As can be found in 60 Stars' Bags], requests related to gifts secretly hidden by Shakatu, which can be obtained during the request process, are not specified.
    ※ However, you cannot proceed with the above quest at Black Desert Global Lab.

    [​IMG]The product launch of inventories that can be used by family members has been consistently requested by adventurers from all countries over the past few years. We have already decided that we have a maid and that the Central Market has helped ease many of the inconveniences, but we have made a family-specific inventory because of the constant requests for release. However, not everything can be stored in a family inventory, only certain items can be stored. The family inventory is basically activated when you complete an in-game quest, giving you the first 2 slots and 100 LT. Inventory slot expansion is only possible through the Loyalty Shop and Pearl Shop.

    ● A function that can be used by converting Item Collection Increase Scroll into points has been added.
    - When defeating monsters, you can use points to increase item acquisition and increase the number of items acquired.
    - Item Collection Increase points are consumed differently depending on the monster.
    - You can recharge points using the Item Collection Increase Scroll.


    - Item Collection Increase points are shared by all characters in the family.
    - Item Collection Increase points are divided into 3 stages.


    Stage 2 requires twice the points of stage 1. You can place in all your loot scrolls right away if you prefer to do so. And it's also family shared obviously.

    Trash mobs, like the Amulet of Decay, also require points as of now.
    • Calpheon
      • Star's End - 45
      • Abandoned Monastery (Restricted Territory) - 45
      • Ash Forest - 100
    • Mediah
      • Shultz Guard - 15
      • Kratuga Ancient Ruins - 40
    • Valencia
      • Roud Sulfur Mine - 15
      • Pila Ku Jail - 15
      • Aakman Temple - 35
      • Hystria Ruins - 45
    • Kamasylvia
      • Polly Forest - 15
      • Fadus Habitat - 15
      • Forest Ronaros - 25
      • Navarn Steppe - 15 (non elites) / 30 (elites)
      • Manshaum Forest - 20
      • Mirumok Ruins - 15
      • Gyfin Rhasia Temple - 35
    • Drieghan
      • Tshira Ruins - 15
      • Blood Wolf Settlement - 15
      • Sherekhan Necropolis - 20 (Day) / 500 (Night)
    • O'dyllita
      • Thornwood Forest - 20 (non elites) / 40 (elites)
      • Tunkuta - 150
      • Olun's Valley - 1100
      • Crypt of Resting Thoughts - 120
    • Other
      • Protty Cave - 30
      • Sycraia Upper Zone - 10
    If you want to know any specific ones, you can ask, however not interested in testing out the far away ones (ocean) or the ones that require keys as I would have to farm them on GLab

    - Points cannot be activated in situations where the existing Item Collection Increase Scroll buff is being received.
    - When the Item Collection Increase Scroll point is activated, the existing item acquisition increase order book buff cannot be received.
    - You can check the Item Collection Increase points consumed by killing monsters by hunting ground in the [Adventure Guide] after the official server update.


    [​IMG]The method of using the Item Collection Increase Scroll has been added. This update is made for those who are unable to fill 30 minutes or 1 hour after using the Item Collection Increase Scroll, or are sad that the time is sometimes wasted (war with other guilds, etc.). In the new method, the Item Collection Increase Scroll is converted into points (similar to Agris Fever) and consumed when defeating monsters, efficiency will vary depending on the growth of hunting grounds and adventurers, but it will be slightly less than normal usage. It may not be a meaningful patch for all adventurers, but I hope it will be meaningful for adventurers who needed this feature.

    ● Old Moon Grand Prix dedicated 'Calpheon: Anti-Troll Fortification' racetrack has been added.
    - The new racetrack crosses Calpheon City and returns through the Anti-Troll Fortification.
    - It is a new racetrack that allows you to keep your hands on sweat when you have to avoid elephants running on either side of the bridge across Calpheon City, and in the Anti-Troll Fortification, you have to avoid the troll catapult attacks and get out safely without falling.



    ● Mass of Pure Magic have begun to be discovered in the Mountain of Division.
    - Added Mass of Pure Magic to the excavation node.
    ● Crypt of Resting Thoughts - The probability of acquiring Mass of Pure Magic from the excavation node has been increased by 2 times compared to the previous one.
    ※ The 2x increased probability is the same as the probability of obtaining Mass of Pure Magic from the Star's End - Excavation node.

    ● Guild leader Ferrid absorbed the heat of the hottest lava in Omar Lava Cave, becoming a more violent and powerful boss.
    - Ferrid's full-strength attack shakes the cave and stimulates the unstable lava around it, causing a devastating explosion.
    - At this time, if a swamp is formed by overflowing lava, when Ferrid attacks, it causes a lava explosion and continues to create Ferrid Tali.
    - Ferrid Tali is very dangerous because he approaches adventurers around him and pours out his lava.
    - As the guild leader Ferrid became more powerful, the probability of acquiring the Energy of All Creations has been greatly increased, and other loot has been increased.

    ● The phenomenon that the Great Marni's stone of another hunting ground was acquired when opening Marni's research box that can be obtained when defeating the Valencia Gatekeeper has been corrected.

    Quest, knowledge
    ● Fixed a situation where it was difficult to proceed because the location of NPCs and monsters appearing in the Valkyrie transmission quest was the same as that of the Dark Rift monster.
    ● Request List Window Recommended Request [Lv.58] Call of the Sea, the content that can be started even when the reorganized Kamasylvia is completed in the acceptance conditions for the start of the undersea adventure has been added.
    ● '[Alchemy Lv26] Crystal want to see again' Infinite Magic Crystal during the quest description-The phenomenon that the number of materials required for iron armor ductility was exposed differently has been corrected.

    Background, NPC, effect, cutscene
    ● The terrain of the Scarlet Sand Chamber where the world boss Kutum appears has been partially modified.
    ● The dreamy arduana effect has been optimized.
    ● Bartali Farm 1-1 Fixed a problem where the housing item could not be installed on the residential floor.
    ● The phenomenon that the filtering effect remains when the bag is opened after closing the vehicle information window with the esc key has been corrected.
    ● We have moved the location slightly so that the Kansia NPC of the immortal hell does not interfere with the game progress.
    ● The Old Moon Grand Prix checkpoint effect has been changed to be a little more transparent.

    ● A transfer function that can bring mounts in other areas has been added.
    - This is a function that can transfer the mounts held in the dock/stable to the current dock/stable. However, guild vehicles are excluded.

    ● Skill-specific UI has been renewed.
    ● Corrected the phenomenon that the Yoon Gothic font was not applied.
    ● Fixed the phenomenon that the UI disappears from the list of residential alchemy.
    ● [Crow Shop] A note that the expiration date will be applied immediately when obtaining the voucher as a reward for the battle/technical EXP voucher request summary and dialogue has been added.
    ● Corrected the problem that the order arrangement setting was applied abnormally after reconnection.
    ● Corrected a typo in the Old Moon Grand Prix racecourse guide.

    ● Fixed a problem where the client intermittently terminated abnormally during loading.
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  2. WaifuJanna

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    Aug 8, 2016
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    nice, i always wonder if u spam F5 on the GL website.. i checked there minute ago and it wasnt there xD

    • so basically, guild leaders can now buy 7 day full pen accesouries/weapon from NPC.
    • New Hadum spot looks nice.
    • loot drop thing is nice too, if people want to disturb your spot.

    As PearlAbyss said, no matter what, the new system will be better!

    They should adjust/nerf those spots:

    The new Lootscroll system is awesome.. basically i have 17million points now. and can grind for the rest of my life without needing to care for time...

    You can go to toilet now, you can be afk, you can only kill elite mobs, you can wait until pets pickup loot... and use like 1 lootscroll per day instead per hour... aka 100.000 points

    View attachment 192102

    basically with 17 million points i have enaugh for the next 1770 days
    #2 WaifuJanna, Nov 20, 2020
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2020
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  3. Keldorn

    Keldorn Tamer EU

    Feb 17, 2016
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    If is see it right we get a bag to store beer and pet food for all chars. This is a rly great QoL improvment.
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  4. WhySoSeeryus

    WhySoSeeryus Wizard 64 EU

    Jan 31, 2018
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    nw changes sound interesting.

    but ... as we know.... it could be a total disaster if it isnt done right. :D

    same goes for their announcement for protected area nerfs. i hope they take into consideration that at least AWAKENING witch and wizard cannot really function in mass scale without PA rotations with the limited mobility they have now. they need to be compensated in that field if PA is gonna be neutered. otherwise every engage for these classes is gonna look like this - "pew pew, teleport, attempt to pew pew, die". most other classes have a crapton of mobility and videos of them crossing whole battle arena in an instant or two using mobility skills so they will be able to reposition.
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  5. Claydough

    Jul 14, 2016
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    it says pick one
  6. WaifuJanna

    WaifuJanna WaifuJanna Witch EU

    Aug 8, 2016
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    Lets see how much fun the new Nodewar will be without protected area.. Inbait people complain everyone get oneshoted and fights last only 1 seconds now...

    If they remove the tankyness of nodwars, it will be a pure shitshow!

    Make 2 protected areas 1 for pre awake and 1 for awake :)
  7. Ahri-

    Jul 24, 2018
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    Or you know, smart plays, flanks, superior strategies can finally get rewarded rather than auto win because you have more idiots with a staff. You don't pvp anyway why would you care.
  8. Dexo 2

    Mar 16, 2018
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    Making lootscrolls work same as agris fever is the best addition ever. Thank god. We were asking for this for a long time now, finally we dont need to waste lootscrolls on duels for spot. This is amazing
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  9. Claydough

    Jul 14, 2016
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    i mean, we do rbf without a pa meta and its fine

    alot of gvg really dont incorporate pa pushes

    now they might need to adjust some things like structures/walls, but wars can operate just fine without pa
  10. WaifuJanna

    WaifuJanna WaifuJanna Witch EU

    Aug 8, 2016
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    in RBF u have like 5 sec respawn time.. in nodewar u have like 1 minute respawn time...
  11. Toshiro3D

    Dec 16, 2015
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    Honestly no Idea where I should even put my mini rant, but whatever, yeah I know "suggestions", but this is standard pre programmed answer : "please use our suggestion section" Matrix does that all the time.
    When are you going to add some exciting content not this standard again again boring things, pvp more pvp , war pvp, areas that are for elite players, main story that requires you to be that elite player bla bla bla lets not argue about semantics and yeah elite player I mean someone who has high AP/ best gear bla bla.
    When you finally add something like "poser" for photo mode, dancing, maybe video editor ? why not ? more fanservice, where is that character oriented content, the game has the best character creator yet it is not adding anything to expand this or to glorify this feature.
    Nothing, all I see is standard boring content that fit to ugliness like Tibia or other low graphic title. Balance this please, add something exciting finally, Oh by the way any Agent Smith please just ignore my post do not bother with any of your preprogrammed answer. You see I'm here to leave some feedback because well it seems that I care about this game, caring does not mean zero criticism and say only colorful things. I know some people has a job to defend everything that has been put here, but I'm not here to argue with anyone I just want more exciting things to be added.
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  12. MADE

    Oct 11, 2018
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    How about implementing a shared pearl inventory tab (in additional to the normal one)? The current one barely can hold the costumes, so if there would be a another one, we could put the non character bound there.
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  13. Catastigma

    Mar 5, 2016
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    Extremly hyped for next week ! This Patch note is 10/10 cannot wait for the next one.<3
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  14. Andaro


    Feb 8, 2016
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    The shares family bag as a function is quite welcomed. Meh that it's shop expanded, but alright... convenience features are more welcome than p2w features :P

    The LS being stackable into an "agris fever like" system... We were just discussing this a couple days ago on kgd, so funny that....haha.... We need this for all the Combat, Skill, and Life Exp items we have! /o/

    Nodewar changes sound solid. Won't really know until it plays out, but I'm glad the war scene gets a shake up. The same old same old gets boring after awhile I'm sure.

    Protected Area nerf possibility,.... It's about bloody time. Lol I know the people have asked for this one for years xD so hooray!

    Also, Kama Nodewars, this is cool, people asked for this too.

    Additionally, a special vendor shop for war participants only, this was also requested :peepoSpectacles:

    Sounds like a nice update :pepehmmcoffeesmile:

    #14 Andaro, Nov 20, 2020
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  15. Eiwei

    Dec 24, 2016
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    Instead of nerfing the amount of PAs u can recive u should make it a 30 seconds channeling spell with half the impact it has rn so lets say 500DR instead of 999 this way u still have a reason to stick together ad raid but an enemy with less mages can just outwalk ur PA fight with movement.

    Otherwise theres no reason to actually do mass pvp in this game cause standing together in a no PA meta is just a quicker way for ur raid to die and i dont really wanna play castle region RBF all the time.
  16. Sadalsuud

    Sadalsuud Tamer 62 EU

    Mar 26, 2016
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    Sometimes patch notes are not interesting , but this one seems to bring many good points! If I understand the changes correctly and if the description are accurate, I'd say GOOD WORK!
    Let's check this!
  17. ColdCashDivine

    May 5, 2020
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    What about making PA like succession guardian's Black blood circle? Protected area only while she's casting (and holding it) the skill and she's unable to do anything else and vulnerable to grabs.
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  18. Blitzball

    Apr 4, 2016
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    Still no succ wiz and warrior nerfs. Unbelieveble... zzz
  19. Kittyberry

    Kittyberry Ranger 63 NA

    Sep 18, 2017
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    Get rid of the PA rotation LOL, finally...
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  20. Despins

    Mar 2, 2016
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    This item loot scroll seems to be a heavy monetization oriented nerf. The normal scroll for instance that was 60 min will probably turn into a 30 min from the point values. On top, I don't believe it can be tested in Global Lab too easily if I recall correctly.

    If star's end mod is -45 it means the regular loot scroll lasts for 2222 mobs in Star's End. If some grinders can tell me how long that would last for them.

    However, it also means that new players can safely pop these loot scrolls anywhere without time worries since it's always the same effectiveness for them. Perhaps this change is worth the value reduction of each individual scrolls. The Advanced or Stage 2 scroll for 100% item drop rate is probably more effective since before, 3 scrolls were used, and now, it's just double the point cost activated whenever you want.

    And yay for PA nerf
    #20 Despins, Nov 20, 2020
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