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Grind Spots for Groups / Dungeons

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by DynamicZ, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. DynamicZ

    Jul 27, 2016
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    Hello Pearl Abyss,

    at the moment this game feels like a single player. Once you reach a good gearscore its more efficient to grind alone. Most spots in the game dont require a group. The only spot in the game where you have to grind in a party is Gyfins.
    This is really boring, you dont really have a community of players that meet each other on a daily basis to do some PvE grind content.
    All other spots, except of Gyfins, arent worth to grind with a group. Most monsters are dead after 1 hit....
    Even if you would grind in a group on a specific spot, there is some other spot which is more effective to grind alone.

    My suggestion is to bring harder spots where you have to grind with a group. And these spots should be worth it !!! You need to get atleast the same money per hour and exp as on the solo grind spots.
    It would be really nice to have different spots where you could join a group and talk to other players while you grind.

    ... at the moment we have only 1 spot like this: Gyfins...

    The game feels like you are playing alone all the time, because its the most efficient way to make money.

    Another suggestion would be dungeons/instances.
    Some dungeons where you have to join as a group would be really cool. These instances should be hard, so people need to take care of what they do. Maybe a instance has some kind of boss at the end, with different mechanics.

    ... what I want to say is, we need PvE content for the community. Not only new grinds spots where you grind solo again and again... there is no need to meet other players in that game.

    Even with a guild, you feel alone because everyone is grinding on his own...

    I really love that game, but once you reach 61 and once you got some better gear its just boring....

    ... in the past we had to grind Sausans or Pirates as a group... now it feels like you play alone...
  2. zeldamere

    Mar 2, 2016
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    Totally agree. That is one thing I miss from Archeage. In AA a s a guild we did guild quests but also did dungeons, bosses, and instances with more bosses. Everyone had a role. In this game I do guild quests but half the time we're not even in a party. We just gather and/or kill mobs to finish the quest.
  3. MaIefic

    MaIefic TwinTaiIs Witch 62 NA

    Jun 18, 2016
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    There's always gyfin/mirumok, though that second one's really not used. There's more to grinding than efficiency though. My friend and I duo cadry and gahaz just because rosar. Just so we can chat and play and make decent, though not optimal, money. The company helps my friend and I grind longer than we would solo anyways, so it all evens out. Sometimes we even take turn. One of us afks and the other grinds around the spot with special deals. This way we both get exp/money, chat, and/or get RL done whilst getting income/exp. And we're both 61 btw. It's just how we choose to create group content. Things can be group as long as you wish them to be. And there's a Lotta monsters to kill!
  4. LoganSilver

    LoganSilver LoganSilver Witch 62 NA

    Jul 12, 2017
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    I would be absolutely against any instanced content. This game is an open world game. With that said, I am completely for optional group content that is viable as long as solo progression remains a viable choice.

    I love playing with friends. I enjoy group content. But sometimes my grinding hours are not when my friends play. I like to idea of being able to play when my schedule allows it as well.

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