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Guild Alliances Concept [Fully Detailed]

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Tansie, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. Tansie

    Tansie Ranger 62 EU

    Nov 6, 2015
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    My Concept

    Forming an Alliance
    A guild can only join an Alliance if they currently are not already in an Alliance, and they do not own a region. The maximum amount of guilds that can be in an Alliance is 2.

    To form an Alliance, one guild must invite another guild to join them in an Alliance. This is done in the same way as inviting someone to a guild or party and must be done between the two guild masters. The requests can be viewed and accepted in the guild window. If the guild master accepts, the Alliance will be created.

    Whoever started the Alliance (the guild master who invites) must submit the name of the Alliance and can also upload an Alliance emblem which will be used instead of the guild emblem when the Alliance wins a region/node.

    Being in the Alliance
    Whilst in an Alliance with another guild:

    • Guilds can view where each other have placed/built their forts
    • All members of both guilds will now be able to communicate using [Alliance] chat
    • All officers and guild masters of both guilds will be able to communicate using [Alliance Command] chat
    • Guild members in the Alliance cannot PK each other
    • Guilds in the Alliance can not be at war with each other
    • Guilds members in the Alliance cannot damage the other Guild's structures

    Fighting and Winning as an Alliance
    Guilds that are in an Alliance with each other, can fight together by placing on the same node or region. During the war, members of the Alliance cannot attack each other.

    • If both forts are destroyed, the Alliance will lose the war.
    • If at least one out of the two forts are left at the end of the war, the Alliance will win the war together.
    • When an Alliance wins, the payout from the node/region is automatically split 50/50 between the 2 guilds in the Alliance.
      • This is to encourage weaker guilds to form an Alliance, but stronger guilds can still remain on their own if they would prefer not to split any of the payout.
    • If the Alliance wins a region, their forts will automatically be built in the same position and they must defend together.

    Disbanding an Alliance
    Either of the Guild Masters can disband the Alliance. To disband the Alliance, the guild must "declare" that they would like to disband. Once the guild has declared they would like to disband, they must wait 24 hours before the Alliance is automatically disbanded. During this period, the guild that declared the disband, cannot place a fort or see where the other guild in the Alliance has placed any forts. A disband can be cancelled by the guild that declared the disband.

    Guilds cannot disband the Alliance if they currently own a region.

    Guilds cannot disband the Alliance if they have placed/built a fort.

    Once an Alliance has been disbanded, both guilds are free to join another Alliance at any time.



    Why is an Alliance system needed?
    Ok so, right now the top 2 guilds on both NA and EU are sat in castles and uncontested. This shows that somewhere, something is wrong with the system.

    These guilds are the "top" guilds and there is currently no single guild that is strong enough to take them on alone. The only way to kick them out of the castles is to attack them with an "alliance" of multiple guilds. However, the game does not give any incentive or reason to do this because only 1 guild can "win" the region, and forming these "alliances" only really benefits the guild that "wins" at the end. The guilds that help them lose out on potential money and also have to spend silver (villa buffs, building the fort, repairing, etc.) just to be there with them. This is why these "alliances" break down quickly and don't last very long. They may be successful in taking out the target, but it won't last forever because the guilds can make more money by just going for a more guaranteed "win". In the end the guilds go back to being uncontested.

    Weaker guilds also don't often get involved In siege because they feel they are too weak to make an impact. If they could make themselves stronger by forming a strong Alliance.

    How could this change the siege scene?
    This idea is not perfect, but would give more incentive for weaker guilds to work together. Due to the 50/50 payout split, guilds would also benefit more from staying on their own if they feel they are strong enough to do that.

    Node wars and siege is already full of politics and unofficial "allliances" with back stabbing so it wouldn't really make much change at all. Really its designed to give guilds more incentive to work together for a less "risky" fight, at the cost of payout.

    Why does it take 24 hours to disband an Alliance?
    This is to stop guilds from backing out of an Alliance during a war or using the knowledge of the guilds fort location to have an unfair advantage on them.

    The 24 hour timer could also be adjusted and made longer if it needs to be.
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  2. Worlfy

    Worlfy Treeflower Sorceress 58 EU

    Sep 3, 2017
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    I love the idea and I'm more than glad you made it this detailed. Keep it up, let's hope an alliance system comes in some time soon.
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  3. Thanak

    Jun 6, 2017
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    I like the general idea, but I would also add the possibility for on the spot alliance during node war.

    One guild leader send an alliance request to the other guild leader... if he accept both guild are now temporary allied
    • You don't hit people from allied guild with AOE
    • You don't see people from allied guild in red
    • you don't damage allied guild structures
    Both guild leader can cancel the temporary allience at any time. You can have multiple temporary alliance.

    The goal if this is to facilitate teamwork during nodewar. When you have a T2+ guild droping on a T1 node, it would make it easier for the small guilds to gang up and kick out the bully out where they belongs.
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