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Guild made for Everyone

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Canikz, Nov 2, 2020.

  1. Canikz

    Nov 2, 2020
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    Greetings Heroes,

    [Suits] is a fresh made guild by me . A total newbie in BDO. Why am i still creating a guild if I am new?
    Well , i wanna make something for unexperienced players , or players who like to help fresh players. I like to see a guild improve together!

    At the moment , theres no goal for this guild , besides growing together and helping each other.
    Once we grew up with some gear and experience , we could think about becoming PvP or staying a tiny socialized group of friendly players.

    If you are interested in helping me to make this guild successfull for players who just chill around and do some sth togeter, join us! :)

    add me ingame , my familyname is "Viikz"

    Hope to see you soon ingame.

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