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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Torikori, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. Torikori

    Sep 28, 2017
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    Hello everyone,
    im sure the most of you are with me. The actual ranking system for guildmembers is just pain. And i cant understand why they dont make it better.
    They did a really great step that officers can activate the guildksills now, but why they stop there? I know they have some plans for the future but what i have read brings tears to my eyes till now.

    Its not much but its very effective and im sure every guildleader will say thanks.
    Heres my suggestion:

    They could just add a new button in den leaders Guildboard, it dont have to be big or shiny aweseom or something. Just "Guildranks" as name and its done.
    If u click it there will open a new window or tab or something(maybe like something else,.... ah i know, like the payout window...).

    To make it very basic u get a table with 5 columns:

    - Icon:
    like the old ones but maybe diffrent colors and count of stars, so u could do like bronze, silver, gold, platinum with 1-4 stars in it(that would be 16 diffrent ranks for now)

    - the name:
    just a simple textfield to name the new rank, like "recruiters" or "nodewarbuilders" or "pvpmasters" or what ever the heart wants

    - the most important coulmn called "rules":
    u click a button and get a popupwindow like before an get a list of all possible rules, unchecked at first! Now u can select what ever this rank should be allowed to do and set it checked, something like:
    • activate guild buffs
    • buy from the guild store
    • start/end guildquests
    • invite new ppl
    • change rules
    • do payout
    • collect weekly money
    • and so on for everything possible...

    - silber-base-amount:
    maybe a textfield with a base silveramount as daily pay for the rank

    - delete:
    a column with a delete button(of course all members with that rank shold fallback to a default one if its deleted, or it is not possible to delete as long as some ppl have this rank)

    Thats my suggestion and im sure it would help every guild if we could make our own rules for members.

    If u have some other ideas please let me know, maybe somehow this idea will find the way in some dev´s head.

    Greetings from one Guildlead to all others
  2. piratebeowolf

    Mar 16, 2016
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    Or just fix the Log so we can see who put what in or takes out or whatever but they can not fix what we have now, although these are great suggestions

    better yet edit the banned from guild message

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