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Guild Warehouse Access

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by piratebeowolf, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. piratebeowolf

    Mar 16, 2016
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    There was a time that Only a Guild Master, Officer or Quartermaster could take items from the Galley and Warehouse of [Guild Items] and now anyone can take out.

    Why did we change it so any member can take out, there was a time no one could take out a Breezy Crystal to help the galley and now everyone can take everything

    I understand things change, but I have seen posts on here, facebook and in discords of members robbing guild banks out of petty feelings.

    Please fix the access back to Guild Master, Officer or Quartermaster as it was.
    it works on the galley but not the bank. You broke our Guild management of our items and tell members it is how the game is, well if that is the case either make it locked to warehouse or unlocked in Galley

    Please support this post and get the attention of the powers that be.

    @GM BBrilliant @GM Caramel @GM Cory @GM Deve @GM Dew @GM Dranzerkai @GM Dresden @GM Felaxus @GM FluffyPanda @GM Gemu @CM Aethon @CM Kabz @CM Praballo @CM Richter @CM Serenity @CM Servantes @CM Yukimura Tagged as many of you as I could.

    upload_2018-9-5_11-50-7.png upload_2018-9-5_11-50-26.png

    The Sea Loot used to be the same but now shows members..
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  2. NiyahHan

    Mar 9, 2016
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  3. oR-Bishop

    oR-Bishop Sunspot Valkyrie 62 NA

    Dec 12, 2015
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    It's been 2 years and our guild leaders are exhausted. It's about time you let guild leaders set individual perms. More power to the people (who stand on the shoulders of the other people)!

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