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Halloween Pumpkin Carving Competition - Winners

Discussion in 'Events' started by CM Yukimura, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. Metalharpey

    Metalharpey Metalharpey Witch 62 EU

    Apr 5, 2016
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    Yes, soon... It's not like the Helping Hand contest winners were announced 6 months ago... Oh wait! They were.
    Yes soon. I'm sure.
  2. Oikura Izuko

    Oct 25, 2017
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    Day 123: An eternity has passed. Everyday i'm waiting for the message from a black desert staff, telling me "Hey bud. What's your mailing adress. Your super fancy Shirt & Powerbank is waiting for you!"
    Till today i still haven't received a message. It's dark and cold outside, i got nothing to wear. I'm writing this message with my last 1% of battery power. Tell my family i love them...
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  3. Oikura Izuko

    Oct 25, 2017
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    Day 327: i was looking for days for something to charge my phone. All i could do was thinking about my phone battery. I couldn't think of anything else. Every step i made, every breath i took, every movement was only to find a charger. It went so far that i even forgot to eat. A starving human child walking from town to town begging for a charger.
    There was one last house i knocked at hoping that somebody in there will help me. An crippled old man opened the door, asking me what i want. I held my phone at him with my cold and shaking hands.
    'c-chh-charger... please...' i said to him.
    He looked at my starving body and unwashed clothes, turned his back to me and slowly moved back in.
    'P-please, mister! I need your h-help!'
    'Tzz, pathetic...' was his answer whilst the door was closing.
    I fell down on my knees. I knew this is it. My life is over.
    How will i ever be able to finish the second season of my beloved anime.
    How can i ever chat with my friends.
    What if somebody wants to call me?
    It's all over.
    My feet are hurting, my stomach doesn't stop growling, my eyes are heavy.
    I realized that i have no clue where i am. Home must be like an eternity away.
    I went to the nearest park, lying under a tree and closed my eyes to get some rest.

    Day 328: Something woke me up. A straying dog was tearing my last shirt apart. Humbling and shocked i tried to run away. I stumbled and fell down again. The dog started to bark and walking to me.
    Running won't help. Maybe if i just give him my shirt he'll leave me alone.
    So i took it off and carefully threw it to him.
    He barked louder and was about to jump at me.
    Once again i thought this is it. That's how i die.
    I closed my eyes and was prepared for my last breath.
    A loud noise was to hear. Somebody was there!
    "Shhh, you stupid dog! Let that guy alone!"
    I opened my eyes. I couldn't see anything. Something was blending me.
    After my eyes became accustomed to that blending light, i could recognize a guy in shining armor. It was the most beautiful armor i've ever seen. You can't even imagine its beauty.
    He kneeld down to me and introduced himself.
    'I am Imre. I just saw you in danger and instantly went to help you. That's a scary dog you found there, but don't fear, you're save now.'
    He took me with him to his home.
    He gave me a hot cup of coffee and a new shirt, because mine was teared apart by that scary dog. It had a nice little ghost in it. Kinda reminds me of the black spirit from an online game i always loved to play.
    Once i was fully recovered i thanked him. I packed my stuff and was looking at where i am. I need to find my home again.
    Before i left, he came up with a small box.
    'I saw that your phone has no battery anymore, take this before you leave.'
    I opend the box and what i found was just astounding.
    Imre gave me a powerbank!
    What a lovely human being!

    TL;DR: i received my message about the mailing.
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  4. Another story when? XD

    You are good at writing, seriously :)
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