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House Of Wolves (EU) (PVX) Guild Recuiting Now!

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Dominic How, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. Dominic How

    Jan 4, 2019
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    About the Guild
    We're a casual group of players, all working together to have fun within the game itself. We have only been up and running for roughly around a month & have recruited fairly quickly but we are recruiting more players to experience different things in the game. Currently we are working on purely recruiting people and making money for the guild.
    Please note: We have now expanded to a medium sized guild and are recruiting rapidly

    Goals & What we can offer
    Our long term goal for the guild is the build a fun, friendly community. We aim to get into some guild PvP content. At the moment we are working on guild missions and weekly activities with each other. Any lower level players we help them hit 56, get their awakening, help with any quests that may be required, farming certain gear sets (Asula's etc).
    Our short term goal at the minute is building guild funds in order to get a guild house & guild ship etc.
    As you progress ranks within the guild the money from your contract will go up. Currently minimum we offer to new people to the guild is 30,000 silver.

    We have no age requirements, no gear requirements etc as we just want to build a community within the game and we can all work together to get things done. However we do require 10'000 Guild activity points every 2 weeks

    We are an English guild, so basic English understanding would be good. We do have multiple members from across Europe.

    Add me on discord: Dominic#4857

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