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How to calculate CP/EXP/Time

Discussion in 'Alchemy & Cooking' started by NewRandomMMorpg2, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. NewRandomMMorpg2

    Jul 9, 2019
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    150 advanced Cooking utensils
    ingredients for 350.000 EOL(for CP farming)

    Im at 275(25.76) CP now
    I will cook at 385 Mastery 1S ticks witouth draugh

    -How i can calculate if i have enough utensils for 350.000 recipes?
    -I can calculate how much exp in total(with exchange ingredients in NPC(taken out food)i will get?(road to guru hehe)
    -I can caculate how much CP i will get? I mean, how much poorly prepared ingredients i will get?

    My plan is to post results in forumms, i dont know if there is something similar i just cook for CP nothing more once i get 400CP i will stop
    I cook once a time, i started playing with workers the 27 of july and i cook one day each month(these month maybe more cause a lot of recipes) i dont have a lot workers or good ones just processed a lot + i have all cereal nodes
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  2. Foggen

    Foggen Musa 63 NA

    Jun 5, 2016
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    As far as number of utensils you need to look up the rate of mass cooking for your mastery level, and figure out your average normal proc for each cook, which I don't know but you might be able to estimate experimentally or look up. Then the equation per result item is basically:

    items = ( ( massrate * 9 ) + 1 ) * procrate * durability

    I put some extra parens in there for legibility.

    The proc rates for regular food and byproducts are probably available somewhere but I haven't looked bc I don't care that much for myself.

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