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I understand some negative thoughts and comments about seasonal.

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by Graugus, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. ODB3698

    Apr 12, 2016
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    They separated from normal servers to force us to replay main quests on the under geared new alt...versus cruising through it on our geared mains. That way they could pressure us to buy the black spirits pass...to speed up gearing/leveling the new alt.
  2. Kynreaa

    Kynreaa DarkKnight 62

    Nov 9, 2017
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    A bold move indeed. These guys are ballzy. Wonder if it will pay off.
    The pass itself is not a bad monetization idea..But when combined with everything else..It just adds another middle transaction to getting ingame content they took out anyway.

    Its a 4th sub. I mean its a pretty good way to do a sub if this game didnt have so many other ones..It allows players to actually do the content without the "convenience" items, but if you feel like you want them, you can purchase it after you finished the content and get everything they took out.
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  3. Andaro


    Feb 8, 2016
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    You are most welcome to join us in The Feedback Library Discord. We maintain a strict policy of discussing the idea and not the person holding the idea. We also use a process of feedback submission where your submission is anonymous, and although our survey polls do require a family name attached to votes - they are strictly for official BDO Staff and Librarian view only.

    We recognize that everyone might have an idea, but might not want to voice that idea for various reasons, and thusly we provide a democratic community ran, and publisher sanctioned, platform for everyone to enjoy that is free of any hostilities, belittlements, or toxicities that may or may not happen in a "common forum atmosphere".

    We welcome players from all publishing regions across the BDO PC Platform, with multiple BDO Staff present including Kakao and PearlAbyss (Global Labs and Console), to join with us together in a united and organized community dedicated to critical thinking, constructive feedback, and organized voting to present all sorts of various ideas and suggestions to help improve the design pool in an ongoing effort to assist in making BDO the best game it can be.

    We provide a Live Form that collects individual suggestions, cataloguing them each with a unique serial number so that no idea or feedback is lost. Our Main Index even has direct developer access for if and when they may need a fresh idea that has already received massive support.

    Everyone is welcome, so long as the rules are followed, which are strictly enforced. *Additionally, we will soon be adding additional roles for elected representatives from each BDO Community & Sub-Discord, more info on that soon.

    See you there o/
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  4. Ternezia

    Ternezia DarkKnight 60 EU

    Aug 24, 2019
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    Thank you, Andaro :) See you there.
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  5. RandomHajile

    Jan 21, 2020
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    honestly, a lot of our guys are going hard on it, and despite some of the issues I might have with the design (obviously money is a factor), this is WAY better than giving away tri suppressed gear. If they had done this instead of that/oasis, afaru(or how ever you spell it?), etc, I think the game would be in a way better spot population wise.

    I only worry people might give up when they get to the 'main game', but they should at least be pretty geared. It would have been even more awful had they done this in line with the free accts (in terms of overcrowding...), but again... would have been way smarter. I did make a seasonal to troll around. Dunno if I will do dailies or what, but I just kinda wanted to see how crowded it was after the initial rush.

    It cool, like I said in another thread, GET PEOPLE PLAYING THE GAME, TEACH THEM TO PLAY THE GAME. don't just give them free crap. Unfort, they did it backwards.
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