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Ideas and suggestions Horse Breeding and T9 awakening

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Sidina, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. Sidina

    Sidina Lahn 62 EU

    May 6, 2017
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    I took some time to write down some ideas that floated around in my mind and/or ideas that where discussed within the horse community. I know chances that we actually see any changes are slim... but hey can't blame a girl for trying!

    1. More secure method of acquiring a specific T9

    So after talking to several people from the Horse Community we want to try and address a major point in the T9 awakening process.

    The lack of the possibility to awaken a specific T9 OR make sure you are not awakening the T9 you don´t want to.

    As time goes by, more and more T9 are being awakened and a lot of people want to have each T9. Now in the past month I have seen several people awaken 2 or even 3 of the same T9 while trying to the other one and this shouldn´t be a thing.

    Now some people may say they should be lucky to have awakened several T9 and to just sell what they don´t want. Well…. No....

    In order to even be able to start the whole awakening process you need a T8 courser. This most likely involves people spending real money in form of skill change coupons and or Premium Appearance change coupons as natural courser rarely happen…. And with rarely I mean that I know maybe 3 people who have gotten a natural T8 courser.

    So with every T9 you get that is not the one you want or a duplicate, a courser is gone and you either have to spend real money again or try and snipe one off the horse market
    • Give us the possibility to overstack 200% if we want a specific T9

    • Currently without Doom in the game materials in Strength are being split between Elegance and Skill. This leads to the issue that People who are going for a Pegasus and go for example 100 0 100 still can receive a Unicorn, this shouldn´t happen and there needs to be a way to avoid this until Doom is released.

    • Make Peridot lefs exchangeable for all T9 mats

    2. The possibility to exchange (re-awaken?) a T9 for another T9

    This is an idea brought up that I liked too and relates to point 1. There are a couple of “unfortunate” souls that managed to awaken several T9 but always the same T9. So what do you do with 3 Unicorns or 3 Pegasus? Sure you can sell them but usually what you get out of it is not even worth what has to be invested to get a courser and on top you get the 35% tax deducted.

    • Implement a method to exchange one t9 for another. Maybe in form of re-awaken the horse with x amount of mats and krogdalos

    3. Training Rank and breeding - Training Rank and T9 awakening process

    This is another big point that has been discussed multiple times. The Training rank has no effect on the T9 awakening process. Sure we have 1 quest that gives us either 1 or 2 materials per day but in my opinion that is just a joke.

    • Let the training rank unlock extra daily quests

    • Let the training rank give a slightly increased change for awakening a T9

    Every life skill rank gives incentives for it´s corresponding life skill (from what I know) but the training rank doesn´t give anything noticeable besides giving you a tiny bit more horse xp while leveling. It is already a pain in the butt to level compared to other ranks, but currently absolutely not worth the effort.

    • Let the training rank give a slightly higher chance to learn a skill

    4. Breeding Rate - Skill learning Rate and the impact on Training

    This is something I have been thinking about since the latest breeding rate increase. I personally feel like the skill learning rate has been reduced and the overall amount of learned skill on T8 is lower.

    The increased breeding rate and therefore increased amount of available T8 horses plus the tendency for T8 horses to be natural potatoes leads to the horse market being flooded with T8s and T7s. It is nearly impossible to sell a T7 horse even if it is a good riding horse and I regularly see T7 with breeds sitting on the market. Now add the Horse market tax that is still not included in the value pack and you see it is not worth it at all to try and sell T7 horses and sometimes not even T8 horses.

    • Reduce the breeding rate again but give us a normal skill learning rate again

    We do not expect or want a rain of natural courser but I think reducing the breeding rate could be healthy for the horse market and the training life skill. -> I know there will probably be a lot of people who won´t agree with this idea and I can understand that but nonetheless I think it could be beneficial for the market.

    • The amount of T8 horses will be slowly reduced again but the ones available are smarter and maybe even worth pearling -> this would give more people the chance to try for a courser with a low amount of change coupons

    • T7 horses would potentially be more used for breeding purposes again as the supply of T8 horses is lower

    • It would give us that joy of actually receiving a T8 back, currently the chance is so high, that you are rather disappointed when you get a t7 than being happy when you get a T8… it`s gotten way too normal.

    5. More coats for T7 and T8 horses

    Besides breeding for a courser for T9 awakening for a lot of long time Horse Breeders the joy in breeding has faded away. Most of us have bred a good riding horse or even a courser of each T8 coat, many even already have a race horse for each tier.

    • Give us more coats for T7 and T8 horses so we can breed for specific colors again

    6. Give the Guild stable an overhaul

    It always bothered me that there is no real use for the Guild stable besides stuffing the Elephant in there. So I would love to see if it gets some more use.

    • Give people the possibility to check one of their personal mounts into the Guild stable

    • All mounts checked into the Guild stable can be freely used by every Guild member

    • Mounts checked into the Guild stable can only be stored into the personal stable by it´s original owner

    • You can´t leave the guild if you have a Guild mount in use and it has to be checked into the Guild stable

    I think this would be a nice possibility to borrow a good horse to a guildy and put a use to horses that you don´t use but don´t want to sell/vendor.

    7. Allow mix and match for Horse costumes without losing the 1% speed bonus

    • Please give us the possibility to mix and match Horse costumes without losing the set bonus!
    Our Horsies want to look pretty too :(

    8. Make Peridot leafs exchangable for more or all T9 materials

    • please give us the possibility to exchange Peridot leafs for all T9 materials
    Currently it is easier to get the materials for Arduanatt and future Doom than for Dine which makes it really hard for people that prefer a Dine!

    Alright those are my thoughts and ideas on various parts of the T9 awakening process and the Training life skill. If any one has more ideas, suggestions or critic points please feel free to add those!

    Just please keep this on a objective base and no throwing insults for differences in opinion!
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  2. Andaro

    Andaro Archive

    Feb 8, 2016
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    I have recorded your topic, along with @Ventesa 's in the Valuable topic section of the Library.
    It will take some time to review both topics, and break each line down into entries in the index (so bear with me on that xD)
  3. Sidina

    Sidina Lahn 62 EU

    May 6, 2017
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    • 7. Allow mix and match for Horse costumes without losing the 1% speed bonus
    • 8. Make Peridot leafs exchangable for more or all T9 materials
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  4. Ventesa

    Ventesa Vexferel Tamer 61 NA

    Jun 1, 2017
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    Revamp Stonetail Ranch!

    -Turn Stonetail Ranch into a base for horse trainers and breeders-
    Idea Original Thread: https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/expand-stonetail-ranch.167012/ - @Dudeskio 's idea!

    Add Npcs:

    • Peridot Leaf/Petal Exchange Npc Has been implemented!- [Patch Notes: December 5th, 2018]
    • Marketplace Npc
    • Lots more dailies for leveling training lifeskill
      • There is already a trade npc here, could have a trading/training combination daily
      • There are lots of horses here, could have dailies to take care of them (training, washing, feeding, etc)
    • Mount Stylist- An npc to change mount manes/tails into unique styles
    • Horse Sales Buff- At Artisan2 Training an npc will unlock a buff that increases the sell price of horses for the week (similar to the Artisan2 desert trading buff)
    Revamp Current Npcs:
    • Horse Marketplace (Gula)
    • Lots more dailies for Dreamhorse awakening (Shamhain)
    • Add Riding Crop offhand item to the shop (Gula/Shamhain). Similar to fishing Float, it is only able to be worn after Artisan Training level. It will increase the odds of a horse learning a Courser skill on leveling if the player is wearing it. And it will give additional Training Exp.
    Additions to Stonetail Ranch:
    • Add a stable slot increase house (Ranch)
    • Clean up the entire area (this is where horses are awakened but it looks like a mess).
    • Add more buildings, including a pub
    • Expand the safe zone for players to afk train their mounts
    • Turn the race track already located here into a Training exclusive racetrack, controlled by the players. (They decide how many racers and when they start. As long as there are at least two racers the race can start).
    • Jousting Games!- PvP on horseback with lances
    • Charge Battles!- Players charge each other out of an arena
    • Gula Weekly Boss!- Near here players can fight Gula in revenge for her failing to awaken their dreamhorses sooner

    Additional Ideas for the Training Lifeskill and Mounts:

    • Higher Tier Horses, Dreamhorses, and Coursers give bonus stats to wagons they’re attached to
    • A full unicorn peridot wagon can travel in the desert (Add: craft-able desert wheels)
    • A full Pegasus peridot wagon can glide short distances (Add: craft-able wings for wagons)
    • A full doom peridot wagon can have an extra Forest Rush use (Add: craft-able fire wheels)
    • Relationship System with mounts- a better relationship with your mount will result in increased damage on skills and consume less stamina during travel.
    • Care System with mounts- Brush, wash, and petting options to increase relationship status
      • Additional Mount interaction animations (currently there is only the one, F9)
    • Mounts flee when attacked
    • Mounts should fight back when attacked (listed Dec. 11, 2018)
    • Mount animation when drowning (visual)
    • Increased kicked up dirt, snow, water effect when traveling on these surfaces (visual)
    • Feeding mounts treats will increase their performance for the in-game day (however night cycle time needs to be increased as well, semi separate topic)
    • Toggle for walk on mounts (listed Nov. 21, 2018)
    • Option to tell our mount to follow us (listed Nov. 26, 2018)
    • To be able to lead our mounts by the reins (listed Nov. 26, 2018)
    • Mounts grow from babies to adults through levels (listed Dec. 12, 2018)
    • Make mount gear visible in stable (listed Dec. 12, 2018)
    Visual Problems:

    • Fix the weird way horse back legs are always bent
    • Fix the the way unicorn’s mane sometimes has bald spots
    • Fix the blank stare horses have (especially dreamhorses)
    • The teeth of horses need to look less yellow/dirty
    • Change Unicorn’s Charge effect from Feathers to Leaves
    • Fix how Unicorn's tail becomes see through/transparent (very noticeable when seen over Unicorn's own grass trail)
    • Fix how Pegasus wings blur and don't match the body
    • Fix how Pegasus wings often open forward back (it looks unnatural)
    • Fix the awful stripes on dreamhorses in Remaster (very noticeable when it's night/dark)
    • Fix how the default reins clip through the back of all horses necks sometimes

    Mount System Rework: https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/mount-system-rework.418407/

    Self Reminders:
    • Consider Mastery possibilities for Dreamhorses
      • Higher Training/Mastery should increase chances of awakening a t8 into a dreamhorse
      • Higher Training/Mastery should unlock more training related dailies for obtaining dreamhorse mats
      • Higher Training/Mastery should give better base stat dreamhorses (and base stats should be possible to be improved on without using a cash shop reset. In-game method to increase a horses base stats via two methods: a daily obstacle course and active riding the mount.)
    • Consider Horseback Combat Revamp
      • Dmg increase for skills while on horseback to make horseback worth using
      • Add awakening (currently horseback combat only uses main weapon)
    • Consider improvements to breeding to bring back the fun
      • unique coats to be tamed/bred for artisan+ trainers
    • Consider Improvements to Dreamhorses (skill/appearance revamp ):
      • Thread: Pegasus Needs a Buff!
      • With the continuous improvements to both unicorn and doom via skills and appearances, Pegasus needs a serious rework! Return Pegasus' original glide, add a skill to regain flight mid-air, and add a diving skill to reach locations that are directly below the players current location. (Diving Skill Implemented!)
      • Unicorn's buffs should be usable without being mounted
      • S:Charge needs to be usable over Charge
      • Dreamhorses need even less fall dmg to compensate for Double Jump's height
      • Pegasus needs a skill to regain flight to solve the invisible wall problem
    You're trapped in the air often for the entire duration of the fall dmg buff (why is this even a buff? Why isn't it just naturally existent for all dreamhorses?). By the time the fall dmg buff is over, you're falling out of the sky to most likely your death (depending on height). This forces the player to use Escape to save them self, however, because Escape has a cooldown if you hit another invisible wall before the cooldown is over you're just forced to fall to your death. These invisible walls are avoidable once you know where they are, but a player shouldn't be expected to remember the location of every single invisible wall in the game. These walls also exist in large amounts around event decorations, making event decor an extra nuisance to a pegasus rider. To top the problem off, when someone uses escape to save them self from an invisible wall death, a sound bug activates that causes them to hear Pegasus wings constantly flapping overlapping in the background whether the player is moving or not.)

    Dreamhorse "balance" Comparison:

    Pegasus has one ability: Glide. A glide that has been nerfed and looks quite bad (like a slow elevator ride down after the first couple bounces). There is no diving ability on Pegasus to help reach locations that are directly below which makes the glide more limited than some realize (Implemented), and there is no re-gain flight ability to solve invisible wall problems. If a Pegasus loses flight mid-air it just drops. And has the least amount of visual effects which makes it difficult to differentiate from lower tier horses, especially while wearing barding.

    Unicorn has six abilities: Traveling in the desert and five buffs (HP recovery, MP/SP/WP recovery, +10 AP, +10 DP, and +10 evasion). However this buff has a long cd (3mins). Unicorn also has tons of visual effects that allow you to tell there is a unicorn under barding.

    Doom has five abilities: A fire stomp, a third instant accel, HP Recovery, the 2nd and 3rd IA deal damage to anything they smash through, and has two-seater. Doom also has tons of fire effects so it is easy to tell there is a doom under barding.

    Why does the barding thing matter? Because more often than not the game shows your horse wearing barding even if you have it turned off. So without the owner of the horse knowing, their special dreamhorse is often hidden under the barding they are wearing. At least Unicorn and Doom are still clearly known to exist under that barding, but Pegasus might as well be any white low tier underneath. Having your horse appear like any other low tier horse is unfair to the amount of work put in to achieve it. If having barding turned off actually worked all the time then this wouldn't be as big of a problem. [Details with pictures can be found in post 7 of this thread].

    Horse Boss Gear Poll: https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/poll-horse-boss-gear-feedback.321348/

    -Work in Progress-
    Note: These ideas are a mix of my own as well as members of the horse community, Dreamhorse owners, and other members of the BDO community.

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  5. Sidina

    Sidina Lahn 62 EU

    May 6, 2017
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    Thanks for the great summary!
    I'll hopefully be able to take the time in the next few days to restructure the Thread and add this into it <3
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  6. Ventesa

    Ventesa Vexferel Tamer 61 NA

    Jun 1, 2017
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    The mission to make Training/Mounts even more amazing in BDO has begun!!! D:<:)
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    Screenshots showcasing the visual differences in dream horses and how Pegasus has the least Visual Effects:

    Visual Effects#1: Pegasus has the least amount of visible effects around the body

    Visual Effects#2: The effects are easier to see in the dark, but Unicorn and Pegasus both have ruined stripes in Remaster mode which is easier to see in the dark as well. Doom does not have stripes, so it avoids this flaw.


    Visual Effects#3: When walking, Unicorn has lots of yellow glow, sparkles, golden hoof prints, and a large grass trail. Doom has lots and lots of fire. Pegasus has... one feather.

    Barding Differentiation: Unicorn and Doom are easily recognizable when hidden beneath barding. Pegasus is not because wings are hidden, tail is a low tier, and doesn't have any real noticeable visual effects. Doom and Unicorn even have the same tail as Pegasus when they wear Anemos, further making Pegasus not unique like them.

    Tails: Pegasus has a low tier tail that many horses already have and that can be given to any horse through wearing Anemos. At first glance a player would never know the difference whether there is a Pegasus under the barding or not.

    Doom Appearance: Doom looks exactly the same as a black T8 but has fire effect thrown all over it and a darker shade of black

    Visual Effects#4: Visual effects around the head. Unicorn has yellow sparkles and a glowing horn, Doom has tons of fire, Pegasus has nothing. Note- all pictures of unicorn were taken before patch notes announced this change [Fixed the graphical issue of the effect of the horn of Diné being unnatural] except for the picture below.

    Feather Ankles: To make matters worse, there are t1s in Drieghan who now have Pegasus feather ankles, making Pegasus even more not special.(Picture thanks to @Ascaeldor )

    Yes Pegasus has wings, but they are only visible when using a skill. All dreamhorses have special effects when using skills. These pictures prove that not all dreamhorses have special effects everywhere else.

    Suggestion for Pegasus:

    • Allow Pegasus wings to be toggleable so a player can choose to show them if they desire
    • Add a visual effect trail to Pegasus equal to the grass and fire trail unicorn and doom have (it could be a stronger wind with a light blue tinge, sparkles, or maybe even blizzard effects).
    • Make the wind effect around the body easier to see
    • Give Pegasus a unique feather tail so it is distinguishable from lower tier horses.
    • Improve the falling feathers that are hardly noticeable (make them bigger and more plentiful)
    • Fix the awful way Pegasus stripes look on Remaster mode (unicorn as well)
    • Unicorn should have leaves instead of feathers as its effect during Charge
    • Appearance Change coupons to bring back more variety to mounts to change their color/pattern/style
    • Option to remove blur effect on pegasus wings, ruins screenshots. (added Dec. 12, 2018)

    Another thread discussing this: https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/pegasus-needs-a-buff.294974/
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  8. Ventesa

    Ventesa Vexferel Tamer 61 NA

    Jun 1, 2017
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    Ideas Successfully Implemented So Far: Progress!

    - Added a button from which you can exchange the Peridot Leaf and Peridot Petal with the Courser Training material from NPC Shamhain at Stonetail Ranch.
    [Patch Notes: December 5th, 2018].

    -The following changes have been made for Dream Horses Arduanatt and Diné.
    *You can now press the S key to quickly descend during Wings of Wind or Wings of Freedom.
    *You can now use Wings of Wind and Wings of Freedom during the descent after using the skill Leap.
    *Characters will now move more naturally during the skills Wings of Wind and Wings of Freedom.
    *You can now use the skill Charge faster after using Earth of Life or Earth of Protection.
    *You can now use the Earth of Life while the horse is moving, or using the skills Sprint or Instant Accel.

    [Patch Notes: April 10th, 2019]

    Bonus Horse Relevant Updates:

    -Courser Training and Dream Horse are now available through the Grána town Stable for the Kamasylvia region.
    [Patch Notes: December 5th, 2018].

    -A new system where the funds claimed in Horse Market and Breeding Market will vary depending on Training level has been added.
    [Patch Notes: February 13th, 2019].

    -Enhanced the performance of beginner horses to help new Adventurers in their journey. Horse Emblem: Beginner's Brown Horse. Horse Emblem: Beginner's Maroon Horse. Horse Emblem: Beginner's Gray Horse
    *Speed and Accel have increased by 20%.
    *Turn and Brake have increased by 10%.

    [Patch Notes: March 6th, 2019]

    -Added a description button at the bottom right of the Breeding Market and Horse Market windows which can be seen through the Stable menu.
    [Patch Notes: March 20th, 2019]

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  9. Ventesa

    Ventesa Vexferel Tamer 61 NA

    Jun 1, 2017
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    Dreamhorse Revamp

    BDO has three dream horses that can be acquired through awakening a T8 Courser. The current methods to get such dream horses are vastly flawed because of the low rate to obtain materials and the rng involved.

    Low-Rate Mats: There are many ways to obtain dreamhorse materials, but all of these ways take so much time and luck that players are finding it is more worth their time to stare at the marketplace and bid on the materials instead of playing the game. It can take a player over a week to get enough materials for one attempt if they do so by doing the available methods (such as dailies, farming, gathering, fishing, trading, etc). Or, a player can dedicate an entire day or two for bidding at the marketplace and end up with enough attempts for at least one attempt by the end of that day or two. There is nothing rewarding about going out of your way to play the game to get the materials. Because it can and most likely will take over 30 attempts, if it takes a player at least a week to get enough materials for one attempt it would then take 30 weeks to get enough materials to maybe get a dreamhorse. That is not including the fact that lots of players end up taking far more than 30 attempts to get a successful awakening on their t8. By that point, bidding on the marketplace is almost mandatory. (And they still may not get the dreamhorse they wanted because that is rng too).

    Suggestions 1: Boost the droprate of materials (a lot!) for gathering, grinding, fishing, and hunting. If a player spends over a thousand energy and doesn’t see a single mat (when they need 200 per attempt) there is something wrong. When a player spends months fishing and doesn’t see ONE mat… there is something wrong. This cannot be the system we’re meant to have to acquire dreamhorses, where our only method is to bid on the marketplace.

    RNG on Dream horses: The process to acquire mats is excruciatingly slow, and even when the dreamhorse finally awakens (whenever that may be) the player has no say on what dreamhorse they get. Their only path of control is another path of RNG, which requires more mats. That means more time staring at marketplace bidding on materials, because the other methods to get mats are too slow.

    Suggestion 2: Allow players to exchange their dreamhorse for the one they desire by spending an extra billion silver to do so. [1Dreamhorse + 1bil silver = Dreamhorse of their choice]. If this dreamhorse is already leveled, then the skills should transfer over to the appropriate variant (because more than likely money was invested into that horse to get those skills and this system is going to be added far too late to be fair to those who already accepted their wrong horse and leveled it.) Stats will be refreshed to avoid exploitation of getting a higher stat dreamhorse and switching it to a lower stat dreamhorse (Example, swapping a pegasus for doom knowing that pegasus has higher speed stats than dooms which would cause the doom to have stats it wouldn’t have been capable of as easily if it had originally been a doom). Or, better yet, remove the difference in dreamhorse base stats, as all dreamhorses should have the equal chance to be amazing. Or, implement a previous idea of allowing players to level horse base stats through using courser skills.

    Suggestion 3: Allow training rank to effect the chance of a t8 awakening into a dreamhorse. With each Training rank the chances go up.

    Beginner- Current Odds

    Apprentice3- 5% higher chance

    Skilled3- 10% higher chance

    Professional3- 15% higher chance

    Artisan3- 20% higher chance

    Master3- 25% higher chance

    Guru- 30% higher chance. (cap)

    Training is a very slow lifeskill to level and the players who invested time into leveling it should be rewarded for that.

    Suggestion 4: Add peridot leaves to duvencrune dailies: There are many dailies within the town of Duvencrune and it would be amazing if they could reward peridot leaves the same way Grana has dailies that do.

    Suggestion 5: Allow peridot leaves to be exchanged for all dreamhorse mats: Currently peridot leaves can only be exchanged for Deep Blue Hoof Root and the shards needed to make Krogdolo stones. Considering the insanely low-rate of obtaining all other materials elsewhere, Peridot Leaves are the only viable way to get materials without staring at marketplace for hours, days, weeks, months. These mats will include Deep Blue Hoof Root, Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast, and Rainbow Gem Fruit.

    Suggestion 6: Boost Byproduct Gain From Farming depending on Farming level: Currently breeding crops can give byproducts, but you have to exchange 20 of two types of byproducts to get 1-3 Stonetail Fodder. This is far too low considering how many a player needs of them (especially if they are over stacking to increase their odds of getting a specific dreamhorse). A master farmer should obtain far more byproducts than a beginner.

    Conclusion: I am not trying to make Dreamhorses easy to obtain. I am trying to make actual game-play be worth investing time into over staring at the marketplace. Yes, easier to obtain mats does me more materials will also go on the marketplace. But there are lots of players who would rather spend their time playing the game instead of staring at the marketplace bidding all day.

    Bonus Idea: Unsellable Dreamhorses- For players who want dreamhorses for the sake of owning them, they should have an easier route to gain more than one. *Hear me out*

    I understand that dreamhorses are meant to be difficult, but there isn’t much to be gained from owning more than one.

    So this doesn’t turn into an easy silver grab (by players getting tons of dreamhorses first attempt and then selling for an easy 10bil-12bil). The dreamhorses obtained through this method cannot be sold on marketplace or imperial traded. They can however be “traded” in for materials if the player chooses to go the previous route instead.

    Most players do not see a reason to own more than one of each dreamhorse, so this path would be purely for those who enjoy the process of awakening dreamhorses

    To obtain Unsellable Dreamhorses, a player must have Artisan Training level and already own that dreamhorse from the original route. Example, a player who has a Pegasus unlocks the Unsellable Pegasus route to awakening, but will not unlock the Unsellable Unicorn or Unsellable Doom routes until they obtain Unicorn and Doom the normal way. This will make the original route still a required method of obtaining all types of dreamhorses.

    How will the Unsellable Dreamhorse route be easier than the original method? It will require half the materials, no rng on dreamhorses, and higher odds of awakening. Because these dreamhorses aren’t sellable, the odds of awakening should be a lot higher, because they have no other use but to be ridden on the same account that already owns such a horse.

    Main Reasoning for the Unsellable Dreamhorse: Getting a dreamhorse requires a lot of time investment (especially if rng is not on your side) as well as silver. Again, having more than one does not give that person that much other than joy of a mount for an alt or to fill out their wagon for the sake of appearance. A player shouldn’t be expected to give up all other goals in the game just because they want to own more than one of these amazing horses. Some players just enjoy the process of awakening a dreamhorse, but not the overpowering drain it will have on their time and silver. Regular horses can be breeded for fun as much as a player desires, even when those horses don’t have much value after the player has their main T8. I feel Unsellable Dreamhorses could be a similar method of fun without it being game breaking.

    -It will not be worth silver.
    -It will only be worth the materials invested into it.
    -This idea would not be necessary if dreamhorse awakening was revamped fairly.

    All of this is without mentioning the process of obtaining a Courser. Which is near impossible to do without spending money on the game (yes, near impossible but not impossible). The odds are so low however that majority of free-to-play players will likely never achieve it. Locking Dreamhorses behind paying players isn’t right for our version of BDO. I mention this to add to the fact that a player who wants multiple dreamhorses will be spending lots of money on the game, skill changes for the t8 courser and then skill changes for the awakened dreamhorse. If they’re already investing extra time, silver, and real life money the process should not be the same for a mount that is for alts/wagons.


    Bonus Suggestions:

    Give the Training daily to all stable keepers. Forcing players to run all the way to stonetail ranch just to do a daily to tame 1 or 2 horses isn’t necessary, especially when it is only rewarding a single mat or 2 and a little bit of training exp. A recent update allowed grana stable keeper to do dreamhorse awakening (previously only stonetail ranch could), so the only mandatory reason to go out to stonetail now is for the training daily. For players who spend all their time on the opposite side of the map, this is crazy.

    Add speed message delivery dailies. These dailies will give a player a destination to run to and back to deliver a message. They will be locked behind training rank and give more Materials + Training exp depending on which daily is being done. A timer is set that the player must beat.

    Apprentice Training- t3 horse and higher with sprint, instant accel, drift can successfully do. Rewards 1 mat
    Skilled Training- t5 horse and higher with sprint, instant accel, drift can successfully do. Rewards 2 mats
    Professional Training- t6 horse and higher with sprint, instant accel, drift can successfully do. Rewards 3 mats
    Artisan Training- t7 Courser and higher can successfully do. Rewards 4 mats.
    Master Training- t8 Courser can successfully do. Rewards 5 mats. (15 mats a day in total for a master trainer who does them all).

    -New- Due to changes made to cron stones on Jan. 16th, 2019: Reduce the needed cronstones for dreamhorse awakening to 50 to compensate for the unnecessary change of doubling the price of cronstones. Enhancing was immediately cut in half at this change and other aspects of the game should not be overlooked! Dreamhorses are already a very silver sink heavy feature of bdo (as well as real money demanding). This change has only made that worse for no reason.


    :)My peggies spread their wings in hopes of gliding into a better Dreamhorse future:)

    List of links to threads involving dreamhorses (and training) can be found here:

    -Some of these ideas connect with Ideas in the other posts and are a mere extension of them-
    #9 Ventesa, Dec 23, 2018
    Last edited: May 3, 2019
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  10. Ascaeldor

    Ascaeldor Ascaeldor Musa 62 EU

    Sep 29, 2016
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    Omg, this actually killed me. I had to laugh so hard and at the same time it's sooo true! I feel bad for laughing now...
    Here, have some pupils on the Pegi (Paint skills over 9000!)


    And besides, I know, it's actually the wrong thread for that, but maybe we could get some new horse armour which looks a little less knighty? Anemos was a good start, but I want to see the horse I'm riding, so I never show the barding since they all look kinda the same. So maybe instead of running around with our horses all wrapped up like this:
    I would love to have something more, hmm, open, so I can show all the gear, but still see my horse (Especially the bridle!)...
    upload_2019-1-2_20-15-28.png upload_2019-1-2_20-20-42.png upload_2019-1-2_20-50-7.png upload_2019-1-2_20-50-37.png upload_2019-1-2_21-10-32.png

    Soooo, could we get something like this pretty please with sugar and a cherry on top? <3
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  11. zeezero

    Feb 14, 2016
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    These are all good options. I would love to see our training rank increase awakening chances as the time invested feels almost completely worthless atm.
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  12. MagicalTabletopGirls

    Oct 20, 2018
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    As one of the few Artisan Trainers I support 97% of this. Rather than lowering the % birthrates we need to accept after giving away free T7's & T8's they have killed the Horse Market. It's Over. The only way to fix Horse Training as a life skill it is to have Imperial Delivery give 65% Rather than 50%. This will put you at almost break even with the market because of the tax & allow it to dry up.

    Also, your point about more quest and materials based on Rank absolutely!!!!! At Artisan you should be getting 10 a day at min to justify all the hard work it takes to get so far. As to Awaken it should be Hope Stack + Rank Bonus.

    Now if all these changes were put into place how do you prevent the oversaturation of Dreams? Easy 2 for 1. If you have 2 Dreams you can exchange them for 1 you want. This would curb the excess Dream population. As some people wouldn't want to wait (weeks) until theirs sold to then take the HUGE tax hit & buy a different one.
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  13. Narktember

    Narktember Narktember DarkKnight 61 NA

    May 4, 2017
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    All I want are the stripes to be fixed. How am I supposed to take good screenshots?
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  14. RainbowRat

    Dec 13, 2015
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    I just want to bump this, awesome feedback in here.
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  15. Azeiu

    Jan 22, 2018
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    I do not agree with this. Everyone need to be able to reach all content in a general and neutral way.

    For example if you play the game in complete vegetable state with 4 horses stuck to your wagon and run in circles 24/24 to be one of top trainers, well sure I do not want to do that and I want to be able to access all the content available.

    I like the game and I prefer to play it actively why should I be forced to AFK level such a useless skill just to get some extra quests?
  16. Ascaeldor

    Ascaeldor Ascaeldor Musa 62 EU

    Sep 29, 2016
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    I have to disagree with what you said. Your example is a bit, hm, illusional. You'll never be a top trainer with only running a wagon (even 24/7) especially since you mentioned the veggy playstyle so better don't expect that to happen. The next thing is, that the useless lifeskill is not as useless anymore, as long as you sell horses on the market AND with the implementation of additional quests for higher ranked trainers. Maybe I missunderstood what you meant but for me it sounds you don't enjoy the lifeskill but you still want the benefits out of it. There are many lifeskills with level restrictions. Why should training be the only one without? You also mentioned that you like to play the game actively. Catch horses - it's active and levels your trainer rank.
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  17. Rachelion

    Rachelion Rachnael Lahn 61 EU

    Jun 30, 2016
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    It would be nice if you could actually be able to make the horse fight alongside you none the less a big thumbs up for the post since it really includes a lot of amazing things!
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