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Infinite Potion Drops - Allow ALL mobs in an area, not just some, to drop the pieces

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Stwida, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. Stwida

    Jul 23, 2020
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    I have only been working on the infinite HP potion, and the Sherekhan piece is all I have left, but it has become absolutely ridiculous at this point.

    Only certain mobs dropping the pieces makes grinding for the pieces just feel BAD. No matter how long it might take to get, even if you lower the drop chance (lol) but increase the amount of mobs that can drop it, nothing makes a player feel more bored and annoyed than knowing that every mob that they kill that isn't X mob has an actual 0% chance of dropping their item. I can't even FATHOM trying for the Manshaum piece - given how dreadfully boring I can imagine it must be to run from pack to pack just hunting shamans. This is not engaging gameplay - it's boring and punishing. Nobody wants to hunt for the Sherekhan mobs with the 2H sword and the dual axes - they just want to grind.

    RNG is RNG, I get it, but I've been at Sherekhan for a minimum of 67 hours now (I say this because I've completed 4 Marni boxes and I kill approximately 3k mobs / hour). Out of 200,000 kills, only about 40% of them even have a chance to drop the piece. So, out of 200k mobs, only about 80k even mattered at all. I have not grinded for a single minute outside of arsha or without a loot scroll. I have looted 3 spectre's energies and even an old moon shard, along with 5 marni boxes now. This is absolutely insane. The grind needs to be made more broad SOMEHOW. Being stuck in a single location for quite literally hundreds of hours is not fun, and the grind doesn't feel rewarding. I used to have the luxury of rotating between blood wolves and ronaros as well, but both of those pieces have dropped (with MUCH ease relative to Sherekhan). If you're someone, like me, who absolutely hates the aesthetic of Drieghan and despises the Sherekhan mobs, you're going to want to rip your eyes out of their sockets doing this. I have quite literally never been so miserable playing this game, but I'm sure as heck not going to give up when I'm sitting on 2/3 pieces.

    I get it. You want it to be a grind. and it SHOULD be - infinite potions basically invalidate a huge gameplay mechanic. But there NEEDS to be some kind of variety here. I am indescribably miserable grinding sherekhan for upwards of 6 hours / day at this point. I have no idea how someone with a non-work-from-home job and an actual life could ever get this done with their sanity in-tact at this point.

    EDIT: For clarification on "Feeling bad" - Think of it this way... right now, the "Federick" mob brings these thoughts to my mind: "That stupid f***ing mob that does nothing but knock me down and doesn't even drop a pot piece". Does NOTHING but "feel bad" to interact with in any way. Now, if he behaved the same, but had a chance to drop the pot piece, it'd be more like "This annoying mob that isn't all that bad because he might drop the pot piece." Instead, 3/5 of the mobs here can't drop the pot piece, and i ignore them and generally hate each of them.
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  2. Baked Bacon

    Jul 22, 2020
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    I support this suggestion 100%. It wouldn't be so bad if T4 pets picked up everything, then I could just grind without worrying that the potion piece dropped and I didn't get it. I can't help but wonder if PA made the potion pieces super rare drops from specific monsters so that players would be miserable - but forgot to add a pearl item to make it less painful.
  3. Robischek

    Mar 7, 2016
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    Bro, youve been lucky with 2pcs and cry about 3rd piece not being? *SPIT*
    Ive sworn when grinding that piece, if I ever meet someone in my life named Frederick, Im gonna slap him in the face on sight!

    Btw. my rng for the whole potion was 247hours nonarhsa incl 4lootscrolls.
    Go check cry and complain in potion discord. There are some 500hours ppl who cant wait to laugh at your silly 67.
  4. Hijio

    Hijio Shigaeki Tamer 63 EU

    Nov 21, 2017
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    It wouldn't be a legendary item if it was easy to obtain
  5. KampersOwnedYou

    Jun 28, 2016
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    They could have easily made this easier yet harder along with being more interesting by giving a 5% drop chance on each piece and have every mob in that area drop it and have multiple areas drop these pieces.
    So for instance have nagas, fogans and crescents drop one piece. Then have say tshira, mirukum and toothfairy drop the next piece then finally have stars end, ash forest and the hard underwater grind spot drop the 3rd piece. Or whatever groups of mobs they choose.
  6. Andaro


    Feb 8, 2016
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    There are going to be tens of thousands of players that will never get these rare items, or the other treasure items. It is intended to be super rare and difficult to obtain due to the benefits that they give. Adding chances to other monsters would affect those monsters loot tables in adverse ways, meaning items that naturally come from those monsters tables you may end up getting less of afterwards due to the nature of how loot tables are designed internally.

    So, I feel your RNG Pain my friend <3 but you're going to be seeing more of this type of thing as they add more "treasure items" throughout the world of BDO

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