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interview with a 100,000 red battlefield score player

Discussion in 'PvP' started by irrelevant, Mar 15, 2018.

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    So this thread is basically an interview with a 100k rbf score player about bdo pvp and classes and basically it's gonna be me interviewing myself in a fancy glorified whine thread where i'll mostly whine about class balance but it'll be an interview instead!
    (also this thread does NOT consider rabams in any way yet)

    there !

    video -


    First thing's first - it doesn't matter if you think red battlefield is relevant or irrelevant so attacking me because of it is completely pointless.

    Red battlefield is very relevant as spending a lot of time in there means you'll encounter all kinds of situations and sure it's mostly a huge zerg-fest where skill often doesn't matter but there are many moments where you'll find yourself on the side with cooldowns (or without) and you'll end up fighting someone. Or you'll win a 1v5 and so on and so forth and that's why huge pvp experience shouldn't be easily dismissed.
    I personally don't do duels on my server because it feels awkward and because i don't really find joy in them and because many other reasons and i mostly don't want to be hassled but i can beat even duel-dedicated players that never do rbf and only do duels despite me never doing them simply because i have way more useful experience in rbf
    (and because im much cuter obviously).

    so if you think rbf is pointless or whatever - you're free to think whatever you want !

    (If you don't want to get triggered or something just skip to point #6 which is the most important part of this)

    1*~ What do i think about bdo's pvp?

    I think bdo's pvp has the potential to be incredibly good but it has too many toxic mechanics that are not fun to deal with for both the attacker and the defender and they could easily be dealt with if only pearl abyss would listen and if only they would reason.

    As it currently stands the pvp is often way too frustrating for everyone and ofcourse there are all the issues with the game engine and desync and the servers.... anyhow those are sort of "beyond our control". We can't simply make europe/NA smaller but what we can do is suggest mechanics that are less affected by issues like desync and mechanics that feel more fair to play against.

    2*~ What do i think about bdo's forum?

    I think the forum is absolutely full of people that barely play the game that spam way too much lies and propaganda and misinformation and that bothers me so much. I don't want to waste my time to post here but i'm sort of afraid that if i just leave it people will post too much untruthful stuff and the game will get even more imbalanced and spiral out of control (sort of what happened to rangers , but i'll talk more about that below). Most of the active pvpers in game know each other and the tone of discussion in game is way different than it is in the forum but some people have issues with being fair and objective and have horrible ways of judging things so their opinion ends up being skewered and bad.

    I don't think people should talk about pvp without at least softcap gear and also experience (a certain amount of rbf score is the best showing, say 5-10k) because bdo isn't an easy game to theorycraft at due to the ridiculous amount of hidden things and rng things and that's simply not the case for most of the regular forum posters

    3*~ What do i think about bdo's toxic mechanics - GRABS!

    This is one of the main things i want to talk about,

    BDO's pvp can be great but there are some things that are completely horrible

    one of the biggest issues in bdo is grab/grapple - this is by far the most idiotic mechanic i've ever seen in a game and it makes bdo so much worse than it could be. In a way bdo's pvp is rock-paper-scissors = (block,iframe,SA) and then you suddenly get grab which somehow beats all these? It's just stupid, when 2 people clash whats the point of playing rps if you can just mash that grab button? It "skips" half of the game mechanics and it makes the game way more braindead

    If you have 40 skills they could be used for fishing for cc or doing damage but instead you're just better off spamming that one grab button and 1shotting your enemy.

    I've heard here in the forum that people say that grab is the counter to superarmor and iframe is the counter to grab but that's just stupid and i'll tell you why
    if a guy uses superarmor you can just use frontal guard and you can do damage on him while he does nothing on you so you win the trade so block > superarmor and not grab, grab shouldn't be the counter to anything because it's so flawed and bad and iframes dont counter grab because of desync and that's the main issue here - the main issue is that with desync people spam grab from 5 meters away or even from below a building (it happened today to me) and it still works , iframes can make you desync out of grabs but it isn't guaranteed and you still waste one of your iframes to dislocate the grab and then need to use other skills to actually get away

    Grab is so stupidly broken that people exploit and abuse it non-stop in game and if you actually played the game in a mass pvp scenario outside of the zerg / big blobs you would see it for yourself, it promotes braindead gameplay and 75% of the players that play a class with grab just spam grab even if it results in their death on failed grabs but they keep doing it anyway because of how powerful it is so they must feel rewarded in order to continue doing it. The most cliched thing in bdo is a gray point guy suiciding at you to grab you in pvp and hoping for his team to do something and that's the reason he's at gray points - cause he died the other 9 times he attempted this but that one time it succeeds keeps him happy and satisfied somehow and when you have 5-10 people do this nonstop you basically end up having to deal with a grab happening almost all the time and in this game where 1 cc is often death that's just stupid - they didn't outplay your superarmor or iframe or block they just spammed a skill that can easily desync that has no cast time or windup but wait it gets even worse than that
    75% of all berserker players just spam grab when you are hitting them, when you flank or backstab a berserker and land stiffness on him (which is the best combo opener because it can be followed up by anything) and you start using other skills - in rare cases due to client / server misinformation and desync the people are glitching out of cc or standing still and so on and people are so desperate to exploit the grabs that i'm not kidding you half of the time i cc a berserker he grabs me while i'm hitting him and that's completely and utterly moronic - i outplay my enemy and get him in a combo but because of desync he can suddenly grab me? At least if he had to use normal attacks i could be in sa or frontal guard and react for it

    If you spectate a rbf in invisible mode or something you'll see that even top guild players just spam grab like insane and the reason they do so is because of how incredibly powerful it is. Even if the concept of grab isn't so bad the realization is because it has no downsides and because it's too easy to abuse with desync and because this game is not 1v1 and most of the time as a melee class (which are most of the classes in the game) you'll find yourself outnumbered at some point so there will be not one grab threat but multiple and then it just gets stupid. The fact that more than half of the population is recklessly suiciding to grab just shows how stupid it is

    4*~ Sorc iframes, musa and maehwa chase, ninja and kuno hide, pulls ,ranged knockdown on classes with insane damage, warrior ult and maehwa hitboxes

    These are the rest of the very horrible mechanics that ruin the game.

    There is absolutely and completely no counter to sorc iframes or to musa and maehwa chase except player mistake. Kuno/ninja hide is incredibly overpowered if you don't expect it because they can oneshot people out of it and you won't always expect it and life isn't an arena. These mechanics are so toxic and disgusting and frustrating to deal with

    every day in pvp i see a random sorc just abuse the iframes and stand in middle of 7 attacks and no one can do absolutely anything to him unless he fails his buttons and on top of that the sorcs in the forum have the audacity to cry about buffs and lie about class balance. I often get asked how can iframes win you pvp
    > this is how https://www.twitch.tv/videos/237601542?t=1h43m5s easiest example ever. I don't need to watch a video like this to know cause i've seen it way too many times but apparently everyone else does. The sorc isn't even top 5 most geared sorcs in europe and gear only benefits sorc more than anyone else because sorc's defense is iframes so enemy's offense isn't as relevant as 0 damage with 200 dp is 0 damage with 300 dp as well and as the damage increases sorc benefits cause most sorc skills have super fast cast time with no windup or insane hitbox and range (violation no windup, dod and grj huge hitbox).

    On the video i linked theres absolutely nothing 2 people can do to one sorc and this is stupid and it isn't fun in pvp and this is in a scenario where the sorc is against the odds, now imagine that the sorc is zerging and is not against the odds -it's even more stupid than this and in a group fight having an experienced sorc basically means you're gonna have a guy that's gonna dish out damage at an interval and no one can do anything to him unless he gets greedy and fails?

    Musa/maehwa chase are the same concept as sorc iframes, no one can do anything to them unless they get greedy but at the very least they can still die during chase and it's harder to pull off than sorc

    Pulls - pulls break this game so hard, half of the classes get stuck when a pull is used and some of them simply can't get out of a pull and in a grp pvp when 3-4 people use a pull in an area it just becomes ridiculous. Pulls should be removed from the game except on 1-2 skills in total and even that's too much but classes like musa and kuno and mystic shouldn't have pulls. Would even rather give slightly increased damage to blackhole and slightly more range but remove the pull. These things might not be that overwhelming in 1v1s but outside of 1v1s they just add up and stack up and it becomes too much. Especially with delay desync sometimes there are cases where valk pulls me 140 meters backwards because why not? Half of the classes can't deal with pull unless they have a big cd skill available and in general no one likes the pulls.
    Also mystic pull literally has no windup whatsoever, it's insta cast and it appears out of nowhere that's so stupid just why

    Ranged knockdowns - those are so moronic i dont even have the strength to type about it. So basically some guy hits you from 3 screens away where you can't even see him and does half of your hp (or even more) and most of them can also even dash/teleport next to you. How the hell is that even remotely fair? In a 1v1 sure you can more or less expect it but in a group pvp its just stupid beyond any reason and the fact that sorc/ranger can land a kd and kill you in it (from 30m away safety) is even worse. There's absolutely no risk to spam ranged kd's but huge reward and people cant even use emergency escape against that

    Warrior ult - I mean seriously? This skill is so broken, the damage it does is unreasonably high and its hitbox is unreasonably big and the amount of times a guy has used his ult in the air 30m behind me but cced me instead is just out of this world. The fact that you can get a warrior with some gear and perform exceptionally well in red battlefield without much skill is a proof of that and the ult absolutely needs to be nerfed so maybe people will finally learn to play without abusing it so hard

    Maehwa hitboxes - I don't know what are the devs thinking with this bug maehwa spear hitboxes are incredibly ridiculous . I'm at a loss of words with how often i get hit by a maehwa whos not hitting anywhere near me and it's the only class in the game that has hitboxes that are mismatched with the animations (but not the only class with unreasonably big hitboxes). Half of the time it's like their spear explodes in the air so it ccs you? Half of the time a maehwa actually misses me it ends up being better for them cause the spear explodes in the air 143 meters behind me (when the maehwa is in front of me) and it stuns me even tho he aimed nowhere near me? Maehwa hitboxes piss me off almost every time i do pvp and combined with their unreasonably high attack speed this is a huge mess

    5*~ What do i think about class balance?

    I think most people are incredibly immature and bad at judging class balance and they don't judge properly so they don't have a clue what they're talking about but yes i'm gonna go ahead and give you a list

    (this is without rabams counted and for general gameplay not for 1v1. Also this can be subject to change in the future)

    I have two lists and i'll give you both of them and explain why two lists.

    lets assume that bdo players had a skill level, 0-50% skill level is potato tier , 50-75% is "above average" tier and 75-95% is "top notch players with gear and knowledge of all classes and experience on their own".

    The reason why i'm not putting 95-100% is because at high level in this game everyone can beat everyone but that doesn't mean a class can't be overpowered. In counterstrike you can kill a guy with ak47 or awp while you're wielding a pistol but that doesn't mean he doesn't have advantage over you and it's the same here

    the first list is for 75-95% skill

    ~S+ tier~

    This class is just insane and unfair to a whole new level. It does too much damage, it has too much tankiness and sustain and mobility and it has too much utility (fg ignore and pull and 30% slow). You don't need to combo with mystic but you can anyway if you wanted to, or you can just 2shot your enemies while taking 2 times less damage and while they are also 30% slowed.. i don't understand how can a class like this be allowed in the game?

    ~S tier~
    Striker, Wizard, Berserker,Valk (not in order)

    - all of these classes are incredibly strong at everything in the game and only wizard somewhat has issues against the better players in 1v1 with certain classes but isn't bad enough to knock it down a tier.

    These classes have unreasonably high damage and unreasonably high mobility and all of them also have unreasonably big hitboxes (apart from 2-3 valk skills). They also have huge utility (except striker but they have too much everything else to compensate)
    ~A Tier~
    Maehwa,Ranger,Warrior, Sorc, Musa

    - *pukes* i hate these classes so much and i'll talk about them more below (except warrior, i dont hate them minus the ult). Warriors are slower than valks, do less damage than valks, have way worse utility than valks so yeah..

    ~B Tier~

    Witch, DK, Kuno, Ninja

    Witch has fallen big time in my eyes over the past several months. Wizard is simply better at everything and witch has horrible 1v1 and since this is for 75-95% skill it assumes that their enemies will know what they are doing so getting killed by a witch isn't that easy except when they're zerging but newsflash - everyone can kill while zerging. DK is overrated and very easy to punish/kill when focused and they don't have the same freedom as sorc musa maehwa do and they can't do whatever they want cause if people chase them they'll take damage eventually while a sorc can just stall "forever" until he gets help or whatever he needs.
    DK has a ton of openings and while it does have nice ranged damage most of the time people think DK is op is when the DK is zerging them and like i said everyone can get kills while zerging - don't judge the class's strength by how a dk killed 3 people in a blob in mass pvp and have in mind that this dk is the easiest target to assassinate for anyone that could flank his zerg
    Kuno is actually pretty good these days but the playerbase representing them is not, they also have some tough animation locks and against good players can take a ton of damage during those and they have hard time doing 1vX cus of this but they're op at ambushing cause hide is overpowered. The only reason i put them down here is cause this is for the "skilled" list so most of the time they'll have harder time executing hide plays
    Ninja is basically like kuno but with more pick off/assasinate potential and less bruiser/face to face power which kinda fits their concepts and weapons i guess

    ~C Tier~

    I'm not even saying this cause i play tamer. I don't want to play a weak class it just so happened. Tamer is riddled with issues and its incredibly complex to play outside of 1v1 scenario but even so you are very limited in what you can do as tamer so the amount of skill you have doesn't even matter (altho rabam does change all that, a lot)

    Unless tamer mobility and engages are fixed i simply don't see this class's tier ever changing

    the 2nd list is for 50-75% . This means they have moderate skill and game knowledge. The majority of people are 0-50 category, 50-75 affects huge amount of active pvpers( even the most in siege guilds )

    ~S tier~

    Sorc, Maehwa, Musa , Ranger

    these first 3 classes have insane damage and you won't die unless you make mistakes - the amount of bad or new players that roll one of these and succeed in pvp is higher than any other class and grp pvp/rbf is consistently filled with random people on one of these classes that have high points or get a lot of kills

    If sorc players arent greedy and impatient they can do 1vX all the time and they can hoard points as well and this happens on a daily basis.
    Maehwa's ridiculous atk speed and hitboxes and damage are completely out of proportion and combined with chase probably makes them the best killers in the game. I think maehwa is the class that i've seen the most people reroll to and still do big damage and in general most people's reroll attempts fail but not maehwa.. it also looks incredibly easy to play on a certain level and in some group fights
    Musa was worse than maehwa, now it's almost as good

    Ranger with jin skills does stupid amount of damage, whenever there's a ranger in pvp i'm on half hp cus of the chip damage from the bow with completely zero risk from their side.
    https://clips.twitch.tv/SucculentMiniatureChickpeaPoooound nothing is stopping you from getting multiple rangers to use their ranged abilities like this and to completely break the game. The ranger on this clip is only one. You can get 3-5 rangers in a fight to spam any sort of ranged skill and basically force the enemy to play with 50% hp. The new bow mechanics make ranger incredibly fast and you can get a ton of free bow damage (unless you're greedy as 98% of the ranger players are) and the only true counter you have is zerker cus of cannon and ofc bad play. Ranger in melee form does absolutely disgusting damage and has one of the most op grabs in the game and also ranger is very fast. Bad player with ranger can 2shot anyone

    ~A Tier~

    Striker, Warrior, Wizard

    both of these classes are strong as hell and also relatively easy to get kills with. Warrior is "easier to play" than valkyrie but its worse and that's why its above valk in this list but below valk in the other list. Wizard can do well in this scenario too

    ~B Tier~
    DK, Valk, Mystic , WItch

    bad mystics are really bad and nothing more than just slightly tankier cc bots, valk is really op but if they dont know whats happening or they dont know anything more than 1trick they are "food" and DK is actually better if the people are worse and against worse people cus they cant deal with them as well

    ~C Tier~
    kuno,tamer, ninja, Zerker

    I do think kuno and ninja are better than tamer but when the skill is lower that's not the case cause tamer is relatively easy to get kills with (but harder to do other stuff) while kuno and ninja are the opposite and they have easier engages or flanks or escapes in many situations but harder to get kills so id say they drop a tier if the players are bad and tamers sort of "gain" a tier if the players are bad cus not everyone has knowledge and an idea of how to protect themselves against.
    Bad zerkers are complete garbage grab bots and most of the time they cant even do that right. Even average zerkers often perform bad and incredibly inconsistent. Zerk has potential (seeing how its one of the best classes) but it needs gear and knowledge and also to be willing to be more than just a tool for your teammates which everyone can do and some classes are even better at it (like warrior in many scenarios)

    This 2nd list affects more people and more scenarios but sort of less important scenarios.

    Rangers and sorcs are absolutely disgusting, ranged knockdowns are so overpowered you can literally just sit back and never risk yourself and keep throwing them until they work, you can get free damage before the fight has even started. Sorc has the option to teleport behind their enemy in middle of the fight and ignore fgs or cause them to turn around and get cced by their teammate while ranger has the option to spam grab like an ape which has no counter.

    You'll still need skill and gear to perform but if you're an average player with 230+ ap you'll do way better as one of the S tier classes on the 2nd list than you will with one of the classes on the first list. Average or below player with S tier class from the first list is gonna do way worse than he would with one of the classes from the 2nd list because they have much easier time actually killing something and doing damage.

    The first list considers people being able to use their tools and the 2nd list considers how easy the tools are to use as well, which is why it is changed. Anyhow, i'm gonna assume that people reading and being triggered by my lists are either not being objective and fair or are from the 0-50 category for which i'm not talking about but if it does make you feel better i can see how sorc and ranger are bad in 0-50 skill category and tamer is good - if you're a monkey that stands still when you meet an enemy and you don't block their melee only single engage that's so telegraphed and obvious sure thing class balance will be weird to you

    having tools but not being able to use them is not the class's fault, it's the player's fault and that's why 0-50 is irrelevant. Technically only the highest skill level should matter (so the first list) but in reality ease of execution or even reliability matter to an extent which is why the 2nd list exists too, but like i said the 2nd list is more broad and it wont' apply for say a 2v2 tournament. The problem with the classes that i rated lower is that they lack tools

    B and C classes of the first list are squishy or lack good iframes or effects and ccs and buffs and it doesn't matter how good you are you won't change the abilities of the class. A good DK will still be in superarmor half of the time which means he can take damage by anyone and a good DK can still have its block broken in 1-2 attacks if focused.. while a good sorc can just iframe all that stuff and that's why sorc is better - it's tools have more potential and in a game where offense is so strong (because of gear and because of frequent dmg upgrades like jin skills and because the majority of ppl are getting offensive gear) then the defensive tools that your class has are more important since the damage is more or less abundant but defense is not.

    I don't know how rabam skills will change the tiers but i don't see much movement within the tiers cause the core mechanics remain the same and im not sure what rabams musa/maehwa get at 57 but they have the potential to get better on the first list, same as ranger and in fact i think a ranger that's played without being greedy and is geared and now with the new skills is also an S tier class if you read the situation properly and if you just use the bow for as much free damage as possible without getting caught in it and making a player error

    tamer rabams seem good but they won't fix the core issues which are mobility and broken superarmors and squishy as hell and yes they do help a lot but not enough to say that it becomes better for X and Y situations than some higher tier class.

    Most people i've seen complain about balance are like... the guy plays ranger and he does some horrible inefficient combo that makes no sense (that if you tried as another class would do no damage) and says that the damage isn't enough or he uses iframe on cooldown and gets caught or he uses unprotected grab when there are people hitting him and then blames class balance? That's not how it works. In this game everyone can beat everyone and generally everyone has tools and the only difference between them (class tiers and such) comes down to reliability and actual strength

    both ranger and sorc (since people hate me for saying they're good) have high range and reliable skills and also high damage - how you use them is up to you

    meanwhile as a tamer (weakest class) it doesn't matter what you do cause you're so limited - you have no range and you have to rotate SA / iframe and during the SA you take insane amount of damage most of the time, on top of that you're incredibly slow - you simply lack the tools or the options for too many pvp scenarios in bdo

    6*~ How to improve pvp very easily and very logically and it'll feel more fair for everyone? -

    We need to get rid of the toxic mechanics in bdo

    ~reduce rng as much as possible, remove downsmashes from classes with grab and leave them only on classes without grab - make them 100% , make it so that a target can be downsmashed only once

    ~remove knockdown preventing emergency escape and either reduce the range of ranged knockdowns either remove them completely or increase the cooldown by something drastic like double because of how incredibly powerful those things are

    ~grabs are incredibly powerful and toxic and they should be nerfed in some meaningful way - there are many ways to nerf grabs and i've suggested different ways over time

    universally - 1 grab per person the most with 10 second immunity inbetween grabs (and then)
    a - remove lingering sa on warr valk block but give them more gauge
    b - make it so that you can only grab stunned people or people on the ground
    c - make it so that you can't use grab if you're being hit (altho this sounds hard to do)
    d - increase grab cooldown by 100% - they're already super strong there's no reason to have such low cooldowns as they are now
    e - reduce the grab hitboxes
    f - remove superarmor and iframe from ALL grabs so that they can be punished and peeled if used recklessly and risky and in middle of aoe
    g - remove the 60% grab resist cap in pvp
    h - remove all secondary effects on failed grabs (cus that makes no sense whatsoever in the first place)

    these are just some examples but as grabs currently are they simply have to go for bdo's sake - they are too buggy and glitchy and people abuse them all the time, people grab suicide too much and people spam grab while being hit it's just silly

    ~reduce the speed of race-cars to make the game much more enjoyable for everyone

    reduce musa/maehwa speed by like 30% and then you basically hit 2 birds with 1 stone - musa and mae will get the nerf they deserve and also the game will look much better than it does now

    ~reduce the speed of valkyrie dash, striker, mystic, warrior, ranger, zerker dash, some ninja and kuno skills - if you simply reduced the movement speed on some different classes and abilities the game will be so much better to watch and to play and a lot of overpowered things will suddenly be toned down just for making a dash 20% slower

    ~ make the hitboxes smaller and more precise especially for classes with incredibly huge hitboxes right now

    ~superbuffs should be nerfed or removed - superbuffs in bdo are the worst concept there is because they are WAY too strong, some buffs go as far as giving you 30% damage/survivability which is stuuuuuuuuuupid as hell because they are not limited to be used in fair pvp and when a guy has superbuff against someone without it just gets so incredibly unfair

    most of the time people even use superbuffs *WHILE* zerging and also OUTGEARING so it gets ridiculous, the amount of advantages a potential zerg can get (other than already being a zerg) is too much because of superbuffs (E / SHift-E buffs). The devs didnt consider what happens if you're doing 1v3 and 2 of them use superbuff but in reality this happens all the time and its stupid because they're way too powerful

    ~consider that we have increased ping and polish superarmors and make them work perfectly on currently partial things (some iframes and dashes on different classes). Im aware desync probably wont get fixed but if the skills are properly designed it wont matter even remotely as much

    if these suggestions are added i just see bdo becoming much better, more skill required and more "reward "if you succeed doing things, less abuse (grabs and desync and musa mae RMB spam and so on) and people would actually have to think how to approach the game better

    i mostly just wanted to post the #6 part but whatever, class balance subject is sort of irrelevant atm with rabams for at least awhile until i see where things land altho like i said i dont see it changing that much

    I really want the speed of racecars to be reduced, grabs to be nerfed and superbuffs to be dealt with because these things make the game so much worse and are currrently #1 enemy right alongside partial defense skills that aren't fun for anyone

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    tl;dr version -

    last line of text in my post
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    Hope you'll have a future.
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    I love you man I'm your biggest fan
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    I am curious, how would you rate class combinations, in groups of 2 or 5. This is after all not a 1v1 game. Would certain combinations be very strong that wouldn't be in a 1v1 scenario.
    To understand how classes are balanced in this game, do we not need to know what they are balanced for. Assuming that 1v1 strength is important at all is a little short-sighted.
    On a number of your other points though I completely agree. Skills and abilities with zero counter play do seem very poor game mechanics.
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    Neef grab and remove grab of tamer
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    9 out of 10 wizardys would not say that tamer with softcap gear is that weak as you say always... but yes 99% of your post ist the dirty truth.
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    It was nice to read.
    This may sound pompous, but for all those who practice RBF daily, it speaks to them.

    Will that change something ...? Of course not because this statement will never be sent as it is to PA.
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    Congratulations to 100k first and foremost and thanks for the insight in this interview, even though I think this should have been done by Kakao/PA themselves.

    As controversial as you might be, active PvP players should certainly be able to ackknowledge and relate to point #6 as a measure to improve PvP in this game.
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    I pray for that. If they nerf classes with 100% sa uptime so that i could actually cc them somehow without grab engaging.

    Grab is aids both to use and to fight against.
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    chat rage complication when?

    and gz for 100k kills
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    Thoughts on the current AP scaling situation beyond 260? Nothing in your post addresses how absurdly broken full oneshots out of Super Armor are
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    interview with a 100,000 point humble cutie
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    At the beggining you are talking about how freakin op grabs are, about that iframe doesnt counter grabs (nothing counters them) and in addition you say that iframes are also bugged.

    Just few lines after you show how unbelievable op sorc is (winning 1v2, but wait iframes dont work properly and valk has a GRAB).
    Excuse me, thats nothing personal but your text is so hipocritical that after reading tamer = worst class tier I couldnt even finish this wall of (random) text.
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  16. Przemoboski

    Jan 15, 2017
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    Hello Lemon, when we getting married?
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  17. Nagasaki

    Nagasaki Ninja

    Nov 6, 2015
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    It was at this moment that I knew, OP got blocked.

    Tired of this ****.
    Feelsbadforhimself 24/7 all day err’day.
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  18. Jylin

    Jylin Miraikuro Sorceress 7 EU

    Feb 18, 2016
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    nerf tamer, buff sorc
  19. WhySoSeeryus

    WhySoSeeryus Wizard 63 EU

    Jan 31, 2018
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    devs might have heard you so they added a 9 sec cd superbuff on mystic via rabam! :D
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  20. AsyaTheBoatKing

    Feb 15, 2018
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    Lemon everytime i see you in rbf you dash and dance through my attacks (tamer iframe i guess) but damn when i hit you it is over (wizardy) but please dont keep saying that tamer is broken and weak... in my eyes it is totally not and you are a valid example that tamer is strong, no class can have only pros every class need to have at least some cons well not talking about mystic:).

    This is no hate just what i think.
    #20 AsyaTheBoatKing, Mar 15, 2018
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018

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