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KR Patch Notes August 16/2018

Discussion in 'General Gameplay' started by Keldorn, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. Keldorn

    Keldorn Tamer EU

    Feb 17, 2016
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    google Translate. Invenglobal translation later.

    Moonlight jewelry Jewish month jewelry exchange event NPC has appeared .

    - You can replace the worn-out debris from the old-fashioned Guild Source rune in the lily -of-the- valley blossom inn .

    [ Event Page ]

    ● Kill the Heart of the Ocean , Bell ! The event will proceed . (Modified)

    - Period : August 16 ( Thu ) After inspection - August 30 ( Thursday ) Before inspection

    - Heart of the ocean , Bell is back ! Defeat the bell and become the protagonist of the polar bear pet !

    [ Event Page ]

    ● Summer refreshing gift , connection compensation event of August is carried out .

    - Period : August 17 ( Fri ) 00:00 - September 20 ( Thursday ) until 24:00

    - In the hot summer, into the black desert ! Do not miss out on the connection reward in August .

    [ Event Page ]

    ● Crack-breaking memorial event of barbarism is going on .

    - Period : August 16 ( Thu ) After inspection - August 30 ( Thursday ) Before inspection

    - Commemorating the restructuring of barbarism ! Meet the event head and special rewards !

    [ Event Page ]


    ● In order to prevent unusual behavior, the conditions under which the character can be selected or replaced have been changed as follows .

    * If the character is located in a battle area

    - The character can be selected or replaced only when the character is in the standby state .

    - You can not select or replace a character while the skill is in use or moving .

    - You can not select or replace a character for a certain period of time immediately after the character is connected or the base is revived .

    ※ If the character is located in a safe area, you can select or replace the character at any time .

    We will show you some things to help the adventurers understand .

    - After boarding a flight , you can select or replace characters while you are on standby .

    - You can select or replace a character in a state of waiting in the water or ending up due to lack of endurance .

    - You can select or replace a character while waiting for a weapon to be in or out of play .

    - You can select or replace a character in a stacked state .

    - You can not select or replace a character on board while boarding .

    - You can not select or replace characters while in automatic movement .

    - You can not select or replace characters for 5 seconds after invulnerability or invulnerability .

    - You can not select or replace a character while swimming or moving in water .


    ● The anger of the black spirit is crushed , ruthless , deceased , Gin : spinning , Gin : has been extended to be used in the groundbreaking technology .

    - Technology window : Black Elemental : Crushing , Black Elemental : Mercy , Black Elemental : Added the Dead Manifest technique .


    - Each technique can be used with additional key inputs such as "F", "LB", "RB" depending on the situation when the anger of black spirit is accumulated 10%, 25%, 50% It is a feature .

    - When using each skill , you can receive special effects such as adding hit , increasing attack range, increasing damage .

    On the right side of the description below : Black Spirit : A technical description has been added .

    - Rotation gap

    - Ground slugging

    - scorching heat

    - You can intuitively check the damage and the effect of the skill using the Black Elemental Rage .

    ● Using the 100% rage of Black Elements, the phenomenon of dropping motion at low height is corrected when using the burning technique .

    【Location & Wizard】

    ● World Header Monster, the use of magic cardiac technology around the character, taking action to fix the phenomenon .


    ● Sympathy : Fixed a situation where the character stops moving when using the Calling Technique .


    ● Fixed the use of the barricade technique , Fixed to release the guard status if the endurance value is less than 100 .

    - You can only use the scabbard technique if your endurance level is greater than 400 .


    ● Fixed an abnormal behavior when switching to automatic running while moving forward after using the target pursuit technique in the state of driving .

    【Dark Knight】

    ● Flow : A forward guard effect has been added to the bombing technique .


    ● Fixed the phenomenon that the falling motion is output when jump to the non-combat state while moving to the blood flow battle state .

    ● Flag Shake The social phenomenon that the flag is not attached to the hand has been improved .


    ● Gazelle meat can not be sold to NPC stores has been corrected .

    ● Miscellaneous misreading of gazelle meat item description has been fixed .

    ● A consumable item ' Atanis Firefly ' with the same effect as the lantern has been added .

    - The item can be purchased in 100 silver coins for merchants in all regions .

    ● Secondary Weapon , Special Attack of some Ornaments Added damage description has been fixed .

    ● [ Event ] If you have a quality guarantee item of Serbianka , the exchange button has been changed to Serbianka NPC at all times .

    ● The description of the wreckage item description of black aura has been corrected .

    ● The heavy natural phrase of the explanation of the item of explanation of the thick piece of the gruel has been corrected .


    ● The guild has been improved to make it possible to overlay items produced in the bag through production .

    - If you keep the items in their un-overlapped state , save them in the warehouse and take them back .

    ● As we announced a study on how to make the fish dishes of David Pinto more efficient, the number of fish needed to make the following dishes was reduced .


    ● The crack of barbarism has been newly reorganized .

    - The progress time has been adjusted to 20 minutes .

    - The number of monsters has been reduced by 40% .

    - As the progress time is adjusted, the amount of silver acquired is reduced to half .


    - Experience gained has been reduced by 40% . - Crack of Barbaric Crack of Barbaric Achieved when Protecting the Scale Level Reduced rewards that can be obtained from the loot box .

    - Rewards that can be earned per barrack in a barbarian have been reduced, but rewards that can be earned per unit of time due to the reduction in progress time are increased .

    ● Hunting and moving in the submarine ruins of Chicraia has been improved more naturally .

    ● Improvement of the way around the western security camp has been improved .

    ● The guild subsidy payment method has been changed as follows .

    - You can pay the guild subsidy regardless of the day of the week .

    - The guild subsidy will be reset every Saturday at midnight (24:00), and you will be entitled to one guild subsidy every Saturday from midnight (24:00) until Saturday, midnight (24:00) .

    ● Guild incentive payment waiting time has been changed so that it is not displayed .

    ● Fixed a bug in the Guild of the Guild of Mercy during the occupation .

    - The effect of stunning is only visible to the guild members of the adventurer .

    ● Some companion animals intermittently stopped at a position where items can be acquired improved .


    ● Heart of the ocean , the bell began to move again .

    - Belle appears at 17:00 on Sunday in the area of Belle of Emerais / Florin / Camar Sylvia 1-3 server Reme Island , and does not appear in Teen World.

    - 30 minutes before the bell emerges , an alert message will be output from the Epheria / Florin / Kama Sylvia server .

    - Added bell notification settings to set bell notification .

    - You can acquire the following items when bell killing .


    - After bell killing , the item is available to improve the position of the light column is visible, and can be acquired for about 30 minutes .

    ※ Details can be confirmed by the link below .

    [Go to Bell Game Guide ]

    ● Serendia Northwest area in the vicinity of the gateway to the extraction site was added to the marsh marsh .

    ● Miscellaneous items in the submarine remains of Chiclaya have been reduced from 0.3LT to 0.1LT .

    - Ancient weapons of the sea floor

    - fragments of mossy ancient ruins

    - Destroyed ancient weapon power stone

    ● Steel Tribal Imps were added in front of the entrance to the north-west of the Vallénos West Guard camp .

    【Request, knowledge】

    ● Return adventurer A quest and items have been added to help you settle in . (Modified)

    ※ A return adventurer means a family whose total playtime is 24 hours or more and does not have a history of game access for more than 30 days (720 hours ) .

    - Return adventurer You can acquire a Balck's equipment set (14 days ) , which corresponds to the light rating immediately, upon your achievement .

    - At level 60 and level 61, you can receive the following request from the black spirit, and you can acquire a set of periodic items as a reward.


    - Return adventurer You can go on a daily basis for three months of Black Elephant Daily Requests, which can acquire memorization fragments, artisan memories , and stamps of returning adventurers for a month from the time of return .


    ※ The phenomenon that the compensation of some commission was set abnormally was confirmed, and order receipt and completion were stopped. (Add)

    - Collect 30 stamps of returning adventurer and bring them to the innkeeper of the big city or Balcus of Calpeon and exchange them with the next item .

    > Light : Witch's Ear Ornament

    > Light : Mark of shadow

    > Light : Gladiator's Shirts Belt

    > Light : Gladiator Schultz Necklace

    ● " Lara's great discovery and bread " commissioned in the process can not pass the kneading has been fixed .

    ● The gem of the moonlight glowing ornaments The catch of the fishing request for acquiring ornaments among the event details has been reduced .

    ● Fixed the phenomenon of acquiring the knowledge of ' Linta ' , which has been clarified when ' Linta is not focused ' .

    - This knowledge can be acquired if you have completed the " Spirit of Clearance " request .

    ● The following misinformation has been corrected .

    - Valencia Amphitheater

    - The first Yak in Azun

    - The second yak in azun

    - The third yak of Azunaka

    - Four yaks of Azunaka

    ● Miscellaneous misunderstandings in the following guild mission commission summaries have been corrected .

    - [ Collecting ] Guild material procurement mission

    - [ Collecting ] Adventurer IV of Magorie IV

    ● '[ Cooking ] Remembering Hand ' # 1 ' The production of the request summary has been modified to match the recipe that has changed .

    ● " How to acquire knowledge of the mark of secret coffin " has been added .

    - When you have acquired all the knowledge of the monsters below, you will get a button to get the knowledge of "Mark of the Secret Service" in conversation with Marzana .

    - Arcman vaccine tube

    - Arkman technician

    - Arkman punisher

    - Arkman watcher

    ● " Sulfur of blue light " knowledge acquisition method has been added .

    - When you have mastered all of the monster knowledge below, you will get a button to get the knowledge of 'Sulfur that bluishes' when talking to Marzana .

    - Lava Tubuka

    - Lava searcher

    - Lava-Fawn Rune

    - Lava Tauron

    ● How to acquire a knowledge of the ' sculpture of lost bills ' has been added .

    - When you have learned all the monster knowledge below, you will get a button to get knowledge of 'Powerhouse of ancient weapons' when you talk with Marzana .

    - a mean slave

    - You are a madman.

    - Executioner

    - a shoemaker

    ● A new commission dealing with the story after the Great Battle was added to the Drigan area .

    - Completion of the Durgan Main Commitment Upon the completion of the ' Kamos Nest ' , you can receive a request for a dialogue with a small number of NPCs in Dengkurun .

    - I'm curious.

    - Causality of history

    - The story of Linita

    - If it's a book.

    - a torn history book

    - Getting the hearts of the Babam

    - Ozijo of the Black Elements

    - History of wandering and behind-the-scenes

    - Anxiety Remedy

    ● Drigan Area New knowledge that can be acquired through the new request process has been added .

    - Glory of Sherekhan

    - History of Durgan Wandering

    ● You looked at it first ! The misreading of the commission summary has been fixed .

    ● Let's try to win ! The misreading of the commission summary has been fixed .

    ● The blacksmith in the town of Ainbon has been corrected for unnatural ambiguity .

    ● [ Repeat ] Prayer of Hope Prayer Completion of the ambassador was corrected .

    ● Dewencron Maofan NPC The first misspatch of the discovery was corrected .

    ● " Fishing is fishing , trade is a trade !" The misreading of the commission summary has been fixed .

    ● " Armadillo Shield " request of the ambassador of the order has been corrected .

    ● Calpheon Northern Wheat Farms ' problem solving ' request Misalignment of the order ambassador was corrected .

    ● " Returning air flow " request has been corrected the misappropriation of ambassador .

    ● Completion of the visit to the town of Glycsi Corrected the unnatural phenomenon of ambassador .

    ● Completion of request of family elimination We corrected part where dialogue is not natural .

    [Background, NPC, effects, cuts]

    ● Granny stallion NPC is improved to sell items to the mellows .

    ● The transparent walls that were present in the hymm mortar were removed .

    ● NPC and combat monsters do not attack the phenomenon has been fixed .

    ● This Bella Oasis NPC in the background overlap with the phenomenon has been corrected .

    ● The phenomenon that can not acquire knowledge to the wisdom of Toshi of Weyta Island and Ilya Island has been corrected .

    ● Fixed the phenomenon that the arrow mark does not appear when checking information before the base point in the world map .

    ● Fixed the phenomenon that some tables can be retrieved with small items placed .

    ● Believer Guild Weapon Guardian NPC has been corrected to act as an unnatural move to the castle when saluting .

    ● The situation that NPCs were placed in some residential areas of Valencia has been confirmed .

    ● Florin town The name of the NPC that exchanges sculptures of metal pieces has been changed to residents .

    ● Seikraia Submarine ruins External wall effect has been modified to look better .

    ● The image of the Pearl Abyss logo displayed at the start of the game has been changed .


    ● The Federation Status menu has been added to the guild window .

    - If you open the guild information (G) while belonging to the federation, the Guild Federation window will be exposed first .

    - In the Federation Status menu, you can see the guild members of all federation guilds currently enrolled .

    ● A new pop-up UI has been added to more clearly identify event achievement rewards .

    ● A description of the ARCS server has been added to the server selection window .

    ● Tax withdraw button has been removed from base tax information window .

    ● Fixed the display of a shortened word when the phrase is out of the window in the Pre-occupation status window .

    - Pre - occupation status window A description has been added to each icon .

    ● When handing the lunar mailer, it has been changed to be possible only by pressing the button directly .

    ● The list of items registered in the Exchange Notice window has been improved to be listed from the top to the bottom .

    - The number of items newly registered in the Exchange Notification List has been modified to be equal to the number of notifications displayed on the registration notification icon .

    Fixed the problem that the knowledge that can be acquired when increasing the intimacy is not displayed in the NPC Intimacy UI .

    ● NPC merchandise item price of the silver icon overlap with the phenomenon has been corrected .

    ● Some of the game tip contents in the bottom left of the game screen have been improved .

    ● Some of the words in the explanation of the Arsha Server effect have been changed as follows .

    - Drop probability → acquisition probability

    ● Fixed the problem that when the barn was confirmed by the NPC of ' Zirgo Biano ' in Karpen area , the boarding place appeared in abnormal position .

    ● Fixed strong monster warning display to fit minimap size .


    ● Fixed a phenomenon that is displayed very darkly intermittently when entering a residence .

    ● Fixed a problem where the server message of 'hostile adventurer punishment' is not displayed when treating an evil person in Arsha Server .
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  2. Veight

    Feb 7, 2016
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    Cool so nothing to look forward to next week neither
  3. Boojangles

    Feb 5, 2016
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    so warrior was the only class to get new black spirit skills wtf?
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  4. Arcticcz

    Mar 11, 2016
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    How does KR patch help EU or NA? :)
  5. Megabiv

    Mar 24, 2016
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    Jewish month O_o
  6. Sidina

    Sidina Lahn 62 EU

    May 6, 2017
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    So we see what we potentially get?
  7. Nagasaki

    Nagasaki Ninja

    Nov 6, 2015
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    why is it that we get 1.000.000 silver LESS than KR on level 25?
    they get 5.000.000 and we get 4.000.000 for the same effort...

    can someone tag a staff member? i cant seem to tag anything..
  8. Veight

    Feb 7, 2016
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    Havnt you realized tagging doesnt get a response, Kakao is on a non-disclosure within their business, they cannot and will not share any information with us. it is what it is.
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  9. Nagasaki

    Nagasaki Ninja

    Nov 6, 2015
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    i know they read just dont reply. atleast i can annoy them with tags...
    but they work just as good as their whole staff team... it doesnt.
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  10. Arcticcz

    Mar 11, 2016
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    Sure, good story, will for sure make it to Main News during the evening!

    Now wake up and look around, I don't see we are same as KR content, and well, hell, ... **** this, bye :)
  11. Sidina

    Sidina Lahn 62 EU

    May 6, 2017
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    Oh my who pissed on your chips?
    Wondering why you're here in the first place when you don't care.

    Bye o/
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  12. Smilence

    Aug 5, 2016
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    One class per week so this “new content” will be rolling out in next three month...so PA could take a long holiday. Same awakening roll out scam.
  13. Kenwulf

    Feb 24, 2016
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    That one class per week is a little bit optimistic. Only thing they said they will be releasing them as they are ready
  14. RP Tzuyu

    Jun 6, 2017
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    looking for new grinding area
  15. Decem

    Nov 20, 2015
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    We have it already in EU/Na and dont worry, its useless af

    Im 100% sure other classes will get more broken stuff.

    Wariors basically got :
    10% - 1 more hit and bit bigger aoe on skill with no damage, used just for heal (upon using skill even so u dont have to hit anything)
    25% - 10more ap and -10ap debuff for yorusef/enemy which is some flat damage crap , we briefly tested it and there is like no difference in damage output while being buffed by this skill. Not saying how slow that skill is + unprotected so not viable in mass pvp. Its legit 2s animation.
    50% - bound on superarmor skill where landing animation is unprotected so they "fixed" SA hole by giving you oportunity to CC while using 50% rage.

    Not worth using them imo, 100% is still better because its shitload of damage or even Z absorb is better than this crap above.
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  16. Jey

    Jey Valkyrie 62 EU

    Mar 12, 2016
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    thank you for your effort every week
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  17. JerryBoyle

    Dec 2, 2015
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    On the test server today, a few more classes got new black spirit skills. So it's coming slowly.
  18. Souda

    Souda Warrior 61 EU

    Mar 12, 2016
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    So not really a buff then

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